desperate measures
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Authors: RPcrazy and Desertrats
Category: STR
Rating: NC-17 (explicit language, graphic sex scenes, F/F slash)
Keywords: Doggett/Reyes, DRR, Romance/Smut, Post Finale, Adventure, Mytharc, Fun and Games.)

Summary: Doggett and Reyes were on the run fearing for their lives. They'd seen the helicopters arrive and shoot missiles at the dwelling in the desert; they'd left Mulder and Scully heading off in the opposite direction. The X-Files had been shut down, their lives were most likely in danger and the fate of their colleagues hung in shadow. Returning to DC held too many uncertainties so they decided to make their way east to a new life, fighting the fight undercover with the help of new colleagues, until it was safe to come home.

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