Title: Anybody Miss Me?
Author: Corran
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Spoilers: DeadAlive
Classification: vignette, Mulder POV
Archive: Spooky's, Gossamer, atxc etc. YES! all other's please ask first. I'll say yes, I promise. But I want to know where it goes.
Disclaimer: Nope, they're not mine. They belong to CC, 1013 and Fox. I'm just playing with them. I promise to give them back when I'm finished. Author's notes: I was just watching DeadAlive yesterday and simply had to write something.
Written: 07/26/2001

Summary: This picks up right after the last scene of DeadAlive. Mulder's alive and doesn't know yet about Scully's pregnancy.

Oh my... I'm really glad that I can't recall what happened to me while I was gone. But when I look in Scully's beautiful blue eyes I get an idea what she's been through - what I've been through. I don't want to know.

All that counts is that she's here with me, lying half on top of me. And it feels right. Safe.

She's been crying. I've never seen her cry that much. I'm so sorry that I put her through this. I never should have left for Oregon...

But I swear to God, or whoever is up there, that I'll never leave her again. No more ditching, no denial. If she wants me I'm her's. I love her with all my heart.

I only wish I wasn't so tired right now. I want to tell her. I want to put that smile she gave me a few minutes ago back to her face. She's so beautiful when she smiles...

I must have been missing a long time - Scully has changed.

There are some more worry lines in her face and I know that I have put them there. Her auburn hair is longer, I haven't seen her wear it that long for years. But there's also something else... She seems to glow from within. AND she's more open with her feelings. Maybe this is my big chance to tell her how I feel about her.

Hey, we sort of share a bed already... Well, it's a hospital bed, but who cares? Scully's asleep now. She's half lying on my chest and half sitting in one of these ugly hospital chairs. This can't be comfortable for her. I want her to crawl into this bed with me, if just for some minutes...

I want to feel her heart beating next to mine. I want her to tell me everything will be fine. That we'll be fine.

I have the odd feeling that we'll soon be together. Forever. That we'll be our own little family. I just wish this family could be complete. With kids, a dog and a house.

But we'll make the most of that what we have and always will have. Us.


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