Title: Happy Burpday Daddy!

Author: Kelly J. Thompson

Rating: PG

Category: MSR, AU, Family fic, S, R, H, M POV

Summary: Mulder's Birthday family style

Spoilers: None in particular

Disclaimer: This Mulder, Scully, and William belong to me. Their sadder and abandoned counterparts belong to mean ignorant people who shall remain nameless.

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Authors Notes: This story was written in response the Mulder's Birthday Challenge at the MSR Preservation Society. The William in this fic is based on my beautiful rambunctious two-year-old niece, Alleysa for whom cracks me up on a hourly basis. For the Purpose of this fic and because the only episode I watched was the, season nine never happened.

In honor of Mulder's Birthday I decided to repost the whole series in a compiled version.


Happy Burpday Daddy!


I woke to the shriek of "William!" and pounding little feet. Just as I sat up to get out of bed, the bedroom door burst open and my two and a half year old son ran in carrying an 8x10 picture frame and what appeared to be about three feet of wrapping paper. He then preceded to jump on top of me screaming "Hep me Dadee hep me."

I snatched William up and sat him nicely on my lap. "Whoa, Sport, why do you need help?" He looks at me with what Scully says are my puppy dog eyes and starts to say something.

It was at this point my exasperated, very pregnant wife waddled into the room. "William Joseph Mulder!" Our son immediately snuggled into my chest, dropping his booty. Scully walks over to us, with a sigh and grabs the paper and frame and slowly Lowers herself down beside us. "I'm so sorry, Mulder. I wanted you to be able to sleep in this morning, but your son had other ideas," she says with a chuckle.

I look down at William and ruffle his dark brown hair. "What did you do, buddy? Smuggle your ol' dad his birthday presents." I say smiling down at him.

He then launches himself off my legs and begins jumping excitedly on the bed, laughing in the way two-year-olds do. "Happy, happy, happy Burpday, Daddy! I stop his jumping and give him a hug and a kiss. "Thanks, Sport."

I must have the goofiest, happiest look on my face because Scully laughs with me and lays her hand on my leg. "I've been coaching him to say that for a week, but he never even tried. Must've been saving it up until the right time." By this time our son had burrowed under the blankets doing his best gopher impression.

I look at my wife sitting there laughing, and I thank a God that I've come to somewhat believe in that, she does that a lot more often now. I put my hand on her cheek, caressing it, and turning her head to face me. "Thank you, Scully, for everything." Nodding to our little gopher and my other hand rubbing over her swollen belly.

Just as I was about to kiss her, our second little miracle or "number 2" as Scully affectionately refers to our new baby, gave my hand a swift kick. I smile and lean down toward my wife's belly and whisper "Well good morning to you too, Squirt." Scully laughs then admonishes me.

"Mulder, stop calling the baby that." She emphasizes this statement with a light slap on my shoulder.

"What!? It's an innocent nickname!" Sitting up and looking at her with my own puppy dog expression. She looks at me, raised eyebrow and all.

"Was it not you who just last night said to Frohike all it takes is a little squirt to make a..." We feel a bounce that feels like a two hundred pound Tigger just bounced us and we hear a very loud "HAPPEE BURPDAY, DADDEE!"

Scully and I look back at our beaming son and start laughing. William squeezes in between us and looks at the contents in his mother's hands then up at her. "Gibe Daddy pesnents now?" He asks clapping his hands.

She smiles down to him and says, "okay, but just this one." She hands the frame to Will and he very proudly hands it to me.

I take the present my smiling son has given to me, and ruffle his hair. "Thanks, Buddy." I look at the frame and run my fingers over the words "The Mulder Family" that are carved into the oak finished wood. I look at Scully with tears gathering in my eyes. "It's beautiful, Scully." I lean in and give her a soft kiss on the mouth. As I pull away I notice what's inside the frame.

I look at the piece of paper inside with the frame with four stick people two big and two small drawn on it and little squiggles of color placed throughout and burst into laughter. "Scully did you draw this?" I ask through my chortles.

She looks up at me "Yeah, and Will colored it." she said as she chuckles with me and she hugs him close to her.

"Honey, I know I've been asking to have a family portrait done, but I didn't think you would draw me one! I love it though."

"Glad you like it, Mulder, but it's just temporary. We are getting a real one taken after the baby comes, I wrote that on the bottom of the paper in there."

I look down at the picture and do indeed see it written there. I lean over and give her another quick kiss. Then gather Will in my arms and tell him he did a good job coloring mommy's picture. He gives me a big smile then squirms out of my arms and to the floor. "I cawer nuver one." He says with a giggle as he runs into his room.

"Well, Burpday Boy, that's my cue to make sure our son doesn't redecorate the house."

She smiles and struggles to stand up. I get up and help her to her feet and wrap my arms around her. "I love you, Scully. " I whisper as I look into her eyes.

"I love you too," she says as we hear giggles coming from Will's room. She pulls away and waddles to the door.

She stops abruptly right outside the door with a gasp. "What happened, did Will already redo the hallway?" I ask with a little laugh.

"No, Mulder, my water just broke."



Happy Burpday to You Too!


It's hard to believe that early this morning I awoke to my only son's squeals and footfalls. Now as of an hour ago the aforementioned son is no longer my only one.

Andrew Thomas Mulder came kicking and screaming into the world at 5:47 PM, after what seemed like 100 hours of labor for Scully.

I don't think I ever rushed to Scully's side then when she said that her water had broken. There I was, blabbering like an idiot, asking her if she was sure, even though I could see a small puddle on the floor where she stood. Although this isn't our first child, it's regrettably my first time seeing my wife in labor.

In a blur of excitement I'd gathered together my growing family, nearly forgetting to put William into the car. I'd gotten in and was about to close the door when I heard, "Daddy, Daddy my comning too!" After I finally settled the squirming two year old into his seat, I promptly got him to his grandmother's, assuring him the whole way there Mommy's "boo boo" would be all right and that he'd soon to have the baby brother or sister he'd been waiting for.

Once we got to the hospital I felt useless, watching Scully in pain, but did my best not to go into an all-out panic All I could do was be there for her and let her cut off the blood supply to my fingers during her contractions. I even sat through the threats to my manhood with some semblance of calm. Then Andrew was here, screaming his displeasure for all to hear. It was amazing.

After all the agony my wife had gone through during her labor, she's all smiles now as she looks at the baby boy in my arms.

I look at our baby as I hold his tiny little hand in mine, and take in that he definitely is a Scully, with a thick patch of auburn hair and blue eyes.

"Hey, Scully! I think Andrew here is gonna look like you."

"Well, since William is your Mini-me, we're even."

I love when Scully smiles like she is right now, it makes it seem like nothing in the whole world could ever go wrong. I stare into her eyes, smiling back, feeling like nothing could make me happier than I am at this moment.

"Well, Mrs. Mulder, this has got to be the best birthday gift I've ever been given."

She smiles even brighter and seems about to say something, then we hear, "Mommy, Daddy!" I turn to see Maggie Scully standing there as William breaks away from her and runs straight for Scully, and I know that as happy as I was just a moment ago, nothing at all can beat seeing my whole family together.




Burpdays and Baby Brubbers (This part is Scully POV)


I catch the lightning bolt that is my firstborn in my arms, making sure he didn't cause more damage to my already sore body. He hugs me, then looks at me with a serious and worried expression on his sweet little face.

"Boo boo all bebber now, Mommy?"

I smile and tell him that my "boo boo" was feeling better. I hold him close, relishing the fact that not only had I been blessed with one miracle baby, I was given another. I was brought out of my thoughts when Mulder coughed to get my attention.

"Scully, do you want to introduce William to his baby brother or should I?"

I smile at Mulder and look down at my son who is now looking at me with his big bright hazel eyes. Mulder slides closer to my bed and holds the baby out so William can see him, and he focuses attention is on the baby.

Andrew opens his eyes and stares right at his big brother. They spend a few seconds contemplating each other, Will looks up at me, smiling as he points to Andrew. "See baby, Mommy?

I smile back at him, hugging him tighter "Will, that's your baby brother, Andrew. He looks up and smiles at me then to Mulder and back at the baby.

"Baby brubber? Ambrew?"

"Yeah, baby, your baby brother and that's his name," I say smiling at him. He leans over a little to get a better look, at the baby again looking, right at him.

"Ewww, Daddy, you stiink." William scrunches up his nose in distaste as we all explode into laughter. He looks around at all of us obviously wondering what's so funny.

My mother who's still standing near the door trying, to stop laughing, tells Will it's probably Andrew who smells bad. Mulder lifts the baby some to see if that was the cause of the smell. He makes exactly the same disgusted face Will just did. "Yikes, buddy, I smell it too. I think someone needs his diaper changed."

"Not me, Daddy, my go potty!"

I hug my precious son close to me. "Wow, baby! You been going to the potty good for Gramma, huh?" He looks up at me and smiles a huge smile on his face, and nods yes emphatically.

William goes on to tell me about his day with Gramma, as Mulder hands Andrew to my mother. He goes about gathering diaper changing supplies. When he has everything together he takes the baby back from my mom and places him in the plastic hospital bassinet. I watch my husband handle our new baby with the utmost care. It seems a little strange to me that he can change diaper with as much grace as he has while typing a report.

William crawls from my lap and goes over to get a better look at what his father is doing, jumping up down. "Wanna see, daddy!" My mom goes Will's rescue, lifting him up so he can watch. Mulder pulls the dirty diaper away, again making his disgusted face which Will sees and imitates, making me laugh.

"Kucky!" Will spits out as he watches Mulder cleans up the mess. Mulder finishes his task and picks the baby back up and holds him near Will.

"There, Bud smells better, huh?"

Will smiles and nods enthusiastically. "Take baby to potty nes time, kay, Daddy." Mulder smiles and leans over and kisses him, fluffing his hair. My mother interrupts their little moment telling Mulder she wants to get a picture of him and the boys.

Mulder takes the baby and sits back in the chair next to my bed situating the baby in one arm as my mom puts Will on his lap. My mother gets ready to take the picture as I look at my men, feeling like the luckiest woman in the world to have them in my life.

The End

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