Thanksgiving 2010 Thankful/Angstful Challenge

Challenge Elements:

* Set the fic at Thanksgiving 2010


* Option A, Thankful: Somehow, Mulder and Scully have Thanksgiving dinner with William


* Option B, Angstful: Mulder and Scully have dinner with [pick at least one pairing: Bill jr and Tara; Charlie and his wife; Doggett + spouse; Reyes + spouse] and Scully and/or Mulder feels uncomfortable around the couple's young child.

There you have it. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Challenge fics:

We Gather Together by devout2David

Turkey & Mashed Potatoes with a Little Angst on the Side by Bugmouthga (link broken at author's request)

It's Hard To Be Thankful by Neoxphile

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