TITLE: The Sky is Broken
AUTHOR: TH001 FEEDBACK: th-001@paranoia.co.uk
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SPOILERS: Requiem, En Ami
DISCLAIMER: Chris won't mind if I borrow his characters for a little bit of shameless fantasizing, will he? And Moby ... you do such good music, surely you mind my (*ahem*) quoting?

SUMMARY: The Bureau wants to know how and why Scully is carrying Mulder's baby.

AUTHOR NOTES: This story does not fit into the pattern of my other two Requiem-related pieces -- "All Things Recounted" and "Missing You." I instead took another road. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

* In case you weren't aware, the song 'The Sky is Broken' by Moby was the song constantly repeated throughout Gillian Anderson's wonderful episode "all things."

As far as I can put it, I'm going to assume the 'En Ami' occurred in middle March.

 i watch it lift up to the sky
i watch it crush me
and then i die.


She sat on the bench outside the hearing room, alone. She had already checked her outward appearance for probably the tenth - no, eleventh - time in little less than five minutes. Floods of adjectives rushed over, describing her inner turmoil - anxious ... nervous ... cared ...

Bloated ... dizzy ...

And for the eleventh time in that short five minutes she had been waiting, she glanced down to her abdomen. The product of six months was taking a physical toll on her - the bulge was no longer able to be hidden. She had given up last month, when passing agents would give her stranger looks than what was normally passes about her. The elastic waistbands on her pants had long ago been stretched beyond their normal wear.

And she hated the stares.

She knew they whispered to each other when she stepped off the elevator to see Skinner for her almost-daily visits. Did they really think she couldn't sense the mystery that followed her? She figured he felt almost as guilty as she did for Mulder's disappearance - he had been there, after all. For as good of friends as you can be with your too-serious boss, she was glad she had someone to talk to.

The door was on the right of the wood bench, and it slowly opened to reveal Skinner, dressed crisply in his black suit and stark-white dress shirt. As he approached her, she rose to meet him.

He simply nodded, not uttering a word. As she made a beeline for the door, he caught her arm.

"You have seen the test results, haven't you?"

She slowly nodded. How could she not have seen them, she was the one who ordered them, wasn't she? Of course she had seen them - she had spent the entire night continually asking herself how. How?

And it was those test results that prompted this hearing.

"They're going to hack you to bits, you know. Criticize every thought that ever entered your mind."

She nodded again. "I know, sir."

With that he realized her arm. She walked - no, her stride was slowly becoming a waddle - to the dark door. Standing in front of it, so close to it, she took a deep breath, and twisted the silver metal door handle.


"Agent, how would you characterize your relationship with Agent Mulder?"

She was a little taken aback by the interrogator's way of getting the point. She knew where this was headed, she knew what they were trying to make her say she did.

She wasn't going to.

"Agent Mulder and I were ... partners. We've worked together for almost eight years now, and ... I guess it would be fair to call him a good friend."

The interrogator studied her as if mocking her.

"JUST friends?" the interrogator asked, overemphasizing 'friends' as if she were talking with a friend in high school about the two teachers that always ate lunch together.

"Yes, ma'am. Just friends."

The interrogator picked up the manila folder sitting in front of her, and she knew what contents lay in store. Scully took a deep breath as the interrogator painstakingly read the file over, even though she was sure it had already been read.

"Agent Scully, I don't mean to question your answers, but, well, these test results beg to differ with your 'just friends' statement."

She swore, if there were teenage girls sitting in the back of the room, they would have all simultaneously giggled and snicked at that remark.

"Agent Scully - to coin a phrase Mr. Starr made so famous - have you ever had sexual relations with Agent Mulder?"

There was a tense air in the room as each of the investigating officers anticipated her answer. She knew they, too, had read the results. Taking a breath to maintain her strong exterior, she answered the interrogator's question.

"No ma'am."

The interrogator almost seemed to be amused by her answers.

"No, agent? Would you mind standing up for the board?"

Unsure of where this line of questioning was going, she stood, unsteady and unsure. Scully turned slightly sidewise to show the room's audience the child of six months grow inside of her.

"Agent Scully, these results say the child you are carrying was conceived on March 15. Today is September 7, making this child six months old." The interrogator motioned toward Scully's stomach. "You look six months pregnant, Agent Scully." She was then allowed to sit down once more.

"Agent Scully, where were you on March 15?"

She swallowed slightly, trying to decide how to phrase this without sounding completely stupid.

"I was following up on a lead on a case of ... personal nature during that time period, ma'am - unaccompanied. However, on that day you mentioned, I cannot account for approximately five hours of time. It is my belief that during this time, I was inject with a fertilized embryo, as I am unable to conceive children naturally."

The interrogator seemed bored by her recounting of facts.

"Agent Scully, I'm glad you believe that, but such a procedure would require massive amounts of equipment, not to mention the time."

"As I said earlier, I cannot account for five hours of that trip."

The interrogator referred to her manila envelope once more as she continued.

"For the sake of argument, who might have performed this ... procedure?"

"I believe it was the same men who took me six years ago, implanting a chip in my neck," She motioned to the back of her neck, feeling the scar of the chip. "... and whose removal resulted in almost fatal cancer. As a result of the ... tests ... performed on me, my ova were harvested, thus leaving me bear."

"As for Agent Mulder?"

"Agent Mulder was admitted to the hospital a year ago for a brain abnormality, and was subsequently operated on by unknown persons ..."

The interrogator waved her hand to cut Scully.

"So, you're saying that Agent Mulder's extracted sperm from this procedure and your ... stolen ... ova were fertilized in, let's say, a Petri dish, then implanted via in vitro fertilization while you were investigating a case, and that you have no subsequent knowledge or proof of any of this?"

She nodded her head.

The End

FEEDBACK: th-001@paranoia.co.uk

written June 2000

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