Title: A Cold Night
Author: Girlie_girl7
Rating: G
Category: Maggie and William fic
Spoilers: Existence then AU
Disclaimer: Fox owns 'em
Date: 12-12-02
Archive: Anywhere

Summary: William spends the night at his grandmother's.

The day has been blue and blustery with skiffs of snow snaking across the icy roads. Maggie Scully is safe and warm, snuggled in her Cape Cod style home while her grandson visits for a few hours.

"Come on William, let grandma take off your coat," Maggie says as she carries the little boy into the living room. "Your mother has you dressed in the cutest snowsuit and cap but it is a bit warm."

Maggie pulls the baby's chubby arm out of the light-blue jacket and unsnaps the small brimmed cap held snuggly in place under his chin.

She pulls off the hat releasing a head full of reddish-brown hair. Will's blue eyes pop wide open at the crackling sound of the static charged dry air.

"Woo, did that surprise you!" Maggie laughs as she pats down the soft strands of wayward baby hair. She continues to undress Will then scoops him up. "So you get to stay with grandma while mom and dad Christmas shop, huh." Will looks' up at his grandmother and pokes two long fingers into his mouth. Maggie heads to the kitchen carrying the baby and the diaper bag.

"Let me put your bottles in the fridge, then I have a surprise for you; grandma made vegetable soup. You'll like that."

The baby rubs his nose with his fist and coughs. "Mom said you had a cold." Will's eyes tear up and as if on cue he sneezes.

"Well that was a big one!" Maggie laughs as she sets him in the white, wooden highchair that has been the throne to all the Scully children before Will. She secures him in the chair and pulls over the diaper bag.

Will lifts himself up to peer into the bag. "You're as nosy as your father." Maggie smiles at him. She pulls out four baby bottles of formula looking surprised, "Goodness Will, how long does your mother think you're going to be here!"

She sets the bottles on the counter and digs a little deeper into the bag. Out comes a Zip-lok bag of dry cereals and baby biscuits. "Well your mother is nothing if not efficient, but I do have cereal in the house." Maggie shakes her head.

Will continues to look into the diaper bag. "Durr," he babbles and points. Maggie pulls out a ring of plastic keys, a rubber duck and a soft cloth truck. Will grins and blows out a snot bubble. Maggie grabs a napkin off the counter and gently tries to clean the baby's nose but Will refuses to let her rub it.

"Aw, baby, is your nose sore?"

Maggie digs deeper into the diaper bag and this time pulls out a little tube of ointment and laughs. "I knew this had to be in there somewhere."

Unscrewing the lid, Maggie puts some of the medicine on Will's chapped face. He tries to pull away, wrinkling his forehead and growling. "My William! You sound just like your mother when she was small."

Maggie screws the lid back on the tube and looks into two large blue, watery eyes. She pats Will's fuzzy head and runs her hand down his back.

She turns to the cupboard and takes out a flat bowl, filling it half full of soup. She then grabs a small spoon from a drawer. Will's been watching her every movement. Maggie glances back at him, "You've got your father's observant manner though." She turns toward the baby with the bowl in her hand. Will already has his mouth open. "And his appetite too," she laughs.

She sets the bowl down on the tray and Will starts to grab it. "No, no baby. Let grandma do it," Maggie softly says. Will acquiesces and lets Maggie pick up the spoon. She takes a small amount of soup and puts it to Will's lips. He clamps his tiny enamel beauties on the bowl of the spoon and draws back. Maggie laughs, "You like that!" Will smacks his lips and grins at her, his nose running again.

Maggie grabs another napkin and tries to wipe Will's nose but he shakes his head and frowns. She finally gets his nose and gently wipes it. He is suddenly racked with a cough and starts to whimper. Maggie lifts another spoonful of soup to his mouth. He accepts it and swallows, then opens his mouth again. "That's it!" Maggie smiles at her grandson.

Will kicks his white leather baby shoe against the chair leg in a rhythmic beat known only to babies as Maggie spoons more soup into her grandchild's mouth. He looks around the kitchen and points at nothing in particular, babbling as if he has a statement to make. Maggie laughs at his seriousness and places a few oyster crackers on his tray. He gently picks up one of the tiny crackers and chews on it, then grabs another one and stuffs it into his mouth. He pats the tray causing a few crackers to bounce off landing on the floor. Will looks down at the mess and then back up at Maggie with wide, blue eyes and a little red nose and says, "Oh oh."

Maggie laughs at the shocked look on the little boy's face and bends over to pick up the crackers. Will chooses that moment to grab two fistfuls of his grandmother's hair.

Maggie jerks up with a start, "William, let go of grandma's hair!"

He isn't budging and Maggie can't reach his tiny hands. Finally she manages to offer him one of the crackers she's just picked up off the floor. Will surrenders and releases her hair. She quickly draws the dirty cracker back, making William mad. He kicks the chair leg and sticks out his full bottom lip. "Let me guess, that's the same look your dad uses on your mom."

Maggie places a few fresh crackers on the tray. Will snatches them up quickly stuffing them into his mouth; he grins at his grandma. He finishes his lunch and Maggie grabs a warm wash cloth and wipes the baby's tiny hands and lightly washes his chapped face. She sets him down on his feet and he immediately toddles off toward the dining room.

Maggie quickly cleans up the kitchen and starts to look for Will. She finds him in the living room trying to climb up the stairs. He is perched on the third step when she catches him. "Oh no little man, you don't need to go up there."

She scoops up the baby and kisses his exposed tummy. He laughs and is soon coughing again. Maggie lowers him into her arms and feels his forehead; "You feel a little warm, sweetie." She carries the baby back to the kitchen and looks into the bottomless diaper bag again. Sure enough, she comes up with a Zip-lok bag of medicine. "I knew your mom would be prepared," Maggie says smiling down at William.

Will yawns and rubs his face, irritating his sore nose, he begins to cry. The tears running down his face just add salt to his wounds, so to speak. He's beginning to wail and ask for Scully.

Maggie remains calm and offers Will a dropper of baby Tylenol and a spoon full of cough syrup. Will takes it and coughs again.

Maggie takes Will and the diaper bag back into the living room. She sets the fussy baby on the couch and pulls out a diaper; a clean T-shirt and a changing pad. She removes Will's long sleeved T-shirt, being careful not to brush his sore cheeks.

The baby shutters from the sudden chill. Maggie cups his chin in her palm. "You don't feel well do you?" Will returns a soft watery-eyed, lopsided grin.

She lays him down and unlaces his shoes, pulling them off and setting them aside, next comes the tiny socks. He flexes his toes and arches his long feet at the newly found freedom. Maggie blows across the bottom of his feet and Will giggles before being racked with a cough once more.

"Let's make this quick before you choke to death," Maggie says as she takes off the soggy diaper, powders the baby, and replaces it all in a few seconds.

She sets Will back up and scrunches up a small white T-shirt easing it over the baby's head being careful not to touch his sore nose. "Honey I think that's enough clothes for now. Mom does tend to bundle you up when you don't need it," Maggie sighs. "she just loves you so much."

Maggie scoops Will up and wraps a soft white blanket around him while he tugs at his left ear. "Oh no," she sighs, "I hope you're not getting an ear infection. Your mother will be beside herself. For your sake I hope she doesn't slip into Doctor Scully mode." Maggie laughs.

The two of them make their way back into the kitchen. Maggie pulls a bottle out of the fridge and microwaves it. Will lays his head on Maggie's shoulder and stuffs two fingers into his mouth. His breathing is labored and he begins to cough but not as deeply as before. The tears run down his puffy cheeks. Maggie gently dabs at his face with a dishtowel.

The buzzer goes off causing Will to turn his head. He watches Maggie pull the bottle out, shake it and test it. He opens his mouth once again. Maggie laughs, "You're so programmed little one." She stuffs the bottle into his mouth and shifts him in her arms, softly humming to Will while taking him back into the living room.

Lowering the lights, she pulls over a well-worn wooden rocker and sits down. Will tries to sit up with Maggie helping him. He looks around the room and leans back into his grandmother. "You miss your mom and dad don't you, little one," Maggie says as she runs her lips over the baby's downy soft hair.

Maggie returns the bottle to the baby's mouth. She tucks the blanket around the tiny person being careful to cover his feet. Will settles in against his grandma and stares at her with large, watery, blue eyes. He stops drinking and looks at Maggie with a wide grin then returns to his bottle.

Maggie slowly rocks the baby as he wraps one tiny hand around her thumb. She leans into him and softly begins, "William, you have no idea what you mean to your mother and I suspect your father too." She rubs the soft fingers that are wrapped around her own. "You were a miracle, William, one that was never meant to be. Your mom fought to bring you into this world and to keep you safe."

She continues, "When she first met your dad I knew he was more than just a working partner to her, even if they didn't admit it to each other or themselves. Every time she came over there was a lilt in her voice, she would say 'Mulder did this and Mulder said that'. I could tell she was smitten with your dad and to see how your father suffered when your mother was taken and then so sick.. ." Maggie swipes away two large tears. "They deserve you, William."

The baby bats his big, blue eyes at Maggie. "You bring them both so much joy. I see the way your dad carries you facing forward so everyone can see what a cutie his little boy is. He is so proud of you." Will slowly bats his eyes again. "Your mom never takes her eyes off you when you're near. I know what it is, she can't believe you're here. I've walked in your room at night to find them both just watching you sleep." Will slowly lowers his eyelids. "One so small has never been so loved," Maggie whispers to the baby.

Will drifts off to sleep.

"Before long you'll be talking and running all over the place. Your dad will do things with you that dads do with their sons, but your mother will always see you as her little boy." Will yawns and slowly opens his eyes. "Soon there will be another little one at your home but you will always be your mother's baby."

Maggie sits in the dimly lit room and slowly rocks the child in her arms. Minutes flow past while the sky grows dark and purple and the snow begins to fall. A click is heard at her front door, and a woman's soft giggle is followed by the deep chuckle of an all too familiar male voice filling her foyer. The two obviously have had a nice time. Dana walks in, the swell of her stomach noticeably visible under the heavy woolen sweater she wears. Her fingers are threaded through Mulder's as she pulls him into the living room. They act like a pair of teenagers coming in from their first date.

"Well you two look happy," Maggie smiles up from the baby she is rocking.

Mulder moves to stand behind Scully with his arm around her disappearing waistline. "We had a great time," he whispers as Scully tilts her head to look down at her son.

"He looks content," Scully says as William lets out a large sigh and flexes his long fingers. His eyelids flutter and he snuggles back down into a sound sleep.

"We had a nice time. We ate soup and took our medicine," Maggie says as she glances down at the baby.

Scully grows concerned, "How was he?" She asks as she runs her fingers through his soft hair.

"He coughed and had a runny nose but then the medicine started to work and he settled down. We did just fine."

"It looks like it," Mulder softly says as he sits on the edge of the couch tugging Scully down next to him.

"So, did you get your Christmas shopping done?"

"Started but not done," Scully sighs as Mulder rubs her back and grins. "Tell her."

"Mulder!" Scully looks surprised. "We agreed we would wait until Christmas."

Mulder smirks and nudges her with his arm. "Go on Scully, you know you want to."

"Me! Mulder, you're the one who brought it up. Besides. . ."

"Okay, okay tell me what?" Maggie interjects.

"Well yesterday I had some tests run," Scully says.

Maggie is getting concerned. "Dana! Is everything all right?"

"I'm fine, Mom," Scully looks up at Mulder, "More than fine."

"Well what then?"

Scully smiles at Mulder, "Go on you know you want to."

Mulder smiles and moves forward, placing his trench coat covered elbows on his knees. "Maggie, the baby is a girl, William is going to have a little sister."

Maggie's face breaks into a huge grin. "How wonderful! I'm finally going to get a granddaughter."

"That's not all," Mulder says, "we want her middle name to be Melissa."

Maggie looks up surprised by her son-in-law. "Fox are you sure? I mean you have a sister too."

"I know." Mulder grins, "but there will be more daughters to name after her."

Scully's head jerks up, "There will be?" She laughs and leans into Mulder.

"Well, we'll see," Mulder softly says as he smiles back at her.

Scully begins to move off the couch. Mulder jumps up to help her up. "Come on Mulder, Will needs to get home and I am dying for an order of fried cheese-sticks at that little convenience store on the corner."

"Cravings?" Maggie laughs.

"I hope so," Mulder chuckles as he places his hands on Scully's shoulders, "I can't imagine after all these years my Scully would be eating deep-fried dairy products."

"'Your' Scully?" Scully says with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes 'my' Scully, the same one who when she was carrying Will made me run out at night for tuna fish sandwiches."

"On whole wheat toast," Scully laughs and turns to place her hands on Mulder's chest. "I'm so sorry Mulder but your son took a liking to tuna fish."

"And now he turns his nose up at it," Mulder laughs.

Maggie raises up with Will still sleeping in her arms. "He'll need to be dressed," she softly says.

Scully moves over to look at her small son. "I hate to wake him, he looks so content and he isn't coughing."

"Well you could spend the night. You have night clothes here and my local convenience store does carry deep-fried cheese-sticks."

Scully looks up at Mulder, "Well?"

"It's up to you but a nice warm bed does sound appealing."

"Oh no mister! Not until I get my fried cheese," Scully laughs.

"Okay, okay," Mulder sighs and shakes his head as he walks toward the door. "Anyone else want anything?"

Maggie speaks up, "Could you bring me a tuna fish on wheat, that sounds really good."


~ The End ~

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