Title: Daddy's Girl

Author: Tiff Devol (Starrlyte)

Rating: PG

Category: MSR, DRR (Doggett/Reyes

Romance) and baby fic

Summary: Oh you just need to read :) It's a story about life, and about what it means to be a daddy.

This is a work in Progress, part one of I don't know what:)

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Here we go!

Daddy's Girl

Tiff Devol

Monica gazed out the window of the cab as it sped down the rain-slicked streets of Washington, DC. She yawned sleepily and leaned back against the seat as she imagined what she would say to him. How she would explain it all to him. So many things had changed since she had been assigned to The X-Files. And after only three months in, she had backed out. It didn't make any sense to her why John would want to spend all of his time in that office. It wasn't like he had the quest that Mulder had all those years. She knew that it was something else. That it was painful memories of them together. It had taken Mulder and Scully seven years in that office to become lovers. It had taken her and John Doggett about seven minutes.

She tried to read him, to feel what was going through his mind. Agent Doggett was extremely adept at keeping his emotions hidden. Nearly every chance he got, he would show up at Scully's apartment and spend hours talking to her about the baby, and about the things his son did while still a sweet infant. And each time that Mulder would return from wherever it was that he would go, John would simply smile and kiss Scully lightly on the cheek before making a hasty exit.

Monica sighed inwardly. She didn't like to admit that it hurt her. That it hurt when John wanted to spend time with Scully, and avoid her. She never felt capable of jealousy and she would never get angry at Dana. But it still ate away at her insides.

So, an hour of screaming at each other in the basement of the FBI, and an OPR meeting later, she had packed her bags and headed back to New Orleans. The fight was stupid, really. But it put things into perspective for her. She had asked him that night, while sitting at her desk, how he felt about her, how he felt about life, about his son. If he ever thought of marrying again and having another child. She explained that perhaps an experience like that would heal him. She was simply trying to help, and at the same time, gain the valuable information she would need, to plan her next life altering decision. But John flew into a rage. He yelled and cussed and even threw things. He was outraged that she could suggest he ever think of having another child. Sickened by the thought that another child could replace his son.

Agent Reyes had sat in her chair, and listened carefully. She kept her emotions hidden and gently folded her hands on her lap. She nodded and smiled occasionally letting him get it all out. When he was finished, she stood quietly and gathered her things. She told him that things weren't working out and that she wanted to get back to New Orleans. It hurt her deeply that he didn't protest. And so she had made her decision.

The cab rounded a corner and pulled to a stop outside of the apartment building. She climbed out with some effort and leaned to pay the driver.

"Mam, may I offer to help you with your bag there?" The older man asked politely, gesturing to the large duffel bag in the back seat.

"No...no it's all right. I can manage." She smiled sweetly and pressed the neat bills into his rough hands.

The driver nodded and then sped off as she walked into the building, bag slung over one shoulder. It was ridiculous that she was this nervous. At least they knew she was coming.

Dana Scully answered the door with a bright smile. "Agent Reyes! You're right on time! Come on in, here let me take your bag." Scully reached for her friend's luggage as she ushered her inside.

"Why....is that the fairy Godmother?" Mulder chimed, dancing into the room with a giggling William.

Monica's lower jaw dropped. "Oh my God he has grown so much Dana!"

Mulder grinned as he handed her the baby.

"Hi William...hello! You have gotten so big my goodness!" Monica cooed as she kissed his forehead. She turned to Scully, beaming.

"I cannot believe he is nine months old already it doesn't seem like it has been that long! And oh my goodness he looks just like the both of you, look at him!"

She marveled at how the baby resembled both his mother and father. Little William had his mother's eyes and nose, but his father's hair and ears. His mouth was his mother's and his smile, was his father's. She could honestly say that this was the most beautiful baby she had ever seen.

"Monica....when are you going to tell him?" Scully asked finally, as both women moved to sit down on the couch.

Monica shifted little William to her other arm, allowing him access to the couch pillows.

Mulder winked at her before going into the kitchen to make fruit smoothies.

"I need to tell him, you're right. He deserves to know. I just don't know how to explain it to him, in a way that he would understand." She sighed and looked up at Scully.

Scully nodded and put her elbow up on the couch, resting her head against her hand. "You explained it to me ok, I think he will understand. You both had an argument, you were trying to feel out what he wanted in life, and what he wanted didn't match with what was happening. No one can fault you for being afraid."

Just then, Mulder waltzed into the room with a tray full of fruit smoothies. "One for you, one for you, and one for you lil guy!" He handed William a sippy cup and then sat down in the big comfy chair beside the couch, grinning.

Monica looked at Mulder and then at Scully shaking her head. "You two are so happy. You look beautiful together, you and Mulder, with little William. It just makes sense."

Mulder crawled out of his chair and put an arm around Scully. "Yep, this here's my little woman."

Scully reached around and pinched him. "Watch your mouth."

"I guess I do need to tell John, he has a right to know. " Monica smiled.

Scully nodded and reached over the couch grabbing the phone. She giggled and looked over at Mulder. "Remember your reaction Mulder? It was priceless."

Mulder nodded in agreement. "I'll go find the vodka and orange juice."

Scully swung the door open and stepped aside as John Doggett, barreled through it.

"Is everybody ok? You said there was an emergency." Doggett scanned the room before his worried eyes fell back onto Scully.

"Come on in Agent Doggett." She gently closed the door before leading him into the living room.

"I...I don't understand." He shook his head, nodding to Mulder who was making strange noises at William. He looked back up at her "Are you ok?"

Scully nodded and rolled her eyes. "I am fine Agent Doggett. But there is someone here who really needs to see you."

Doggett stared at her, utterly confused. "I ah....I'm afraid I'm not quite getting it here, who...needs to see me?"

"Agent Doggett"

He whirled around upon hearing her voice.

Monica stepped out of the hallway and gave him an apologetic smile.

Doggett stared at her. He felt the anger begin to rise and he clenched his fists. How dare she come back after six months, how dare she show up at Scully's apartment and have her call him, how dare she.... her hand fell to rest on her rounded belly as she moved into the living room, taking a deep breath. Holy shit.

"What the hell is this?" He asked angrily, staring from Scully to Monica.

"John...before you get angry..." Monica began, moving towards him.

"Before?" He looked over at Scully. "This was you? You planned this?"

"Agent Doggett, you really need to hear her out." She stared at him, her blue eyes piercing his.

"John...I didn't know how to tell you."

She moved to stand beside Scully.

Mulder stared at them and then turned back to William. "See there buddy? Women can sometimes have this effect on men. But don't worry, you and me...we'll take Doggett out for a drink."

"You didn't know how to tell me what? Why you never called or why you felt the need to hide....Jesus Monica....you're pregnant?" He stared at Scully who had taken Reyes' hand in her own.

"You know..." He continued. "It never hit me until now, just how alike you both are. Sneaking around, spinning lies to cover up the truth, carrying babies for months at a time before letting anyone in on the secret..."

"Agent Doggett....that's not fair." Scully interjected, beginning to get angry herself.

"It is fair...why can't you just tell someone the truth for once? Why do you hide it and then show up....."

"Pregnant?" Mulder offered.

Doggett turned and then began to laugh.

He couldn't help it. This was all so strange. He sighed heavily and then moved to plop himself down on the couch beside Mulder and the baby.

William scrunched his face up and slobbered all over Doggett's arm.

"I feel ya buddy." He smiled as he reached over and lifted his godson into his arms.

"You ok?" Doggett asked as he peeked in the door of his bedroom.

Monica looked up from the pillow and realized that she must have been moaning. "Yeah I'm ok...just a few Braxton-Hicks contractions."

"Contractions?" John hurried over to the bedside.

She giggled. "No..no It's ok. they are just practice runs for the real thing." She took in a deep breath and then pushed herself into a sitting position against the pillows.

He nodded and stood to leave the room.

"You can sit down John, I don't bite." Monica smiled softly at him, her face illuminated by the moonlight.

John Doggett stood there a moment, unsure of what to do next. Shrugging his shoulders, he sat down on the bed beside her and leaned back against the pillows. After a few moments, he found himself staring at her. Her glowing face, her hazel eyes. The way her lips curled into a lazy grin.

"Boy or Girl?"

She yawned sleepily and the looked up at him.

"So you aren't getting any vibes, or auras about it?" He pressed.

"It?" She questioned, thoughtfully.

"You know what I mean...the baby." He finished, glancing down at her abdomen.

"She's a mover and a shaker."

Doggett's eyes lit up. "So it...it's a girl?"

He brought his hands to her belly and pressed them against the thin fabric of her t-shirt. He marveled at how hard her stomach was and his breath caught in his chest as she slowly rolled back the bottom of her shirt so that he could touch her bare skin.

"She's....she's beautiful." He grinned as he moved his hands over the hardened flesh.

Monica nodded as tears came to her eyes. "John...I've wanted to tell you for so long, It's just that, what you said about having other children, and about Luke. I knew this was not what you wanted."

He regarded her thoughtfully. "What made you change your mind?"

She began to trace small circles across her baby and then looked up at him, her eyes soft and distant. "When I felt her move."

"I'm going to be a father Agent Mulder, not a football coach." John Doggett laughed as they made their way through the packed 'Babies R' Us'.

"Oh....right." Mulder grinned as he began searching through the sports paraphernalia that had somehow managed to take over their shopping cart.

William babbled happily from his carseat, attached to the basket.

"You know, we should get her a little pink baseball. And maybe a bat." Mulder exclaimed as he took another sharp corner, nearly knocking an elderly woman over.

Doggett apologized to the woman and stuffed his hands in his jeans pockets. It had been a long time since he had done this. He was glad though, to be in Mulder's company. He was the picture perfect father.

Always loving on his baby, always lugging around the camera equipment, intent on catching his son's first ANYTHING. It reminded him a lot of himself, when Luke was born. Doggett smiled, remembering his son's beautiful newborn face. 'You're gonna have a sister big guy'.

"I've found it!" Mulder proudly announced from aisle 52.

Doggett followed him to THE shelf. There adorning the plain wire shelving unit lay the most beautiful basketball either man had ever seen. It was perfectly round with little silver streaks running through it and a phrase that brought tears to Doggett's eyes. "Daddy's Girl" was engraved on the front in a pale blue.

"It's beautiful." Mulder whimpered, wiping an imaginary tear from his eye.

Doggett simply nodded in utter awe.

After ordering the sales clerk to wrap it carefully, they were soon headed for home. The girls would be back from YogaMama class at noon, and they only had an hour to fix lunch. Mulder turned on the radio and began to sing.

" Spank my booty, come on and spank my booty...Spank my booty, spank my booty real good!"

Doggett stared at him.

"Ok coaches, be sure to relax those mommies, let's trace our fingers over their arms, starting at the wrist and working your way up...there you go."

Scully leaned over Monica, who was laying on her left side in a semi trancelike state. Gently, she began tracing her fingers up Monica's arms in a determined pattern.

Agent Reyes let out a slow breath as Scully moved her hands onto her swollen uterus, rubbing softly.

"Imagine your vagina opening like a flower, and your uterus expanding, allowing the baby to pass through easily and effortlessly..." The instructor continued.

Scully leaned down close to Monica's ear. "Like a flower Agent Reyes, should I hum a whale tune?"

This got both women giggling and an angry look from their instructor. Hypno birthing in a Yoga Mama class, it was incredible.

After several more minutes of deep relaxation techniques it was time to go.

"You know Dana, you look great. Have you been doing yoga a long time?" Monica asked as she lowered herself into the car.

"Counting the times I've had sex with Mulder?" She grinned. "Actually I started yoga right after William was born. To get me back to my G-woman shape." She patted her stomach as she put the car into reverse and backed out of the parking lot.

Monica nodded as she gazed down at her ever-expanding stomach, wondering it it would ever retain its G-woman shape. She felt herself grinning as her baby girl stretched beneath her skin, an elbow popping out to roll across the flesh.

It was incredible, being pregnant. Sure, she had always imagined having children, but after meeting Agent Scully and witnessing what it was like to be afraid for your child's safety, to be whisked around in speeding cars to secure the birth of your unborn, it had become too much for her. She felt taking on the responsibility as Will's godmother was enough. She was satisfied that there was no man, and no baby in her life. Well, maybe she just thought she was satisfied.

It was hard to know exactly when she had become pregnant. There were many times and many places with John. Now that she thought about it however, she couldn't remember ever really making love to him. Of course there was sex involved, usually followed by hot, heavy breathing, but she didn't think she'd ever heard the words, 'I love you'.

"Are you Ok Agent Reyes?" Scully spoke up from the drivers seat, maneuvering through Sunday afternoon traffic.

"I..I'm fine Dana. I was just thinking..." Monica began, and then trailed off.

"About?" Scully prodded in her patented Scully way.

"About this baby. About where I am going to go, how I am going to raise her." She smiled as she cupped her hands around her abdomen, shifting in the seat.

"Why don't you stay here. We are here, the FBI is here....Agent Doggett is here..." She added softly, glancing over at her friend.

"While Agent Doggett has become comfortable with this pregnancy, I don't believe he has become quit comfortable with me." She stared out the window at a mother pushing a stroller that housed two young children. Both with chocolate covered grins.

"You're afraid that he doesn't want her..." Scully pulled to a stop in front of the apartment and turned in the seat to look directly at her.

Monica thought a moment. "I suppose that is what I am afraid of....yes."

"What do your vibrations tell you, Agent Reyes?"

Scully grinned as she unlocked her door.

"They tell me that this baby is good, and healthy, and that everything will be fine." She admitted, stepping out of the car.

Scully regarded her over the roof, and winked.

"Then trust your gut Monica, it's usually right."

"Monica.....you asleep?" Doggett called from the doorway.

She opened her eyes and rolled over to face him.

"No...no John it's ok, come on in."

He entered the room slowly and sat on the edge of the bed. "You both doing ok?" He laid a hand on her shoulder and leaned in close to her face.

Monica smiled and nodded. "Yes, we're...both... doing just fine."

John Doggett nodded and then stood, slipping his jeans off. He slid underneath the covers clad in a gray T-shirt and black boxer briefs. "You mind if I join you?" He whispered like a kid at a sleepover.

Giggling, she scooted over to make room. Just before she could roll back over she felt his hands on her, all over her. She turned her face to his and was met with a sweet kiss.

"What was that for?" She asked when he broke free.

Doggett thought for a moment and then wiggled out of his T-shirt. "Here, let me help you out of this."

She stared at him a moment before understanding and sliding out from under her T-shirt. She laughed at her own embarrassment. It wasn't like they had never been naked together, but this time was different. This time was slow.

Doggett crushed her with another kiss as he ran his hands along her body, feeling every inch of her. She moaned softly against his lips and he pulled her closer to him, feeling the weight of her breasts upon his stomach. Wrapping his arms around her, he bent to kiss each one, gently and then placed butterfly kisses along her collar bone and behind her ears.

She felt tears come to her eyes as he bent to kiss her womb. She listened as he whispered softly to their unborn. Assuring her that she was special and that she was wanted. "Daddy's Girl" She had heard him say before he maneuvered himself on top of her.

Doggett slowly traced her jawline with the tips of his fingers before slipping out of his boxers and letting himself rest against her. God, she was so beautiful. He bent to capture another kiss and while still against her lips, he entered her in one swift move. She cried out against the fullness and he whispered soothingly into her ear.

For nearly half an hour they danced, back and forth, him moving in and out of her. She gripped the bed-frame and whispered his name as perspiration beaded her forehead. He held her tightly as he continued, wanting to become part of her. He nearly cried as he felt his baby move against his stomach while he was pressed against his lover. And when they achieved release, they collapsed into one another, and Monica fell fast asleep, one hand resting on his arm, and the other resting on her swollen belly.

Doggett stared at her for hours, tracing circles across the flesh that housed his daughter. He cried then, tears of pure anguish and heartache. It was all so unfair, that he had lost his son. It was all so unfair that he would never see his baby boy alive again. And at the same time, he understood for the first time, that life went on. That no matter what, life would continue. He bent to kiss his unborn daughter and he said a silent prayer. This time he would do it right. This time he wouldn't let Luke down.

"Hi there daddy's girl..." He whispered softly, as tears rolled down his cheeks.

"You have to do something for me. You have to make sure that you are born safe and sound because your mommy loves you very much. " He trailed off and took a moment to wipe at his eyes. Shaking, he laid his head against his lover's belly.

"Because I love her very much." He whispered, as if afraid that by saying it out loud, it would somehow taint the realness of it. The beauty.

Doggett laid there for quite sometime before finally drifting off, lulled to sleep by the soft rhythmic heartbeat of his baby girl.

Mulder stared down at his sleeping son.

"You know Scully, it really is amazing."

"What?" She asked, as she walked into the bedroom, turning out the light.

"How beautiful you truly are." He grinned, as he lightly kissed his son's forehead before laying him down in the crib near the bed.

"Look at you, scoring brownie points already, and I haven't even taken off my shirt."

Mulder stared at her, licking his lips. "Well, what do I get if I take off MY shirt?"

Sighing, Scully moved closer to him and took him in her arms. "You get......."

"Hold that thought Scully, phone..." Mulder raced to answer the incessant ring before it dared to wake up his precious son.

"Agent Doggett? Slow down...what's wrong?" Mulder paced the room, already making a mental note to grab his jacket.

Scully yawned sleepily and followed him into the hallway, trying to catch a piece of the conversation.

"What??!!" Mulder nearly yelled. "We'll be right there." Slamming down the phone, he nearly plowed Scully over trying to rush back into the bedroom.

"Mulder what is it?" She asked, the fear rising in her.

"Grab Will Scully, it's Doggett...something's wrong with the baby." He ran to grab his coat.

"Wait a minute Mulder, what's wrong? What's wrong with the baby?" Scully carefully lifted William out of the crib and wrapped him in a thick blanket.

"It's ok, It's gonna be ok..." Doggett soothed, running his hands through his lover's hair.

Monica moved her head from side to side, desperately trying to stay conscious.

"It's gonna be ok, I called Mulder and the paramedics are on their way. Just hang in there....for the baby..." He kissed her cheek lightly and the guilt began to wash over him.

She smiled softly and touched his face. "The baby is fine...she is perfect. It's me John..."

He shook his head, tears forming in his eyes. "Don't talk like that Monica, you're gonna be fine."

She gritted her teeth as another contraction hit her.

"She will be ok."

"Damn it Monica...don't do this to me!"

His protests fell on deaf ears. She had already slipped into a coma.

He could hear sirens in the distance and he spun in a circle, completely unsure of what to do. It was like some terrible nightmare, coming back to haunt him once again. All that time and he had never been able to tell her the truth. He refused to let her go without knowing, without believing.

Dana Scully rushed through the doors of the emergency room. Mulder, who was carrying a sleeping Will, was just two steps behind her. She rushed to the front desk.

"There was a patient just brought in, a pregnant woman, her name is Monica Reyes, where is she?" Scully gazed around the room, hoping to find some sign of her.

An older nurse came to the counter and flashed Scully a questioning look. "May I ask who you are?"

Scully nodded and pulled out her badge. "My name is Dana Scully, and I'm her doctor."

The older woman regarded the badge for a moment and then looked over at Mulder who gave her a toothy grin.

"She was just taken back come with me." The nurse put down the file folder she had been carrying and came around to the front of the desk.

Scully turned and walked over to Mulder. "As soon as I know anything Mulder, I'll come and tell you."

He nodded and then placed a kiss upon her forehand. "She'll be ok Scully, and we'll be right here." Smiling, he motioned towards their sleeping baby.

Scully let out the breath she had been holding and ran her fingers over her son's brow. She knew first hand what Agent Reyes must have been going through. "I'll be back as soon as I can."

With that, she followed the nurse down the hallway into the hospital. Mulder watched her go, took note of her soft auburn hair bouncing at her shoulders, the way her hips swayed when she walked fast, he listened to her heels clicking against the tile floor. God how he loved that woman. Sitting down with Will cradled in his arms he began to hum softly.

"What's wrong with her?" Doggett questioned the emergency room doctor, his hands shaking.

"Well..." The doctor answered thoughtfully, glancing down at her chart. "It seems from her bloodwork that she is suffering from pre-eclampsia. It happens to women sometimes. They get high blood pressure and in rare cases they can fall into a coma before, during, or just after labor. "

John Doggett stood there in front of the doctor, unbelieving what was happening. "So what happens now?" He was a cop by nature, he needed hard evidence.

Hell, he needed answers.

"Right now.." The doctor began. "Her uterus is contracting at a fairly steady rate. Her body is ready to birth this baby. But with her unconscious like this, I see no choice but to prep her for a Caesarian, get the baby out, and then do what we can for Ms. Reyes here."

"Do what we can?" Doggett asked, his eyes growing wide with fear.

"No you can't do that." Scully ordered from the doorway.

Both men turned.

"I beg your pardon?"

Scully glanced over at Doggett before staring down the ER doctor. "She is going to have this baby but if you do a Caesarian you will escalate her heart-rate even further. You could be endangering her life."

"Look, I don't know who you are, or who you think you are, but her heart rate will escalate higher during a vaginal delivery."

"That is true.." Scully began, nodding her head. "But there will be less blood loss, less risk of infection, and without medication to numb her and put her further into sleep, she will have a greater chance of coming to."

The doctor stared at her, exasperated. "Who are you?"

"My name is Dana Scully." She walked towards him. "I'm her doctor, and I'm...." She glanced over at Doggett who was shifting his weight from one leg to another. "...a friend."

"Well, Doctor Scully, what do you suggest we do?" He asked, slamming down the chart.

"I suggest you go follow up with another patient, and you let me transfer her up to labor and delivery." She folded her arms across her chest.

"I found Mulder and he and Will are in the waiting room outside." Doggett slowly closed the door as he entered the birthing sweet. He couldn't tear his eyes off of Monica. She was lying still underneath a sheet, her belly protruding from underneath the linens. There were monitors, and beeps and then.... Scully turned up a dial on one of the machines. He stood there in the center of the room, staring at the blinking light. Tears came to his eyes as he listened to the rapid 'lub-dub' of his daughter's heartbeat.

"Baby's heartbeat looks good Agent Doggett, strong and steady." She smiled over at him before adjusting one of the other machines.

"So uh...what do we do now Agent Scully?" Doggett walked over beside her and stared down at Monica.

"Now..." Scully began as she pulled back the sheet and gently, scooted Monica over. "We relax her heart."

Doggett shook his head in confusion. "I don't understand."

"It's ok Agent Doggett...It's ok...just take her hand like this, and start at her wrists. That's good....now trace your fingers up from her wrist to her elbow. Repeat it over and over..."

Scully patted his shoulder and then leaned over, gently rubbing her fingers along Monica's face. She traced the lines above her eyes, and at the bridge of her nose. When a nurse came in Scully snapped up.

"Hey...do me a favor?"

The younger woman nodded, whispering. "Anything.

What do you need?"

"Does anyone have a CD player?"

The nurse thought a moment and then grinned. "Yeah one of our desk clerks has one, it's on the next floor up. I'll run and get it!"

Scully let out a sigh of relief. "Thanks!"

Doggett gave her a questioning look.

"Mood music." Scully smiled. "Agent Doggett, I need you to go turn the lights down and then to run out to my car and bring in my CD case. It should be under the passenger seat. Can you do that for me?"

Doggett nodded and rushed out of the room.

He would do anything it took.

After about ten minutes, everything was set. The soft sounds of Clannad filled the room as they emanated from the CD player. The lights were turned down low, and the thermostat was cooling. Scully grinned as she checked Monica's blood pressure again.

"It's working." She told Mulder, as she walked into the waiting room.

He let out a sigh of relief and stood to hug her.

"So everything's going fine?"

Scully nodded. "Her blood pressure is coming down, the contractions are getting closer together and she is about 9 centimeters dilated now. If we can get her to wake up, she'll be able to push this baby out."

"Good luck Scully." He cupped her cheek in his hand.

She smiled against his palm and then turned, heading back into the delivery room.

"Ok Agent Doggett, she is at ten centimeters, we need to wake her up...get her to push. Can you talk to her? She will hear your voice." Scully headed towards the tiny restroom, taking with her a pair of scrubs.

John laid down on the bed beside his lover, slipping one arm underneath her head and the other, over on top of her contracting belly. He could feel it harden and tighten underneath his hand. "Monica....can you hear me?"

He waited to see if he would get a response. When there was none, his heart fell. He buried his head in her dark hair and let himself cry, whispering to her in between sobs.

"You have to wake up. This baby needs you Agent Reyes. She is ready to come out, if you would just wake up......"

He pulled her back against him and hugged her tightly, again whispering in her ear.

"Think back, Agent Reyes. To a time before this, before The X-files, before Luke's abduction. Remember how we used to take him to the park? And watch late night movies at the house? Remember when we would order pizza and drink beer, sitting around watching the latest Nascar race? Think back to a time when I could never admit to you my true feelings. Do you remember the way I would look at you?"

He let out a sigh and leaned closer to her ear. "The reason I never told you.....is because I was afraid. I was afraid that you wouldn't love me back."

Doggett broke into sobs then and was unaware that Scully had come back into the room. She stood there, watching him. Tears slipping down her cheeks. 'I guess we're all afraid of that' she thought to herself.

Running his right hand over his lover's face, John Doggett began to sing. He couldn't remember exactly when she had told him it was her favorite song, and it hurt him that he couldn't recall something so simple.

Scully stood there for a moment watching them, and began to hum to the tune, and then softly sing the words.

" I took my love and I took it down,

I climbed the mountain and I turned around.

And I saw my reflection in the snow covered hill.

But a landslide brought me down.

Oh mirror in the sky, what is love.

Can the child within my heart, rise above. C

an I sail throughout the changing ocean tides,

Can i handle the seasons of my life.

Well I've been afraid of changing cause

I've built my life around you.

But time makes you bolder,

children get older, I'm getting older too.

So take this love and take it down,

Oh if you climb the mountain

and you turn around If you see my reflection

in a snow covered hill

Will the landslide bring it down. "

"Push Agent Reyes, Push!" Scully yelled from between her thighs.

Monica gripped at the sheets and took a deep breath, pushing with all the strength she had in her. After the contraction was over she laid back against the bed, into Doggett's arms.

"I cannot believe you sang that song out loud."

She giggled, gazing up at him.

He grinned down at her. "Since you were playing possum, I felt I didn't have much of a choice."

Scully reached over to grab the little blue aspirator. "Ok she should be here on the next push, I'm seeing a beautiful little head here." Scully grinned as she reached in, making sure the cord wasn't around the baby's neck.

"Alright now, Push...harder.....harder bear down... that's it...."

Reyes let out a cry as the head popped out and felt the gush of blood and fluid run down her legs.

"Ok Don't push....hold on...lemme clear out her little nose...."

Scully rolled the baby's head to the side and suctioned out her nose and mouth. Tears blinded her vision as she felt the little girl's pulse against her palm.

"One more push...that's all it takes!" Scully grinned, her adrenaline kicking in.

Monica sat up as Doggett supported her back. He looked over her shoulder at Scully. Sweat was beading on her forehead and he could see that she was crying.

"And it's a girl!" She proudly announced as she held the baby up for her parents to see.

Scully rubbed her back with a towel to stimulate her breathing and soon a healthy cry filled the room. She grinned happily as she handed the messy newborn to her mother.

"Oh my God...oh my God...she's so beautiful!" Monica held her daughter close and peered into her bright blue eyes.

The baby blinked slowly and yawned, waving her tiny red fists.

John stared down at his new baby girl and began to laugh. "She's incredible, oh my God she looks just like me."

Monica burst out laughing. "God help her."

Doggett bent and kissed his newborn daughter as he let her grab his pinky finger. He was a father. He smiled through tears as he marveled at how utterly breathtaking his tiny daughter was.

"Uh oh..." Scully said, worry apparent on her face.

"Uh oh what...what do you mean Uh oh?" Doggett tore his eyes off of his daughter to give Scully an angry look.

"Agent Reyes, I need you to push again." Scully moved back towards the bottom of the table, laying the gauze to the side.

"What...what is it...is it the placenta?" Monica asked, becoming worried.

"No." Was all Scully said.

Holy shit, what the hell was going on? Doggett climbed out of the bed and took his daughter from her mother's arms, standing off to the side.

"What is this....Dana what is this?" Monica blurted out as she felt another strong contraction hit her.

"Just breathe Agent Reyes that's it, now when I tell you, I need you to push....are you ready?"

Monica nodded, gripping the sheets again as another wave of pain overtook her.

"Ok...now Push....hard hard hard hard....that's it...ok take a breath....one more....one more..."

Scully moved fast and grabbed the aspirator again. Her heart dipped as she saw how tiny the head was. She quickly suctioned out the nose, and rolled the head over to get to the mouth. So blue, a shiver ran up her spine.

"One more..."

"Agent Scully....Agent Scully...what's going on?" Doggett paced the room rocking his newborn who had suddenly began to cry.

"That's it....." Scully allowed the lifeless child to slip out into her hands.

"What is it....Dana?" Monica asked, panic setting in.

Scully rushed the tiny baby over to a nearby isolette. She grabbed several blue paper towels and rubbed violently, forcing the blood to circulate. She reached up and grabbed for the O2 mask and placed it over the baby's mouth and nose while she thumped its feet. Scully held her breath as she watched pink creep into the lips and begin to spread down into the chest.

Doggett walked over to the tiny table and gazed down at the baby.

"It's a boy." Scully said, her voice cracking.

She nodded towards one of the other doctors who entered the room to get Monica cleaned up.

"You mean...I have a son?"

Scully smiled as she knocked on the doorframe and entered the room.

"Dana...come on in!" Monica grinned as she adjusted her daughter who was feeding hungrily at her breast.

Scully walked over to the bedside and gazed down at the little girl. "She is beautiful Agent Reyes."

Monica smiled as she ran her fingers along her baby's cheek. "You know Dana, It was surprising as hell to have just one baby...but....I never in my wildest dreams expected two!" Both women laughed as they looked over at Doggett, who was sitting in a nearby chair carrying on a conversation with his three day old son.

"Well, both babies look great." Scully folded her hands in front of her. "Given that we didn't know there was a twin, and that twin B was considerably smaller than twin A. I just spoke to their pediatrician, and both babies look great."

Scully crossed the room and took a seat beside Agent Doggett. "Have you picked out their names?" Scully asked hopefully.

Doggett grinned and passed off the tiny boy to Scully, who gently accepted him and cradled him in her arms.

Scully stared down at the boy and marveled at how much he looked like his father. At how much he must look like Luke.

Doggett smiled softly at his son and thought a moment. "We are naming him Samuel."

Scully looked up at him and then stared back down at the baby. "Samuel." She tried it out.

Reyes smiled from the bed as she slipped her pinky finger in her daughter's mouth to break the suction from her breast. "It means God Heard."

Scully looked up to her and then over at Doggett and understood. Agent Doggett had lost his son to a horrible tragedy and had probably spent almost every night since then praying and wishing to have his son back. She looked down at little Samuel, who was sucking on his left hand, his crystal blue eyes wide open. "God heard." She repeated softly.

"Wait a minute...what about?" Scully looked up at Monica who had slid out of the bed and was shuffling towards her.

Monica leaned over and gently placed her baby girl in Scully's other arm.

Doggett leaned over Scully and looked down at his two perfect children. "We've named her Dana."

Scully raised her head to stare at them both, tears filling her vision.

"Hey Sexy Mama....you ready to go?" Mulder called from the doorway, bouncing a giggling William.

She stood slowly and handed both baby's to Agent Reyes. "I never thanked you Agent Reyes, for what you did for me, what you did for Will."

Monica smiled and then leaned into Scully, who embraced her in a soft hug.

"Oh I almost forgot." Mulder said as he walked over to Doggett, handing him a tiny box, that was giftwrapped to look like the one already sitting on a nearby table.

Doggett smiled in appreciation and both men patted each other on the back.

"See ya later little man." Doggett cooed at Will, who gave him a sloppy kiss.

"Let's go Scully." Mulder put an arm around her and they both headed out the door.

Doggett couldn't suppress a grin as Monica tore into the packages. She held up one of the little basketballs as tears came to her eyes. "It's beautiful John, he'll love it."

She leaned over and gave him a sweet kiss.

"Now open the other." He bounced in his seat, unable to contain his excitement.

She carefully tore open the wrapper and smiled, her fingers tracing over the light blue lettering. "Daddy's Girl. " She whispered.

He leaned over the bed and kissed her brow. "You hungry? Cause I'm gonna order a pizza."

Monica smiled wistfully. "Pizza is no good without beer John."

He grinned like a little child. "I got that part covered."

She laughed so hard tears came to her eyes as he whipped out a six-pack of IBC rootbeer.

"You know Mulder...It's amazing." Scully sighed as she curled up in his embrace.

He smiled into her hair, placing a kiss behind her ear.

"What's that?"

"That it took us so long to admit to what we were both feeling, when life is so precious and so short." Scully closed her eyes as his hand traced across her cheek.

"I was afraid Scully."

"Afraid of what?" She opened her eyes again, and her heart raced as he ran his hands down her thigh.

"I was afraid you wouldn't love me back." He smiled again and wrapped his arms around her, pulling them closer together.

THE END!!!!!!!!!! :)

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