There are very few Thanksgiving fics, and I think we need more. We also need more fics with Doggett and Reyes as parents, so let's throw the two things together for this MSR & DRR Thanksgiving challenge =)

  • Set the fic at Thanksgiving 2005 any Thanksgiving 2005 or later
  • Mulder, Scully, Doggett and Reyes have dinner together, anywhere you like. There may be other guests. The two couples do not have to be friends with each other, but it's nice if they are.
  • Doggett and Reyes have at least one child - and want more than one.
  • Give at least one character something to be really thankful for.
  • Optional: Finish this sentence: Mulder, his eyes full of mischief, looked at [D&R's child] and said " ".
  • Optional: Someone brings something surprising to dinner. What? (this thing may be alive)

There you have it. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Challenge fics:
And For All Of You To Share It With by Pattie

Beyond The Truth: Thanksgiving Confessions by Neoxphile

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