TITLE: A Bedtime Story for William


AUTHOR: Gwen Purcell


Rating: G


Spoilers:  possibly Trust No 1


Disclaimer:  Oh, no, they're not mine!





A Bedtime Story For William



In Mommy's bedroom,

There is a tank of fish,

And the window where

We make a wish.


There's a big soft chair

And my teddy bear,

And my shoes and socks,

And a picture of Fox.


There is my little crib

Where I sleep

And a big blue shirt

Mom holds when she weeps.


There's an old rag doll

That I can't touch

And a camera lens

That sees too much.


Good night room.

Good night fish.

Good night food

Left in my dish.


Good night toy trucks,

Good night bus,

Good night to the old man

Who is watching us.


Good night Langley,

Good night Byers,

Good night, Frohike,

Listening through wires.


Good night carpet,

Good night rugs,

Good night to all

The hidden bugs.


Good night camera

We can't find,

Good night to those

Who read my mind.


Good night moon,

Good night star,

Good night, Daddy,

Wherever you are.






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