TITLE: Bambino

AUTHOR: Candy "Tigger" Cockrell

EMAIL ADDRESS: Candym@axs4u.net

RATING: PG-13 for some swearing and adult situations CATEGORY: Story, Romance, Humor, and Angst SPOILERS: none KEYWORDS: Post-XF, Mulder/Scully Married SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully are preparing for a new arrival when something unexpected happens.

DISCLAIMER: (Girlfriend, you forgot to do this part!) Mulder, Scully, Maggie Scully, and Frohike are the sole property of Chris Carter, 1013 Productions, and FOX. The lyrics from Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's "It's Your Love" and that little bit of Savage Garden's "Truly, Madly, Deeply" are used without permission. No copyright infringement is intended.


EDITOR'S NOTE: *I did NOT write this!* My best friend, Candy Cockrell did. When this was first archived here at Gossamer, it was in shambles, so she asked me to clean it up a bit and repost it for her. If I have made any major mistakes, please feel free to Email me at N8iveTexan@aol.com. Candy would appreciate comments and constructive criticism. Mild flames are also acceptable. Her Email address is listed above. This is her very first Fan Fiction, so be kind. 8-) The author would like to give a huge thanks to Kristyn and Sammy.

*This is your final warning for a Mulder and Scully relationship! Anti-shippers

are STRONGLY advised to turn back now, or suffer the consequences- ;-) *


By Candy "Tigger" Cockrell

Dana was happier than she had ever been. It had been a year and a half since the closing of the X-Files, and she was expecting a baby. Fox Mulder's baby. She had about a week before the new bundle of joy was due and she was to stay at home. But she had Fox there with her, so things weren't that bad.

Standing at the mirror, she looked at her swollen tummy. Just then, as if he knew what she was thinking, Mulder came up behind his wife and lovingly wrapped his arms around her stomach. "Hey beautiful. It's pretty mind-blowing, huh?" He whispered as he kissed her neck.

Dana leaned against him and said, "Yes, it's mind-blowing, and I'm NOT beautiful, Fox. I look like a cow!"

Mulder laughed and he turned her to face him. Bending down, he gently touched her stomach and leaned in to whisper his words of love to the child growing inside of her. "Hey, little one. You about ready to come out and meet your mommy and daddy? We want you to know that we will always be here for you and that we love you."

Dana had her hands in her husband's hair as he gently talked to the unborn baby. She felt the tears threaten to flow as he ever-so-gently kissed her belly. The love he showed was a beautiful sight.

As he stood up, he kissed her softly said, "Come on Little Momma, we have to feed you and our little Bambino." She smiled as he took her hand and led her into the kitchen.


2 hours later

They had finished their lunch, and had picked out names for the baby- Scully had decided she didn't want to know the sex, so she and Mulder made a deal:

If the baby were a girl, Mulder would name her, and if it were a boy, that Dana would name him. Mulder had picked Melissa Hope and Dana chose William Fox.

They now lay on the couch in each other's arms with her against him. Their legs were intertwined, his head resting possessively on the top of her fiery red hair, while she lay her head on his shoulder. Mulder was whispering words of forever and his love for her and their baby. Dana though she would fall asleep when she felt a sharp pain. She tried to hold in a cry but Mulder felt her jerk in pain. Worried, he asked, "Dana? Baby, what's wrong? Are you okay?"

She was about to answer when she felt her water break. "Umm, Mulder-..?"

"Dana, either one of us really had to go or your water just broke." He cut her off. She could only nod. "Okay, then, let's get you outta here and to the hospital!"


Hours Later

"DAMN YOU FOX MULDER!" She yelled between contractions.

"Come on baby, you're doing just fine. It'll all be over soon." He tried to soothe her, but it wasn't working very well.

The doctor walked in and said in a cheerful voice, "So, Dana, are we ready to have a baby?"

"Who's *we*?? I'm the one in all this damn pain!!" She screamed sarcastically as another contraction hit her.

"Okay, Dana. Here we go, and PUSH! Good, and again." Said the doctor-"Come on, Sweetheart. Just a little more. Push!" Mulder was trying to help.

"YOU push, damnit! I'm tired of pushing!" Dana screamed at him. She gathered her strength for one last push and gave it all she had.

The last sound she heard was Mulder's voice saying, "It's a girl!" and a baby crying

before everything went black.

"Dana? Dana what's wrong??" Fox Mulder was watching his wife. Her eyes were unfocused and staring into space. She had obviously lost consciousness. He was asking questions, demanding answers, but no one would answer him.

"What the hell is wrong with her?" He yelled.

Fox hadn't noticed when two nurses dragged him kicking and shouting into the hall until he saw a stretcher surrounded by doctors go by with Dana. "Where are they taking her? What happened? SOMEBODY TELL ME, DAMN IT!" He screamed.


3 Hours later

No one would tell him anything. Fox Mulder sat in the waiting room. He was mad, lonely, scared, and sad. His world would fall apart if he lost her. She meant everything to him. Every nurse that came by would ask if he was alright, or offer him a cup of coffee. *If another person offers me coffee, I'll tell them they can shove it...*

"Mr. Mulder?" A voice interrupted his thoughts. He looked up to see a doctor standing in front of him.

"How is she? Is she alright? Is she...." He couldn't finish. The thought of loosing Dana terrified him.

"Mr. Mulder, please calm down. Your wife will be fine." The doctor said in a calming voice.

"Can you tell me what the hell happened?" He asked, trying not to loose it again.

"Yes, Mrs. Mulder had a blood clot come out of nowhere. That's what made her loose consciousness earlier. We performed surgery to remove it, but I'm afraid I have some bad news." Mulder's face fell and the creases in his forehead deepened as he prepared to hear the worst. "Dana has a mild case of selective amnesia. She probably won't remember you or the baby."

Mulder let out the breath he had been holding and said, slightly confused, "She won't remember the baby?"

"Most likely not right away. I know it sounds crazy, but it's not uncommon in cases like this. She'll probably think she was in an accident or something because of the pain."

"Can I see her?" He asked.

"Yeah, follow me." As he followed her down the hall, she continued. "I want you to be patient with her. Give her time, and she'll remember at her own pace.

I wouldn't recommend showing her any wedding pictures and such right away.

It may scare her, and she'll withdraw from you."

Mulder nodded and thanked the doctor before he entered Dana's room. She was awake and looking out the tiny window watching the sun set. "Hey, sunshine," he said smiling, "you feeling okay?"

She smiled and said, "Hey, Mulder. My stomach hurts, but I'll live."

He pulled a chair over to the side of the bed and gently held her hand with both of his. She noticed a gold wedding band on his left hand. *Strange, when did he get married?* She thought. *I can't be his wife.* She felt her heart break when she realized that she would never get a chance to tell him that she loved him, never get to hold him. "What happened?" She asked.

"Well, you, uhh...." Mulder began but was interrupted by the night nurse.

"Mr. Mulder, visiting hours are over, Dana needs her rest. You can come back tomorrow at 8:00 am." She said..

*Saved by the nurse* he thought as he let out a small sigh. He squeezed Dana's hand and said, "I'll see you two...." *You dumbass, that was brilliant. The doctor said she didn't remember the baby.* He chastised himself. "I'll see you in the morning, then," he said.

"Bye, Fox," Dana called as he closed the door behind him.


Several Weeks Later

Dana was going home today. Mulder was picking her up from the hospital. *Someone else's Mulder* she thought. She was about to cry when she saw him pull up. She was still in a little pain, so he helped her into the car. They drove in silence until Mulder drove past the turn for her apartment. "Uhh, Mulder, we just passed my street. Where are we going?" She asked.

"I thought you could stay at my place 'til you feel better, if that's okay with you." She nodded.

When they passed the street she recognized as the street his apartment complex was, she asked him confused, "Mulder, did you move?"

"Yeah, last year. You probably don't remember that."

They drove for a few more minutes and pulled up to a house. He helped her into the house and up the stairs. Dana heard someone, a girl, call his name. "Mulder? Is that you?" Then she heard a baby crying. *A BABY??* she thought in amazement.

"Mulder? Here's Melissa. I gotta go." She smiled at Dana as she made her way to the door.

"Thanks, Jenny!" Mulder called after her. He turned to Dana, unsure of what to say. "Are you hungry, tired?"

She nodded. "I'm tired. I think I'll take a nap, if it's okay."

"Alright." He started to show her their room, but led her to the guest

bedroom instead, remembering what the doctor had said. "You can sleep in here. Your stuff is in the drawers."


"No problem, Scully." *It felt funny calling her that* "Good night."

"Night, Mulder."

She awoke hours later, and treaded towards the kitchen. She passed by Mulder's bedroom and looked in to see him lying with the baby asleep on the bed. The little girl had reddish hair. *So he finally got himself a redhead, obviously not me... Or is it?* He was wearing jeans and no shirt- *That looks awfully familiar,* she thought.

Dana shook her head and started down the hall again. Along the way, she looked around at the way he had the living room decorated. She saw pictures of them together. Hugging, smiling, close. As far as she knew, the only picture that he had of the both of them, was taken at the Bureau Christmas party a few years ago. And he kept that one on his desk in his apartment. These pictures were different, though.

She noticed a photo that had been turned over on it's face. Dana picked lifted the photograph to see what she had only dreamed about. In the picture, Mulder was kissing her passionately. They were at a wedding, theirs. *Oh, my God! I AM married to Mulder!* Just like yesterday, it all came flooding back...

"I love you, Dana."

"Fox, I'm pregnant!"

"I do."

"I love you and our little bambino."

"Push, Dana!"

She turned to run and tell Mulder, only to find him standing behind her, smiling. Tears began to stream down her face as she whispered, "I remember, Fox. I remember it all!"

He stood there wide-eyed at what he had just heard. His mouth slightly open in astonishment. *She remembers? Is that what I heard?* he asked himself. "Dana? You remember?" he asked, still in shock.

She nodded and set the picture back on the end table. Dana wiped the tears from her face. She walked over to where her husband was standing, and wrapped her arms around him. A tear escaped his eye and ran down his cheek as he pulled her close and held on tightly. After a few minutes, Dana lifted her head from his chest, looked up at him. "Fox William Mulder, I love you so much!" She pulled away and walked to the door of their bedroom, where their baby girl lay on the bed, sleeping peacefully. "Melissa, too. Look at her, Fox. She's beautiful!" She smiled, her eyes dancing.

"Yes she is, Dana, and so are you." He looked into her ocean blue eyes and saw the tears run down her cheeks. He felt them threatening in his eyes, also. Fox reached down and gently took her face in his hands. "Dana Katherine Mulder," he began, "I love you more than I have ever loved another woman in my life. Will you marry me again?"

"Oh, yes, Fox! I will a thousand times over."

Never taking his eyes from hers, he reached up and unclasped the gold chain that hung around his neck. It was her cross; he had put her wedding band and engagement ring on it before he left the hospital. He took her left hand in his and slid the rings on her finger. He smiled and leaned down to give her a long overdue kiss. Sweet and gentle, yet demanding. Both knew, as they moved into the bedroom, that this was going to be a long night...


Weeks Later

The weeks had gone by quickly, and Melissa seemed to get bigger every day. They were very happy together. Mulder had filled her in on what she still couldn't remember clearly.

Today she was going to marry Fox again; she didn't remember the first time too well. Dana couldn't remember ever wanting something so badly.

"Dana, honey? Are you ready? We have to leave soon!" Mrs. Scully called happily to her daughter.

"Yes, Mom. I'm coming." She said as she carefully descended the stairs, not wanting to mess up the gorgeous white wedding dress she was wearing. Her mother was smiling like she had just won the Lottery. "Mom, thanks for everything." she said.

Maggie hugged her daughter tightly. "You're welcome, dear. Now, let's get going, or I'll have no choice but to believe that Fox's being late all the time is rubbing off on you." Scully laughed as they walked out the door together.


After the Wedding

The wedding was just as he remembered the first one. Fox thought Dana was the most beautiful woman there, she seemed to glow with love, a glow brighter than he had ever seen on her before. They were all in the small four-star restaurant that he had booked for the reception. Mulder had wanted to do everything the same, so Dana could remember the same thing he did when they sat together 20 years from now, looking at the pictures- He even booked the same hotel they had stayed at on their honeymoon.

Now, as they walked to the dance floor, everyone clapped as he took Dana in his arms, and held her tight as the sweet piano into of a slow country song began to filter through the speakers....

"Dancin' in the dark

Middle of the night

Takin' your heart

And holdin' it tight

Emotional touch

Touching my skin

Askin you to do

What you've been doing all over again

Oh, it's a beautiful thing

Don't think I can keep it all in

I just gotta let you know

What it is that won't let me go"

Mulder was whispering the words in her ear as they danced. The small crowd at the reception cheered for he happy couple as they moved together to the music. Dana laid her head on his shoulder. She felt the tears sting her eyes as she knew that she had never been, and probably never will be happier than she was at that moment in her life.

"It's your love

It just does something to me

That sends a shock right through me

I can't get enough

And if you wonder

About the spell I'm under

Oh, it's your love

Better than I was

More than I am

All of this happened

By takin' your hand

Who I am now

Is who I wanted to be

But now that we're together

I'm stronger than ever

Happy and free

Oh, it's a beautiful thing

Don't think I can keep it all in

I just gotta let you know

What it is that won't let me go

It's your love

It just does something to me

Than sends a shock right through me

I can't get enough

And if you wonder

About the spell I'm under

Oh, it's your love

Oh, it's your love

It's your love"

At the end of the song, Mulder kissed Scully, and everyone in the small crowd clapped and cheered again for them as they made a break for the decorated stretch limo that waited outside. Once in the doorway, Dana grabbed Fox's hand and dashed for the open door, dragging him behind her to avoid being showered in rice. Inside, Scully looked out the window and blew a kiss to her mother, who was holding Melissa in her arms, and waved.

Mulder had discovered a box with a note from Frohike attached to it. "Have fun, you two! Frohike" was all the note said. Scully's eyes widened when she realized the box was full of condoms.

"Neon, flavored, glow-in-the-dark, rainbow? Gee, Mulder, think he got enough?" She laughed.

"Your choice, G-Woman." he said as he gently began kissing her jaw, neck, working his way to her shoulder.

Dana turned her head to whisper in his ear, "Let's GLOW!" and laughed. He smiled against her silky skin and rolled up the window.

As they touched, the sweet song that would depict the rest of their lives together began to play softly on the radio.

"I wanna stand with you on a mountain

I wanna bathe with you in the sea

I wanna lay like this forever

Until the sky falls down on me..."

"I love you Dana Katherine Mulder."

"And I love you, Fox William Mulder."


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