Welcome to The Truth is Still Out There, a fic challenge site.

General Challenges
various challenges offered by your site master

Title Challenge
Write a fic to fit one of the several dozen suggested titles on the page linked above.

Twice Told Tale Challenge
Borrow the plot of an existing book or movie and give it an X-Files twist.

1013 Word Challenges
write fics that are exactly 1013 words long on varying themes

1013 Words About Summer Challenge
Include a summer meal or event and some element of the paranormal.

Guest Challenges

bellefleur's Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed Challenge
What if after months of searching for Mulder, Scully woke up one morning to find him curled up in bed next to her, sound asleep?

If you'd like to submit an idea for a challenge too, send it to truthoutthere@mulderscreek.com

Site Ground rules:
* These challenges are not by invitation, so anyone may write a fic(s) for any challenge they'd like to.
* You must write 1013 words for 1013 challenges. No other challenges have a required length/word count, so write as long or short a fic as you wish.
* Unlike the challenge page here (which all require child characters), you may write fics of any genre/subject/rating you desire and use characters of your choice. All requirements for each challenge will be clearly stated on the challenge page.
* please submit stories in text or MS Word format. Don't worry about formatting characters per line because it's unnecessary.
- you may also submit a photo as the "cover" of your story and please make sure it includes the title and your author name on the photo itself if you do (see here for an unrelated example of what I'm getting at)
* Anyone can submit an idea for a challenge, but you may be asked to revise it (if it's either too vague or too specific) before it appears on the site