Title: Chatroom Talk
Author: Billie Reid
Disclaimer: All character belongs to CC and 1013 productions.
Rating: PG

Summary: Kim seeks help in an internet chat room.

Kim couldnít believe this was happening to her. Just because she ended up sleeping with her boss once, and thatís it! She has to deal with the consequences. She started at the home pregnancy test that was on the counter. What was she supposed to do? As she sat there she remembered a few Agents and other Assistants at work talk about a chat room called, StressRelivers.

She walked over to her computer and turned it on. As it booted up she went and got a drink. She created a user name when she got there. KC, seemed like a good one. As she went to the chat others where already there and she could tell she was in the middle of something.

KC just joined the room

Truthseeker: I donít know where she gets off doing that to me.

TheADman: Maybe she just had an off day. Try doing something nice.

Labtech: Heís right truth. Think about getting your partner flowers, candy or even a nice meal.

Truthseeker: I donít know, maybe.

TheADman: Welcome, KC

Follower: Lab, do you really think thatíd work? I yet to see it work in all the years Iíve been working.

Labtech: Anything is possible, Follower.

KC: Thanks.

Senshi: I donít see why this matters? Life is life, if they had a bad day, nothing it gonna help!

Kim sat there and read the conversation and knew she couldnít bother them with this. She left the room. But before she could turn the chat off, a box popped up from theADman. She thought about it a moment before she clicked on it.

TheADman: Whyíd you leave, KC?

KC: Everyone else had their own problems, didnít see the sense bothering them with mine.

TheADman: Nonsense, They were getting off track anyways. We try and help each other out. So, what can I help you with tonight?

Kim sat, staring at the screen. She took a deep breath and then started typing. KC: I donít know where to begin.

TheADman: One thing at a time. Seems like thereís more than one problem by that statement.

KC: WellÖ Iím pregnant.

TheADman: Congratulations

KC: thanksÖ I think.

TheADman: I take it you're not happy about this?

KC: I donít know how I should act. I mean, I should be happy. But.. Iím gonna lose my job.

TheADman: You canít lose your job just because youíre pregnant. Plenty of women work when they are pregnant.

KC: True

TheADman: but?

KC: Iím in love with my boss

TheADman: Plot thickens. Is your boss responsible for your pregnancy?

KC: Yeah

TheADman: Did he force you? If so he could lose his job.

KC: NO! Nothing like that at all I promise.

TheADman: Good.

Kim smiled, there may be hope after all but would this Adman really know what would be right? She didnít reply for a few minutes.

TheADman: KC, you still there?

KC: Yeah Iím here sorry.

TheADman: its ok thought you left me here.

KC: Mother Nature called.

TheADman: ok, so, now that your fresh. *grin* any idea what youíre going to do?

KC: No, I meanÖ Iím in love with my boss... I just donít know how he feels.

TheADman: Well, you both made love, Iím sure he feels something for you and it wasnít just sex.

KC: maybe, but it was late and it just happened. Neither of us stopped or talked, but it was amazing. He was gentle but loving and good; I think I fell in love with him more.

TheADman: Just happened?

KC: We were working late, I was helping with papers and we ran into each other, our eyes locked, and I saw him moving closer. I thought he dropped something or I had something on my face, but when his lips touched mineÖ I saw fireworks!

TheADman: Fireworks huh? That good, really?


TheADman: What did he do afterwards?

KC: Thatís personal isnít it?

TheADman: Yes, but I canít help if I donít know what the situation is.

KC: He smiled at me and kissed me. Then got dressed and went back to work. Nothing was said.

Kim sat there for a good five minutes without a reply. She didnít know if he left or got busy with someone else. When she didnít get a reply she logged off and went to bed. She still couldnít believe that she didnít get much help online when everyone was ranting and raving about how helpful they were.

The next morning she got up and ready for work. She didnít know how sheíd be able to face him today. Grabbing her purse and keys she opened her door to leave. She almost tripped over the flowers that where in front of her door. She glanced down the street and didnít see anyone. She picked up the flowers and walked back into her place. She inhaled them and smiled. They were beautiful. She looked for a card but didnít find one. She put them in water and left for work.

When she arrived at work, there was a box of chocolates with one single flower, which matched the flowers she got at home, along with a card this time. She picked it up and smiled as she read the card.

Beautiful flowers for a beautiful woman. Thanks for never leaving my side. Hope we will always be together.
PS: TheADman

When she read the bottom part, her mouth dropped. Ďoh shit!í She thought. She glanced towards the door and saw it was open some. She walked over and pushed it opened. "You?" She asked.

Walter nodded at her. "Yeah." He said as he walked over towards her and pulled her in and shut the door. "Iím sorry, I couldnít tell you last night. It wouldnít have been right." He told her as he never let go of her hand.

"How?" she asked.

"When you went into detail about what happened. I remembered it like it was just yesterday. And then your name. KC? Kim Cook." He smiled. "Iím sorry I never said anything about it afterwards. I didnít know how you felt." He reached up and brushed her hair out of her face.

Kim leaned into his hand. "I didnít know how your felt." She had tears in her eyes now.

Walter pulled her into a hug. "ShhhÖ none of that baby." He rubbed her back. "I love you and I love our baby."

Kim wrapped her arms around him. "I love you."

Walter smiled. It felt good to have that being said to him. "And you wonít lose your job. EVER!" He kissed her.

Kim returned the kiss and knew this was the start of a great beginning.



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