TITLE: Vision
AUTHOR: Kati Spinelli
EMAIL ADDRESS: Faeriefolk@juno.com
SPOILER WARNING: Christmas Carol, Emily

SUMMARY: Scully gets a late night visitor

Last night something wonderful happened to me. I had a late night visitor that set my troubled mind at ease. She stood in the doorway looking so beautiful, dressed in a flowing white dress and wearing a wreath of white roses in her head.


My beautiful daughter.

"Mommy," she said.

My eyes filled with tears at those words. She had never called me mommy before. She did not know who I was. How did she know?

"I just knew," Emily said answering my unspoken question a smile playing at her mouth.

My lips trembled. "Are you ok?" I asked my daughter.

"I'm fine. I don't hurt anymore."

"That's good," I answered and the tears dripped down my cheeks.

"You must not hurt anymore either Mommy. I am happier now," Emily said. She sounded wise.

My heart was full of love as I beheld my beautiful daughter. The vision walked over to my bed. I stared up at her my eyes not even bothered by the light that surrounded her. She crawled into bed with me and put her arms around me.

"Now you must sleep and be strong," she said in that soft voice of hers.

I fell asleep in my daughter's arms and I was happy. I woke this morning still feeling happy. Emily had come to me and to deliver her last message. I touched the cross at my throat and knew that she would always be with me just as I would always be with her.

I leaned over to the bedside table, picked up the phone, and dialed a number.

"Mulder," he answered.

I smiled and said, "Hi. It's me. Something wonderful happened to me last night."

The End

Author's Notes: This story came to me just about 15 minutes ago and is my first piece of X-files fanfic. I know it was short, but I hope you all enjoyed reading it. I appreciate all comments and they can be sent to Faeriefolk@juno.com

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