Title: An Answer to All Things
Author: LJP
Rated PG-13
Keywords: MSR
Spoilers: BIG ones for "all things" and "Requiem."
Disclaimer: The X-Files belongs to the wonderful, fantastic man known as Chris Carter (I just hope he doesn't mess up what he's started) and to 1013 Productions and 20th Century FOX. Mulder and Scully also belong to the extraordinarily talented David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. I promise to return everything once I'm done. Don't worry about it!
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Summary: Just how *did* Scully get pregnant? And who's the father?

Author's Notes: Alright, I just could *not* pass up this opportunity to write a fanfiction. It was basically handed to all writers on a silver platter. Okay, and I *know* I didn't get the characterization right. I never do. Bear with me...

Agent Scully groaned and opened her eyes, not entirely sure where she was. Then she remembered. She had fallen asleep with Mulder rambling on about choices people make. Pushing herself into an upright position, she felt the beads of sweat forming on her forehead. She tossed the blanket Mulder must have given her onto the floor.

"Scully! No!" She heard from behind her. "Don't!"

Almost immediately she realized it was Mulder who was screaming and she ran toward his bedroom. Scully found Mulder tossing and turning in his bed. "Scully..." he mumbled.

Her heart leapt into her throat at the terror written all over his face. Slowly and gently, she approached the bed, sitting down softly and touching his face, hoping to wake him. "Mulder...Mulder..."

His eyes shot open and stared at her as if she weren't there. "Scully?" When he realized it was truly her, his arms shot around her neck and he pulled her down on top of him.

"It's okay Mulder. I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere," she soothed him, running her fingers through his hair. "It's okay."

Mulder pulled back and looked at her, tears brimming his eyes. "Scully...I was so afraid I'd lose you again. And I couldn't deal with that. I love you too much," he rambled, stopping short as his words registered in both her mind and his.

She gasped. The two just gazed at each other, seeming to relive a similar moment a few years before in a hallway outside the very apartment they were in now. "Mulder..." She looked away, unable to met his gaze.

Mulder removed one hand from around her back and lifted her chin. Slowly, he lowered his mouth to hers and they kissed. It was nothing like the short, soft one they had shared on New Year's Eve. This kiss was deep and filled with emotions threatening to unleash themselves. The passion grew and before either knew what was happening, Scully had her back to the bed and Mulder was laying full- length on top of her, their lips still locked.

Scully was the first to break their kiss. "Mulder...what are we doing?"

He didn't respond. Instead, his hands parted the lapels of her jacket, pulling it from her body. As he peeled it off her, his mouth made it's way along her jaw, trailing gentle kisses down her neck. Once the jacket was removed, he tossed it across the room.

Scully moaned quietly, all doubts removed from her mind, and pulled the t-shirt out of Mulder's boxers. He did the same to hers and before long, flesh came into contact with flesh. And lips came into contact with lips. Hungrily and passionately, the rest of the garments were removed, exposing everything.

"I love you too Mulder," Scully said, barely audible. Mulder looked at her and smiled. He lowered his lips to hers again.

Their love was consummated that night and sealed with a promise.

"...I'm pregnant," Scully concluded, fighting back the strange urge to smile.

Skinner was unable to mask his shock. "Pregnant?!" he wondered out loud. "How?"

She shook her head. "Like I said, I don't know how it's possible. I've been told a thousand times that I'd never be able to have children..."

He got what she was implying. "So you just assumed that you wouldn't need protection."

Her cheeks reddened and she averted her gaze. "It's not just that...it wasn't planned. We didn't think...it just happened once."

"Once is all it takes."

Scully looked back up at him. "But not to me!" she protested. "It wasn't supposed to happen to me...not like this...not when he..." Scully's hand caressed her abdomen and a tear fell down her cheek.

Her superior kneeled down next to the bed and grabbed her hand in his. "Agent Scully..."

She pulled her hand away and wiped the wetness from her face. "We have to find him, Sir. We have to." Her look of determination touched with a hint of fear hit Skinner like a brick.

Realization dawned on him and he let out a deep sigh. A soft look overcame his face and he nodded in agreement. "We'll find Agent Mulder. I promise you that."


Both Scully and Skinner looked up as the door opened and Maggie Scully entered.

"Mom? What are you doing here?" Scully wondered, sniffling and quickly trying to remove to wetness staining her cheeks.

Skinner lowered his eyes. "I called her," he admitted, sending an apologetic look toward his agent. "I thought you might need someone to talk to." He hoped this would tell her that he didn't know her condition when he'd made the call and didn't think her mother's arrival would be uncomfortable.

"Mr. Skinner told me you were in the hospital. I wanted to make sure you were alright," Maggie insisted, walking in between Scully and Skinner to stand next to her daughter.

Skinner started toward the door. "I'll leave you two alone."

"Thank you sir. For everything." Scully tried to smile again, fighting back tears.

He nodded before exiting.

Maggie pulled a chair over to the bed. "Where's Fox? I would have thought he'd be by your bedside." Scully looked away and couldn't answer. "Dana? Is Fox okay? Where is he?"

"I don't know," Scully replied meekly. "He's gone..."


She nodded and turned to her mother. "We went back to Oregon to investigate a case involving alien abductions. He made me stay here once he determined that they were taking previous abductees. But they didn't want me. They wanted him. Skinner saw the space ship leave." Scully began to cry again. "I don't know what to believe though. All I know is that he's gone."

Maggie bit on her lower lip and pulled her daughter into a hug. "Oh Dana, I'm so sorry. But you'll find him. I know you won't give up on Fox. He didn't give up on you."

"I know Mom. I can't give up. I have to find him. I have to tell him..." Her voice trailed off and she buried her face in her mother's shoulder. "I have to tell him that he's going to be a daddy," she continued, her statement barely audible.

Maggie pulled away and searched her daughter's face to see if she was joking. "What?" she asked. "Dana?"

Scully broke into a small grin. "I'm pregnant."

The End

Author's note: Hee hee. I know, I know. Completely out of character. But I had fun!

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