Title: More Questions
Author: LJP
Rated: PG
Keywords: MSR, some angst
Spoilers: BIG ones for "all things" and "Requiem."
Archive: Already sent to Gossamer. Anywhere else, just let me know!
Disclaimer: Mulder and Scully and the show they're on belongs to Chris Carter and all those companies and stuff, okay? They're not mine. I did create the Charlie Scully in this story just because we've never seen him. But how else could I feature him in a story?

Summary: Sequel to "An Answer to All Things." Author's Notes: I'm not entirely sure how far along Scully is at the end of "Requiem," so I'm just assuming that she's almost five months along by the time July 4th rolls around, okay?

Dana Scully parked her car in the driveway of her mother's house and opened the door. She stepped out into the humid air and sighed. It was time for her mother's annual 4th of July picnic, something she hadn't attended in years. Hitting the lock button on the door, Scully shut it and headed up the walk toward the door.

Scully reached to door and sucked in a deep breath. She hugged her sweater against her, concealing the slight swell of her belly. Finally, she rang the doorbell and waited.

Before long, it opened and on the other side stood someone she hadn't seen in years. "Charlie?!" Scully wondered, mouth agape. She threw her arms around him and grinned.

"Hey there Dana. Long time no see," he greeted. As she pulled away, she gave him the once over. His hair was shorter than it was the last time she saw him, and he had lost some weight. Other than that, he looked pretty much the same.

"You look great, Charlie," she commented, stepping past him and into the house. "What are you doing here?"

He shrugged and shut the door behind her. "I got some leave, so I decided to stop by. I haven't seen you all for years and I wanted you to get to know Kate, so..."

Scully raised an eyebrow. "Kate?"

He nodded, smiling. "My fiancee. She's out back with everyone else."

"Oh, little Charlie's getting married?" Scully taunted.

He blushed and nodded again. "In October actually. We'll be very happy if you could make it."

She gave him a sideways glance. "I would miss my little brother's wedding? I don't think so." She laughed, giving him another hug. "Congratulations."

"Thanks," he muttered.

"Are Bill and Tara are here?" Scully asked, changing the subject. He nodded. "That's good. I haven't seen them in a while either." She commented, letting a smile settle on her face.

The siblings made their way through the house and exited a sliding glass door leading to a patio. Maggie Scully was seated on a chair with her son and daughter-in-law nearby. Matthew, Bill and Tara's son, was playing with a toy truck on the porch's floor. A woman with curly blonde hair and a slim figure was sitting across from them on another chair.

Maggie looked up. "Well, look who's here!" She gave her daughter a huge smile and stood up wrapping her arms around her. "How are you doing Dana?" she asked, as discreetly as possible.

Scully managed a soft grin. "I'm fine Mom. Don't worry." She broke their hug and looked at her other brother. "Hey Bill. Hey Tara. How have you two been?"

Bill gave his sister a hug. "Fine Dana. Matthew's been asking to see you."

After hugging Tara, Scully knelt down next to her nephew. "Hi Matthew. How are you?"

The little boy looked up at her. "Aunt Dana!" He exclaimed, throwing himself into her arms. "I'm good! Wanna see my toy?" Almost immediately, Matthew pulled his aunt toward the stairs leading into the yard. "Grandma bought it for me and I was already driving it for a while!"

"Wow." Scully smiled, taking in the sight of a red jeep parked haphazardly against the side of the house. It was the kind anyone could buy at Toys-R-Us made especially for pre-kindergarten kids.

"Do you wanna see me drive it?"

Scully was just about to reply when her older brother interrupted. "Matthew, why don't you wait a while. Aunt Dana just got here. She may want to sit down for a little."

He frowned. "Alright. Can I show you later?" Matthew, dejected, started to walk back to the patio.

His aunt ruffled his hair. "Of course you can show me later Matthew." He grinned up at her for a second before bolting back up to the porch and in front of his toys.

Scully slowly followed him up the stairs, her brother right behind her. She stopped and leaned against the railing, watching as Bill took his seat next to his wife. Matthew was busy with his toys, instantaneously forgetting his excitement over the jeep. Scully sighed heavily and folded her arms. She turned to her other brother, who had taken a seat next to the blonde.

"You must be Kate," she assumed, holding out her hand. "I'm Dana. I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself earlier."

Kate smiled warmly and shook her hand. "It's alright. You were preoccupied. It's nice to meet you. Charlie has told me so much about you," she responded, a soft Australian accent threading through her voice.

"Really?" Scully asked. "Some of it good, I hope."

Charlie chuckled. "All of it good, believe me. I don't have anything bad to say about my sister." She just gave him one of her famous looks, not saying anything. "Would you like me to get you something to drink?" He asked, standing up. "A beer, some whiskey and gingerale? Anything?"

Scully thought for a moment, almost accepting his offer for the alcohol. "Nothing. Thanks Charlie?"

He looked at her, surprised. "Are you sure?" She nodded.

"Dana doesn't want alcohol?" Bill chided. "What's going on? Has hell frozen over?"

Scully turned to him, laughing. "Very funny, Bill, I'm just not in the mood." She answered, lying through her teeth. He gave her a look as if to say he wasn't buying that. "Really." She turned to Charlie. "So, Charlie. Tell me what you've been doing since I last saw you?"

He had returned to his seat with Kate and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. "Well, as you know, I was transferred to Australia a few years ago and I've been there since. I'm almost always posted on the Rayward, a hip set about one hundred miles off the coast. Very rarely do I get leave, but when I did...it was there I met Kate...must have been three years ago, maybe more?"

Bill took sip of his beer. "He met her in a nightclub." He wagged his eyebrows and Tara hit him playfully in the arm.

"I'm a bartender," Kate explained, grabbing Charlie's hand. "We met one night he was on leave and we just clicked. And now, here we are!"

Maggie smiled for her son and future daughter-in-law. "Tell her how you proposed!" she insisted.

Charlie scrunched up his nose and his cheeks reddened. "It was about three months ago and I had a week of shoreleave. I hadn't seen Kate in almost six months. So, I surprised her at the club, where she was still working night shifts..."

"I was finishing up med school and needed something to pay with," she interjected.

"Right, well, I surprised her and took her for a walk on the beach. I had set up a table with two chairs and candles in the middle of the beach and we ate and danced to the sound of the waves crashing on the sand and then..."

"He proposed!" Kate cut in again. "Of course I said yes...and now, here we are!" She repeated, kissing Charlie softly on the mouth.

Tears were brimming in Scully's eyes as they concluded their tale and she tried to smile. "That's so romantic." She said, attempting to hold back the tears threatening to fall. All she could think of was Mulder and how much she missed him. "If you'll excuse me..." She said, suddenly feeling very nauseous and very faint. Scully escaped into the house, leaving her family wondering what had happened.

Tara sighed. "Is she okay? She didn't look good."

Matthew climbed up onto his mother's lap. "Is Aunt Dana sick?"

His mother shrugged.

Maggie stood up. "I'll go see what's the matter." And with that she headed off the follow her daughter. She found her daughter bent over the toilet, the contents of her stomach having just been released. Scully managed to flush the toilet, sinking down onto the floor next to it. "Dana, honey, are you okay?"

She nodded, looking up at her mother. "I think so. That's been happening a lot lately."

Her mother crouched down onto the floor next to her and rubbed a piece of hair off her forehead. "I know honey, but that's what happens when you're pregnant," she explained. "You've started to show a little." She nodded toward Scully's stomach and the gentle swell of it.

"Really?" her daughter asked. "I hadn't noticed..." Tears began to fall again and she hugged her mother. "I just really wish Mulder were here." She sobbed. "I need him so much."

"I know you do honey. But you'll find him. You're baby won't grow up without a daddy, don't worry," she insisted.

Scully choked back another sob. "I want to believe that...I wish I could have told him before..." she cried. "Before..."

"Before what?" Maggie prodded.

"Before he walked onto that ship." She looked at her mother sadly. "Skinner said that the alien ship was cloaked in some energy field and one minute Mulder was standing there, and the next he was gone. Then he watched the ship fly away..."

"Fox is strong, Dana. And he loves you very much. You have to believe that and have faith in that."

Scully reached up to grasp her golden cross necklace and her lip trembled when she didn't find it hanging around her neck. She began to cry again.

"Where's your necklace?" her mother asked, seeing her reach for it.

"Mulder has it. I gave it to him just before he left for Oregon."

Maggie smiled. "Then he will come back. Because if he didn't think he was going to, he wouldn't have accepted the necklace. She stood up. "Now come on. You're going to have to explain this to your brothers."

Scully's eyes widened and she shook her head. "No Mom, I can't tell them. Not without Mulder."

Maggie looked at her, disappointed. "You have to tell them, Dana. They're worried about you. And they'll find out sooner or later and I think you should be the one to tell them." She helped Scully onto her feet and handed her a cup to use to wash out her mouth. "Here."

"Thanks," she replied, taking the filled cup and sipping it. She swished the water around in her mouth and spit it out into the sink. "Let's go." She sighed, tossing the cup away and boldly heading back outside. As soon as she stepped out onto the porch, Scully was bombarded with questions.

"Are you okay?"

"What happened?"

"Are you sick?"

"Do you need anything?"

Scully shook her head and took a deep breath. "Thank you all for your concern, but I'm fine, really." Everyone shot her the same look. She struggled for the right words. "Well, I'm actually more than fine..." She tried to say it, stumbling over her words. In the back of her mind, Scully wondered how her strict Catholic brothers would feel when she revealed her secret to them.

She shook the thought from her mind. "I'm pregnant."

The End

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