Title: The Miracle of Christmas
Author: DD4me2
Rating: PG
Category: vignette, MSR
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Spoilers: Slight one on Duane Barry and Ascension, Christmas Carol and Emily.
Disclaimer: They are not mine, I am only borrowing them to spread some Christmas spirit.

Summary: Stranded on their way home on Christmas Eve, Mulder and Scully are witness to a Christmas miracle that will break down walls they had erected so long ago.

"I'm sorry Scully, I really am." Mulder looked at the passenger next to him, a guilty look on his face. Scully was not looking too happy.

It was the day before Christmas and they had been out on a case. Skinner had apologized for assigning them so close to Christmas but they needed their expertise badly.

Young men had been found, killed by strangulation, left with the rope around their throats, all with a specific knot. First the connection hadn't been made, the murders were not linked to each other. But after a third man was found with the same MO they quickly formed a team to find this new serial killer on the loose. Contacting Skinner to request Mulder and Scully's help when they hit a death end and victims kept popping up in a faster rate with every minute that passed.

Mulder hadn't minded; he mostly spent Christmas on his own, since he and his mother weren't really close and she mostly spent Christmas with her sister. During the last years he hadn't really felt like celebrating anyway. Christmas didn't mean that much to him since it hadn't been celebrated in his family much after Samantha had been abducted. He had soon gave up the hope for a Christmas as celebrated by other families, with presents and surrounded by a loving family. So he spent these days in his apartment, without decoration and just watching sports and eating leftover take-out.

But he felt sorry for Scully because she always spent her Christmas days with her family, and he knew that her family was very close. So he worked hard, trying to wrap up this case so Scully would be home in time for the holiday. To his relief they found the killer in time before he could take anymore lives. Even in time for them to head home before the holiday started.

Luckily the case had been only a four hour drive from Washington DC, in a small town called Riversberg, meaning they could be back in time for Christmas Eve. The drive had been quiet, silence broken only by the holiday music playing softly on the radio.

Mulder felt at ease, the silence between them was never awkward because they were so close. Often, they didn't need any words to share what they felt. Now, they were lost in their own thoughts as the music played.

About two hours into the drive back, it has started to snow. At first it was a soft drizzle, barely touching the road before melting. The farther east they went, the heavier it became, and soon Mulder had trouble seeing the road. Even the wipers couldn't keep up with the thick curtain now covering the windshield.

Mulder clenched his hands around the steering wheel, trying to keep the car on the road. He slowed down to a speed he felt comfortable with, feeling the car react better to his steering. "In this rate we can be glad if we reach home before midnight."

Mulder looked at Scully who had a worried look on her face. "Yes, the snow is pretty heavy, you better keep going slow. I rather be late on Christmas Eve than spend it in Hospital."

Mulder smiled a lopsided grin in her direction.

"God knows we've spend enough time in Hospital to last us a life time already, hey Scully?"

Scully smiled back nodding her head in the direction of the road. "You better keep your eyes on the road, Mulder."

Suddenly the car slipped. "Hold on Scully!" He called out loud, struggling with the car and the icy road. The car came to a sudden halt when they went nose first into a ditch. Scully and Mulder were thrown forward but luckily their seatbelts caught them before either of them could hit the windshield. For a moment they sat still, trying to compose themselves. When they finally looked around they noticed that they were stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Mulder pulled out his cell phone and tried to call a tow company. But after a second he knew help would not come tonight. His cell phone was dead, probably caused by the heavy snowfall. Scully tried hers, but hers was not working either. Scully looked at Mulder, she didn't really blame him for the accident, it was both their faults, she knew they should have checked the weather reports before heading home. But she knew what ever happened, Mulder always blamed himself, even for the things that were out of his control. Scully shivered and pulled her jacket tighter around her.

"It's beginning to get cold here Mulder, if we have to stay here all night we better get some extra cloths from the overnight bags to put on. Or maybe there's a house nearby were we could get some shelter." She tried to look around here to see where they were stranded. The snow was still falling in a thick blanket but suddenly she saw a small light somewhere at a distance on her left.

"Mulder look there, I thought I saw a light, there on the left." She pointed in that direction and Mulder squinted. But when the snow let up for a bit he saw it.

"What do you think, should we take the chance?"

He looked at Scully and saw the answer in her eyes.

"Okay let's go. I've got a blanket in the trunk, let's just take that too." Scully spoke while she wrapped her coat close around her. They got out of the car and Mulder quickly went to the trunk, grabbing the blanket, just as he was about to shut the trunk Scully appeared beside him.

"You better take our overnight bags, too Mulder. You never know where we'll end up", she said, picking up her medical bag.

Mulder sighed, he was glad they had traveled light. He threw the bags over his shoulder, he needed free hands to hold the flashlight. The road and fields were already covered in a few inches of snow, and crossing the field with its ditches and bumps would be difficult and slippery.

"Ready, Scully?" Scully nodded and they headed toward the light. As Mulder had expected with the snow falling harder with every minute passing, the snow on the ground was already piling up. Reaching just below the knees at some places, making it difficult to walk in. He held Scully's arm, supporting them both as they walked. Mulder had felt himself slip a couple of times, but managed to keep walking with Scully's supporting hand holding him up.

The cold was cutting through their cloths and their breathing came out in little puffs.

After slipping again, falling to his knees, Mulder was pulled to his feet with the help of Scully. His breathing was labored.

"Let's just stop for a minute Scully and catch our breath."

Scully could only nod, she was too short of breath to speak. After a minute she grabbed Mulder's arm.

"Come on Mulder, we better get walking again, if we stay still too long we might get too cold."

An hour later they had reached the source of the light. To their disappointment it wasn't a farmhouse. It was a large barn, from how it looked it was well taken care of despite the remote location. Fresh layers of paint covering the wood. Two large doors made the entrance to the barn. Next to the barn were two small windows from which they had seen the light far away.

Mulder tried to look through one of the window's but found them both fogged from the inside, making it impossible to look inside.

"Don't you think it's strange Scully that there's a light burning while this place is in such a remote location, wouldn't there be a house nearby?" Mulder asked Scully softly. They both scanned the surroundings of the barn, a small yard surrounding the barn, a small road in the far end, opposite from where they had arrived, and nothing but fields all around them. If there was a house nearby there was no sign of it. Had the snow fallen quietly at first, it was almost a blizzard now and made it difficult to see more than a few yards.

Scully softly whispered back, "Yeah, maybe there is a house Mulder, but I don't want to take the chance to wander too far from the barn in this weather. We better get into the barn and stay there. Hopefully we can look around tomorrow, when the weather gets better. But we better be careful because I still find it strange that there's a light burning at Christmas Eve."

Mulder checked his watch, yes it was Christmas Eve. The walk from the car to here had taken them longer than he had thought. It was 6.18pm.

Scully opened the door of the barn. Mulder followed her, expecting her to walk right in, but she stopped suddenly and he ended up plowing into her backside.

"What is it Scully, why did you stop?"

He saw why when he glanced over her shoulder.

Scully looked at him over her shoulder, "Looks like we are not the only ones stranded in this weather, Mulder."

The barn was lit up by two lanterns and in the stables he saw some farm animals. A horse and some cows.

But what surprised him the most was the scene that seemed almost straight from his childhood memories, when his mom had told him the story of the birth of baby Jesus. In a corner where fresh hay had been stacked to form a bed, he saw a young couple.

The man was kneeling next to a young woman who was lying on her back, her face bright red, her breathing was labored, now and then interrupted by moaning. They were looking at Mulder and Scully in shock. Not expecting company with this weather outside.

The young man instinctively reached for a nearby hayfork. Scully quickly introduced themselves.

"Hi, we're Special Agents Scully and Mulder of the FBI. We had an accident on Jameson road. Is it all right if we join you for a while?" Scully got her badge out and showed it to the young couple. The man lay the hayfork back on the ground. The young woman began to moan and the man lost all interest in the strangers, only focussing on his young wife.

Scully was by her side in a second, kneeling down beside the woman. She looked at her and saw immediately saw what was wrong--or right. She smiled despite the bad timing.

The young woman was in labor and from the looks of it the little one wanted to make his entry on this world tonight.

She looked at the man, who, despite his nervousness, was trying his best to comfort his wife.


The young man looked up. "Joey. And this is my wife Mariah." Scully looked surprised for a moment. ::This was too weird:: she thought for a moment, but when the woman was hit with another contraction, she told Mulder to bring her medical bag.

Mulder had been looking from a short distance. ::Great this is all we need tonight.:: he thought. ::Stranded in a snow blizzard, in a barn and we find a couple about to give birth.:: He was happy Scully was with him, she was a doctor and she would be able to help them.

He had put their belongings down in a corner and quickly brought Scully her bag. Scully got some equipment from her bag and put on some gloves

"I'm a medical doctor, from the looks of it your wife is going to have this baby tonight, would you mind if I check her over and assist you?"

Joey looked relieved and was close to tears. "You're a doctor? Thank god, I thought I had to bring the baby on to this world myself, I was so scared. Please help us?"

Scully smiled reassuringly at Joey. "Don't worry, it's going to be all right, as long as you help me when I need you, okay? Joey nodded, following Scully's every move while she got ready to deliver this child, on the holiest night of nights.

Mulder sat down some distance away and looked at the proceedings. He saw how Scully lifted the blanket of the woman and checked how much she was dilated.

When another contraction hit the young woman Scully comforted her and told her what to do.

Time went by as the woman huffed and puffed between contractions and Scully reassured her and coached her through every contraction.

Mulder unconsciously moved closer so he could see all that happened. Suddenly he felt a strange vibration in the air, it was like a sudden silence had fallen over the world. When he looked at the scene in front of him it was like their little corner was lit with a halo of light.

Then all of a sudden the silence was broken by the small cry of new life and Mulder's breath caught in his chest when he saw Scully holding the little baby up for the new mother. It was like he saw a vision of the future, Scully holding her baby in her arms. Tears filled his eyes because he knew this would never happen to her as she was left barren after her abduction.

Scully helped Joey to cut the umbilical chord and quickly wrapped the baby in the blanket she had carried with her from the car. She lay the little child in his mother's arms and the little boy began to suckle at her breast right away.

Scully left the new family to themselves and joined Mulder who sat some distance away.

She smiled when she saw the look on Mulder's face, a look of total wonder and amazement.

She sat down next to him and Mulder smiled back.

"You were great Scully, like you've done it a thousand times before."

Scully leaned into him for a moment.

"Thanks Mulder, but this was actually the first time, and I'm glad it went all right. I hope the snow storm will die down a little during the night because we really need to get them to hospital tomorrow."

Mulder got up and walked over to one of the windows and looked outside.

"It doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon. We'd better keep our fingers crossed."

Mulder sat back down again, close to Scully.

They both looked at the scene in front of them, Mariah laying in the hay with her newborn son in her arms and Joey sitting next to her, crying and looking at his new son and his wife.

She looked at Mulder, who was looking at the new parents and their child, his eyes expressing a sadness and longing she had felt herself when she had laid the baby in his mother's arms.

"Isn't it a beautiful sight, Mulder?" Scully entwined her arm with his and leaned against him.

In a soft whisper Mulder answered her. "Yes--Yes it is." His voice almost choking.

Scully looked up at him, a tender expression on her face. "Don't be sad, Mulder. I'm not. I know what you're thinking about, but it's all right, it's all right." And she kissed the back of his hand softly. He looked at her and when he looked into her eyes he saw she meant it, and he smiled tenderly at her, knowing she would be all right.

Suddenly she shivered from the cold. While she was busy helping this new life on to this world she hadn't known of the world around her, she hadn't known of Mulder. But now she was feeling chilled to the bone.

Mulder felt her shivering next to him and pulled her close, over his legs so that she sat in between his legs, his body wrapped around hers. He opened his trench coat and wrapped it around both of them. Feeling her body cuddle close to him and smelling her all around him made his heart swell with love.

He lay his head on top of hers and both continued to look at the scene in front of them. The new mom, now settled back in the hay and the baby sound asleep against her chest. Joey cuddled close against them, trying to share his body warmth with them.

Mulder whispered softly in her ear. "Scully, do you have a strange feeling about this too?"

For a moment there was silence and then Scully answered. "You mean meeting a Joey and Mariah on Christmas Eve and them giving birth to a son, in a stable surrounded by a horse, some cows?"

She felt a puff of breath in her hair when Mulder chuckled softly. "Yeah that's what I mean. You know that I don't believe much in God, but tonight I had a strange feeling. When this baby was born and I heard his first cry, it was like the entire world went quiet, like everything and everyone was waiting for something. I can't explain."

Scully lay her hand on his where they lay on her stomach. "I know what you mean Mulder, I felt the same when I held him in my hands. It's always a miracle to see a new life being born into this world, but on Christmas Eve it seems an even larger miracle and then the parents names. It makes you wonder doesn't it Mulder, if miracles really exists?"

Scully felt safe and warm sitting in Mulder's arms like this. His body all around her, his smell intoxicating her. She was happy he was there to share this experience with her. It had felt so special to hold this baby in her hands, she had felt sad for only a slight moment, pushing it away as quick as she could, as she had done a lot over the past weeks when Christmas came closer. She just wanted to enjoy this moment--this miracle of Christmas, and she was happy that Mulder was with her to share this special moment. She leaned back into his warm body, relaxing in the feeling of his arms around her.

After a while they both grew tired and without loosening their embrace they lay down, huddled close together, both knowing they didn't just lay so close to keep warm, but because they needed this kind of intimacy right now. They both felt like they had been given a new start tonight and both wanted it to last, not able to give it up to the real world yet.

The next morning when Mulder woke up, a lonely feeling crushed upon him, when he woke up with empty arms. Scully was gone. Sitting up he quickly scanned the barn. What he saw was like a dream and he wondered if he was still sleeping. The sun was already shining through the small windows, casting bright rays of its light inside the barn. Joey was still sleeping, Mariah bright awake and watching Scully with a serene smile on her face. A couple of feet away from them Scully sat on her knees cradling the newborn boy in her arms, singing a lullaby for him.

Mulder couldn't resist and walked towards them. When she heard him come closer she looked up. His breath caught in his chest when she reached out her hand to him, her eyes filled with a love and tenderness he hadn't seen since she had found Emily, and lost her. Taking her hand he let her pull him down on his knees.

Sitting close to her, they both looked at the little child in her arms. His blue eyes looked up at them, bright awake and with a look of total innocence but also a look as if he carried all the wisdom of the world inside his little heart. Mulder tentatively reached out a hand and gently touched the small hand of the baby. He laughed in surprise when the little fingers clutched with a surprising strength onto his index finger.

Scully looked up at Mulder and when their eyes met, they showed all the feelings they had been hiding for eachother all these years. As usual, no words were needed to speak them out.

But despite that, Scully felt that this time she couldn't keep quiet anymore. She had been quiet about her feelings for Mulder too long and she needed to say them out loud.

"I love you, Mulder." She whispered tenderly.

For a moment Mulder froze, his finger still held by the baby. Scully looked at it, his strong big hand being held by the tiny hand of the baby. She moved her hand to theirs and gently lay her fingers on their joint ones.

Then she suddenly saw a teardrop fall on their joined hands. When she looked up she met Mulder's eyes, overflowing with tears and love.

"I love you too, Scully but I've always been afraid to tell you. I was afraid that you wouldn't answer my feelings, that you would leave when I told you."

Scully smiled at him with a sad look in her eyes, thinking about the time they had wasted. "I've loved you from the day we met and I've been holding it back ever since, but not anymore Mulder, this night has made me realize that life is a miracle in it self and we should live it to the fullest. I can only live it to the fullest with you next to me, Mulder.

"You ones said I was your one in five billion, well I feel the same about you. I want to share my life with you. Not just finding the truth with you, but truly share all of it, I want to wake up in the morning in your arms" For a moment she went quiet and then with a trembling voice she added. "I want to have your babies, Mulder. When I held that baby in my arms this morning all I could think of was holding our baby in my arms one day. I know they've said I can't have any children anymore, but we can find a way. I'm sure of that. Last night gave me hope Mulder, I felt like God was trying to say something to us. Last night was a Christmas miracle."

Mulder pulled her close in his arms and both looked down at the baby in her arms.

"When I saw you hold him when I woke up, I thought I was dreaming. I want a baby with you too Scully, there's nothing in the world I want more, a beautiful little baby with you. I was hurting so much for you when I saw you hold the baby, thinking about how you can't have children. But we will have a baby, I'm sure of that now. I know I haven't believed in God much, ever since Samantha had been abducted-- He didn't give me much reason to believe. But tonight I've started to believe that maybe there is a God-- I love you Scully."

He kissed her tenderly on her lips.

"Merry Christmas." He whispered against her lips. He felt her lips smile against his, "Merry Christmas, Mulder."

Outside the sun stood high in the sky. Warming the earth and its inhabitants with its warm rays and the world was peaceful for just that instant. When two souls, meant for eachother, but kept apart by mistaken fears, finally reached out for one another and became one in love as they had already been one in friendship. Leaving them sitting close together, in their arms a new life and in their hearts a new love and new hopes, that someday the new life they would hold in their arms would be their own. The end

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and happiness and health for the year 2000!!

Thank you to Nlynn for beta reading the first half of my story, I hope I did a good job with your suggestions, I tried to continue it in the second half of my story, Thanks again!

Small author's note: English isn't my first language so if any grammar mistakes slipped through, my apologies, I'm still learning. *S*

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