Title Challenge

This month a crack team of fanfic readers were asked to provide titles of stories they'd like to read, and this is what they came up with.

Your challenge is this:
Choose one of the titles provided below, and write a fic that makes sense of the title. Any genre, any word count/length, but the title should fit the story you craft to go with it.

You may not change the wording of the title in any way (except in the cases of []s indicating you should choose one or the other word).

More than one author may use the same title

Chose Your Title

Absence of Fate

Adrift on a Canoe

Alex Yet Abides

Aliens, 1 : Mulder, 0

Aliens Invaded and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt

Already Dead

Amalgamated Prelude

Ambiguous Love

And Then, Silence


Artificial Genome

As the World Falls Down

Attempted Escape

The Axe Post

Baby, I Love your Way

Black Hole Sun

Black Winds

Boy, Eleven

Breaking all the Rules

Brass Balls


Bucking Tradition

Butterflies Without Wings

Can't Sleep

Carpet Burns

Carry On

A Cat Stuck in a Tree

Coffee For the Morning After

Come and Gone

Coming with a Purpose

Copper Hearts and Tin Dreams

Crypt's Door

CSM Quits Smoking

Dana? It's Scully, Actually

Dare to Discuss the Obvious

Dead State

Demons to Donuts

Diving for Diamonds

Don't Mess With the Mulder!

Downward Slope

Durango's Revenge

Dying To Live

Each Uisge

Egg Rolls and Fried Rice

Emily, Sixteen

Evidence of Absence

The Eyeshine of Nocturnal Beasts

Failed Rapture: The Day After

Falling Down Without Really Trying

Family Over Sports

The Fare

Father Joe

Feel the Weight


Foot Chase

Forty Two

Fossil Swings

Fox Mulder's Guide to Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse

Fox Mulder's Idiotic Guide to Dana Scully

From Beer to Maternity

From Sex to October

A Game of Hearts

Girl In The Box

Goddammit, It's Not Dinosaurs, Mulder

Good Luck

The Grass is Always Greener Under Mulder's Feet

The Groom and the Gargoyle

Harvest Moon

He Choose ME, Dammit!


A Higher Conscious

Home Again

Hope is the Thing with Feathers

How to Survive an Alien Attack While Keeping your Partner Alive

Hybrids and Hand Grenades

I Dreamed of [Mulder/Scully]

Ice Field

If Only [S/He] Would Kiss Me


In Death's Cold Hands

In Utero

Is She Or Isn't She?

January Snows

Jersey Bedeviled

Jinxing Fate


Just a Numbers Game

Kan't Spel

Keep It Quiet!

Killing the Massager

Kingdom of Rust

Kandy Korn

Kubrick and Condoms


Land's End

A Last Breath Before Dying

Laugh and the World Laughs With You, Sneeze and it's Goodbye, D.C.!

Life on Mars

Like a Needle in a Groove

Liquid Night

A List of All the times Mulder would have kissed Scully

A List of All the times Scully would have kissed Mulder

Looking For Fox

Lost Girl Comes Home

Love in the Time of Lycanthropes


March And Dig

Miles Adrift, Inches Apart

Mind Games


Mountain Montage


Mr Sandman

Mulder Is NOT Another Name for Scotty Pippin

Naked Babies

Neither Here Nor There

Night Without End

Nipping the Bud

Never an Agent Wife

No Cures

Not A Chance

Numerous Excuses

On The Floor

Once You Start

The Other Ones

Out of Luck

Out in the Centre With a Mirrored Cane

Painted Winds

Pay Attention

Photo Evidence

Pillow Fighting

The Plow


A Powerful Emotion


Prairie Stars


Quahogs For Two

Quirks and Jerks

Quickies for Dickies!

Quixotic Life

... Quoth She...

Ranger Mulder

Reality Muted

Rebel Rebel

Revenge of the Scully

Rivets on Denim

Rockin' Mulder


Scared Stiff

Scattered Night

Scoop and Run


Shaken, Not Stirred

Show Me the Way

She Choose HIM??


Skating Towards Disaster

Skinny Dipping

Slow Burn

Snowflakes On Her Lashes

Speaking in Waves

Stardust and Dreams

Stuck In The Vineyard

Summer's Golden Sand


Table For One


The Taste of Bitter Apple

T.G.I Scully

That OTHER Agent

Three lost Years

Threnody in X

Trixie and Belgium

Torn Down Through the Cracks in the Dark


The Trip To DC

Tripping on the Sidewalk

Two Mulders for Sister Scully

Two Mulders for the Win!

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

U Can't Text That!

Ultra Scully

Until She Sleeps

Under a Gray Sky

Under Pressure

Uniform Love

Vampire Heart

A Virus of the Mind

Villains R Us


A Visit to Filene's Basement

Vivisection and Other Awful Ways To Spend Your Saturday

Waiting For A Day That Never Comes

Watchful Sleep

Watching Shadows Move


We Are All Ghosts In This Town

We're Not Lovers

What Inspires Me

Who's Her?

WHY Did You Say Yes?

What Are You Doing, Mulder?

What If You're Wrong

Where You Are, Mulder, So I Am, Scully

When You Walked Away, You Forgot About Us

Winter In The Bones

With Two You Get Mulder

Working as an F.B.I. Agent For Dummies

Wrong Directions

WWM Gets Messy

X to the Y

Xanthic Lights




Yang to the Ying

Yer Momma!

Ying to the Yang

You Only Dream Once

Yung's Chung

Zippy (aka Mulder)

Zap 'em!

Zac, Mac and Mulder


Zipped Up!

1 Court, 1 Ball, 1 Mulder

30 Minutes Past the Millennium

Challenge Fics:

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