Once Upon A Time Challenge

Long ago and far away, a pair of brothers set out to record all the folk they could that had been passed down in oral tradition for centuries. Thanks to the brothers Grimm, we're all familiar with these fairytales today.

Our new challenge is to craft our own fairytales! Feel free to either send your characters to fairyland or to bring fairy creatures to them in the "real world." (the latter is a genre of growing popularity called urban fantasy) Who - or maybe what - our intrepid agents encounter from the realm of folktale and fantasy is entirely up to you.

- Agents encounter your choice of fairytale being/fairytale plot. (obviously)
- William, Emily, Gibson or another canon X-Kid is a character in your fic

Not by any means a requirement, but if anyone can make this into a casefile fic, we'll all be terribly impressed.

If you need some inspiration, Wikipedia and Google should quickly score you fairytales to read and creatures to use for your work. Try "fairytales" "folklore creatures" "fantasy creatures" and so on.

Challenge fics:
There Are Giants In The Sky by Mully Sculder

Please send your complete story to: nurseryfiles@mulderscreek.com

Do you have questions about writing a challengefic before you can begin your story? Look here to see if you can find your answer.

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