Title: Beach Boy

Author: SnoopyX

Classification: Romance/Story

Rating: G

Spoilers: Existence

Summary: Mulder spends a night with his son

Disclaimer: Don't own em, please don't sue me, I have no money.

Author's Notes: Whatever, everyone is doing their own takes on what went on

after the credits so here's mine...it wouldn't be right if I didn't

contribute. So, here it is.

Beach Boy

Scully fell asleep a little over an hour ago, William snuggled in between us, safe from the world. I can't help but marvel at him, he is truly the essence of the word 'miracle'. Scully and I finally realized the truth that we had so vehemently avoided all these years. Whether it was the fear of breaking protocol at the bureau, or just our own inhibitions that prevented us from admitting our love to ourselves. We had realized our love for each other long ago it seems, when I mysteriously disappeared from the hospital that I was confined to. Back then we lacked the courage to act upon our feelings for each other, and it took a man from Scully's past to finally push is together. I love Scully, I love our son, William, and I am so grateful that the disease that had plagued me, what was to be my last year on this earth, is gone and I am able to finally enjoy my life with the two people I love best in this world. I like to believe that my faith in God is restored. I feel that He had a divine hand in this. My sight of mother and child is blurred by the tears that have overstepped their boundaries, and I cannot supress the tiny whimper that escapes me. Scully doesn't stir, but William's eyes open easily, as if he were only pretending to be asleep. William looks at me, his father, and through the same silent communication that his mother and I possess, he tells me that everything will be okay from here on in; and he needs a new diaper.

As carefully as I can, I slip out of Scully's bed and pick William up, taking him over the change table. As I set about remembering how to change a dirty diaper, William gives me a tiny wink as if to say 'Don't worry Dad, I won't make a sound'. After he is warm and dry once again, I cradle his soft head in the crook of my elbow and make my way out into the living room. Softly, I make my way to the window, peeling back the drapes for a peek outside. William looks with interest and I sit him up in my arms, his head laying against my chest. With sapphire eyes, William looks with all the curiosity that any newborn has, staring wide-eyed at the street lamps, the odd passing car, the blowing leaves on the trees. Then his eyes become fixed on the moon, and makes a sound like he wants to fuss, but is a sound that I will come to know as his sound for 'interesting'. I chuckle softly, trying not to bounce his head against my chest too hard, and whisper softly to him, "Welcome to the world kid."

William and I move from the window and onto the waiting couch. Wishing to once again examine my son's physical features, I prop my knees up to act as a back support for William and settle him in. He has the same fair skin as his mother, the soft milky color that reminds me of a bowl of cream. Not the Creamo crap that you get in the diners, but the real kind, just like my great Aunt Eliza used to get from her cow. William most definitely received his mother's eyes. They're the same sky blue as the jewels that shimmer in Scully's eyes, there's no doubting that. A fact I have to stop griping about is that my son inherited my nose. Not that it's a bad nose, it looks good on his tiny face so far. And then there's my famous lower lip and the strong Mulder chin that accent my son's features, he'll be quite the lady-killer when he gets older. I run my index fingers over each of his hands and William sees an opportunity to seize each in his hands. I'll have you know that whenever a child does this, they own you for the rest of their life, you'll always remember it, its like they claim you as their own. I smile at William, looking more closely at him, I wonder what he may look like a few years down the road. A strange feeling washes over me, like somehow I've met my son before, in a dream someplace. William squeezes and I remember where I've seen him once before. He is the boy from my dreams, the boy on the beach whom, for every night for 3 months I helped build that spaceship made of sand. The boy and I laughed every night as we added bucket after bucket of sand to our creation. Then one night he wasn't there, nor was the spaceship, and I was left alone on the beach, feeling the cold wind of winter. "So that's where you went." I whisper to mine and Scully's creation.

"Hey," Scully's soft voice brought me back to reality and I was met with her shining face. "What are my two favorite men doing up at this late hour?" She came and sat down next to me, laying her head on my shoulder and resting her hand on top of William's head. "We were just discussing how the Yankees are gonna dominate again this season. Will's pretty psyched about seeing his first game." I could feel Scully grin into my shoulder, and I knew that I had found heaven. "Maybe in another few months Mulder. What were you thinking about all this time?" I rested my head on Scully's, relaxing my body. "I was just thinking about the Tiny Dancer here. About what his life is gonna be like in a few years. What he might look like, will he play baseball, will he be a Republican or Democrat...you know stuff like that."

Scully strokes William's head, wondering the same things I am. "We'll be okay, won't we Mulder?" Her question holds so many possibilities, and yet there is only one possible answer I can give her. "Yeah. We're gonna be great, Scully." I place a kiss on her forehead. "We're gonna be great." With her doubts assured, we rise together, the tiny family that we now are, and make our way back to 'our' room to settle in for the night.


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