Title: The Goddess Dana
Author: Husain
Written: 1997
Disclaimer: Everyone from the X-Files blah blah blah blah is Chris Carter’s, blah, Ten Thirteen blah blah and FOX~

Summary: Mulder drags Scully away for a vacation... they meet a wacky group of witch women who think Scully is an impostor Goddess.... they stir trouble.

Note: We actually did some research for this story, “Dana” is an Irish Goddess. This just sounded like a good idea.... and “Gaia” really means ‘Earth.’ Anything in reference to the Goddesses is true... most of it. Any questions... ask!

Mulder moaned at the notice. “Shit.”

Scully raised an eyebrow, “Excuse me?”

He looked up, “Sorry, didn’t mean to say that. They’re making us use our vacation time. Skinner wants us to take a break.”

“You know why this came up?” She asked, sitting up straight.

He shook his head, “No.”

“I do.” Her voice was a little snippy.

Mulder rolled his eyes, “Do tell me, Dr. Scully.”

“Because on the last case you almost collapsed, that’s why! I agree.... go home and get some rest. Or even better, go far away. The country.”

He sighed, “I don’t want to.” His voice was a childish whine.

Scully stood up, “You have to.”

“Come with me," he said suddenly, surprising himself.

She stopped, “Pardon?”

“Uh..” <might as well ask her> “why don’t we go somewhere together. That way I won’t be so bored.”

Scully put away a report in the filing cabinet, “Us? Well... did you ever consider that I might have had something else to do?”

“Another man, Scully?” He said with his famous leer.

She pulled back, “I don’t know. Half the FBI already thinks we’re sleeping together. You and your stupid leers.”

He gasped, his hand flying to his chest, “My leers? Don’t diss the leers, Scully. They’re my trademark.”

Scully rolled her eyes, “Maybe I _should_ get away from you.”

He grinned at her, his hazel eyes shinning. It made him look twelve years old, it warmed her heart to see it. “Scully, I’ll be on my best behavior... promise. If you don’t come with me I’ll go out of my mind. One week never killed anyone.”

“With you it’s a possibility.” Scully couldn’t resist saying it.

He sighed again, “Please...”

“You aren’t going to take me to Roswell.... are you?”

Mulder laughed, “I know you won’t go for that... how about a little far away town?”

“What are we going to do there?” She asked, brushing her hair away.

“We’ll see. How does Gaia sound... it’s in Kansas.... near a small lake. My Aunt owns a house up there. You’ll like it. A lot of nature stuff.” He leaned back in his chair, resting his feet on the desk.

Scully raised an eyebrow, “Far away from the city?”

“Very far away. The house if farther away from the main town. It’ll be quite and we can get some rest.”

Scully considered it, “I.... guess. As long as you behave.”

He threw up his arms in rejoice, falling over backwards on his chair. “OUCH!”

Scully ran to help him back up, “You okay? Did you hurt anything?”

“Just my pride,” he whimpered.

Scully laughed, “You really need a vacation.”

They had rented a car from the airport near Topeka. It was another Ford


Scully had fallen asleep in the passenger seat. She was wearing a long skirt and a white blouse. It wasn’t like her... but she looked determined to relax. He watched her out of the corner of his eye, her eyes closed and her hair slightly tousled. He let out a soft sigh, “Fate sucks.”

Lately, he caught himself watching her often. Whenever she turned, he would pretend to be looking off to the side. Mulder could smell her faint perfume... very light. Just how he liked it. She looked like an angel, sleeping in the passenger seat next to him.

Zobiana searched the pictures for her Goddess Dana. “Have you found it, Erin?”

Erin shook her head, “No... I assume you haven’t either.”

Selene screamed from the hall, “I HAVE IT!”

Both women jumped up to see, snatching the picture out of their friend’s hand. It was Dana... her long red hair and her dark blue eyes. Satia sighed, “I wonder if she’ll return in our life times. Take us with her.”

Cassandra came up the stairs of the large six bedroom house, “I think she might... and she’ll take the faithful with her. I’ve been part of Tuatha De Danann <people of the Goddess Dana> all my life... I’m sorry my mother won’t be here to see Dana come.”

Erin sighed, “I have a feeling she will come in our life times... I hope she does. I’d die to see her.” Cassandra was the oldest of the five... she was forty three. The others were in their mid twenties to thirties. Selene was the youngest at twenty six. Cassandra tossed her dark hair over her shoulder, “We have to prepare for the incantations. Get back to work... two days left.”

Mulder pulled over to the house, his eyes fell on the huge lake. This was it... he remembered coming here in high school... with his friends to stay with his Aunt Cornelia.

She was his father’s cousin. The lake was gorgeous.... it looked so inviting. Maybe later.

He nudged Scully awake, “Hey, you wanna come or not?”

She stirred, starring into his eyes for a long moment. Then she snapped into reality, “Are we there yet?”

“There is here. This is it, look at the lake. You know, Gaia is Greek for Earth Mother...

Gaia was a Goddess. She was the first to emerge from chaos, they say she created the Universe, the first race of Gods and humankind.”

Scully took her purse and got out, “Oh, gosh. It’s beautiful.”

He grinned, he’d known she would like it. “Wait until you see the house.”

Mulder toured her around, first the bottom floor. “My Aunt Cornelia moved out a few years ago, but rents the house to people. No one’s been here for a while.... doesn’t it look great?”

It was modern, many glass windows overlooked the lake. Scully walked out onto the porch, “It must be gorgeous at night.”

Mulder nodded, “Let’s go pick rooms.”

Scully followed him up the stairs, checking all the rooms as she went down the hall.

Most of them looked out towards the street at the side of the house. It wasn’t even really a street! Two looked out towards the lake. Scully let out a soft gasp when she walked into the last bedroom. It had a canopy bed! A HUGE BED! One wall had three windows, looking out to the lake. The curtains were made of blue satin.... matching the bed covers.

A chair sat in the corner, it looked like an antique. There was even a sofa on one side!

“Mulder, can I have this one?”

He noticed how she sounded like a little girl, begging for a treat. He couldn’t resist smiling, “Anything you want, Scully.”

She sat down on the bed, lying on her back, “I’ve always dreamed of rooms like this! When I was a little girl Melissa and I used to play Princess.... the rooms of our castle were just like this! Our imaginations at work, of course... but this is what I saw.”

Mulder was glad to see her happy, he felt his heart swelling. “I’ll go get the bags.”

Erin glanced at her watch, “Does anyone want to go out to the lake with me, to scout a location for our incantations. We only have two days to get prepared for it.”

Cassandra nodded, “That sounds good, we’ll all go.”

Selene whined, “But I still haven’t found the painting of Dana yet! I need time!”

Cassandra glared at her, “You will come or not participate.” She sounded like a scolding mother.

Selene nodded, “All right!”

Scully changed her clothes, wearing her green dress with the long sleeves.

Mulder’s mouth fell open when he saw her, she looked amazing! He turned away, otherwise he’d make a fool of himself. Scully entered the kitchen, her eyes fell on him reading the paper, “Mulder... I’m going out for a walk.”

He looked up from the Sports Section, “Now? The sun will be down soon-”

“I’ll be back soon. Promise.” She took a glass of juice and finished it off. “Bye.”

He watched her leave, gazing a bit too long! “Bye, Scully. Be careful.”

“Yes, Dad!” She snickered.

Erin made her way past the rocks. The air was warm and the breeze felt good. Cassandra was at her side, “Watch your step... you don’t want any broken limbs for the incantation. If that happens, it’s defiantly a sign of bad luck.”

Selene let out a sigh, picking flowers as she walked, “Are we going to do this by the water?”

Cassandra shook her head, “Farther out into the woods. That way no one will see the fire.”

Zobiana asked the next question, “What if someone catches us?”

“We’ll kill them.” Cassandra said simply.

Satia moaned, “I don’t want to have to do that.... we should be extra careful.”

Cassandra nodded, “Of course. Always.”

Scully was still wearing her green dress... her shoes were also green. She raked her fingers through her hair, taking in the fresh smell of the pine trees. The wind blew around her, sending shivers down her spine. She kept her eye on the ground, trying not to break any ankles. Walking farther away from the shore, she heard voices. “I see a clearing up there, that’ll be fine.”

“Cassandra... who big will the circle have to be?” A younger voice whined.

“I don’t know! I’ll look and see, just keep quite so I can think, Selene. I’m sick of your whining.”

“I’m sorry!” The younger voice said.

Scully followed the sounds, wanting to see who they were. She was reminded of her girlhood... when she would sneak up on her father and brothers and spy on them. It was a game she’d played, the point of the game was to get as close as she could and not get caught.

Selene looked around her, “I think someone is here.”

Erin playfully pushed her, “You’re scared...don’t be so weak. Dana isn’t.”

“She’s a goddess, how am I to compete with that!” Selene hissed.

Cassandra shushed the younger women, “Stop acting like bickering sisters! I don’t want to hear any of this trash.”

Selene followed Cassandra, Erin, Zobiana and Satia were right behind them. They stood at the clearing, the only sound was of the birds and the water from the lake. And of course the wind. Selene sat down on a rock, “I think this looks good, is it right, Cassandra?”

Cassandra nodded, “Perfect!”

Selene’s senses were alert when she heard something. “Cassandra! Someone is here!” She hissed to the older woman.

Cassandra searched the trees, “I don’t see...” Her eyes caught a flash of red.

Zobiana jumped up to her feet, “Who is there?” She called.

Scully cursed herself for being so stupid, a twig! A dumb twig tipped them off!

She must have looked like a maniac! She emerged from the trees, watching the five. She had spent so much time in FBI training! What was she thinking? “I’m sorry if I scared you... I was taking a walk. I’m Scu... Dana.” The five starred at her, all of their mouths open in surprise. Scully suddenly felt self conscious, “Should I go?” She was taking a step back towards the trees.

The oldest woman rushed towards her, “No! Join us! What brings you here?”

“I... needed to get away.”

The older woman nodded, “I’m Cassandra... these are my friends, Zobiana, Selene, Erin and Satia.”

The four nodded when they’re names were called, grinning. Selene whispered something to Erin and Scully felt self conscious again.

Cassandra glared at the two and they pulled apart. Scully took a breath, “I’m not from here... are you?”

“We were born and raised here.” Cassandra said smiling, “May I call you Dana?”

Scully nodded, “Of course.”

“Call me Cassie if you wish. How long have you been here, if I may ask?” She was asking permission, she sounded timid.

Scully bit her lower lip, “A few hours.”

“How long will you be staying?” Cassandra asked, “Don’t answer if you don’t want to-”

“A week... maximum.”

“Oh.” She looked disappointed.

Scully glanced at her watch, “I have to go... I’m supposed to be back by dark.”

Cassandra nodded, “We’ll see you soon, Dana.”

Scully was eager to get back, it was starting to get cold and those women were slightly odd!

As soon as they returned to the house Selene started screaming, “IT WAS HER! IT WAS DANA! We laid our eyes on Dana!”

Cassandra grinned, “Consider yourselves blessed... if you’ve been true Tuatha De Danann, she will take you with her.”

“Take us where?” Satia asked in confusion.

Cassandra grinned, “To live with her!”

Erin threw her arms around her friends, “Cassandra, you talked to a goddess!”

Cassandra nodded, “Truly blessed.”

Scully wasn’t back yet and it was dark. Fearing the worst, Mulder grabbed his jacket and rushed out the door. Ran practically ran over her on the path, “SCULLY! I’ve been looking everywhere for you! Where have you been?”

She brushed her hair behind her ears, “Out... I met some people... very odd.”

He took her arm and helped her back up the dirt path, “People? Who?”

“Five women... the one I talked to was Cassandra. They were so strange. She treated me like I was a God or something.”

“Maybe she just has a certain respect for strangers?” Mulder suggested as he unlocked the door, “Want me to carry you over the threshold?”

Scully playfully pushed him away, “I’ll pass.”

He laughed as he locked the door behind him, “Want some dinner? I went out and got us a pizza.”

Scully nodded, taking off her shoes and leaving them by the door. “Those women were looking at me like I was some new species of butterfly or something.”

Mulder handed her the pizza, setting it down on the dinning table. Above the center of the long table was a chandelier made of crystal. He pulled the cheese into his mouth, “I bet they were wondering if that was your real hair color!”

Scully couldn’t help but laugh a little.. it felt good to be away. Out. Far away from Skinner and the FBI. With her best friend. She handed him some more pizza, “Going out for a run tomorrow?”

He nodded, “Coming?”

“I should. Wake me up, okay?”

He nodded, “Fine.”

“Hurry, the sun will rise soon!” Cassandra urged the other women forward.

Selene followed, “Must we go now? It’s so early! Why are we doing this?”

“Because!” Cassandra snapped, “At dawn we are to pray for Dana. She’s already here! If you complain about following her teachings, she won’t take you with her.”

Satia started to walk faster, to catch up with Cassandra, “Where are we going to chant?”

“On that hill... so we can face the sun and see the lake.” Cassandra pointed.

Zobiana ran forward towards the hill... the others trailed farther behind.

Mulder put on his clothes and walked across the hall to Scully’s bedroom. He lightly tapped on the door... hearing nothing. Slowly, he opened it, not wanting to scare her. He saw the sun light coming in through the open window. The room was freezing. He closed the window, feeling the warmth of the sun when he stood in front of it. He turned back towards the bed.... and almost died!

She was sleeping soundly, wearing a blue silk nightgown which exposed her shoulders and arms. Mulder struggled to catch his breath, <I don’t want to wake her.> Her red hair was spread over the pillow... she looked like something not from this world. From the heavens!

He couldn’t resist watching her, he didn’t want to wake her yet, she looked so peaceful.

Not a care in the world.

Scully stirred, turning onto her back and stretching her arms off to the side. Her shoulders lifted and her eyes opened. Sitting up in bed, she raked her fingers through her hair.

Turning towards the window she gasped when she saw him, “MULDER!”

He jumped, “Sorry... I was wondering if I should wake you or not.” He was blushing, he could feel it.

Scully ran her hands over her bare arms, “It’s cold...” Suddenly she remembered what she was wearing... in front of Mulder! She reached out for a sweater she’d left by the bed, wrapping it around herself. “What time is it?”

“About seven. Want to sleep some more?”

She shook her head, “No. Go on downstairs, I’ll be there in a minute.”

Taking this as a hint to leave, he quickly walked towards the door, closing it behind him.

He moaned, <how gorgeous! WHY DID I GO IN THERE?>.

Scully changed into some running clothes. She left her hair down because she couldn’t find a ribbon or anything to put it up in! Walking down the stairs wearing sweats and her thin T-shirt, she approached Mulder. He offered her coffee, “Ready?”

Scully nodded, “All set.”

Together they jogged down the dirt path behind the house, towards the lake. He was going a little slower, her legs were much smaller and she couldn’t run as fast as he could.

At the shore of the lake Scully splashed her face with water. “I’ll race you.”

He looked up, “Race me where?”

She looked around, “To the top of that hill, and I want a real race. Don’t purposely go slow for me.”

He grinned, “Moi? Never!”

She stretched out a little, “Ready? Set? Mulder watch out for that snake!”

He looked down at his shoes, seeing nothing, he heard her scream “GO!”

By the time he looked up she was already on her way. He laughed, “Cheap trick!”

Cassandra finished the chant and let out a soft sigh, “All right, we’re finished here.”

Satia looked up at the rising sun, “When will she come?”

Selene started backed own the hill, “I hope she comes soon.”

“SCULLY! STOP!” A deep male voice shouted from the trees.

Cassandra jumped, “Who-”

Coming up the hill was Dana, her short red hair swaying. She was laughing, sitting down on a rock and gasping for air.

A tall man came up behind, his hair dark and his eyes were dark. “Cheater. You cheat.”

Dana laughed, “You had an advantage anyway. We’ll go fair next time... can’t believe you fell for that!”

Apparently the man was her companion, perhaps he was also a Tuatha De Danann. They hadn’t noticed the five women yet, Selene spoke up. “Dana, how nice to see you.”

Cassandra cursed the younger girl for being foolish enough to interrupt them.

Dana turned around, her companion following her gaze. “Oh, hello. I’m afraid I didn’t see you-”

“We’re sorry. We didn’t mean to bother you.” Satia sounded frantic.

Dana raised an eyebrow, “No problem at all. Oh... this is my friend, Mulder.”

He grinned at them charmingly, his gaze fell on Selene.

Selene smiled back, brushing her brown hair away from her eyes, “I’m Selene.”

Cassandra noticed Dana following her companions gaze, her expression slightly changed from a care free to bitter. Cassandra reached for Selene’s hand, “Selene... go back to the house.”


“You have to finish your work... you don’t have that much time.” Cassandra hissed.

Selene looked like a child deprived of a treat, “Good bye, Dana.” She bowed gracefully.

A smile played on Dana’s lips, but it faded when Mulder kissed Selene’s hand. Selene quickly turned and rushed down the hill.

The other four starred at the ground, except for Cassandra... who was looking straight at Dana. Selene had angered her, caught the eye of Dana’s companion! She would most likely not take Selene.... not when she was going to steel Mulder away. Cassandra grinned, “Have you and your companion enjoyed your walk?”

She nodded, “It’s so lovely to be out here.... away from home.”

Cassandra nodded, she was a confined Goddess. “Is there anything I can do for you?”

Dana looked surprised by the offer, “No... but thank you.”

The tall man looked at his wrist, “We have to go... DANA needs her rest.”

She gave him a bitter look, “He’s right. Perhaps I’ll see you again.”

Scully slowly walked down the hill slowly, turning back to look at the four women.

“Scully? Are you okay?”

She nodded, “Those were the women I met yesterday.... I think that girl, Selene, got into some trouble with the older woman.”

Mulder grinned, “Next time you see them, can you get me her phone number?”

Scully looked up at the sky, “I get this eerie feeling around them.”

“Does that mean you won’t get me Selene’s phone number?”

Cassandra stormed into the house, “SELENE!”

She came running down the stairs, now wearing a blue lace dress, “Cassandra. What did I do wrong?”

Cassandra pushed Selene into a chair, “You made Dana angry! You silly flirtatious girl!

She had eyes for her companion.... and you were distracting him! I don’t think she’ll take you with her now.”

A look of horror and sadness crossed the younger woman’s face, “Oh, no! What do I do?”

Zobiana leaned against the wall, “If you beg her for forgiveness... perhaps. But she is a Goddess, why should she forgive you?”

Selene burst into tears, “I didn’t mean to! I had no idea.... it wasn’t my fault! It was him!”

Cassandra rolled her eyes, “True, you had no control over his reaction.... but Dana probably favors him. And you... if she is to punish anyone, she’ll punish you.”

Selene started to shake, “I have to find her! I have to beg for forgiveness! I don’t want to stay here!”

Erin handed Selene a glass of water, “Hush... she is the merciful. Perhaps she will forgive.

We’ll have to wait.”

Selene continued to sob... “I just smiled at him.”

Mulder watched her walk around the house after breakfast. She looked like she was in a daze. She was now wearing blue jeans and a green T-shirt. She was starring out towards the lake, looking sad. Mulder got off his stool at the bar and walked towards her.


She turned around, “Humm?”

“Are you okay?” He knew what she would say: <I’m fine, Mulder.>

“I’m fine, Mulder.” She turned to look up at him.

He grinned, “I knew it... what’s wrong?”

She shook her head, “Just tired.”

“You’re supposed to relax.”

She shrugged, “I should have stretched before that run.” She placed her hands on her shoulders.

He took her arm, “I’ll give you a massage.”

He felt her stiffen, “Mulder-”

“I promise I won’t break any bones. Sit down.”

She sat on the couch, “You don’t have to-”

“Shut up, Scully.” He sat behind her, his hands on her shoulders.

She let out little gasps of pleasure as he ran his fingers up and down her back, loosing the knots. “Scully? Am I hurting you?”

“Oh, no.... it feels good.”

He grinned and continued, happy to bring her some relief. It drove him wild, hearing her soft little moans, the little gasps. He pushed her red hair out of the way so he could work on her neck. Slowly he massaged the muscles there. Scully’s body was now loose and limp, “Don’t stop, Mulder.” Her voice was a cross between a moan and a whimper.

Hearing her say that he almost fell over the edge of the sofa, “Are you okay?”

“Humm.” Was that a smile he saw on her lips?

“Should I keep going?”

“Do you want to stop?” Her voice was low and sweet.

Did he want to stop? <hell no!> “I don’t mind... does that mean you want me to keep going?”

She nodded, “Please....”

His heart was hammering in his chest, he couldn’t stop it. Mulder’s head was spinning, he couldn’t believe he was touching her like this. She let out a soft sigh, her head rolling forward. Her neck was exposed to the cold air... he couldn’t resist. Very slowly he nuzzled her neck, she let out a gasp of surprise, “Mulder?”

He pulled her closer to him, “Huh? Do you want me to stop?”

She seemed to think about it, “No... no.”

He was so happy that she said that, slowly he turned her around, so he was face to face with her. “Feel better?”

She nodded, “Great.”

Cassandra walked down the stairs, “Satia? What are you doing up at this time of night?”

“I couldn’t sleep. I was thinking... why is Dana’s hair shorter than in the pictures? And why does she look slightly different?”

Cassandra sat down next to her, “She’s a goddess, we aren’t to question what she does.”

Satia nodded, “All right... we start at midnight... right?”

“Yes. You have all of tomorrow to prepare yourself.”

Mulder wrapped his arms tighter around Scully, “What are you thinking?”

She let out a soft sigh, “That I’m stupid for not doing this earlier.”

He chuckled, “We’re going to be in big trouble.”

“Oh, well. We’ll find a way out. We always do.”

He kissed her shoulder, “Are you okay?”

“Those women.... I can’t get the way they looked at me out of my head.”

Mulder sighed, “Wanna go for a walk?”

It was dusk and Selene was pushing her way up the hill. She had to find Dana and beg for forgiveness. She didn’t want to be left behind. She didn’t mean to catch the eye of her companion.... it just happened. She didn’t want Dana to be mad at her.

“Dana?” she called out.

The only sound she heard was of the wind. She sighed, walking through the trees. “I’m sorry... for everything I’ve done.”

Still nothing.

She heard laughter. Turning her head she saw Dana! AND her companion... the tall man.

Selene’s heart was pounding in her chest, Dana was supposed to be the merciful... maybe she would spare her punishment. Dana’s eyes fell on her, “Selene?”

She was scared stiff, she had never been addressed so by a Goddess, “Yes?”

“What are you doing out here, it’s going to start raining soon.” Dana’s hand was holding the man’s. This was a good sign, she just hoped he wouldn’t look at her the way he had before. “I....would like to talk to you if I may.”

Dana nodded, a look of concern crossed her face, “What’s wrong?”

“May I talk to you alone? If you-”

The man nodded, “I’ll leave.”

Selene didn’t look at him, she starred at the ground. Dana said something, “All right, I’ll be back soon.”

“Don’t be too long," he said with a leer, and then he left... disappearing behind the trees.

Dana turned to Selene, “What happened?”

“I... I’m so sorry for our last encounter.”


“When you companion-”

“His name is Mulder.” She said softly, she seemed very nice.

Selene nodded, “Mulder... I’m sorry.”

“For what? What have you done?”

“For catching his eye... I didn’t mean to! I swear to you! It... I don’t want to stay here.”

Scully eyed the young woman, she seemed a little out off it. “What can I do to help you?”

“I’m begging for your forgiveness.” She fell to her knees, tears flowing down her cheeks.

Scully had no idea, “It’s all right, don’t cry. You’re forgiven.”

“I’m so sorry.” She sobbed.

Scully gave her a light hug, holding her while she cried. She didn’t know what else to do.

Selene pulled away, “I’m sorry... I shouldn’t have cried... you’re so much stronger than me.”

Scully was very confused, but didn’t let it show. “Selene, do you want me to escort you home?”

“NO! I could never ask that of you! Please, don’t bother, I’ll be fine.”

Cassandra came up the hill, “Dana....”

Scully turned to her, “Uh... Hi. Selene isn’t well... I think you should take her home.”

Cassandra nodded, “Whatever you think is right... will you come to the chanting tonight?”

“Chanting?” Scully was *really* confused now.

“Yes.... tonight. I assumed you would come to join.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. Um, I have to be going.”

“You won’t come to the Tuatha De Danann ceremony?” Cassandra seemed surprised.

Scully took a step back, “I have to go. Good bye.” She rushed down the path, making it to the house in record time.

Cassandra turned to Selene, “Let’s follow her.”

Selene gasped, “But she’s Dana! We’ll be punished! She forgave me for-”

Cassandra grabbed Selene’s hand, “I don’t think she’s Dana. She had no idea that there was a chanting ceremony tonight. She’s a fraud!”

Together they followed her down the path to the grand house. Selene watched her go inside into the arms of her companion.... Mulder.

Mulder kissed her softly, “What did Selene want to talk about?”

“Something is wrong with those people, Mulder. Cassandra mentioned something... Tuatha De Danann. What is it?”

He shook his head, “I’ll check up on the computer.... what’s wrong?”

“They’re just.... forget it.” She pulled away and started up the stairs.

“Scully, is there anything I can do?”

“Check up on Tuatha De Danann.... I’m going to take a nap.”

“I’ll join you in a second," he said with a leer.

This made her grin, “I’m counting on it.”

Cassandra stomped her foot in frustration. It was now totally dark outside!

“Selene... go home and get the Zobiana, Satia and Erin. I will not let this woman mock the Goddess Dana the way she has and get away with it!”

Selene nodded, running off into the trees making her way back home.

Scully started to feel warm in the room, she didn’t like it! She got up and walked to the window. It looked gorgeous outside, the full moon was shining on the lake.

The cold breeze caressed her skin. She sighed, leaving the window to go downstairs.

Mulder looked up at her, he was sitting at the computer wearing his glasses. She grinned, he looked so cute in those glasses. He pulled them off, “Scully? I thought you were going to take a nap.”

“Can’t sleep. Find anything?”

“Tuatha De Danann is what Dana’s followers are called. It means ‘People of the Goddess Dana’ and do you know who Dana is?”

“A goddess?” Scully let him pull her into his lap.

He nuzzled her neck, “An Irish Goddess, actually. She’s associated with witches. Did your parents know this when they named you?”

Scully shrugged, “I’ll ask Mom.”

He downloaded a picture, “This is what Dana is supposed to look like.”

Scully starred at the picture, a petite woman with long auburn hair, pale skin and blue eyes. Scully stiffened, “Did they mistake me for her?”

Mulder leaned back in the chair, holding her close to him, “I think they did. They think you’re Goddess Dana!”

Scully struggled to get off his lap, “Well, I should go find them and explain that I’m not a Goddess.”

His eyes were smiling at her, “Tomorrow... they’re supposed to be doing some honoring ceremony tonight during the full moon. Another one of those midnight things. Stay here where it’s safe.”

Scully sighed, “I’m going out to the patio for some fresh air. Keep reading.”

Cassandra watched the woman come out to the patio, starring at the moon. She turned to Zobiana, “She will pay for her disrespect.”

The other women nodded in agreement.

Scully watched Mulder at his computer through the glass. He looked so.... handsome but adorable. Typing away , starring at the monitor. She returned her attention to the moon. A hand came over her mouth, she let out a muffled scream as another pair of hands pulled her backwards. Scully didn’t know what was happening. Mulder. Where was he? She had to leave a trail, something so he could follow. She ripped the necklace off herneck and let it drop to the ground, praying that someone would find it.

Mulder looked up, she wasn’t on the patio anymore. “Scully?” He called.

He didn’t see her, getting up from his desk he walked outside. “Scully?”

He could hear a frog somewhere, he could hear the crickets and the wind... but no Scully.

“Scully?” He called again, a little louder.


His heart started pounding, something wasn’t right.

The last thing Scully remembered was being dragged through the trees.

She woke up, seeing trees towering over her. She let out a moan, “What hit me?”

Selene and Cassandra were standing next to her, the other three women off to the side.

Cassandra spoke first, “You were probably laughing at us, thinking that you fooled us! Show some respect!”

Scully struggled to sit up, but she realized that her hands were tied to stakes in the ground.

So were her feet. “I didn’t know... it’s one huge misunderstanding! I swear!”

Cassandra didn’t look impressed, “No more of your trash..... I think you will make a wonderful sacrifice for Goddess Dana.”

Scully gasped, she struggled against the ropes, “Please! You don’t understand-”

“YES WE DO! You lied... and I don’t trust you any longer. Listen carefully... you should be honored to be a sacrifice.”

Scully lifted her head up, “Please! Don’t do this!”

Satia started a fire, “We’re ready.”

Scully’s heart started to race, they were going to burn her. Even if she got out of this alive, she would be covered with burns! “Oh, God.”

The five women started walking around her, dropping dirt into the fire, making it flash.

She could feel the warmth, and she could feel the beads of sweat forming on her brow. “Don’t do this!” She struggled with the ropes again, to no avail. She tried to catch her breath <think, Dana. Do something!> Scully opened her mouth and let out a scream.

Mulder saw the necklace and picked it up. “Damn. Scully, what happened?”

He picked up the phone, dialing the number for the local police station.

They sounded annoyed but when he said he was with the FBI, they finally promised to send three men down there. As soon as they arrived, Mulder dragged them out to the trees. “We have to find her, she could be hurt!”

One of the men had a police dog who was following a trail, “He probably found a rabbit,” Officer Chanson muttered.

Mulder glared at him, “Can we please-” He stopped when he heard a scream. The three men looked around, searching for her.

Cassandra threw more dust into the fire, she was chanting in a low voice,

Scully couldn’t even make out what she was saying. She looked up at the sky, everything started to spin because of the smoke. Her eyes started to water and the fear was building inside her. “MULDER!” She cried out. Tears spilled from her eyes, “OH, GOD! SOMEONE HELP ME!”

“That’s her!” Mulder abandoned the officers and ran up the hills, searching for her. He saw the fire, his heart racing. <NO! Not fire! Anything but fire!> He could see the five women walking around it, and next to it was another figure lying on the ground. He could see the red hair and knew it was her. His heart was pounding, he had to stop them.

He had to stop them. He had to stop them! The other officers came up around the other side, Mulder took out his gun, took a deep breath. <Think of Scully... you have to save Scully.> “FBI! Freeze!”

The woman momentarily stopped, starring at him. Selene was there, Cassandra and the other three, he couldn’t remember their names. Scully screamed again.... causing his heart to ache. She was scared, damn them. He pointed the gun at them, “Stop now! Let her go!”

“SHE LIED! She isn’t Dana!” One of the unanamous three screamed.

Cassandra slapped her, “Shut up! She deserves this, she should be honored!”

Mulder concentrated on them, he avoided looking at the fire. “Put your hands up and get away from her. NOW!”

Something silver caught his eye. A BLADE! He didn’t know what was going to happen, he had to stop them. Cassandra leapt towards Scully, the blade high above her head. One of the officers fired, shooting her. The other four starred in horror as the older woman was now laying lifeless on top of Scully. She screamed again, “MULDER!”

The other four tried to run away, but the other two officers stopped them. Mulder ran to her, pulling the older woman off. She was crying, she looked scared out of her mind. He saw a small burn on her wrist. “Scully? Can you hear me? Dana?”

Her blue eyes looked into his, “Mulder?” She sounded like a frightened child.

Mulder took the blade out of Cassandra’s hand and cute the ropes, “Shh. It’s okay. It’s over... they’re gone.”

She tried to sit up but he pushed her back down, “We’ll have to take you to the hospital.”

Finally Scully pulled herself up, wrapping her arms around Mulder’s shoulders, “How did you find me?”

He hugged her tight, not wanting to ever let go. “I found the necklace first of all, we searched the trees until I heard you scream.” He lifted her wrist to examine it, “You have a burn.”

She nodded, wincing, “I’ll have a doctor check it.”

He kissed her lightly, “What a vacation.”

Her hand was bandaged and Cassandra hadn’t survived the gun shot wound. The other four women were sent to a psychiatric hospital for the criminal insane. Mulder and Scully had finished their vacation in the house, in the bedrooms. She was wide awake and looking out the airplane windows, her mind drifting. Watching the clouds go by. He gently touched her shoulder, “Scully? Talk to me.”

“I was so scared, I thought that they would kill me. I thought I wasn’t going to see you again. I was sure that I would die without telling you...”

“Telling me what?”

“Telling you that I love you.”

He reached out with his hand, taking hers. He kissed her wrist, “I love you, too, Scully. I was so scared that I was going to lose you.”

She wrapped her arms around him and rested her head against his chest, “What are we going to do?”

“You mean the Bureau?”

“Right now they’re our main problem.”

“I’ll cash in a few favors and handle it. I promise I’m not letting anyone take you away from me again.” He kissed her cheek.

She sighed, she felt safe. She felt comforted. She felt she belonged. She felt like she was home, in Mulder’s arms.

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