Title: Falling For the First Time

Author: Barenaked Bostonian

Spoilers: Existence

Rating: PG, really harmless and mushy!

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Summary: After the baby, things settle down to what they should be.

Category: MSR, babyfic


Oh, I know that this little boy is going to be tall. Just like his daddy.

I know that Mulder says that he has my eyes, but he inherited the 'Mulder

nose', which I have not stopped torturing him about. Not yet. I don't

think that I ever will.

He is quiet in my arms, and I wrap the blanket around him more snuggly.

November in D.C. is far from comfortable, but I would hate to be in New

England right now.

A cold wind lashes at the window and I pull down the blind, hoping to kepp

some of the draft out. I can never be too careful now, too paranoid.

Because my boy is a miracle, my miracle. Mulder's miracle.

The second after our lips broke apart, he told me how much he invisioned me

as a mother. He told me how beautiful I looked, how beautiful I had always

looked, but he never had the guts to tell me. Not that that was a bad

thing. I was never ready for it until now.

And I think to myself how funny it is that he is the father of my child and

we have never uttered any words of affection. Until six months ago, when he

layed me down and loved me for the first time. That night I had felt more

complete that I have ever known. I had felt so wanted and so grateful,

laying sleepy and sated in his arms. As he cried into my hair, and got up

to check on the baby. That was when I knew I truly had two families, and

Mulder would always be a part of it.

Now I am waiting for him to return home to my apartment. We have lived

together for the past five months, but he still keeps his own apartment.

For security reasons, he tells me. That's fine. As long as he comes home

to me at night.

He is doing a wonderful job as the violent crimes section's head

psychologist. Kersh would not let him back on the X-Files so he took the

next best thing. He watched over Reyes' and Doggett's back, and helped them

in secret. And they were wonderfully grateful.

And I made a promise to John. That after the baby turned a year old, that I

would return back to the X-Files, part-time. And I will, because I always

keep my promises.

And Monica, how close she has grown to me in the past six months. She is

like Melissa, and it comforts me to have a sister type around, someone to

watch the baby, or go out with. And Mulder is grateful for John, who like

himself has quite a fetish for basketball, and now the truth. He has some

of that same passion I noticed in Mulder nine years ago. I think we're all

grateful to have each other, which is good in our line of work.

I'm begining to miss Mulder now. It's nearly seven and he still isn't home.

I never thought I'd be saying that to myself, that I miss Mulder. We

worked together every day and I thought that I'd never get rid of him. But

now I miss him.

Just as I am about to call him, I hear a key in the lock. I feel comforted

now, just the slightest. He removes his jacket and hangs it on the rack.

Then he walks to me and gives me a quick peck on the lips, leaving me

wanting so much more.

"Hey beautiful." he says and takes William out of my hands. "Hey buddy,

were you good for your mom today?" He kisses our son on the head and then

places him back in the playpen.

"Your dinner is getting cold." I say, smiling as I watch him play with


"Coming dear." he says in mock aged tone.

"Dear me once more and the dinner will be in your lap!" I say dragging him

off of the couch and to the table. He lags behind me.

"Scully, can't you ever fry anything?" he asks as he shovels potatoes and

chicken into his mouth.

"I refuse to be the one who clogs your arteries." I say as I shove a smile

down his throat.

"You can do that one your own time."

"YOU are my time." he says. And oh jeez, my stomach does a flip flop. No

matter how many times he says he loves me, or compliments me, I have yet to

be... unstunned, so to speak.

His irratableness doesn't irratate me anymore. His nagging doesn't nag me

anymore. And his arrogance isn't even arrogant anymore. He says that I

changed him, but I know that you can't change a man. But the fact that he

has changed, and it was for me is...overwhelming to say the least. And a

man like Mulder doesn't change easily. I think that gives him more brownie

points, because he is a new man.

William giggles, after dinner is through and we are sitting on the couch.

Mulder smiles automatically and lifts him into his arms.

"We'll have to teach you to play b-ball buddy." he says as he bounces him up

and down on his lap. "And baseball, and just for you Scully, we'll get him

to play an instrument."

"Just not the trumpet. Dear God, not the trumpet. Charlie used to play the

trumpet and..."

"Oh yeah, your imaginary brother... the trumpet it is Will."

I try to punch him playfully in the shoulder but he grabs my wrist with his

free hand and kisses it.

"No, no. None of that now, I bruise like a peach."

And then I am laughing, and so is he, and William is staring at the

television like it is the most interesting thing in the world. And it's

turned off.

Finally, he kisses me deeply, as we hold our child, just as he did six

months ago. I love him, and dear God, now he knows. Now everyone knows and

it is SO right. To be like this with him. The only person I trust fully,

because I have added John and Monica on my list of prospective trustees.

I am content to stay like this, on the couch, until I put William to bed at

the crib that lies at the foot of our bed. And I return to the couch to

watch Jay Leno with Mulder.

Or at least until I fall asleep.


Thanks to no one for leaving me here all alone! Yeah, Lesley and Aiah, and

even Heather. Whatever, I still love you!

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