Title: You Were Such A Beautiful Baby
Author: Kobler
Feedback: kobler@erols.com
Spoilers: None
Rating: Oh NC - 17, definitely... they're seven for god's sake!!! This is a G, most definitely
Classifications: I'm hoping its humor again and if there was a sweetness / cute category I'd stick it over there. But there's not so ya know... Humor a little coloring of romance but I think its more of a friendship piece.... There's an interesting twist that I think some people will laugh at. :)
Disclaimer: I know everybody just skips this part, but it doesn't matter. They don't belong to me and I'm still poor. No infringement intended. Yadda yadda yadda.....

Summary: It's the first day of school in an alternate dimension and Scully and Mulder are best friends.

Author's notes: Okay. This is a little pre - x -files, alternate dimension little thing that is sort of relationship thing. I mean they're like 7!! Well for most of the story anyway. This hit me when I was lying in bed contemplating the actions of my 3-year-old cousin and his cute little girl - friend while I was over there. Anyway. Yeah its me again!! I am saying again now!! Okay. Feedback I'm begging for it. It's official, I'm on my hands on knees begging for e - mail. If you have mercy feed this poor lonely soul at kobler@erols.com If you have none well then fine don't e- mail me! :P


"But mooommmm....." The little girl whined and her mother pointed a warning finger at her.

"Don't you start Dana Katherine, you are going to school today with Fox William Mulder and you're going to be nice, understood?" Dana Scully made a face with her porcelain 7 year old features.

"But whhhyyyy?" Dana was sounding dangerously nasal.

"Because - his mommy is your mommy's friend and you two are friends."

Dana pouted as her mother handed her a lunch box and shooed her out the door way. Dana stood there on the porch watching disdainfully as Fox Mulder, her next door neighbor, and his mother, dragged up her driveway. She turned back to face her mother.

"Mommy?" She asked suddenly scared.

"It'll be okay honey." Margaret soothed as she tried to smooth Dana's curly red hair with the palm of her hand. She smiled happily at Fox's mom when she approached, Fox and Dana stood eye to eye as the adults talked about them. Fox smiled.

"Hi Daaaannnnnnniiiiiieeeeeee......." He drew out in a whine. He was soooo annoying, Dana thought. Dana rolled her eyes like she'd seen Melissa do once, she thought it was pretty cool.

"Whatdya want Fox?" He stood on his tiptoes leaning in to her, in his weird form of shrugging.

"Nuttin' much." Dana held her lunch box out in front of her protectively trying to put some distant between them. He wouldn't lean away. She sighed. Fox Mulder was such a pain! Why did Mommy make her go to school with him, and on her first day too!! Dana was not happy with her mommy.

"Foxy." Dana said knowing Fox hated that nickname, sure enough he frowned, leaning away.

"Don't call me that." He said pouting. Before Dana could say anything her mom's hand was resting on her shoulder.

"Honey you're going to go to school with Mrs. Mulder today, okay?"

Dana looked up to look and Mrs. Mulder, and got very scared. "Mommy," She whispered.

"It'll be okay. Mommy will see you later today." Dana nodded fingering the blue jeans she had on.

Dana and Fox climbed into the back seat as Mrs. Mulder got into the driver's. Fox still had a cute little pout on his face, Dana kinda liked it. Eww... not like that - she didn't mean it like that - she defended to herself. She poked him in his thigh when the car started moving and Mrs. Mulder, and Fox wasn't looking. Fox whipped his head around to look at her. She was looking innocently out the car window.

He smiled, Dana how'd long had they known each other? 5 years, wow, that was practically their whole entire life!! Dana was a girl, and a friend, but not his girl - friend, ewww..., that's gross. Dana was his best friend. But she was kind of a dork. Fox smiled, she's lucky she's got me around to make her cool. Fox Mulder liked Dana's red hair. Her mommy had curled it or something and he liked it. He reached over and tugged lightly on one of the curls.

"Ow.." She cried softly turning to look at him. She was faster than he was and his hand was still there but it was right next the her cheek. She slapped it away, sticking out her tongue at him.

"Dddddaaaaannnnnnniiiiiiiieeeeeee....." Fox whined smiling at her, under his breath so his mom wouldn't hear him. Dana's eyes grew wide, she did not like to be called that, why did Melissa give her that stupid nickname?

"Foxy." Dana said, Fox made a face. "Foxy." She said again, and suddenly Mrs. Mulder pulled the car to a stop in front of the school. Fox opened the door and waited by it as Dana crawled over the back seat and out the same door. If she opened her door she'd be stepping out into the road, and that was bad. Mrs. Mulder was also out of the car.

"Mommy we can do this by ourselves." Fox stated puffing out his small boyish chest at his mom in the blue nice shirt he had on. She smiled down at him.

"Are you sure Fox?" Dana was looking around, she didn't know anybody, it was scary and there were all these kids bigger then her. Dana wasn't so sure that she didn't want Mrs. Mulder to be here.

"We'll be fine Mommy." Fox cried definitely stamping his foot impatiently, some of his brown hair getting in his face. Dana was closer and brushed it away.

"Fox I'm not sure I wanna - " Dana was beginning to whisper to him, but Mrs. Mulder cut her off.

"Alright just go straight into the building, no trouble?" She warned Fox nodded his head eagerly. "Alright, be good." Mrs. Mulder stooped down and gave Fox a kiss on the forehead and Dana a pat on her head.

"Thank you for the ride." Dana whispered, she was very frightened. But Mrs. Mulder was already gone.

"This will be great! No mommy!" Fox cried happily grabbing Dana's right hand with his left one.

"Fox I'm scared." He turned to look at her, his eyes wide.

"Scared??!! Of what??!!" Dana shrugged her wide eyes looking at the swarming mass of people, she gripped Fox's hand tighter.

"Fox." She whispered. He looked at her offhandedly as they started walking away to the building together.

"Don't worry I'm here." Dana smiled, yeah okay so Fox wasn't that big of a pain. He was kinda cool, and he was sometimes really nice to her. But usually he was a big pain, but she was glad that he was here. Some other kid ran into them. A boy a older than them with red hair.

"Hey!" Dana cried out in surprise.

"Watch it." Fox cried angrily. The kid looked down at them.

"Oh sorry - hey isn't that cute?" He said.

"What?" Fox challenged and Dana found that she didn't really like this boy's attitude. She puffed out her chest. "What do you want kid?"

"Don't you guys make a nice couple? Ain't that sweet?" Scully's eyes narrowed, she knew what `a couple' meant.

"Take it back." She hissed, Fox didn't understand.

"A couple of what?" He asked. The red head looked at him.

"Don't you know kid? Girl - friend, and boy - friend." Fox dropped Dana's hand like it was cold fish.

"She's not my girl - friend." Fox defended to the older boy, the kid rolled his eyes at the two naive little ones in front of him. Actually he thought the red - haired girl looked kinda pretty. But forget that. "She's a girl ain't she?"

"Yes." Fox said hesitantly. Dana didn't like the way that Fox was shying away from her. She ignored it. She was imagining it.

"And she's your friend, right?" The red headed boy asked like Fox was stupid or something.

"Right." Fox said quietly more brown hair getting in his face, Dana was too frightened to brush it away. She saw it, even while she was only 7 she recognized the way his eyes changed.

"Then she's you girl - friend!" The boy called out triumphantly, glad with his deduction of logic. Fox looked straight up at the boy straight in the eye. Dana didn't like it.... didn't like it at all..... he wasn't going to ditch me is he? She worried. Fox wouldn't do that to me would he? WOULD HE??!!

"Then she's not my friend." Fox stated clearly and the red - headed boy smiled. Dana wanted to break down and smack Fox Mulder, she did, she punched him in the arm.

"What do you mean I'm not your friend??!!" She cried out. Fox didn't mean to make Dana that angry, he just wanted the other guy to be his friend. That's all, that was it. But he saw the fire in Dana's eyes, and the challenge in the red headed. He wasn't going to let a girl punch him was he? He pushed her by the shoulder.

"You're not my friend. You're a big dork, Dana Scully and I don't like you." Dana's mouth dropped open and Fox felt immediately sorry but what could he do? The red headed boy slapped him on the back in a friendly way.

"Hey kid, what's your name?" He asked as he lead Fox away with Dana standing there tears of hate filling her eyes.

"Fox Mulder, what about you?" Fox asked the older guy. Dana's face was pink with rage and Fox tried to ignore it. But what he wanted to go back and apologize go back and say he was sorry, that he really did like Dana, she was his best - friend! How could he have done this to her? "My name's Francis Pendrell, and people just call me Pendrell, got it?" Fox nodded numbly as Dana's shrill voice called out from behind him.

"I HATE YOU Fox Mulder!!! I HATE YOU FOREVER!!" She screamed before she ran away and Fox saw run past him in a blur of red streaming hair, blue jeans, and a purple T - shirt. He felt so bad, so very very bad.

"Mulder?" Scully asked coming into the basement office. He sat up from his desk. Scully, his wonderful Scully, perfect, the world revolved around her Scully was here! Of course you idiot she's always been there, through high - school, through most of collage and then the big re-entry during both your times at the bureau. Scully's eyes were cold. She'd kept true to her word for 20 - something years. She hated him. He hated that she hated him.

"Yes Scully?" He said a little too anxiously.

"Francis insisted that you be invited to the wedding, and since half of the guest list is his, you're invited." She flipped an invitation onto Mulder's desk an inch away from his fingers. His heart pained. `You are invited to witness the blessed event of the holy joining of Francis Pendrell and Dana Scully.' He twitched his fingers toward it and snapped it back.

"Scully, do you want me to come?" Mulder asked timidly, what would be the point if she didn't want him there?

"You're invited Mulder." Was all she said from her stand point in the doorway looking straight into his eyes, she was avoiding the question. Was this hope that she really did want him there and pride was in the way, or did she not want him there and was too polite to say so? Mulder couldn't make heads or tails of it.

"Ddddaaaaannnnnniiiiiiieeeee......?" He whined under his breath in a desperate attempt to evoke some emotion from her. Scully's eyes were the only thing that held his attention in that moment. They flashed cold to lukewarm and then to cold again. How childish and desperate have I gotten? Mulder asked himself, reverting back to a kiddy name I had for Scully when we were 7? Scully didn't hate you when you were 7 dork, his mind shot back. His eyes pleaded with hers for a moment. She turned her back on him. He wanted to break down and cry, I'm not going to that damn wedding, he thought defensively to her back. Never. I will not go to see that back stabbing Pendrell asshole marry the girl that could - that should be mine. I'm not going. Never.

"Foxy...." Was the answering whisper of the closed doorway. He'd always hated that nickname, always hated it. An unerasable smile creased his lips and lit up his eyes. He'd go.

The End

"Oh you must have been a beautiful baby. You must have been a wonderful child. When you were only startin' to go to kindergarten, I bet you drove thelittle boys wild. And when it came to winning blue ribbons. You must have shown the other kids how. I can see the judges eyes as they handed you the prize.

I bet you made the cutest boy. Oh! You must have been a beautiful baby, cause baby.. look at you now..." ~ Johnny Mercer `You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby'

" `Fox -' `Mulder - I even made my parents call me Mulder... Mulder' `Mulder I wouldn't myself on the line for anyone but you.' `Scully if there's a root beer in that bag, could be love' `Must be fate Mulder.....' " ~Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny


"No matter where you are in your life there will always be someone better than you, and someone worse. So always be thankful that its not worse and strive to make it better." ~ A friend of mine

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