Title: Baby's First Christmas
Author: Agent Kate
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Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Well, Existence, obviously. Other that that, I don't think so.
Distribution: Yes, but tell me first please.
Disclaimer: You may have their bodies, but I will touch their souls.

Summary: Scully and William spend their first Christmas together.

Baby's First Christmas

I walked across the kitchen into the living room, a mug of chamomile tea in my hands. It was Christmas Eve, but it just didn't feel like Christmas. I was alone, and depressed. William was asleep in his room. The baby monitor I had constantly by my side emitted nothing more than the soft sound of his breathing, the occasional sigh. Sleep tight, sweet William, I thought.

I looked across the room at the little tree I had set up on a table in front of the window. It was 2 feet high, wrapped in a string of clear lights. William's present from his grandmother hung on the front of the tree. It was a beautiful ornament. White porcelain, shaped like a cross with the words "Baby's first Christmas" printed on the front, and "William - 2001" on the back. My mother gave it to my son as an early present, and I displayed it front and center on our little tree.

I sighed, and took another sip of tea. Thought about my family. For the first time in a few years, I wasn't going to see my brothers and their families on Christmas. It upset my mother, but I think she knew I had my reasons. William was enough of a reason himself. "I'll just tell them you're busy with the baby. They'll understand," she said.

She flew out to California by herself, she promised to bring back lots of pictures. She was probably sitting in Bill's living room, sipping eggnog flecked with cinnamon and listening to carols on the stereo. It was almost 9 p.m. in California. Bill and Tara would be getting Matthew all ready for bed soon, making sure that Santa had adequate amounts of milk and cookies ready. Charlie and his wife would be doing the same with their kids, all five of them excited about Christmas and presents and Santa Claus.

And here I sat in Washington DC, all alone on Christmas Eve, drinking tea and listening to the baby monitor.

In 10 minutes it would officially be Christmas Day. Santa wasn't coming to my apartment this year. Mom had already come through, unloading the trunk of her car on my floor. At least a dozen wrapped presents for William, and a few for me. I got up from the couch, went over to the pile of gifts on the floor, and kneeled down. I touched the presents, shook a few of them. I wondered what my mother had been so excited about when she set them down, telling me not to open them until Christmas Day.

Eh, Mom wasn't there. What was stopping me? I reached for the smallest package that was mine, it was thin and wrapped in green tissue paper. I carefully unwrapped it, and inside was an envelope. I opened it, and drew out a piece of folded paper.

I recognized Mulder's handwriting immediately.

"Dear Dana and William,
Well, it's Christmas. Merry Christmas! I'm writing this to tell you how much I miss you. And to tell you how much I love you. Both of you. I wish I could see you again. That's my Christmas wish. And who knows? Maybe there really is a Santa, and maybe he'll grant that wish. It's my baby boy's first Christmas, and his dad isn't there to see his face when he sees a Christmas tree, or when he sees that pile of gifts under it. This is my gift to you, baby boy. It's your mom's too. Share it. I really didn't want to be too long with this letter, and I promised myself I wouldn't cry, so let me just end this by saying I hope you have a very Merry Christmas. And I love you very much.
- Mulder"

I looked up at the lights, tears blurring my eyes. I saw William's ornament glinting in the light. I heard whimpering over the baby monitor, and I went to check on my son. The little clock on my mantel chimed, it was officially Christmas.

The End

Author's notes: A little bit of Christmas in July. Well, August , I guess.

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