My Halloween Fics

I write a Halloween fic each year. Here they are in order by year. Happy hauntings!

2001 Mulder's Creek: 01 Bump in The Night
Summary: As Halloween approaches, some Capesiders are entangled in unrequited love (Scully likes Mulder who only notices Fowley) while others concern themselves with the planning of a last minute Halloween party. To complete the spookiness of a Halloween night, the gang finds themselves with a corpse on the twins’ front lawn and a possible murder suspect roaming the property.

2002 Beyond The Truth series: 01 Lost and Found
Summary: Mulder, Scully, Doggett, Reyes and Gibson Praise try to find happiness after the events in season nine, and reform broken families and friendships. But it's not easy.

2003 Tortured and Guilty
Summary: It's been six months...

2004 Safe As Houses
Summary: Halloween 1979. What's the most trouble Dana and Charlie could get into while running an errand?

2005 The Resurrection Series: 01 Small Hauntings
Summary: They were just little kids tagging along for Trick-or-treating. But why did we feel so afraid? (Scully POV)

2006 Beyond The Truth series: 4.25 The Witching Hour
Summary: Legend has it that you can see a witch on Halloween night. William and Emily are about to find out if it's true.

2007 The Barest Bones
Summary: Halloween finds Scully with a mission.

2008 The Woods, Dark and Deep
Summary: An already unpleasant Halloween takes a nightmare turn when a small child runs out in front of Monica Reyes' car. (Post-IWTB)

2009 The Dare
Summary: William's younger brothers run into more trouble than they bargain for Halloween night 2016.

2010 Ghost Lights
Summary: Halloween's just not the same any more.

We maintain two lists of fics by various authors appropriate to the season at The Nursery Files too:
Little Ghosts - ghosts of children and teens
Halloween & Kids - Mulder, Scully and child(ren) together at halloween.