Title: Anything for You
Author: Arca Hadley
Subject: S, some MSR
Spoilers: None
Date: July 11, 1998
Rating: G
DISCLAIMER: I do not own Mulder or Scully, they are the property of CC and Fox and 10-13 Productions, I am using them with the utmost love and respect but no permission whatsoever, so please don't sue!! The character Iris Scully belongs to me, so please ask before you borrow her for whatever reason:) Thanks.

Summary: Scully and her newly-adopted daughter have a heart-to-heart...

I would like to thank my friend and confidante Lindsey for always being there for me, and dedicate this story to her, Amy and Sara.

"Hi mom," Iris Scully called as she head the door to the apartment slam shut. She picked up the salad she'd just finished fixing and slipped it into an empty space on a shelf in the refrigerator, watching as her mother came storming through the doorway into the kitchen. Iris looked up at the clock on the wall beside her, it read 10:30pm, her mother was actually home half an hour early tonight. Something had to be wrong.

"Mom?" she said softly to her fuming mother, standing with her shoulders hunched, elbows locked, her hands resting on the countertop. Her head hung low and her long red hair hung down around her face. Iris stood her ground, watching Scully breathe heavily, her eyes closed, her shoulders moving up and down methodically, as if trying to shake off something from her conscience.

She looked up, seeing her daughter standing beside her, her green eyes wide with concern. She'd only adopted the mature 15-year-old six months ago, but had become as attached to her in those six months as any mother could possibly be to her daughter. She stood up slowly, and Iris moved closer to her mother, putting her head on her mother's shoulder in a way that almost made Scully forget the horrible news she had for her. "I'm sorry sweetie," she apologized sadly.

Iris lifted her head, eyeing her mother curiously. "Mom, is something wrong? Did something happen at work today?"

Scully hung her head again, feeling something near shame at the awful news she had for her daughter. She had to tell her, yet she was so afraid that any little
thing could plunge her new daughter back into the depths of depression that she'd first encountered her in. All she wanted was to give Iris the home and love she so desperately needed, and now this. But she had to tell her, keeping this from her until it was too late would only make things worse for both of them.

"Iris, come take a walk with me," she said, taking her daughter's hand. "I need to talk to you."

Iris's expression took on a worried cast as they made their way downstairs and out of the building. As they crossed to the sidewalk and headed down the street Scully put an arm around her daughter's shoulders. The summer air was warm, and the humidity almost stifled them.

Scully kept silent until they were well down the street from the apartments.
They passed under streetlights that illuminated Scully's drawn and tired features, and the darkening circles under her eyes. They reached a corner, only then did Scully turn to Iris, prepared to relay to her the information she'd heard from a slightly disheartened A.D. Skinner that afternoon.

"Iris," she began, still figuring out the gentlest possible way to word it, "Iris I hate to have to tell you this, but how do you feel about Seattle?"

The look on Iris's face told Scully she understood exactly what she'd said. She'd warned her many times that this could happen, but she'd never believed it actually would.

"It's happened, hasn't it? You're being transferred," Iris returned. The lack of emotion in her voice sent a shiver down Scully's spine.

"Yes, I didn't want it, I mean, I didn't ask for this or anything...but the decision's made." Her racing, apologetic voice slowed somewhat as she carefully thought out how she was going to put her next statement. "Now there's only one thing left for me to decide."

"What's that?" Iris looked at her, raising an eyebrow in that characteristic way that had grown from being around Scully so much, but she had given it her own personal touch, so that the gesture had become a trademark of hers.

"Whether to resign, or take this transfer."

Iris couldn't believe what her mother had just said. She would quit so we wouldn't have to move? she asked herself, this was a side of her new mother she'd never seen before. Or maybe not because of me...maybe it's Mulder. She loves him, that's not hard to see.

"I can't let you quit just to keep me in one place, Mom," she said finally, decisively. "It wouldn't be hard for me to move, you should know that. I have no roots anywhere, it's not difficult to just pick up and go."

Scully nodded. "You sure? You're ok with this?"

Iris nodded, and Scully heaved a sigh of relief, but worry still clouded her features. "That's good, because I'm not."

Iris looked at Scully and sighed. she thought, Out with it. she continued looking at her mother, trying to catch her eyes. "You're gonna have a harder time with this than I am, I can tell," she said. "What's wrong?" Scully hesitated before plunging wholeheartedly into her story.

"I don't think I can leave Mulder, Iris. It's not even that I couldn't leave the city or this job, but I love Mulder, and the thought of being thousands of miles away from him makes me want to scream." The girl watched her mother's blue eyes tear up, she stopped walking momentarily to give her an almost childlike hug.

"I know mom, believe me, I know. I felt the same way about Tyler before he was killed. He was my best friend, my only love, everything to me. I still don't know how I get through each day without him." Scully hugged her daughter tightly, tears falling softly into her black hair. They stayed like that for a while, and Scully drew on her daughter's seemingly bottomless reserve of strength. Finally Scully lifted her head and smiled at her daughter through drying tears.

"How about we go get some coffee? My treat?" she asked, Iris nodded, taking her mother's hand, and they headed down the street toward an all-night coffee shop on the corner. Once inside the cozy, brightly-lit little shop, Scully purchased a mocha cappuccino for the two of them and handed the cup to Iris. "If you snore tonight I'll come into your room and tie a pillow over your head," she warned her daughter mockingly, Iris giggled back and made an "X" with one finger over her heart.

"Cross my heart," she said, then giggled again. "So what do I get to do if you snore?" she asked as they headed back out into the night.

"You can stuff a sock in my mouth, as long as it's not one of yours," she replied, they both laughed.

They walked in silence for a while, each enjoying the other's company, passing the plastic cup of coffee back and forth between them until Scully finally spoke up. "You're sure you're ok with this?" she questioned again, iris nodded.

"Sure Mom. The only real roots I have here since Tyler died are you and Mulder, and you'll be going with me."

Scully smiled warmly. "I wish I was taking this as well as you are," she replied as they reached the apartments. Iris smiled back at her.

"I'm not the one moving a thousand miles away from the man I love," she said plainly, her voice was warm, understanding. Scully resisted the urge to pinch herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming.

"I know," she responded, "but at least I'll still have one loved one by my side." Iris smiled and squeezed her mother's hand as they entered the apartment. She bounced wordlessly over to the cd player on the mantelpiece, the caffeine was already kicking in, and she wasn't going t try to sleep yet.

Fortunately, their floor in the building was occupied at this time by only two other tenants, one man worked nights, the other was a group of teenagers who were seldom home anyway. Iris picked up a cd from the case. Amy Grant.

Hmmm...perfect, something she could dance to. She popped the cd in and listened as the song she'd selected came on, she began to sing, somewhat softly, she didn't want their neighbors downstairs complaining. Her mother joined her a moment later and smiled at her choice of music. She began singing along too.

You tell me your friends are distant
You tell me your man's untrue
Tell me that you've been walked on
And how you've been abused.

So you stand here an angry young woman
Takin' all the pain to heart
I hear you sayin' you wanna make changes
But you don't know how to start.

Love will find a way
Love will find a way
I know it's hard to see
The past and still believe
Love is gonna find a way.

Love will find a way
Love will find a way
Deep inside a cloud
Love's the only out
Love will surely find a way.

They listened to the song for a while, singing along and dancing hilariously around the room, totally oblivious to what the other was thinking of them. Iris jumped onto the couch and did her best air-guitar, which ended in falling off the couch, with Scully laughing so hard she had to sit down in order to catch her breath. Iris pulled herself up next to her mother on the couch, still giggling reminiscently herself. Scully looked over at her daughter, and saw the smile on her face, the gleam in her eyes. She knew then that somehow, everything was going to work itself out and eventually all would come out alright.

*The End*

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