Emma Frohike Stories by Magsrose

A Little Frohike
I once read an interview with Tom Braidwood who stated that he'd like to see Frohike with a child who was young enough that she/he needed to be taken care of. This story and all it's sequels grew out of my wondering what that would be like.
- Magsrose

Frohike's First Father's Day
Need I say more?

My Summer Vacation by Emma
Frohike's daughter, Emma, settles into life with the Gunmen, meets a few FBI agents and has some adventures.

Big Yellow Taxi Series

Don't It Always Seem To Go
Another Emma story.

You Don't Know What You've Got
Not wanting to take the chance of losing his daughter in a custody battle, Frohike has run off taking Emma with him.

'Til It's Gone
Frohike and his friends deal with the loss of his daughter in a custody battle.

Emma does some catching up.

I wrote this bit of silliness one evening to tease Amy, who, as we all know, has Jimmy locked in her basement.

Pride and Frustration No one wants to go to the 'girly movie' with Emma.

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