Title: Lucy and the Aliens
Written by: Lucy Scully
Written: January 1999
Rating: G
Classification: Crossover/Humor
Spoilers: Lucy is Envious from "I Love Lucy" Also, the first Lucy/XF story, "Lucy Loves The X Files," Lucy got Mulder and Scully together. So we are assuming they are still together!
Disclaimer: Ok. Mulder and Scully belong to Chris Carter, 20th Century Fox. Lucy, Ricky, Fred, and Ethel belong to Desilu, Too. The aliens? Maybe they belong to me. No infringement is intended.

Summary: Mulder and Scully are called in by Lucy Ricardo to investigate alien sightings in New York City.

The Empire State Building
1:23 p.m.

The tourists were standing around enjoying the view from the Empire State Building. It was a lovely afternoon, with the weather very pleasant. Lucy and Ethel were among the tourists that day.

"Oh, Ethel. Isn't this lovely? You can see all the shops from right here. Look! There's that cute little blue hat, with the pearls along the edges," Lucy says with a hungry look in her eye.

"Lucy, all I can think about is what happened the last time we were here!" Ethel says laughing.

"Yeah, wasn't that fun? Oh, if those people could have seen the looks on their faces!" Lucy says chuckling, with a gleam in her eye.

"That is something that I will NEVER forget in all my life," Ethel tells her.

Lucy and Ethel continue to look through the telescope at all the shops downtown. None of the tourists were paying any attention when two ugly green alien looking creatures appeared on the ledge of the building. They were about 5 feet tall. They began making weird, unfamiliar sounds.

"Uh, Ethel! What's going on?" Lucy screams. "Are you seeing what I'm seeing?"

"Uh, huh," says Ethel, who is huddled against Lucy. "Do you think this is some kind of joke?"

"I'm not sure! Maybe one of us should go talk to them," Lucy says, nudging Ethel toward the aliens.

"Which one of us, Lucy?" Ethel says sarcastically.

"The one who is the older, braver one," Lucy tells her.

"Nothing doing! Not this time am I gonna listen to you!" Ethel says backing toward the wall.

People start rushing everywhere. The aliens start to look around. One of them stops and stares at Lucy. Then Lucy and Ethel take off for elevator.

Lucy Ricardo's house
4:01 p.m.

Lucy and Ethel were going over the events of what happened. Lucy had calmed down, but Ethel was still a little shaken.

"Ethel, you don't think Ricky will blame us for this, do you?" Lucy asks.

"Lucy, I don't know! Oh, I'm really scared. What if those were real aliens out there!" Ethel says.

"Oh, come now. It has to be another one of those publicity stunts like before. There is obviously another movie coming out. There's no reason to be scared. There is no such thing as aliens!" Lucy says as she tries to assure Ethel. "Hey, you don't suppose that Ricky and Fred have something to do with this. You know, they could be trying to get back at us, to teach us a lesson."

"I don't think that they would stoop so low. They made their point when THEY dressed like the aliens and came in and took our money. There is no reason for them to do it again. I sure do wish Ricky and Fred would hurry home," Ethel said as she looked out the window.

"Ok, I think that I'll call our friends, Mulder and Dana, and have them come and take a look into this. That would be the perfect excuse to have them come visit again. Would that make you feel better?" Lucy asked. Ethel shook her head yes, then Lucy made the call.

FBI Headquarters 5:00 p.m.

Scully was just getting ready to leave for the day when Mulder comes hurling through the door.

"Scully, get packed. We are going to New York City. Lucy Ricardo just called me and said that there has been an alien sighting around the Empire State Building, " Mulder says bursting with engery.

Scully just stands there and looks at Mulder. Why am I going through this again, she asks herself. Still chasing little green men with Mulder. This is another one of his wild goose chases.

"Mulder, you know that I already made plans for this weekend. I'm going to visit my mother and my brother is coming. I don't have time for this, " Scully says to him sternly.

"Oh, come on, Scully. Don't you want another chance to tell me I'm wrong, and give me your logical explanation for all of this?" Mulder pleads with her, using that puppy dog look, she knows so well. "Besides, Lucy says that we can stay at her house while we're there. Now that will make the assignment more fun. Remember the last time we were there?"

Ah, Scully remembers the last time all too well. It was the most wonderful weekend she had ever spent with Mulder. Thanks to Lucy, she and Mulder finally became a couple. Scully knows when she's licked. "Ok," she sighs, "but I'm warning you, if this is another one of those hoaxes, I'll.."

Mulder looks at her with his wide grin, and gives her the look of "you won't be sorry."

Lucy's house
The next day 9:04 a.m.

Lucy, Ricky, and the Mertzes were drinking their morning coffee, waiting for Mulder and Scully to arrive.

"Oh, I can't wait to see Mulder and Dana again!" Lucy says smiling.

"This time I gotta hand it to you, Lucy. You knew a good match when you saw one, and nothing backfired this time," Ricky says.

"Thank you very much!" Lucy says, as she gives him a kiss.

Mulder and Scully finally arrived.

"Greetings, earthlings," Mulder says as he opens the door.

"Hi! I'm so glad to see you both!" Lucy says as she hugs them.

"So, Lucy. What is this about a so called alien sighting?" Scully says as she puts down her bags.

"If anyone knows about an alien sighting, it's Lucy," Fred says laughing.

"Why is that?" Scully asks.

"Tell them, Lucy!" Ricky says grinning.

"Well! A couple of months ago, an old friend of mine came by collecting money for a charity. Ethel and I didn't have the money, so we decided to find the best way to make money fast. So we answered the ad in the paper, and we dressed up like aliens for a movie coming out, "Women From Mars." We had the best time!" Lucy says.

"But then Ricky and Fred gave us a real scare. They came in dressed as aliens and took our money! But later we got it back, " Ethel tells them.

Mulder looks at Scully and gives her a look of, I know what you are thinking.

"That sure sounds like fun, huh, Scully?" Mulder says as he grins at her.

"Lucy, tell us what happened yesterday," Scully says.

Lucy begins to tell the agents the events of yesterday. Mulder is very interested, but Scully just sits there, looking kind of amused.

"Scully, let's go on over to the Empire State Buiding. If we see King Kong, I promise to protect ya!" Mulder tells her.

Scully rolls her eyes and says, "We'll be back afterwhile, Lucy. Thanks for letting us stay here."

"Be careful. When you get back, I'll have dinner ready" Lucy says.

The Statue Of Liberty
10:08 a.m.

The tourists were having a wonderful time walking around the Statue of Liberty. No one was paying any attention when two aliens appeared on the ledge of the torch. They began making strange sounds. The people were terrified, and some began to run. An older couple turned to grab their grandchild, and when they looked back, the aliens were gone.

The Empire State Building
10:30 a.m.

Mulder and Scully were walking around looking for any kind of evidence. Needless to say, they had no idea that Lucy had followed them. She had carried a little notebook, and was writing down everything Mulder and Scully were saying, for future reference, because Lucy had plans. She wants to become an FBI agent soon.

"Mulder, I feel like this is a waste of time. We have no physical evidence of anything," Scully says looking through the telescope.

"Ah, come on, Scully. I'm sure if we keep looking, we'll find something," Mulder says searching the ground.

"We have no witnesses here. Lucy and Ethel are the only people we know that saw these so called aliens. The other tourists have left, or are too afraid to talk about this," Scully says.

"Just keep looking, Scully," Mulder says.

Lucy, too, begins to look on the ground for any kind of evidence. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees some movement by a water fountain. There are two little aliens looking at her, watching her as she walks around. Lucy freezes. Should she talk to them? she asks herself. They begin to walk toward her, with their arms outstretched reaching for her hair.


"What was that?" Scully says as she begins to run.

Mulder and Scully head for the noise. Around the corner they see Lucy backed up against a wall, with two little aliens touching her hair.

"Lucy, be still! Don't move!" Scully yells.

"Uh, Scully, you do see that don't you?" Mulder asks.

"There has to be a logical explanation for this," Scully says.

"HELP!" Lucy yells, trying to slap at the aliens.

One of the aliens turns around and looks at Scully. He begins to walk towards her and wants to touch her hair, too.

Mulder just stands there, not sure what to do. Then he begins to laugh.

"Mulder, I don't know what is so funny," Scully tells him, swatting at the alien.

"They like your hair! I don't think they have ever seen anything like it!" Mulder tells them.

One of them pulls a strand out of Lucy's hair and turns around to leave. The other does the same to Scully's hair. Then they both disappear around the corner.

"Are you ok?" Mulder says to Lucy and Scully.

"I can't believe I just saw what I did, Mulder!" Scully says scratching her head.

"Neither can I! What were they doing?" Lucy asks.

"They must be taking a sample of that hair color. I can't think of any other logical explanation," Mulder says smiling.

"I just don't believe this. I really don't. I bet you anything, that this is another one of those jokes!" Scully says.

"They just won't believe this down at the beauty shop, the next time I go to have my hair dyed--- washed!" Lucy says.

"This is my natural color. They'll have a hard time trying to find a match for that," Scully says.

Mulder just looks at Scully, and she gives him a look.

"Let's go. I can almost bet that we won't hear of any more sightings around here," Mulder says as he holds the elevator door for Lucy and Scully.

Lucy's apartment The Next Day

Scully and Mulder had their bags all packed ready to go back to Washington, DC.

"Thanks for the great meal, Lucy, and for letting us stay here. It was great to see you again," Scully says as she hugs Lucy goodbye. Then she whispers in her ear, "We'll never tell our little hair secret."

"Never, girl!" Lucy whispers back.

"Thanks, Lucy, for the hospitality. Oh, by the way, what were you doing at the Empire State Building?" Mulder asks her.

"Well, I just wanted to see what it was like to be an FBI agent, in case I decided to become one, so I followed you out there," Lucy says grinning.

"Lucy, that could have been extremely dangerous. In fact, it almost was," Scully tells her.

"But nothing happened, and I got a real feel for the FBI!" Lucy says.

"Say good bye to Ethel and Fred for us," Mulder says.

"Call me if you need any help again! I'll be waiting," Lucy says as she closes the door.

"Now, Scully, you can't tell me that being with your mother, could have topped this weekend?" Mulder asks, punching her on the arm.

"No comment, Mulder," Scully says.

A Research Facility Or Is It An Alien Ship - You Decide
A Few Days Later

They were looking down at the two pieces of hair. They had been discussing about the texture and the color. After many years of searching for the right thing, they had finally found that right color.


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