Title: Trick or Treat
Author: By KassandraX

Summary: Scully is roped into trick or treating with an aquaientence's kids. Mulder "helps" her.


"Hey Mulder!" Scully caught him before going out the door, "I'm baby sitting for Bobby and Sarah tonight, wanna join me?"

"Three things Scully: I know the Bureau isn't the *best* paying job around, Scully, but I don't think you need the extra money from baby sitting, two, I'm positive that you can take care of kids yourself without the backup, and three, who are Bobby and Sarah?" Mulder waited expectantly.

Scully ran off the explanations in one breath, "I'm doing it for free, it so happens to be my mother's best friend's grandchildren, who are visiting, and you really underestimate some children."

"For free, Scully?"

"Yeah, plus, I get candy. Tonight's Halloween. I have to take them Trick or Treating and I need a big strong man to protect me from the ghosties and ghoulies." Scully put on a puppy face.

"I know for a fact that you aren't afraid of ghosties, ghoulies, blood sucking warms, corpses, mind manipulating maniacs, reincarnated policemen looking for revenge, aliens, fat sucking psychos, electricity shooting nuts, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera..." He grinned up at her because somehow he had ended up on a chair and Scully was sitting on a desk opposite him.

"OK, would you believe the real horror of baby sitting is putting the kids to bed?"

"Yeah." Came the impassive answer.

"Then you know what I'm talking about, come on...It'll be fun... A lot more fun than your 'nice trip to the forest' that nearly got us killed by those glowing green bugs."

"I think I'd rather take my chances with the glowing green bugs. I've done my share of baby sitting." He leaned his chair back until it rested on two legs only and was propped on the desk behind him.

"You've already taken your chance with the glowing green bugs, and you baby sitted?" she looked at him incredulously.

"What!? Why shouldn't I have baby sitted? I had a sister..." He sighed slightly, it had been so long that he had taken to using past tense when talking about her, "and used to go on them with an old girlfriend of mine. And after the battle of getting the kids to bed, we could feast on our fruits of labor. Basically the couch, dimmed lights, a cozy fire, a bit of cuddling...Will that be on the agenda for tonight? If it is, I'll seriously reconsider..."

"You forget that putting kids to bed takes nearly the whole evening and by the time they fall asleep from exhaustion-but it's usually you who falls asleep first-you are so tired, all you have energy to do is to walk to the couch so you don't collapse on the hard floor."

"Not in my experience, a little candy works wonders..." He smiled his boyish smile.

"It's Halloween, they'll have all the candy they can take...and then some."

"Money then?"

"Mulder, have you no morals? You don't bribe kids, well, maybe with candy and a bedtime story but other than that...no." She shook her head, a smile on her lips, "anyway, those kids are too young to know the importance of money."

"Scully...You underestimate kids."

"Sue me, I haven't been one for awhile! And neither have you." She said exasperated, "Are you coming or not? Otherwise, I'll have to brave those kids by myself."

"I'll come...I haven't gone trick or treating in awhile."

"Mulder...your not....forget it...pick me up at 4:30. I'm going home early. I think I'm going to rest up, now I have three kids to take care of." She got up and left the room. But a second later she came back. "Heh, heh, I forgot, um , Mulder, could you drive me home? Car's in the repair shop and I have basically no other way to get home." She smiled endearingly. A couple of minutes later, they were on the way to Scully's

"So tell me about Bobby and Sarah."

"well, Bobby's five and Sarah is seven. Last time I saw them Bobby was in a power ranger phase and his favorite pass time was kicking Sarah and me."

"what nice kids....Here we are. That was quick! Well, I'll see ya at 4:30." He grinned.

"Mulder...You are coming with me to stay with the kids, don't you dare show up in a costume and looking like a damned fool." She spoke to him through the car window

"Gosh, Scully you read my mind." With that, he drove off with Scully looking horrified.

4:30 rolled around and Scully was putting on the final touches of her costume-Yes costume, Christine, Bobby's and Sarah's mom, had called and asked her to wear a costume- and so Scully had ran down to the store and picked up the first costume that came to hand and bought it. This Halloween she was masquerading as a witch.

*A witch! Mulder is gonna get a kick out of this.* The doorbell rang. She braced herself for a ridiculing remark from Mulder. She opened the door and Mulder burst out laughing..

"Mulder...I know, I know, don't rub it in! Chris wanted me to wear a costume, or rather Sarah wanted me to." She defended herself.

"A witch Scully? A witch?"

"And what's wrong with witches?" She asked.

"Nothing," he said, trying to stop laughing. Scully was giving him one of those you'd-better-shut-up-if-you-want-to-remain-in-one-piece-looks.

"Stop it! I'm not exactly in ecstasy over this and you're really making it worse." Her voice went up several notches.

"Scully, you make an awful witch."

"How gracious of you to point that out!" Her exasperation was clear.

"I meant it as a compliment! Jeez, witches are supposed to be old, desiccated and ugly. Would you really appreciate it if I called you a good witch?"

"This is Halloween, I'm supposed to look hideous!" A smile crept into her lips.

"Then you really ought to go back to the forest and get yourself cocooned again. Think of how great that costume would be!"

"Think of how dead I would be!" She got out a cheap broom out of the closet, with Mulder still chuckling and dragged him out of the apartment.


"OK. We have time, tell me of what to expect from baby sitting Bobby and Sarah." Mulder stared out ahead of him, trying not to look at Scully for each time he did, he felt he would die if he didn't laugh. Scully, the serious skeptic, was in a witches' costume. That was hilarious!

"Well, as far as I know, the reason I'm staying with them tonight instead of their regular sitter is because that their regular sitter was recently fired. The details are sketchy and all I know is that Sarah suddenly knew a lot more about the birds and the bees than she should've had. To make a long story short, her old baby sitter would often take her boyfriend while sitting for them and didn't bother waiting until they were asleep so Sarah-who is absolutely bent on becoming a detective and was so thrilled when she found out 'Aunt' Dana worked for the FBI-decided to play spy one night after they were supposed to be in bed. And she was shocked at what she saw! She told her mom and her Chris fired her. And here I am."

"With *me*."

"You're not my boyfriend, you're a colleague."

"Is that an insult? Hey, I'm a guy. It's perfectly normal to see me as one!" He said, slightly offended for no obvious reason.

"OK, a male colleague. Happy?"

"Ahh-but what's Sarah gonna think? An encore of her ex-baby-sitter's passion play, no doubt."

"You are incorrigible, Mulder, seriously! Sarah...Sarah...uh...yeah, she'll probably think that." Scully sighed and looking at Mulder, "BUT don't YOU think that."

"Why ever not? I see you as a woman- provided you're not holding a gun at me!"

"You know as well as I do that you that it's totally against protocol and, and it'll just go *weird* on us."

"Protocol? I've never followed protocol and you know it! And it'll go weird on us? That's interesting choice of words and it's against rules to see you as a woman?"

"You know what I mean!"

"What if it wasn't against protocol?" He asked, softly.

"It wouldn't work Mulder," she shook her head. "It just wouldn't."

"I don't see why not." His voice was tinged with bitterness. Scully averted her gaze to the window and was quiet for the rest of the car ride.

"Mulder, we're here." Her voice was in monotone. Without meeting his eyes she stepped out of the car and walked briskly to the door. She glanced around patiently while waiting for Chris to open the door. There were pumpkins all over the yard; ones with smiley faces, other's had frowns, and some were 'scary'. She smiled and remembered the time she and Melissa carved a pumpkin; just 2 years ago. They had worked so hard to get it perfect and lo and behold, Melissa dropped it while slipping on the maroon throw rug on her living room floor. The smile widened and then Chris opened the door.

"Dana! It's been a long time! Hi! How are you?" Chris pulled Scully in by the arm and was about to close the door when Mulder stopped it with his hand.

"Hello?" Chris greeted him with a bit of confusion.

"Oh, sorry Chris. Um...this is my partner, Mulder." She beckoned towards Mulder with her hand.

"Hello." The tone was congenial now, "Hmmm...Mulder? Isn't that your last name? I knew a Sandra Mulder back in New York."

"Yeah it is, Chris, but..."

Scully interrupted, "He doesn't like his first name. Just call him Mulder."

"Is this a FBI thing or something?" She joked.

"Yeah, I guess." Mulder smiled an endearing smile. The kind he usually gave parents when he went on baby-sitting jobs with his girlfriend in high school.

"Dana..." Chris' eyes danced with humor, "I told you about the last baby-sitter's escapade. I don't need an encore."

"With Mulder? Never." Her tone was light, making a joke of it.

"That's right, Chris, I'm just here to protect her from the ghosties and ghoulies that might come out on All Hallows Eve." Mulder stifled a chuckle.

Chris had gotten out her jacket and was ready to leave, she gave last minute instructions, "Dana, remember, stay with Sarah and Bobby at all times, make sure that they don't make themselves sick by eating all their candy, get them to bed on time, make sure you get all of that makeup off of their faces, and the emergency phone numbers are by the phone..." Chris suddenly laughed, "What am I saying? You two are, on the most basic level, the police. And Dana, haven't I told you these instructions about a million times?" Scully nodded and Chris went on, "Dana, there's pizza in the kitchen and some soda, in case you're hungry and oh yes! Nice costume." She paused and asked in a hushed voice, "you two aren't carrying any guns are you?"

Scully's hand went over her purse. And Mulder's to his side.

"Oh dear. Um...be dears and don't show the kids. Dana, next time you come, I'd rather you not bring any firearms. They're not loaded are they?"

"Sorry, Chris, I totally forgot! Yeah, they are loaded. I'm just so used to carrying it around, it's so natural for me now. I do it without thinking and Mulder's been at it for much longer than I. Sorry." She frowned apologetically.

"I guess it's OK. Just don't tell the kids that you have them and it'll be fine. God, look at the time! I gotta go! Bye!" she flew out the door.

"Bobby! Sarah!" Scully called into the stillness.

"Aunt Dana! Aunt Dana!" Sarah's childish voice piped up, "here we are! We were just....Uh oh." Sarah looked down on her chocolate smudged hands.

"You were just eating the candy meant for other trick or treaters weren't you?" Dana picked up the child and swung her around.

"Yeah. I'm sorry." Sarah gave a cute little pout.

"Get Bobby. I want you guys to meet a friend of mine." Sarah ran into the kitchen and a second later she reappeared with an equally if not more chocolate smudged little boy. She lead them into the living room where Mulder was handing out some of the candy to the trick or treaters at the door.

"Aunt Dana. Is he your boyfriend?" Sarah asked in childish innocence after catching a glimpse of Mulder. Dana started to explain but Mulder got to it first; taking advantage of the situation.

"Yup we are! For 4 years now. But you're too young to understand what true love is..."Scully elbowed him in the stomach, making him shut up.

"Ahem...Sarah, Bobby," Smiling a sweet smile, "this is Fox." She gave Mulder a quick grin of triumph. He grimaced.

"I'll get you for that one, Scully." He said under his breath.

"We'll see about that." She whispered back.

After going through the mandatory "he's a friend; he's a boy; but he's not a boyfriend." lecture and when it seemed like Sarah finally understood, she asked another innocent question.

"Do you guys kiss?"

Scully looked at Mulder with a glare that apparently meant: if you dare, I will kill you. But Mulder decided to joke around a bit more, "Yeah, of course we do! That's what boyfriends and girlf..." He was rewarded by a harder punch in the stomach this time.

"But Aunt Dana just said that you weren't her boyfriend. Was she lying?" Mulder started to say something but before he could get one syllable out, Dana had already taken to leading them out the door for trick or treating.

"Bye Fox!" Sarah and Bobby's shrill voices called out.

"Yeah. Bye *Fox*!" Scully flashed a poisonously sweet smile at him as the darkness draped across the 3 figures going down the path.

"Those kids...those kids...." Scully panted and collapsed on the couch.

"What about 'those kids' Scully?"

"Those kids decided it was fun to have their 'dear Aunt Dana' chase them across the neighborhood. Who knew that kid's could run that fast? Even the 16 weeks I spent at the Academy didn't have *that* much running!" The words came out erratically due to her shortage of breath.

"A little exercise never hurt."

"Shut up Mulder."

"Yes Ma'am."

"What time is it?" Scully's eyelids were drooping heavily.

"Fifteen to eight."

"What?!" Scully was awake now, shouting up the stairs, "Bedtime is in half an hour. I'll be up in a minute to draw your bath!"

"What? You never draw my bath." His adorable pout was on.

"Shut up." This time it was a more playful tone and she whacked him with her pointy witches hat. Starting up the stairs, she turned around, seeing him spread lazily on the length of the couch, she came back down and pulled Mulder up.

"Upsy-daisy!" She smiled the kind of smile you would give a three year old, and resumed her old voice, "Get up! You're helping me with cleaning their room."

"Am I?" His voice disinterested.

"Yeah. Come on! You clean the room, I bath the kids or at least draw their bath."

"Do I look like a maid?" Mulder mumbled while being tugged up the stairs by Scully. When they got to the landing, a pillow was shied at them. Both looked up and saw Sarah smile and say, "I'm not going to go to sleep yet! You have to catch me!"

Scully glanced at Mulder and with her eyes she pointed towards Sarah. "You get her and I'll get Bobby." And off they went.

Running around the house, up and down the stairs for one hour took their toll on the kids and the adults. By 9 o'clock all of them collapsed on the floor.

"Are you going to bed soon, huh, Sarah? Bobby?" Too late, they had fallen asleep. Scully laughed at the sight. She nudged Mulder who also looked like he was asleep.

"Mulder, get up! They're asleep. Help me carry them."

"Mmmmhh...in a minute."

"Now." She dragged him up onto his knees and let go expecting him to stand up; he fell.

"Mulder..." a whiney un-Scully voice came out of her mouth.

"I'm up. I'm up. You carry Bobby, I'll get Sarah." He picked the child up and Scully could not suppress a smile.

"A regular 'Prince Charming'." She observed as her partner carry the girl up the stairs. She followed with Bobby in her arms. After tucking them in snugly in their own separate beds, both stood by Sarah's bed and watched her for a minute. They just stood there, not unlike a pair of proud parents watching their child peacefully sleep. Scully sighed, softly, and unconsciously leaned back on Mulder who, not so unconsciously, wrapped his arms around her shoulders.

"Doesn't that little devil look like an angel when she's asleep?" Scully murmured, referring to Sarah's Halloween costume which was a cute little devil and referring to the chase that she lead Dana on around the neighborhood and around the house.

"All kids look like angels when they're asleep; some grown-ups do too. For instance, you, provided, of course that you aren't suffering from any wounds, comas, or are dead tired on a stakeout." He smiled down at her. She leaned in a bit closer to him and wrapped his arms about her more securely.

"Then in that case, you haven't seen me asleep too much, have you?"

"I've seen it enough to know..."

"Come on Mulder, let's go downstairs. I don't want to wake these little devils up and have to chase them around again." She spoke very softly, wriggling out of his grasp.

"Hang on, you've been all over the neighborhood and your feet must be tired," with those words, he scooped her up into his arms, "I'll carry you."

"Mulder you don't need to carry me, I can manage..." Scully explained but Mulder cut her off.

"No, it's OK. I can carry you, you said so yourself: I'm a regular 'Prince Charming' and I'm acting the part now."

Her arms went around his neck and her head, under the crook of his neck. It seemed perfect to her; like it was always meant to be this way.

"OK, Prince, walk." She directed him out of the room.

After walking down the stairs, Mulder sat himself down on the couch with Scully still clinging on to him. There was a soft smile on her lips, one that he had never seen before. He looked at her, unaware that on his lips, there was a smile similar to hers. She noticed his smile, a gentle and tender smile.

As Mulder gazed at her face, delicate and as beautiful as he'd ever seen her, his eyes were drawn to her lips. Full, soft lips that caught his attention many a time. Temptation was always there, temptation to kiss those lips, to hold her tight and to never let go. He'd fought allurement so many times. This was one time he wasn't going to fight it.

He leaned in and brushed his lips on hers and pulled back slightly to see her reaction. When he saw no particular reply he covered her lips with his. Kissing her full but tenderly. He ran his hands through her downy hair and applied a bit of pressure to deepen the kiss. She, in turn, wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down. Their tongues played a game of tag while exploring the other's mouth. When she had pulled him down on top of her and they were stretched out on the length of the couch, she concentrated on his full bottom lip. She took into her hot mouth and sucked lightly on it at first; teasing it with her tongue. Hearing low moan from Mulder, she pulled at it with a more intensity. He ran his hands freely down her body, feeling the curves. His hand wandered until it found her breast and he teased it through the thin fabric of her witch's costume, evoking a small grunt from the back of her throat. He tore his lips away from hers and they traveled down her seemingly fragile neck and they rested at the base of it. Sucking and running his tongue on her, she pulled him closer to her. Wanting him so much, a feeling she could no longer deny...

And suddenly a voice came out from nowhere. They both froze in their incriminating positions looking like a pair of teenagers necking on a baby sitting job; which they were, the only thing was they weren't teenagers.

"Aunt Dana!" Sarah said in a scolding voice, "I thought you said he *wasn't* your boyfriend!"

"Sarah....um....Sarah...You're supposed to be in bed." Dana said, not being able to think of a good enough excuse. She eyed Mulder, pleading for help.

"Yeah...um...Sarah, you'd better get to bed before your mom comes home and finds you awake. You wouldn't want to get Aunt Dana into trouble." He eyed her back.

"Will you get into trouble if I tell Mommy that you and Fox were kissing?" Sarah asked, curious.

"Actually, Sarah, it was wrong for me to be kissing Fox and if you tell Mommy, I will get into trouble but you shouldn't lie to your mom...It's really up to you."

"Can I tell Mommy?"

"Ummm... Yes if you have to..."

"Tell you what, if you come baby sit me next weekend instead of that girl Anna, I won't tell Mommy a thing. I promise. Cross my heart, hope to die."

"I don't hope you die." Dana scooped the child into her arms and kissed her cheek, "OK. It's a deal. Now go to bed." She put Sarah down and urged her towards the stairs. Sarah ran up the stairs and disappeared around the bend.

Scully shot a rueful but relieved smile at Mulder. They collapsed onto the couch simultaneously. The mood was obviously broken and both were speechless for a few minutes. Before either had a chance to say a word, they heard the door unlocking and Chris whispering,

"Dana? Mulder? I'm home." Both agents scrambled to the door, straightening their clothes at the same time, trying to look dignified although they were already caught by Sarah. When Chris caught sight of them, the look on their faces were pure guilt. And she knew something was up. They had the exact same look that the last baby sitter had on when she and her boyfriend were being questioned on their nightly activities. Then she knew, but had better sense not to say anything.

"Well, Dana... How was it?"

"It?" Dana looked confused, her mind still on the kiss.

"Trick or Treating. Are they in bed now?"

"In bed?" Scully really did not mean to sound like what she was sounding like but right now her mind was on other things. And then she realized that she was talking to Chris, "Oh yeah, it went well, very well, they're asleep, they're sleeping, yeah..." She trailed off aware that she was sounding like a moron.

"That's good." She turned to Mulder, "So how was your evening?"

"Huh? What? Oh, it was fine, it was great, ummm...yeah."

"Well, you two better get home, you both look really tired." She took a look around the house, "Wow, you guys kept this place really neat. And the kids are asleep in bed. That's a refreshing change. They're always so well behaved when your baby sitting, Dana. You'd make a great mother; too bad you aren't. Maybe sometime soon." Chris smiled kindly.

"Let me get a social life first and then you can plan my baby shower." Scully laughed, "You've been asking me about getting a husband for the longest time as well. I'm afraid that the Bureau doesn't leave much room for a life."

"I'm sure you'll find one soon, a husband I mean." Chris gave a surreptitious glance at Mulder, "and I'll help you put together a wedding and help you decorate your house and..."

"Chris, it's not gonna happen for a long while."

"You never know, and anyhow, it doesn't hurt to prepare early."

"Well, Chris, don't get your hopes up. Mulder's driving me home so don't worry." She hugged Chris and whispered in her ear, "I saw that glance you gave Mulder. NO ideas, he's just a friend."

"Is that so?" She whispered back, "then in that case, I'd at least try to hide that red mark on your neck."

Scully almost laughed aloud but checked herself in time, "Bye Chris, I guess I'll see you next weekend!"

"How did you know about next weekend?" She questioned.

"Oops. Well, it was swell seeing you again, I'll see ya! Bye!" Scully scrambled out the door. Dana looked back and was in time to see Chris shut the door but not before smiling and shaking her head.

The End

...of 'Trick or Treat' but perhaps the beginning of something else...

Comments welcome! Suggestions for sequels to Trick or Treat equally welcome! Flames...not welcome!

The Field Where I Died: I once read something about reincarnation that was a kind of slip up on the episode....and to the advantage to 'shippers. OK this is the deal: In a past life, those who are blood relatives are usually the ones in the next life that are your LOVERS or your really good friends. Wasn't Scully his father when he was a polish woman? Do I hear a possibility of a romance according to reincarnation? Only once in awhile are lovers together as lovers again in other lives and usually that only happens in movies and TV.

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