The Children's Teeth Universe by Erin McCole Cupp


The Little Fight (6k)
G, Vignette, MSR.
Summary: a back-story to 'The Children Teeth'.

Erin's Notes:
Just wanted to see if I could write sappy stuff. I cranked this out in an hour. A little bit of fun.

Guardian Dear (12k)
PG, Vignette, MSR.
Summary: "We've tried to protect her from everything.... The world, the whole universe is full of pain, and not even a mother's arms can keep all tragedy at bay."

Sister's Blood (186k)
Rated R
a childhood of a clone.... one of the 'Emilys'. a darker perspective on the future-life of bounty hunter girl.

Erin's Notes:
People kept pestering me for a sequel [companion] to "The Children's Teeth," so as I pondered how to begin, I began to study the character of Emily Wexford, and I felt she had her own story to tell. This one is darker than my usual fan fiction, which is probably why it's so hard to write!

Somewhere in the Middle

Confessions of a Cigarette Smoking Girl (8k)
PG, Vignette, MSR implied.
Summary: The story happens 17 years into the future.

Erin's Notes:
This is the first story I posted with the character Meg Mulder. This also came out of the brainstorming for that story about Mulder teaching his sixteen years old girl how to drive (and no, that story does not exist .... yet). It's predictable, but I had fun anyway...

She's Always a Woman to Me (14k)
G, vignette, Mulder/other date, then MSR, humor.
Summary: Mulder has a date with a beautiful younger woman...

Erin's Notes:
see the notes at the beginning of this one. Some people say Sarah McLachlan writes all her songs for M&S. I have to say the same thing for Billy Joel.

Finally- The Real Thing

The Children's Teeth (122k)
PG, MSR implied, alternative universe, angst, spoilers: 'Emily'. Mulder and Scully's daughter finds out the truth about her parents and her past.

Erin's Notes:
I sat down to write a parody of all those *TERRIBLE* M&S have kids stories where the kid is some helpless, pathetic baby who keeps getting kidnapped or something; in fact, I tried to write a story aboutMulder trying to teach his sixteen year-old daughter how to drive. But as I was writing, I began to flesh out their daughter more & more, and this story took on a life of its own. Plus, through Meg, I get to give M&S a taste of their own medicine, and through Meg & Kevin I can do things that I can't do with M&S's characters. Again, a ton of fun to write!

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