Title: Sins Of The Fathers
Author: Danny
Rating: PG-13
DISCLAIMER: The characters and situations of the television program "The X Files"are the creations and property of Chris Carter, Fox Broadcasting, andTen-Thirteen poductions, and have been used without permission. Nocopyright infringement is intended.

Everything of part 1 and some of part 2 and 3 are taken from the most excellent game of Sierra Gabriel Knight: Sins Of The Fathers.




In the woods, outside Charleston, South Carolina June, 1693

The village elders gather at the site of a brutal, ritualistic murder. "Not again!" said one of the elders while he looked at the body of a male who was covered in blood.

"This is the sixth in one week," said another elder then a small man entered the scene and he said something but the elders didn't hear him. "What sayest thou. Mayor Crodwell?"

Crodwell raised his voice "I say... Devils from hell are amongst us! Tis worse than the trouble they had up north." the mayor silenced for a moment when he saw the body of the victim "Mother of god protect us!". The grim vigil is broken by the sound of a horseman's galloping approach. An oddly dressed stranger dismounts.

"Thou art the witch-hunter?" asked one of the elders.

"Ja. Herr Ritter as thou requested."

"And paid well for. I am mayor Crodwell, and these good brothers are from the charleston counsil. I trust thy journey over the seas was uneventful?"

"I was well protected," responded the witch-hunter while he showed his gold talisman to the mayor and the elders "So shall we be, now thou art with us."

The witch-hunter rejects further formalities, turning instead to the gory scene spread out before him. "Tis the work of witches, if not the devil himself."

"I must make that determination, Herr Crodwell." responded the witch-hunter. "Well?" asked the mayor after 10 minutes but the witch-hunter didn't answer him, instead he started to investigate the body of the victim. When the witch-hunter finally answers his voice is grim "Ja. It is witchcraft. There can be no doubt.". The sound of a delicate footfall quiets the angry man, into their midst comes one who shines like copper in the bright moonlit night "Eliza, why art thou here?"

"A letter for the witch-hunter master." the witch-hunter walked towards the slave "Give it to me my child." As their eyes meet, something passes between the witch-hunter and the slave--something like.. Recognition. When the slave left the scene the witch-hunter unfolded the letter:

Dear father,

I received thy missive I know thou art angry but my journey here was not in vain. The colonists here have stumbled upon a true evil magic dark and olde. It is unlike anything I have ever seen on the continent. Please write me more about thy work in S+Dominique there is a pattern around the bodies that recalls thy stories of those killings. I shall

begin to question the local slaves. Do not fear the talisman will protect me. I only do my best to fill thy shoes as shattenjager beloved father. As thou has oft told me we must prepare to sacrifice all.

Your son.

At the end of a scorching summer day spent investigating, Gunter Ritter finds himself at the slave quarters of mayor Crodwell. The sight of a familiar figure is a welcome relief "Mistress Eliza, might I trouble thee?" before Eliza could answer he asked "It is very hot in thy colony, wouldst thou have some water?"

"It is not my colony. Come inside before you fall down." The witch-hunter entered the wooden hut and Eliza poured him a glass of water. "So you are the famous witch-hunter?"

"That is why I am here."

"Why do you that. Hunt witches?" the witch-hunter took a seat "There are things that should not be."

"Ah yes witch-hunter there are many things which should not be." answered the hunter and he took a deep look in Eliza's eyes "Tell me about thyself, Eliza." the woman stares at her questioner, unable to fanthom his interest, but when his face remains sincere, she finds herself speaking. The bitternes in her voice surprises her. "What is there to tell? My real name is Tetelo. My people where strong and beautiful my father led them to prosperty, untill... Few survived the slayers, I was taken to the west indies. Later when my first master died I was bought by Crodwell he brought me here."

"Is he good to thee?" asked the hunter "Good are thou mad witch-hunter." the door bursts open breaking the moment "Eliza my pretty one.." when he discovered the hunter in the room he turned to him "Herr Ritter, I did not expect to find thee still about. It is long past sunset." Gunter finds himself strangely embarrassed "I was just leaving. Good night mayor." and he left the room.

The next day The Crow's Nest (tavern)

"So the victims have all been seamen?" asked the hunter to the bartender

"Swat I said men around here are gettin' awful jumpy. Last man what went

down's a captain."

"From the merchant's pride?" asked the hunter imediately "Nay, e'd been a slayer onct, but gave it up ya know." when they had finished their conversation the hunter stood up to leave the tavern when he reached the door he could hear the bartender say "Some 'r squeamish 'bout such things." and the hunter left. As he heads through town, Gunter sees a distant flash of skirt and hurries to catch up. "Mistress Tetelo, good day, might I aid thee with those packages?"

"Don't call me that! Eliza is my name! Do you want to get us both in trouble? I am a slave!"

"I am sorry... Eliza. There are no slaves where I come from. I am not familiar with the proper procedure. Please forgive me." but Eliza didn't accept his apology and continued "We are not in your homeland nor mine. If you owned me I would have to accept your 'attentions'." and she walked away and her last words to gunter were "Since you do not LEAVE ME ALONE!" and she dissapeared in the crowd across the street.

That night Gunter couldn't sleep. He struggles with an oppressive restlessness, an anxiety he cannot name. It takes him a monent to notice the light tapping at the door "Vas?" he looks who's at the door "Tetelo!" he reacts surprised "Yes, I want you to tell me about it."

"About what?" asked Gunter "Your homeland."

"Ja! Certainly, please take a seat." Gunter finds himself telling the beautiful slave about his father, about their family role of shattenjager -Shadow Hunter -destroyers of evil, about the talisman that goes with the title. "Yes, I can feel the totem's power and yours."

"I am tormented by thoughts of thee, Tetelo. I want such... things."

"A white man would not understand it is called zingsti the unbidden. When a man and woman are brought together by the universe, they have no choice. There is always a reason a child must be born, a village must be saved. To fight it is a living death."

"Yes, I can see that." responded Gunter to Tetelo's explenation "You would not have come to me."

"I did not want to be like the others."

"Good, it is better that I chose for myself. You understand?"

"Yes." answered Gunter.


Tetelo and Gunter are both lying in bed they are recovering from the great sex they had about an hour ago "This is very challenging, I hope that the universe knows what it is doing."

"So, my love, do I." respnded Tetelo and they both fell asleep.

Several weeks later in the office of mayor Crodwell.

"Witch-Hunter thou hast been in Charleston for six weeks! I want this witch caught." shouted the mayor Gunter calmly replied "There is progress. The patterns, the rituals. My father has encountered it before the magic is african."

"African? African! Art thou saying our slaves are responsible? I shall kill every nigger in the state, by god! Insolent bastards!"

"Be calm! A massacre is not the answer! I am sure there are no more than five or six involved. These covens work in secret."

"Art thou sure this is not simply an excuse for spending some much time in my slave quarters?". The words now spoken hang between the two man "NO! Give me one more night I have set a trap, by tomorrow thou wilt have thy witch."

"It had better be so, the example we make of this coven shal never be forgotten." said the mayor while he handed Gunter a gun "And then thou Herr Ritter can go

home." and Gunter left the office of the mayor.

That same night.

A drunk sailor is walking over his ship "Oh the shea, she issa terrible mistress. HOOOO!!!!!" the sailor walks further looking for some of his mates "Where are my men? Where are my..." suddenly the sailor is grabbed from behind by three man and they start slicing his throat when they left the deck was flooded with the blood of the sailor.

He fights the darkness to the throbbing drums. The witch-hunter thought of the perfect trap and into it had fallen the one person he had least expected himself. When he regains consciouness he finds it stranger than any dream! He finds himself tight to the ground, a lot of people are dancing around him and in the center he sees a woman wearing a tiger's cloth. "Damballah oueddo, ou couleuvre moins!" the woman said and she imediately cuts the head of a sheep and blood floods on the ground the woman continues "Ogoun Badagris, vini 'gider nous! Damballah, our great serpent god, come and aid your people!" in the darkness appeared the image of a great serpent "Ogoun Badagris vengeance is taken, power recalled! Blood for

blood as your thirsty jaws demand." as the dagger plunges toward him. Gunter calls on his master "MEIN GOTT!" the talisman suddenly crackles with energy and suddenly the witch sees the man beneath her. The lovers stare at each other in horror "...Gunter???"

"NO! It cannot be thee!" before the two can recover Gunter's man make their belated attack "God take these witches!" screams one of the man. The man of the coven fight bravely, but surprise and numbers take their toll "A trap!" reacts Tetelo surprised "They will kill thee! GO NOW!" she stands up and the last thing she heard when she ran into the forest was Gunter screaming "RUN TETELO!" in a horrified daze Gunter watches his men capture the coven then without a word he slips away to confront the witch herself.

Tetelo's quarters.

"I know you do not understand. I beg you hear me speak!"

"I am waiting." responded Gunter disappointed and Tetelo began her story "My father was not just a chief he was a black bokor. Shaman to the dark gods that gave our tribe power, there came a terrible drought nothing my father did appeased the gods. After many died Ogoun Badagris finally answered. He named the price of rain.. Me. My father thought he could trick Ogoun Badagris. He transferred my soul temporarily into the body of another girl and then he killed her, but Ogoun Badagris was not fooled angry at my father's betrayal Ogoun sent the white men. Our people fought hard and were slaughtered. Everyone still living was taken, many more died on the voyage."

"But why kill these men now? What good can it do?" asked Gunter "Ogoun is willing to forgive, but to regain power our captors must die, our humiliation be revenged."

"I cannot let thee continue. I cannot forget." interupted Gunter her "Of course you cannot. I have been living for the past, but since you came I have seen other paths for me. Together you and I." Gunter grabbed Tetelo "NAH! Thou knew it was thee I sought all this time and to let me love thee!"

"LET you? I had no choice." and Gunter released Tetelo and she continued "How do you think I felt, in love with my own hunter? This was destined! You and I must make a new way together."

"NO! I.. I do not know. I must go think." and he left her quarters "GUNTER! Do not betray me." she screamed after him. "Mayor Crodwell all were captured but the leader a female escaped. The witch-hunter must still be on her trail." explained one of Gunters men to the mayor and the mayor turned to the man who were captured "God has delivered this murderous coven of satan unto us, so he will the witch."

"Yes, but who brought the witch among us?" asked one of the towns people the mayor ignored him and walked over to one of the captured slaves "Thou! Slave! Speak thou her name!" the mayor looks at the face of the slave and he finds him familiar "Thou speakest not and

yet thy face is familiar." looking into the coven member's bloody copper colored face a horrible realization comes to Crodwell "I know where to

find her and the witch-hunter follow me!".

Meanwhile alone in her cabin Tetelo prepares a ritual circle her tribe's veve and enters the spirits world "Father, I call you come speak with your daughter." after a few seconds the image of her father appears in the corner of the room "Father, I have come to ask you please release me from my duty to the tribe." and her father's ghost began to speak "You would betray your own people! You did for love! Your life's only one purpose is to pay for that mistake not repeat it!"

"Perhaps it is better to let the tribe go. This is a new land, there will be new people here. There is a way outside the dark gods." replied his daughter "These white men will

never give you anything unless you use the power. You must destroy this man that tempts you! His kind will only despise you in the end!"

"No, I don't believe that."

"DAUGHTER I COMMAND YOU!!!" with a quick motion the veve is smeared, the contact is broken "NOOOOOOO!!!" screams the ghost

when the ghost was gone Tetelo fell on the ground "Oh papa." In a clearing nearby Gunter wrestles with demons of his own "God, give me an answer!" the answer is not one he expected, in the distance he hears a hissing sound, his revulsion and fear are instant, his dagger is in the air before he's conscious of the decision to throw it or sees clearly it's destination "No!" he sees a chicken covered in blood "Brother Ritter, finally i find thee! They have found the witch she was taken to the town square!" explains a towns man "They found who?" reacts Gunter shocked

"Crodwell's slave woman, Eliza. She must have thought the devil would protect her for she was still in her cabin she didn't even try to escape." Gunter reaches the town square where the soft glow of firelight fills him with terror "Crodwell STOP!"

"What is it witch-hunter? Or should I say witch-lover?"

"What dost thou imply? I ask for a fair trial that is all! This is murder!"

"Oh? And what is it called when town money is spent for a witch-hunter and he protects the witch? Lays with her in utter blasphemy? Perhaps the good townfolk would be interested in hearing this story?" the crowd quiets and turns toward the two men sensing a confrontation "I. But this."

"Well are you still under the power of her seductive ways?"

"No, I merely wished to question the witch, but if thou wishes to burn her secrets with her then do so and quickly!"

"Gunter!" screams Tetelo. The

witch-hunter pushes his way with pretended coldness to the edge of the

angry crowd, but cannot make himself go any further. He watches transfixed as the flames grow higher and Tetelo abandoned once more begs her old gods for vengeance "Damballah, Ogoun Badagris hear your wicked daughter! I call upon you to revenge your people! Destroy this town and all within it! DAMBALLAH! GREAT SERPENT -STRIKE!".

The only reply she gets is the taunts of the hate-filled mob "Speak witch speak! HA! HA! HA!"

"Thy devils cannot save thee."

"Burn devils whore." her agony and humiliation twist in Gunter's mind she, the martyr, the crowd, the howling demons it can not go on "NO! Tetelo I empower thee!" said Gunter while he aimed his talisman at Tetelo "God forgive me.". The power of the talisman and the power of Tetelo's dark gods conjoin in a terrible synergy. The heavens boil over, bleed electricity and hurls their destruction with deadly accuracy at the saints and skinners in the square below. "Now my brothers." Tetelo's handfull freed from their bonds attack they are joined by Charleston's other

slaves while the slaves and Tetelo's demons were cutting people heads off they kept screaming "Damballah.". Mercy had been left out in the field of stinking slave ships and it was Charleston that paid it's

price this night. Gunter sits in the eye of the storm while some part of his brain hears the sounds of the massacre his eyes refuse to acknowledge it. He stares at the talisman in his hands as though focusing on a light until even the light is polluted and he can no longer deny "Look at me!" ordered Tetelo, he will not he cannot "LOOK AT ME!!!" and Tetelo continued before Gunter could even look at her "You betrayed me."

"I saved thee."

"Your guilt saved me and this. But you betrayed me. I could have loved you I would have left everything."

"What have I done?"

"You have made me my fathers daughter. Good bye witch-hunter!" answered Tetelo and

everything turned black before Gunter's eyes.

New Orleans 12:30 AM 1997

The inspector was resting in bed after a long day on his work he was almost asleep when he was woken by the phone "Mostley."

"Inspecter Mostley, this is field officer Jackson we need you to get over here sir there has been another murder near Jackson Square."

"Another one that is the fifth in two weeks, well I'm on my way." and he hang up the phone he got dressed and left his house. Once he arrived at the crime scene he saw a coroner and about four officers taking care of the evidence and all other police business a man in a police uniform walked towards him "Are you inspector Mostley?" he asked "Yes, can someone please tell me what the fuck is going on here in this town?" he replied the police man looked at him for a few seconds and continued "We found the body about two hours ago over there lying on that strange sign on the ground, we thought that you could shred some light in this case since you have been on the scene of the previous murders." Mostley looked around for a while and he came to the shocking conclusion that this was another voodoo murder "How do you know that this are voodoo murders and that this is not another maniac serial killer who wants us to believe that we have some voodoo clan in our town?" asked the officer. They both walked over to the spot were the ground was covered with blood and Mostley pointed to the sign on the ground "Do you know what that is?" he asked the officer "I haven't got a fucking clue." he replied "This is a veve a very common signed used to call upon the spirits by voodoo priests. And I can tell you what was missing from the body."

"Well what was missing then?"

"His heart, it was cut out of his body with some kind of ritual dagger that's why the ground is covered with blood and your other officers should have found a snake scail around here somewhere." the police officer looked at him as if he was one of the murderes since he knew so much about them "Well we are going to need some help with these cases."

"And I know just the ones who could help us with this, they are experts in these kind of cases."

Washington D.C. FBI Headquarters 3:10 PM

Mulder sat behind his desk and was working on the report of their previous x-file involving some killer ants when suddenly Scully rushed into the basement "Mulder! What is so important that I had to cancel my appointment with the dentist?"

"I got a letter from an old friend of mine and he needs our help with a case."

"What case?" Scully asked "New

Orleans seems to have become the center of voodoo activity in the last two weeks there have been five murders and they haven't got any suspects on the moment and since heard from some people that we have experience with these kind of cases he asked our help." Scully sat down and took a cup of coffee "And you think Skinner will allow us to leave?" Mulder stood up "Let's find out. Wait here Scully." and Mulder left the basement. Mulder walks through some hallways and arrives at the door with a sign saying <Assistand Director Walter S. Skinner> he knocked at the

door "Come in." Skinner said from within the room Mulder opened the door and entered Skinner's office. "Take a seat agent Mulder." Mulder took a seat and Skinner closed the document in front of him "What can I do for you?"

"I would like to ask permission for me and agent Scully to leave for some days to New Orleans and help the local police there with a case with is in our field of expertise." Skinner pushed his glasses further up his nose "And what case might that be?" he asked "Well a friend of mine who works with the local police over there has sended me a letter and explained that there have been some murders and they still don't have a suspect so he asked for our help."

"Well murder cases aren't strange, agent Mulder, so why would I let you two go?"

"Because the murder victims where found with their hears removed from their body and around the body's they found some circles which appear to be veve's used by voodoo priests, so please let us go sir we haven't got anything to do right now." Skinner smiled "You two can go, but you need to travel by car."

"And may I ask why we need to travel by car. Sir." Mulder asked "Because the bureau is a little short on cash at the moment so we can't buy you some plane tickets. Now leave before I change my mind." Mulder stood up and left the office.

Mostley sat in his chair resting from a day at work he turned on the TV and tuned to his favourite series on television he was watching another episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine then suddenly the phone rang 'Oh please not another murder' he thought he answered the phone "Mostley." and the dark mysterious voice on the other end said "Well finally we meen Mr. James."

"Who is this? How do you know my name?" Mostly reacted "The spirits tell me everything I need to know about you for instance the spirits tell me that you will die within the next 20 minutes by the hands of a snake..." Mostley hang up the phone

"Lunatic" he said.

"Mulder where have you been?"

"I had an appointment with Bambi why?"

"I think you better sit down Mulder." Mulder looked at Scully and sat behind his desk "Now, will you tell me what's going on?" Mulder asked "I just got a phone call from the police in New Orleans and there was another murder victim only this time his heart wasn't removed and there wasn't a veve at the murder scene."

"And why is this so important?"

Scully gives Mulder a cup of coffee because she knew this was really going to shock him "Come on Scully tell me why you are behaving so strange."

"Well the victim was...."

"Well the victim was Phoebe."

"Do you mean Phoebe Green?" asked Mulder Dana nodded her head "I'm sorry Mulder, although I didn't like her I never wished that this would happen to her."

"But what was she doing in New Orleans?"

"I have no idea Mulder but lets go and find out."

New Orleans NOPD, 3:05 PM

Mulder and Scully entered the police department and walked over to the desk clerk "I'm special agent Mulder and this agent Scully, were with the FBI and we have an appointment with detective Mostley."

"Can I see your id please?" asked the clerk and Dana and Mulder showed him their badges "One moment." the desk clerk picked up the phone "Inspector

there are some people from the fbi here for you." after a few seconds he hang up the phone "You can go right in."

"Excuse me but where is his office?" Scully asked "One moment I will arrange that an officer will take you to him." he left his position behind the desk and came back with an officer "This is officer Jackson. Jackson I want you to take these two to Mostley for me." the officer instructed Mulder and Scully to follow him into the hallway.

Somewhere in a dark alley.

"My brothers the spirits tell me that a man and a woman have come to interfere with our practises ofcourse we can't let this happen so I'm sending two of you out tonight to take care of one of them. Don't let me down because you know what the punishment is." when the dark priest finished his anouncement he left the alley and disappeared in the fog.

"Ah agents Mulder and Scully, come in." sounded the voice of the inspector from behind the door, Mulder opened the door "After you Scully." and they both entered the messy room they looked around to find two chairs but there was only one so Mulder gave Scully the chair "You know why you are here?" Mostley asked "We heard that you have been confronted with some voodoo murders in the last couple weeks and you don't

know what to do anymore." was Mulder's answer to his question "What are your findings in the case so far?" Scully asked "Well we know that

there have been 7 murders in the last two weeks and that the victims tourists were tourists, currently we don't have any suspects and we found these pattern with all the six murders around the body of the

victim I don't know if it will help but I can get you a photo copy."

"Yes, I would like to have a copy." Scully answered "I have one question Inspector Mostley." Mulder said "Ask away." he answered "About the last murder could I see her carcass?" Mostley looked at him as if he would like to say <what kind of a stupid question is that> "Sure, I will call the coroner that you are on your way."

"Thanks." and they both left the room. "Mulder I'm going to look around if I can find more info on these patterns."

"Ok, then I will check out what the coroner has to say about these murders.".

Coroner 5:10 PM

The coroner was busy performing an autopsie when Mulder entered the building the clerk showed him where he could wait for the coroner. After 2 hours the coroner entered the room his coat was still covered with blood and some juices from the dead body in the other room "Hi, I'm Jonathan." and he reached out his hand Mulder shook his hand and introduced himself and imediately afterwards he showed his badge "I'm here to ask you some questions about Phoebe Green." Mulder said "One

moment please?" the coroner said when he left the room after a while he came backt with the autopsy report of Phoebe "Now I will be able to answer most of your questions. I hope." the coroner said "My first request is if I can see the body?"

"Are you sure she is in a bad shape if you ask me."

"I'm up to it in my line of work you see dead bodies

everyday." The coroner left the room and Mulder folowed him to the other room and there he walked to the third bed from the left and he lifted the white sheet that covered the body. Mulder looked down and when he realized that it was Phoebe lying there he puked on the ground. The coroner brought him back to the previous room and got him a glass of water "Are you OK?" the coroner asked "I'm fine." and they both took a seat on the chairs in the small room "Let's get on with my investigation shall we?" Mulder asked "Ask everything you want to know." he answered "What caused her death?"

"Well that one is simple, her heart was removed from her body." the coroner smiled while he answered his question Mulder wanted to punch him in the face because the coroner smiled about the death of one of his lovers but he could resist that temtation "And the 6 other victims did they all die in the same manner as this one?"

"That's another simple question. Yes."

"Are you always this irritating?" Mulder asked "Hmmmmm that's a hard one. I would have to ask that to my wife and friends fist before I can answer that question."

New Orleans, University 5:35 PM

"I'm special agent Dana Scully and I was wondering if I could talk to a professor who studies voodoo and all kind of that stuff?" the janitor stopped with what he was doing "Then you need to talk with prof. Henderson he's an expert in that area." he said "Can I talk with him?"

"Yes you can. I will take you to him." Scully followed the janitor to the office of the professor "Wait here.". After ten minutes the janitor came out of the room and said that it was ok for Scully to enter the room "What can I do for you? Young ladie?" Henderson asked "I'm investigating serveral murders and at all the crime scenes we found this pattern so I would like your help with identifyin it." Henderson took the copy of the pattern from Scully and looked at it "Well I have to do some research on this one I have never seen a pattern like this before." said the professor after he studied the

pattern for a while "So you can't help me right now?" Scully asked "The only thing I can tell you is that this pattern is used for black voodoo, that's all I know about it but if you come back in a day of three I will be able to tell you more." Scully thanked the man and

left the university.

Somewhere in a dark alley.

A big crowd of voodoo worshippers had gathered for the second time in this alley for the meeting which will determine which two will be chosen to take care of Mulder or Scully this evening. After a

while a dark priest just appeared and he took place on the altar that was build there by his worhippers "Brothers tonight will be the night where two of you will be chosen to take care of one of the most important tasks of this society." the priest took a piece of paper and rubbed it over the altar "The spirits have chosen Peterson and Wong to take care of the FBI woman. Here location for tonight will be the Moonlight motel in room 20. That is what the spirits have told me now it's time for me leave and take care of other important business." the priest disappeared and afterwards everybody left the alley.

The next day.

Mulder got out of bed and took a shower afterwards he brushed his teeth and got dressed he walked over to Scully's room to have breakfast with her. He knocked on her door "Scully it's me." when he didn't get a response he knocked again. After ten minutes he used his skills to open the door and when he entered the room and he didn't see Scully there wasn't even any sign of a struggle after a while he found a note <YOUR NEXT!> was written on it.

<Shit this is the second time they took her from me> thought Mulder while he puts the piece of paper in his coat so he could let it be analyzed for finger-prints.

Later that day NOPD

"I'm sorry about your partner agent Mulder." Mostley symphatized with

him "Is there anything I can do for you?"

"Yeah, there is one thing. I would apreciate it if you could have this note analyzed for finger-prints." and he gave Mostley the note.

"Sure, is there anything else I can do for you?"

"I would like some coffee I haven't had a cup all morning."

Mostley picked up the phone and asled for some coffee, after a while a blond woman entered the room and gave them both some coffee.

Salva Mea Church January 29, 12:44 AM

When Scully woke up she was in a room filled with black candles and on every wall she saw the numbers 666.

"So you're finally awake."

Scully looked around but she couldn't see anyone.

"You can look where you want, but you won't be able to see me."

"Who are you?" Scully asked while she searched in the darkness for a person.

"They call me the dark one but you can call me Gala. If you will

excuse me now I have some business to attend to."

In the corner of the room Scully suddenly saw a bright flash and afterwards she heard a door opening.

"Are you the FBI woman?" a male voice asked.

"That depends on who's asking."

"They call me the dark lord I'm here to prepare you for the ceremony."

"What ceremony?" said Scully grasping for her gun she soon discovered that they had removed her gun "What do you want from me?"

"We just want to please our god and to do so he has sent us an omen of you with the message that he wants you to join him in his realm."

"Who has told you this rubbish?"

"Our leader."

"Does your leader have a name?"

"He hasn't told us his real name but he likes to be called Jackson."

Scully walked towards the light emerging from the open door until she was stopped by an invisible force that surrounded her.

"There is no way you can escape." she heard the man leave the room.

"Wait! How long do I have before I'm sacrificed to your god?"

"You have one week left to enjoy your life before it ends."

The door closed and Scully feld her heard pounding what could she do to get out of that room does Mulder know where she is those where the questions that haunted her mind for two hours until she feld a

cold breeze over her shoulders.

"I think you could use some help from the other realm right now."

It took her a while to realize that the voice she heard was from Luther Lee Boggs she turned to the directon of the voice and was shocked when she saw the ghost of him in front of her she tried to touch him but her hand passed right through him. She closed

her eyes and the only thing she could think was that she had a phantasm.

"No, Dana I'm not a phantasm I'm here to help you like you tried to help me 3 years ago."

"No, you aren't real you are just a projection produced by my brain."

"How could you still be such a sceptic after all things you have seen with your partner?"

"Because there is a scientific explenation for everything you just need to know where to search for the answers."

"That's just great I'm offering you my help and you tell me I'm not real. If you wish me to leave tell me and I will do so."

"What can you possibly do to help me to get out of here?"

"I can lead Mulder to you and that's all I'm offering so if you would like me to help you say so."

"Ok, help me, before you go can I ask you one more question?"


"Where am I?"

"You're in the Salva Mea church located in The Netherlands."

The image of Luther disappeared and Scully pinched herself to check if she wasn't dreaming when she felt the sensation of

pain in her arm she realized she wasn't dreaming and she walked towards the door once she found it in the darkness she knocked

on it and shouted.

"Let me out of here it is an felony to kidnap an federal agent."

After a while she heard footsteps moving closer and closer then everything was silent in the hallway a small hole was opened from the other side of the door. Scully could see a small man with dark hair standing on the other side of the door.

"I demand that you let me out of here."

The small dark haired man laughed.

"Or else what? Are you going to arrest us?"

"Just don't think you can get away with this my partner will find me before you will be able to sacrifice me."

"Ogoun Badagris will never allow that your partner interferes with our plans."

The man closed the small hole and he left the church heading for a meeting with his friends at the Escape in Amsterdam.

The Escape Value, Amsterdam 6:00 AM

The man got out of his car a Ford Sierra he walked towards the entrance and opened the door with his key that he has gotten from the owner of that disco. He walked backstage where everybody else was waiting for him. The leader walked to him.

"Why are you so late Jean-Luc?"

"I'm very so but I had some important business to attend to."

"I will forgive you this time but the next time you will be punished."

"Thanks for your understanding Mr. Jackson."

"Get to your seat so that we can go on with this meeting."

Jean-Luc walked to his seat and sat down right after that Jackson began his speech.

"Brothers we are gathered here today because something has interfered with our plans. I have been told from our friends in the east that the partner of our prisoner has found out that we are keeping here here and that's he is on his way here while we speak, so I have decided to sacrifice the woman earlier as planned. She will be sacrificed within the next four days meanwhile we need to make sure that the FBI man doesn't discover where we are holding his partner so we

are moving her to another location which is only known by me and the ones who will transfer her. Any questions?"

Schiphol January 30, 1:00 PM

Mulder walked out of the airport and called a taxi after 10 minutes the taxi arrived.

"Where can I take you?"

"Take me to the Salva Mea church."

"Your wish is my command." said the driver while he started the engine. "Are you a tourist?"

"No, I'm here to find my partner."

"And you think she has gone to this church filled with all those lunatics?"

"Can you give me more information about this church?"

"What would you like to know?"

"Just tell me what you think that I need to know."

"Well the church was founded in 1650 by some rich people as a reward for their slaves who had worked hard soon after the church was finished people began to disappear and they were never found by the police or anyone else who tried to find them."

"And what makes you think that the slaves were responsible?"

"Because the people living next to this church heard some strange noises coming from the dungeons at night from this church and the police found some bones there in the dungeons which were probarly from Raymond L. Courtier who helped building the church and he disappeared after he entered the church he was never seen again."

"Well that's some creepy stuff."

"Well that's not all I wish I could tell you more but we have arrived at your destination."

Mulder paid the driver and got out of the taxi he walked toward the gate he heard the taxi driving away behind him he opened the gate and he saw two man from the church walking towards him.

Meanwhile in the dungeon of the church

The door opened and two man walked inside they grapped Scully to take her outside.

"Where are we going?" she asked

The monks didn't answer they just pulled harder they walked through

corridors when they arrived at a dead end one of the monks pushed a stone on the wall and a secret door opened they pushed Scully inside and closed the secret door.

"Excuse me I'm special agent Mulder and I'm here to conduct an investigation."

One of the monks opened the gate and the other left the scene walking towards the town.

"Come on in."

Mulder followed the monk into the church they walked to the dining room the monk sat down at the table and Mulder decided to do the same.

"Before we start I like to see your badge."

Mulder took his badge out of his coat and showed in to the monk.

<Name: Fox Mulder

Badge Number: JTT04710111>

"Well agent Mulder what can I do for you?"

"I have reasons to believe that my partner is being held captive here."

The monks attidute slighty changed towards Mulder.

"This is a church not a prison."

"I would like to look around if you don't mind."

"Why would you do that are we suspects?"

"I didn't say that this is just my first time in The Netherlands and I just wanted to see what a dutch church looks like."

"If you wait here a moment I will get someone to show you our church."

The monk left the room a few seconds later Mulder decided to take a

look around without an escort. He searched the dining room but he didn't find anything he entered a hallway with three doors on the first door was a sign what looked like a veve which was often used at voodoo rituals on the second door was the sign a stairway and on

the third there wasn't a sign. He opened the first door and walked into the dark room he closed the door behind him he walked further

into the room but soon it was to dark for him to see anything so he searched the walls for a light switch. A few minutes later he turned the light on and he saw that most of the walls where covered with blood and ritual knifes where also on the walls in the corner of the room there was a table with a book on it he walked towards the table and opened the book. It appeared that it was some kind of field journal one entry catched his attention.

<The date is 13th of January 1899.

Today I've returned from a visit to our brothers in the east. I've seen a lot of interesting things. They showed me a ritual where they sacrificed a red haired woman to please the spirit of darkness I will now describe what happens to the woman during the ritual: first they cut a chickens head off and they force the woman to drink the blood after that they draw a veve on the ground with the blood of the chicken once the veve is drawn the woman must stand on the veve and then some people start to play the drums and the others begin to dance around the woman then the only woman in the party takes the mask of a leopard and puts it on the ritual knife is given to her by the man who has cut the head of the chicken, she walsk to the red haired woman and cuts her

heart out.>

Mulder closed the book.

<Oh my god Scully! I must find her.> he thought.

The monk returned with another monk in the dining room when he saw that Mulder left the room he became really pissed.

"Now I've had it with him alarm the others that an intruder has entered the building and when they found him bring him to me dead or alive."

"Yes, oh mighty Jackson." and the monk left the room.

Jackson first searched the dining room for Mulder but when he didn't find him he entered the hallway and walked to the third door he opened it and walked into the room. Mulder who heard the monk walking through the hallway quickly turned the light off and he hides in the darkest corner of the room. A few minutes later he hears that the door is being opened.

He hears a female voice "I don't think he's in here."

"And why do you think that?" Jackson asks.

"Because the light is off oh mighty one."

"Did you ever think of the possibility that he turned the light off and is hiding in this room idiot! You will search this room and I will take the second door."

"What must I do when I find him?"

"Just make sure you keep him in this room."

After this conversation Mulder grabbed his gun and pointed it in the direction of the footsteps when he was sure the female was in the room he got out of the corner.

"Hold it right there or I will be forced to shoot you."

The female walked towards the room and turned the light on when Mulder saw the face of the woman it was like he was looking at Phoebe Green her face and body were exactly the same when she speaked to he realized that even her voice was the same.

"Please sir put the gun down we mean you no harm." she said softly.

"Tell me who you are?" he asked.

"I'm just a servant of the spirit of darkness." she answered.

"No, I want to know your name."

"I can't tell you my name I will be punished if you tell you."

"Well how do you call each other than?"

"We call each other brother or sister. It is forbidden to use names."

"Put your hands in the air and face the wall!"

"I can't do that either."

"I said put your hands in the air and face the wall!"

"I said I can't do that. Now please come with me I don't want to hurt you."

Mulder pointed his gun at her.

"This is your final warning or I will be forced to shoot you. Put your hands in the air and face the wall!!!"

"Sorry but now I'm forced to kill you."

The woman puts her hands in the hair. "Shaka. Solumanium. Doranio."

Mulder saw that the hands of the woman where brighter than before then a ritual knife from the wall floated to her hands. Mulder realized he had no other choice and he shot the woman. She fell on the ground and Mulder walked to her.

"I'm sorry but you left me no other choice."

The woman was bleeding really bad.

"You. You shot me..... I'm going to die aren't I?"

Mulder didn't answer that question he just looked at her.

"I know you're a good woman. Please tell me where my partner is?"

The woman looked at him she realized that she was going to die so she couldn't be punished by Jackson.

"Come closer." she whispered.

Mulder moved closer.

"They are holding her in the dungeon <cough> I heard they moved her to the secret room <cough, cough>."

"Where is the dungeon?"

"<cough> Enter door with the stairway sign and keep walking north until you get <cough, cough, cough, cough> to a dead end. There you must face the wall on your left and push the third stone from the right in the row on the top so you can acces the room where they are holding her."

The woman closed her eyes.

"Thank you. I'm sure you will go to heaven." said Mulder to calm the

female but it was of no use because she was already dead.

Mulder left the room and walked to the door the woman told him about he saw that the door was already open. He walked to the wall the woman told him about and pushed the third stone from the right on the wall on his left. The wall moved and he entered the room.

"Dana are you here?" he whispered.

He didn't get an answer.

"Dana it's me, Mulder."

He saw someone slowly moving towards him.

"Please take me out of here," Dana said weakly.

Mulder carried her through the hallway when they arrived in the dining room all the monks where waiting for them Jackson walked out of the crowd of monks.

"Going somewhere?" he asked.

When Mulder did a step backwards he was stopped by an invisible shield

behind him.

"You can't escape" said Jackson while he walked towards them.

"We are federal agents you can't do this!"

Jackson stopped walking towards them when he was about 1 meter away from them.

"You will be both sacrificed tonight, first the woman and then you."

He raised his hands in the air.

"Chibala Envez Gyloia Damballah!!!" and he pointed his hands at Mulder and Scully they both where struck by some kind of beam and everything went black the last thing they saw was that Jackson was ordering two monks to carry them to the dungeon.

The Music Factory Bussum 3:00 PM

Everybody was busy on some last minute details for the show tonight in the Escape in Amsterdam.

"Does anybody have the list of the artists who will be at the show tonight? So that I can tell the viewers of my program who will be there tonight." asked Fabienne.

Ruud stopped working on his program for tonight and handed Fabienne the list.

"Here you are." he said.

"Thanks Ruud."

She looked at the list and saw that some pretty famous artists would be there tonight like No Doubt, Spice Girls and The Party Animals.

4:57 PM

"Fabienne get over here Toute Fabienne wil begin within 3 minutes."

"Ok I'm coming." she answered.

Fabienne took a seat on the set of Toute Fabienne her program on The Music Factory.

45 minutes later.

"The show's almost over but first for the ones who are coming to the Escape tonight to the Showcase at 10:00 PM here are a few artists who will be on the stage for you to promote their new songs." she named some artists from the list and continued with the last minutes of her program.

The Escape Amsterdam 5:10 PM

Jackson entered the club and walked to the backstage where everybody was preparing for the sacrifice. One man stopped working and walked to Jackson.

"Sir there's a problem." he said.


"About the sacrifice tonight at 10:30 PM."


"Well at 10:00 PM here tonight there will be a party." he said.

"You call that a problem? I'll take care of that tonight the sacrifice will go on as planned." Jackson answered.

The man got back to the table he was working on. Jackson walked further backstage and entered his office he walked to the bookcase and pulled the three books in the middle and a secret door opened on his left he entered the shrine and prayed to his goddess.

"Oh all mighty Tetelo tell me how I should take care of the people who will be here tonight."

For a few minutes nothing happened but suddenly the secret door closed and a cold breeze moved past Jackson and in the magic circle in the left corner of the shrine a woman appeared.

"You called for me?" she asked.

Jackson walked to woman and kneeled for her.

"Yes I need your help tonight to care of some business." he said.

"What kind of business?"

"We need to get rid of some people here tonight or there will be no sacrifice."

"Can't you take care of that yourself?"

"No, I'm not powefull enough to kill them all but you could do that for me."

"Ok I will take care of it once again when you get here you can go on with the sacrifice as planned just don't dissapoint me."

"I won't thanks you Tetelo."

Tetelo dissapeared and the secret door opened Jackson left The Escape and drived back to Salva Mea to check on the agents.

10:00 PM

The dance floor of the Escape was filled with young people who wanted to part the whole evening. When the party was going on for an hour all the lights went out and on the stage appeared the image of Tetelo.

"Welcome I'm Tetelo and I will make this night one to remember for your family. Prepare to die."

And in the room appeared swords and knifes which where flying through the sky. The last words everybody heard was Tetelo ordering the swords and knifes to kill them.

Salva Mea. 10:15 PM

The door opened and Mulder and Scully both stood up in the opening they

saw Jackson with four other monks.

"It's time," Jackson said.

The Escape 10:35 PM, Amsterdam

"Looks like Tetelo has taken care of everyhing just look at those bodies. James I want you to cut their hearts out while we take care of these two."

Jackson handed James a knife and James started with his assignment.

"Is everything ready for the ritual?" Jackson asked.

"Everything's ready master." sounded a voice from the backstage.

Mulder and Scully where brought backstage by some monks and where tied on a table from stone.

"Mulder how did you find me?"

"Let's just say that someone who helped you to find the two kidnaped teenagers 3 years ago guided me to this place."

"Mulder are you telling me that the ghost of Boggs brought you here?"

"Scully this isn't the place and time to have this discussion."

Before Scully could answer Mulder the lights went off and they heard

the sounds of drums and a few minutes after that the members of the Salva Mea church formed a circle around Mulder and Scully.

"Mulder what are they doing?"

"Trust me Scully you don't want to know that."

"Shut up!" said Jackson while he was putting the black candles in a circle around them.

"Where's the chicken?"

Out of the crowd someone stepped forward and handed Jackson a chicken.

"It's time to begin the ritual, Peterson light the candles."

Peterson turned all the candles on and got back into the crowd which started to dance when Peterson joined them. Jackson took the knife and cuts the chicken's head off and filled two cups with the blood of the chicken. He took a cup and walked to Scully.

"Open your mouth to drink the blood of Tetelo!"

When she didn't open her mouth Jackson turned to the crowd who were dancing around them.

"James and Peter get over here and hold her mouth open."

"If you touch her I will kill you!" Mulder said.

"You are not in the position to threaten me," Jackson replied.

Then suddenly the lights were turned on and they heard that someone has entered the building.

"This is the police, the building is surrounded, drop your weapons and get here with your hands in the air." sounded a male voice from the entrance.

"don't try to stop us or we will kill these two!" Jackson screamed to the police from the backstage.

"This isn't going to work we have to gass them out." Said the leader of

the police.

A few seconds later two cops arrived with special guns which fire sleeping gass into a room.

"Ok boys fire at will."

The two cops fired the sleeping gass and everybody backstage fell asleep.

A few hours later.

"Where are we?" Mulder and Scully asked when they woke up.

"You are on the police department in Amsterdam."

"How did you know that there was something going on in the building where we were hold."

"We got a phon ecall from Wessel van Diepen who organized a party there this night and had agreed with a partner of him that he would call him when the party started but simce he didn't get a phone call he suspected that there was something wrong and called us. When we arrived there we found a man cutting the hearts out of the uncounsious people, he surrendered when he saw us entering the building and the rest of the story do you know. Oh yeah before I forget to tell you this we've gotten a phone call of Assistant Director Skinner who wanted us to tell you that he wants to see you in his office when you are back in Washington DC."

FBI Headquarters Skinners Office

"You wanted to speak with us sir?" Mulder asked.

"Yes take a seat please."

Mulder and Scully both sat down.

"What is it sir?" Scully asked.

"Remember the murders you investigated in New Orleans?"


"Well for some unexplaineble reasons the murders stopped when agent Scully was taken hostage so there have been no arrests."

"Anything else sir?" Scully asked.

"Yes, I want you two take a vacation."


"No buts, agent Mulder, I order you to take an vacation."

"Yes sir."

"And now get out of my office I have an appointment in 10 minutes."

Mulder and Scully got out of their chairs and left Skinner's office.


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