Is it too late to mend the rift? Will John ever forgive her? Maybe itís better to be out of his life for good than to endure daily reminders of what it used to be like.

Regrets II: Reunion
Doggett accepts the consequences of his actions when returning to DC after the search for his partner had been fruitful. The time away from work gives him a chance to reflect on the change of direction his life has laid out for him. Which course will he choose as his number one? Will it be his career or his duty to his partner and lover Monica Reyes and their unborn child?

Regrets III: Reunion
Doggett and Reyes are now parents while John still works on the X-Files. As well as going through the rigors of parenting there are plenty of surprises in store both in Johnís job and in his family life. Something more ominous and unexpected clouds the horizon putting in doubt the authenticity of Mulder's alien colonization date.

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