Title - A Family
Author - Leokadia
Rating - PG
Category - MSR. Angst
Spoilers - Emily
Disclaimer - These characters all belong to Chris Carter, 10-13 and Fox. No infringement intended

Summary - Missing scenes from Emily. She couldn't believe it was over. She just found her four days ago. Her daughter, Emily. Her only chance for motherhood.

"I'll stay with you," he said.

"I think I want to be alone," was her response.

So he turned around with hesitation and left. Holding what could be a cure for Emily. But he understands her reasons.

Dana lies down gently next to her daughter. Hoping that Emily knows how much she loves her and prays to God to save her. But she already knows the outcome. So she closes her eyes and takes in as much as she can.

As time went by Mulder couldn't stay away any longer. He enters Emily's room and his heart nearly breaks. Tears cloud his eyes as he walks to the other side of the bed. He sits down takes Emily's hand lowers his head and begins to cry.

Early morning light shines as Mrs.Scully arrives at the hospital. When she reaches Emily's room she sees a portrait of a family that could never be. A mother embracing her child and a father clutching his child's hand trying to protect her.

An alarm beeps and Dana is startled awake. She begins to tremble because she knows this is the end. Emily opens her eyes and looks at her mother. She takes her last breath and the she's gone. As much as Dana tried to prepare herself for this she screams out "NO, GOD".

The doctor enters the room looks over Emily and pronounces " time of death 5:20 a.m.". Mulder takes Scully into his arms and tries to give her strength but he to has no strength left. He can not believe this innocent child has died.

Mrs.Scully made the funeral arrangements. She picked out the most beautiful flowers she could find. The least she could do for the granddaughter she will never know. The service was simple in a quaint church on the naval base with a few friends and family. Dana sat stoically throughout the service and didn't shed one tear. Her mother worried.

After the service Mulder and Scully arrived at Bill's house. Mrs.Scully noticed that Dana was wearing her cross. She knew that Dana had given it to Emily and wanted her to be buried with it. She wanted to question why and how about so many things but knew now was not the time. The time was to help her daughter heal.

"Dana, Honey would you like something to eat," Mrs.Scully asks.

"No Mom I'm not hungry," Dana said her mother.

"Well then why don't you go lay down."

"I'm not tried either."

"You must need something. What can I do for you?"

"Nothing. I want to be alone." Dana walks away and Mrs.Scully looks to Mulder and says " Fox I don't know what to do."

"I'll try to talk to her," he said. Mulder walks over to Scully and puts his hand on her shoulder. " I know you want to be alone but I just needed to see if you were alright."

"I'm fine don't worry about me," she said with out a glance.

"That's like asking me not to breathe," he said in a whisper. She looked up to him and saw tears forming in his eyes. She realized that he was the only one that believed and understood all of this. The only one she could turn to. Then she let go and began to release.

He pulled her into his arms and held her tight. Never wanting to let go. Hating that she was in so much pain. Wanting to take her away from all this sadness. Sharing every tear she shed.

"I got you Scully," he said as she cried "I got you and Ill never let you go. Just let it all out."

She was crying hysterically trying to speak. The only words that came out were "Emily" and "Why". She felt faint but his strong arms were supporting her. The only arms she could count on.

"I promise I'll always be here for you and I promise to find the men who did this you and Emily. The men who took her away from us."

When he heard the words that he said he began to cry. For Emily, for Scully, and for the children he to could never have. Because the woman in his arms the one he loved was barren. But Fox Mulder dared to dream.

He bent down to Scully's ear and whispered " We will have a family one day Scully. Maybe a boy we'll name him William after your father and mine. We'll tell him about his sister Emily and that we loved her just as much as we love him. We'll all be happy. A family."

When he was done talking he saw that Scully's eyes were closed. She had fallen asleep from exhaustion. Did she hear what he said? The prayer, the wish that he hoped would come true. Maybe it was for the best that she didn't hear. He closed his eyes.

But Scully did hear every word. She too hoped that the wish would come true. Giving into sleep she began to dream about a boy named William.


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