Title: Embers
Author: Jamie Taylor (mackillian)
E-mail: killian@worldpath.net
Rating: G or PG (K@tie, the end has some stuff you should like!)
Category: MSR (duh)
Summary: Redone version of Emily, shipper style. 
Spoilers: the fifth season, Emily (double duh)
Author's note:  thank you for the help cricket. To all you readers, I
decided to add another kid to the mix in the show, so don't get confused.
 Let it be known, I know nothing about the Social Services or adoption
processes, so I took some literary liberties. I'm apologizing ahead of
time for any mistakes. I also realize that some events will seem, well,
convenient, but I've been reading Shakespeare and HE does it, so I think
it'll be okay. 
DISCLAIMER: No, I'm not making any money off the characters herein that
belong to FOX, CC, and 1013 because there's a little black book that I
have that says "Thou shalt not steal" although, momentarily borrowing
them without harming them and possibly improving them is not mentioned.

T H E  X - F I L E S

E M B E R S 

	Scully had found Emily easy to get to know, but Andrew was
trusting to no one. It had taken her spending a lot of time with him,
hours at a time, for him to trust her and speak to her at length. The
social workers still couldn't pry anymore than needed from the laconic
four-year-old. Scully now could get him to talk and talk. Emily had been
immediately trusteeing of Scully and was willing to speak. Scully knew
that they were her children, yet was suspicious of their parentage. From
the DNA testing, she knew that they had different 
fathers. She could also tell mentally and physically. Emily was pure
Scully, and Dana knew that she was some sort of hybrid or Project
experiment. Andrew, however, looked like someone else. While he had
Scully traits, the resemblance to the someone was striking. She ordered a
paternity test and the results of which would be available anytime now.

	Emily sat near Scully, talking and coloring with crayons. Andrew
sat a little farther away from his sister, stacking blocks. The tower he
was working on was approaching three feet. Scully had no doubt that the
kid had some intelligence.
	She heard someone knock on the door frame and looked up. It was
Mulder. He walked over and Scully turned and whispered to Emily, "Emily,
I want you meet a friend of mine. His name is Mulder." The roles seemed
to reverse as Emily just nodded and continued coloring and Andrew looked
over, mulled over it, and headed over. Dana spoke to Mulder, "She's a
little shy."

	Mulder attempted to make friends," What e are you coloring?"

	"A potato," came the quiet voice. 

	"Have you ever seen Mr. Potatohead ?"Mulder asked, "He looks like
this." Both Scully and Emily grinned at his imitation. Andrew laughed.
Mulder looked at him," And you are?"

	The little boy stuck out his hand," Andrew."

	Mulder took it, "Mulder. So what are you doing?"

	Andrew's face brightened," Building a tower. Look," and he led
Mulder by the hand over to the blocks, now soaring past four feet. Andrew
began to talk to Mulder about its construction. At that moment, even
without the paternity test, Scully knew. Watching them together in their
likeness, physically and mentally. The same way both of their brows
furrowed and the same sad look in their eyes. The fact that Andrew opened
up so readily, like he also knew. At the boy's instructions, Mulder was
trying to collapse the tower by removing the obvious supports. It was
still standing. Andrew spoke, " I call these Mr. Sim proof buildings."

	Scully saw the psychologist in Mulder kick in," Why?"

	Andrew scuffed his foot and stared at the hardwood floor," He
used to knock them over when he was mad. So I made them so that he
couldn't. It made him madder, though."

	Scully's heart fluttered and she felt all warm and fuzzy inside
when Mulder knelt and hugged the little boy. By this time Andrew was
crying and Mulder himself had tears in his eyes, along with anger
directed toward the late Mr. Sim. It was then Scully realized that Mr.
Sim had been an abusive parent. Instinctively, Mulder had known. He
comforted the boy, " Never again. He won't hurt you anymore. I'll protect

	His tears drying out, Andrew asked," Can I show you something?"


	"Lemme get it," and he ran into the other room.

	Scully got up and walked over to Mulder.
	He looked perturbed," Why didn't you tell me?"

	She had thought about this herself many times over the past few
days and had reached no conclusion. So she said what made the most
sense," I didn't believe it."


	There was a knock on the door. It was an FBI courier, carrying a
package that Scully had told him to deliver to her at the Children's
Center. She signed the paper and took the blue envelope to the table,
removing the contents on the way. Mulder came up behind her, having no
idea what it was. Scully read the results of the paternity tests for both
Emily and Andrew. Her suspicions confirmed, she turned to a completely
unsuspecting Mulder," I had them run paternity tests on both of them,
just on the off chance that there would be a match."

	"Who, Scully?"

	She paused, then, " Remember when you were held at Ellens Air
Force Base, Mulder?"


	"There's no telling what they did to you there."

	"But me?"

	She nodded, completely nonplussed. She handed over the papers
saying," It seemed logical. Here, you look."

	He took the paper and studied it, "What does this mean?"

	She sighed, looked at the floor long and hard, then looked back
up at him," It means that while there's a less than one percent chance
that you are Emily's father, there is a 99.98 percent chance that you are
Andrew's. "

	He remained silent for a full minute. "Dammit," he exclaimed

	Both children jumped, frightened. Mulder glowered, then
brightened, "So I'm Andrew's father."


	"And you're his mother."
	Scully resisted the temptation to say duh, " Yes."

	"Wow," came the intellectual reply.


	In the courtroom, the judge believed them when it came to Andrew
and he was much more complacent. "Ms. Scully, so what you are saying is
that Andrew is your son and you wish to adopt him."

	"Yes," she was afraid to add anything, for fear of changing the
judge's mind.

	"I see from this test that you are indeed the mother," he paused,
" You recently obtained some new data?"

	"Yes," and she handed him the paternity test results. After a few
moments, the judge looked up. 

	"So, Mr. Mulder, this test confirms that you are Andrew's

	Mulder nodded.

	"Hmph. And you had no knowledge of this?"

	Mulder shook his head.

	"How do you feel about this whole thing, Agent Mulder? Do you
wish to have joint custody of the boy? Can you see yourself as a father?"

	Mulder, for once, thought before he spoke," Your Honor, I already
love my son. Even if in legal terms, he isn't mine, he will always be
mine biologically. For Agent Scully, whose cancer had rendered her
incapable of having children, the chance to adopt Andrew, her own flesh
and blood, is priceless. This is something that no one should stand int
he way of. I want to raise my son, your Honor, and I believe that Agent
Scully feels the same way."

	The judge took this in for a second. With a dramatic sigh, "I see
no problem with this particular case. You both get along, possibly more
than you let on, you both have stable jobs, however stressful, and you
both love the boy. And from what Andrew had told me, " he paused again, "
You know, that boy is extremely shy and quiet. Anyway, he said that he
loves the both of you. I foresee that there will be a good, stable home
life for him and I like to see that. So, in the case of Andrew Elijah
Sim, I give you full custody until the adoption proceedings have
completed, which should be within the next few days. It will be a joint
custody between the two of you, which I hope can be resolved. For now,
Andrew will reside with Agent Scully with Agent Mulder having full
visitation rights. Any questions?"

	They only smiled.

	The judge spoke again," The I have one. Would you like to change
his name now, later or not at all?"

	"Now, to get it over with. Just his last name, though. We don't
want him to have an identity crisis. " 

	The judge nodded, "To Mulder, I suppose? Is this okay with you,
Agent Scully?"

	"Perfectly fine," she now had custody of her son, of only she
could have her daughter. She listened as the judge continued, "As for
Emily Christine Sim, I need some more time. I want to get everything
straight before I make a decision." 


	Scully sat on the couch with sleeping Andrew's head resting on
her shoulder and Mulder sitting on the other side of the couch. 

	"Why didn't you tell me, Mulder?"

	He looked pained," I thought I was protecting you," he said,
"Does your mother know about him?"

	"She shook her head, " I'm waiting for her to get back from the

	"When's that?"


	As if on cue, the rest of the extended Scully clan trooped in the
door. Maggie Scully was the first one in the door and over by the sofa.
Bill was too busy glaring at Mulder and Tara had a hard time doing
anything because she was so huge.

	"It went well?" Mrs. Scully asked.

	Scully handed the slumbering child to Mulder who held him
gingerly, not wanting to wake him.

	"Sort of, Mom," Dana replied.

	"What do you mean by 'sort of', Dana?"

	Scully sighed, " We got custody of Andrew and the adoption will
finish up in the next couple of days. The judge still can't decide o
Emily, though."

	"I'm sorry, Dana," Maggie said at first, then she was shocked,
"What do you mean, 'we'?"

	Scully suddenly developed an  interest in her own footwear," Mom,
I had the Bureau run a paternity test for Emily and Andrew."

	"So you're saying..."

	"Mulder isn't Emily's father, but he is Andrew's."

	This galvanized a previously calm Bill into action. He stormed
towards Mulder, his eyes blazing with fury," If you did something to my

	Scully got between them," Bill, if you try to hurt him, you;ll
hurt my son in the process. Your nephew, Bill. And it wasn't any of
Mulder's doing, either. This has something to do with my abduction.
*They* did something to me, not him Bill. Remember, he is the father of
my child and I will not let you harm him."

	Bill still seemed to want to kill the male FBI agent.

	Maggie finally intervened in the staring contest between
siblings," Bill, leave them alone. No matter what you do, that boy is my
grandson, and I will not stand for you bullying him, his father or your

	The voice of his mother seemed to subdue Bill a bit. He looked
away and backed off. Then he said," I'm going to bed," and stomped off
upstairs, waking Andrew in the process. All day, Scully and Mulder had
been used to the fact that they were his parents. Andrew seemed to accept
this more readily than they did. He sat on the couch looking sleepy and
confused. He'd already taken to calling Scully and Mulder "Mom and Dad"
and he said," What's going on?" from his seat.

	Scully went to him,"Andrew, I want you to meet somebody," she
motioned toward Maggie, who walked over and knelt next to the couch.
Scully continued," This is my mother, your grandmother."

	"Hi Andrew," Margaret said.

	"Hi," he replied," So can I call you Grandma?"


	He scratched his head," Good. Then can I go to bed, Grandma?"
	The adults chuckled. Maggie took this chance to bond with him and
tucked him in upstairs. Scully watched her brown-haired son follow his
grandmother upstairs, his blue-green eyes fuzzy with sleep.  Then she
turned to Mulder. "So."

	They stared at the dying embers of the fire. They spoke at the
same time: "I think we should---" , "I don't want you--"
	He stopped,"Go ahead."

	"Mulder," she said," I don't want you to feel obligated to do

	He cut her off," Scully, I don't feel obligated. I love him
already and---"

	"But Mulder--"

	"I want to be in his life, Scully."

	" I realize that Mulder but I don't think that you should feel
obligated towards me---"

	He cut her off again and she was getting frustrated.


	Her voice raised bit by bit," Mulder, listen to me," she had no
idea what he was trying to say, but she'd be damned if he kept
interrupting her," We can arrange something---"

	"But Scully, I want to tell you---"


	"You don't need to. I was going to tell you--"

	"What?!"completely frustrated, her exasperated voice carried to
her mother on the second floor and Maggie came downstairs.

	Mulder valiantly plunged ahead," Will...um...Scully," he suddenly
was speechless. He stared at his feet, as if gathering courage, while she
looked at him having *no* idea *what* he was up to.  He finally began, "
I've wanted to tell you---" and the phone rang.

	Both looked towards it, momentarily confused, and Scully moved to
answer it. There was nothing at the other end and Mulder traced the
call," The Children's Center."

	It was then that Scully noticed her mother in the stairwell,"
Mom, can--"


	They went.


	And she found herself, an hour later, half-listening to a doctor
at the local hospital, telling her that her daughter was sick and her
didn't know why and Mulder was yelling and beating on the door, shouting
for the female doctor to stop the biopsy. 

	She didn't stop.

	And they found out the true nature of Emily. She had the same
body chemistry as the others. She was some sort of hybrid.


	So Mulder went out to chase down doctor Calderon to do some
persuasion and Scully was left watching over a sick child who caused
others to become extremely ill. As Mulder carried out his crusade of
finding those responsible in his desperate search for a cure, even more
desperate, perhaps, than his search for the cure to Scully's  cancer. He
told her of Anna Fugazzi and the surrogate mothers, of beating Dr.
Calderon into telling him still nothing...and Scully was still in the
same room, watching her little girl die.

	"Sweetie, in a few minutes a doctor's going to come in here to do
some more tests."

	A plaintative little voice stated," But Mommy said no more tests.

	Scully loved to hear that word, " I know, but we just want you to
get better."

 	"Can Andrew be there?"

	Scull thought about this. Her mother could easily bring the boy
in. Plus, he was probably a handful by now. "Yes, he'll be here."

	So she watched Emily be drawn into the tube of the MRI scanner,
strapped in the gurney, large-eyed in fear. Her own memories came
flooding back and she vehemently wished that she could take Emily's place
for she would gladly be there to keep her little girl from suffering.
Tears formed in her eyes and she grasped Andrew's hand tightly. She
flinched when the pictures started, each snick resonating like a gunshot.
She wept silently for her journey and Emily's coming one.

	Meanwhile, Mulder peeked into the cooler, finding nightmarish
"things" inside, wishing he hadn't unlatched Pandora's secret. He glanced
behind himself, then lifted out a lidded beaker and was shocked by the
sight of a live fetus. Twitching at a stimulus--his finger tapping on the
side of the glass--he recoiled at the movement. This was Dana's "child",
what they stole from her--him, possibly--to help the "Project". Quickly,
he shoved the beaker back into its slot and retrieved the clear vials
filled with the green liquid and made his escape. Calderon was back.

	She panicked when she had first thought she had seen Dr.
Calderon, then realized that Emily was getting better, not worse. Or so
her vital signs seemed to show. Her call to Mulder assured her of this
and she waved off the police guards. Yet she still met with the doctor,
filled with trepidation. Her fears were confirmed.

	"...I detect further necrotizing of the tissues in her arms and
sides. The least we can do is appreciate that she's in any pain."

	And the tears welled up again, never spilling over, glistening in
the overhead light. She could only whisper," It's killing her."

	The doctor, having no reply, merely left silently, leaving the
mother to begin her grieving. The social worker, however, had no qualms
against attacking Dana in this state. 
	Scully successfully argued the woman into complying for the time
being. But time was something she had dreadfully little of. 

	Again she found herself watching her little girl, who had naught
but hours to live. Mulder came in, asking about her condition.

	"She's in a coma."

	"Scully, I--"

	"No, it's okay, Mulder. Whoever brought her into this world had
no intention of loving her. She was to serve an  agenda ---and I have the
power to stop that."

	"You wouldn't cure her?"

	"No, I wouldn't."

	"Even if you could try?"

	"No, I wouldn't do that to her."

	He was silent.

	"You know, Mulder you were right. This child was a miracle never
meant to be."

	It was one of the few times in his life that Mulder wished that
he had been dead wrong. He gazed at Andrew--his son--in a chair nearby,
busying himself by kicking around a toy car and wished that the boy's
sister wouldn't die. But it wasn't to be. He tentatively put his arm
around Scully's shoulders," I'll stay with you."

	"I think I'd like to be alone. Take Andrew with you and tell him
what happened."

	he knew he should have felt hurt, but there were elements at play
that he knew nothing of.So he gathered up his bored son and awaited for
the specter of death to take the life of another innocent.


	They had left a burlap sack in the place of her daughter. FOr
some reason, maybe a hint of emotion from one of the men in black, her
cross had been left there in the sand that represented Emily's tiny body.
She picked it up and stared at it, somehow knowing that the little girl
was up in Heaven now, suffering not the heartache.

	Later, back in Bill's house, they sat in front of the same dying
fire, each lost in his or her own thoughts. Then Mulder broached the
topic interrupted by a phone call so long ago.

	"Scully I never got to finish."

	"What Mulder?"

	He traced the patterns of the couch cushions, concentrating,"
Scully, I want to be a full-time father to Andrew."

	"Mulder, I hardly think that will work. He had to live in my
apartment, and aside from you moving in--"

	"But that's it entirely."

	She had to laugh at that one," Mulder, you're not moving in.
There's too much bachelor in you for you to be a roommate."

	"I don't want to be your roommate, Dana."

	She looked in his eyes," Then what do you want, Mulder?"

	"Scully, I..."

	Then she noticed that he was trembling. "What?" she prompted him,
covering his hand with hers. 
	He sighed, then paused, then quietly, almost inaudibly, she
caught the words," Love...you...marry
me...good...Andrew...don't...hit..." under his breath.

	"Mulder, stop mumbling. I want to hear this."

	He stopped and looked straight at her, his voice wavering," I
don't want Andrew to suffer living between two parents. I want him to
live with both parents and I want to live with the mother of my son and
the woman I love. Marry me, Dana."

	She blinked, not believing, wanting to believe, dreaming of what
could be---


	She had zoned out, "Mulder, I...yes...but--"

	"The rest doesn't matter. We'll figure it out."

	And then he kissed her, in front of the embers of the fire.


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