The Marriage Series by Juliettt

This gorgeous piece of artwork was created by Paula Graves and is used with her permission. Write her to rave!

A quick note on the Marriage Series: I began this series of stories with "Epithalamion," which was originally intended to be a single story. It's a story with a twist that, unfortunately, has lost a bit of its original impact since its setting as the cornerstone of the Marriage Series rather gives away the ending ahead of time. But no matter. I was asked to tell "what happened next," and I did, in "Wonders Wrought"--and "Waking," "On the Road," and "Watching the Storm" soon followed. Because I seemed to have hit upon something in which a segment of the X-Files fanfic public was interested, I have continued writing the stories.

All of this is really to explain that this series is being written out of order, unfortunately. I just can't help it--I get an idea for a story that occurs, say, two years into the marriage (like "Lullaby For a New Generation") and then find myself writing one that happens much earlier (such as "The Last of the Chambord" which I wrote after more than a dozen "later" ones). And so I hope that you'll bear with me as I continue to add to this series.

Also please note that there are really two sub-series: the stories that occur during the engagement and those during and after the wedding. For simplicity's sake I'm calling all of these the Marriage series, both the Engagement and the Marriage Stories. Also, some stories are thematic sequels to other stories which do not appear in this series, although they may occur years after the events in the other story. I'll label these as well (for an example, see "The Last of the Chambord").

Enough introduction--I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I did writing them! Oh, and unless otherwise noted, all of these stories are PG/PG-13.
- Juliettt

Engagement Stories


Mulder and Scully find they are having trouble keeping a vow they made shortly after their engagement. I wrote this story after Jodi Kerper asked to write a story set in this particular universe, called "Stepping Back." Her story occurs later in this universe and this story looks forward to that one (rated "R" for lustful thoughts).

Marriage Stories


It's Scully's wedding day. . . .

"Wonders Wrought"

The newly married couple makes merry with their friends at the wedding reception--and with one another at home.

"The Last of the Chambord"

It's their wedding night, and Scully shares a very special tradition with Mulder (thematic sequel to "Once in a Blue Moon")


Scully awakens the first morning of her marriage to Mulder and contemplates on the night before. This is probably the only poem I'll ever post (well, the only serious one, anyway).

"On the Road"

Mulder and Scully enjoy the road trip to their honeymoon cabin in New York.


Just a happy morning at home for the newlyweds.

"Girls' Day Out"

Scully and her mother do lunch and a little shopping.

"Old Habits Die Hard"

Scully and Margaret do lunch again--but this time their agenda is a bit more serious.

"Watching the Storm"

Scully tells Mulder stories about her father during a thunderstorm.

"The Madness of an Hour"

Mulder decides to take his wife on an honest-to-goodness date--but nothing is really ever "normal" for the pair from the X-files division.

"A Heart-to-Heart"

This story is the result of a little challenge I set myself on Valentines' Day, 1996, after seeing a news story, of all things, on those little candy conversation hearts. Mulder and Scully have a conversation without ever speaking.

"Not This Time"

Scully and Mulder must face a great disappointment together (this one is rather angsty, folks).

"Life Changes"

Mulder and Scully celebrate their first wedding anniversary--and Scully has a very special present for Mulder.


Scully has a dream. . . .


A very pregnant Scully feels just awful--until Mulder steps in and makes everything better.

"Lullaby For a New Generation"

The Mulders experience the joys of parenthood one quiet night at home (thematic sequel to "Lullaby"


Scully must leave her husband and son to attend an out-of-state conference, and nobody's really happy about the situation.

"Room Service"

Mulder has a plan to make Scully's involuntary absence more pleasant.

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