Title: Just Another Knight
Author: Michelle M
Written: April 1997
Disclaimers : All ER people belong to Michael Crichton, John Wells, and Constant -c-  Productions, all X-Files people belong to Chris Carter, who ever so graciously lets me and hundreds of other people borrow Mulder and Scully for our own (evil) uses, and the Forever Knight people belong to whoever owns and created that Series. Anyone you don't recognize from those shows belongs to me. For my story's sake, you can pretend "Forever Knight" didn't take place in Canada. I did. I also want to explain Nick Knight's behavior. He's acting the way he does because he's gone crazy. :0)

Summary : What do you get when you take Mulder, Scully, the ER docs, and a crazed vampire? Read on...

Note: I wrote this for my Science Fiction class, and I got an A+ on it. :0) I guess I'll  dedicate it to my teacher, Mr. Bruno, cuz he showed us Forever Knight, the Kindred, and The X-Files (whoohoo!), all excellent shows. If there are any typos, I'm sorry. I know there's a few wrong words in here, but I can't find them. :-(


"I got this one, Doug." Mark Greene, a tall, handsome, balding doctor with glasses, rushed to the doors. Taking his place at the head of the stretcher he asked, "What do you got?"

"B.P.'s 80 over 60. Significant blood loss. We pumped him with two liters of O-Neg in the field, gave him ten of lydocaine, he was complaining of pain. Got stabbed with a wooden stick."

"I can see that. And, I think impaled is a better word," Mark commented wryly.

"Good luck." The E.M.T.'s left.

"Do we have a name?" Mark asked head nurse Carol Hathaway.

"Nicholas Knight."

"Mr. Knight? Can you hear me?" Mark lifted the man's eyelids and checked his pupils. "Pupils are fixed and dilated. Get some more O-Neg down here, would you?"

"What'cha got, Mark?"

"Man impaled on a wooden stick. They gave him O-Neg in the field, we're getting him some more now. They also gave him two of lydocaine." Mark stepped aside and let Kerry Weaver, the co-attending physician at Cook County General Hospital along with him, examine him.

"Don't keep him waiting. Get a surgical consult." Just as Weaver said this, the doors banged open.

"Did someone say surgical?" Peter Benton asked. The tall black man grabbed rubber gloves and hastily put them on. After during a cursory exam, he straightened. "Let's get him up to the O.R. now!" Benton wheeled him out of the trauma room quickly.

"Was that the Peter Benton we all know and love?" Mark asked Carol rhetorically.

"Wonder what he ate for breakfast," she mused. "He must be on a new diet."

"Suction." Benton waited for a few seconds and snapped, "What're you waiting for? C'mon, suction. Wake up." The intern snapped to attention and suctioned the wound. And immediately jumped back when the wound began to close up around the suction. He jumped back, pulling out the mechanism as he did so. Benton leaned closer to the wound.

"What the - " The wound was closing fast. Benton had no choice but to pull out his scalpel. When the wound was closed, Benton moved closer to Nicholas Knight's face. The man had his eyes open. Benton blinked in surprise as Knight sat up and pulled the intubation tube from his throat.

"What is this?" A whisper rushed from spectator to spectator. "What's happening?" Knight turned to Benton and reached for him. Benton tried to jump away but couldn't. Knight grabbed him with arms of steel and stood up, forcing the tall man to his knees. Benton struggled harder as he saw Knights face - his eyes seemed to be yellow, and when the man opened his mouth, he had two very pointy teeth.

"What's going on here?" Benton's supervisor, Dr. Angela Hicks, rushed into the room and stopped dead at the sight. Even before the words were out of her mouth, Knight was descending on Benton and had his teeth at his neck. Benton tried to escape, but couldn't, and soon sunk to the floor in defeat. Soon he was unconscious.

"Well, Scully, Chicago again." Mulder turned to his petite partner, a grin on his face. "I love Chicago."

"Why? Because it's bitterly cold?"


"Because I don't?"

"Yup." Mulder hit the down button on the elevator. They were returning from a brief briefing from their supervisor, Assistant Director Walter Skinner.

"So tell me why this is an X-File, Mulder."

"Well..." Mulder turned to his partner and leaned against the side of the elevator. "A man went into Cook County General by way of the Emergency Room. In the middle of treatment, he suddenly woke up."

"So...what's supernatural about that?"

"He was in surgery."


"His wounds mysteriously closed themselves, he woke up, pulled the intubation tube from his own throat, and proceeded to attack Dr. Peter Benton in the middle of the operating room." Scully's eyebrow rose and she gave him one of her patented looks.

"When do we leave?" she sighed.

"How is he?" Doug Ross walked up to Mark Greene and looked at him.

"Lost a lot of blood. But there's no real wound. Just two holes on his neck." Doug looked at Mark.

"From what?"

"I don't know. The guy attacked him, but if you bite someone, you don't just leave two little holes, you leave a huge hole."

"Unless you're a vampire," Doug pointed out. They walked down the hall towards the lounge.

"Doug, there's no such things as vampires." Mark gave Doug a skeptical look and pushed open the door.

"Oh, no?"

"Nope." The door swung shut.

"Special Agents Mulder and Scully." They flashed their badges towards Jerry, the desk clerk. "We need to see Dr. Mark Greene."

"He's, uh, in the lounge."

"Thank you." Mulder and Scully went into the room Jerry pointed at.

"Can we help you?" Doug asked, looking up at the two agents. "Only doctors allowed in here. You must have the wrong - " He was silenced when Mulder flashed his badge at him.

"Special Agent Fox Mulder. This is my partner Dana Scully. We need to speak to Mark Greene."

"I'm Mark Greene." Mark stood and approached the agents. Mulder nodded at him and motioned towards the chairs.

"I understand you treated a Nicholas Knight."

"Yes, I did."

"Can you tell us what you did?" Scully asked.

"I didn't do much. I got him into trauma one, Carol ordered some more O-Neg, and then Peter came down and took him up to the O.R."

"What happened there?" Mulder asked.

"I don't know." Mark rubbed his hands together. "I'm not a surgeon. I wasn't there."

"Word has it," Doug said, "that he was attacked."

"We know that."

"By a vampire."

"Vampire?" Mulder turned and looked at Doug. Doug crossed the room and sat next to Mark.

"Yeah. I heard that the guy sat up, pulled out his e.t. tube - which is extremely painful, by the way - grabbed Benton, and bit his neck." Doug smiled at Scully. She glanced at him.

"So you think he's a vampire?" she asked.

"Yes." Doug inched closer to her. "I do."

"God, Mulder, he sounds like you."

"A man after my own heart." Mulder gave Scully a small grin and stood.

"Where are you going?" she asked, standing.

"I'm going to visit Dr. Benton. You stay here and question Dr. Greene and Dr. Ross." Mulder left the lounge, all the while feeling Scully's glare burn into his back. He almost turned back, relieved her from the presence Doug Ross, but didn't.

<Oh, he will die> Scully thought, plastering a smile on her face and turning back to face Doug. <Leave me here with the human octopus...He'll never hear the end of this one.>

"Can I help you?" The blonde nurse looked up at Mulder appreciatively.

"Yes. I need to see Dr. Peter Benton."

"I'm sorry, only immediate family is allowed into that area." Mulder reached into his breast pocket and pulled out his badge.

"Fox Mulder, F.B.I."

"Oh. Why didn't you say that in the first place? Right this way, sir." The nurse stood and led him to Benton's room. She left, leaving Mulder outside the door. He entered the room, squinting in the near darkness.

"Who are you?" A voice in the darkness.

"Fox Mulder, F.B.I. Who are you? *Where* are you?" Mulder squinted, stepping forward a few steps.

"I'm Dr. Angela Hicks."

"I thought only immediate family was allowed in here."

"So did I."

"Official business. What's your excuse?"

"I'm his supervisor." Dr. Hicks looked up at Mulder. "Why don't we step outside." Mulder followed the short black woman out into the hallway. When they reached the light, Mulder found himself staring at her in concentration.

"What?" Hicks asked.

"I - I'm sorry," Mulder stuttered. "You look familiar. I know. I worked under someone who looked like you on a case involving a hostage." Mulder shuddered at the memory of Scully's abduction.

"Sorry," Hicks laughed. "Been a doctor for a long time now. Never an F.B.I. agent." Mulder shook his head.

"Well," he said, snapping into agent form, "can you tell me what happened?"

"I certainly can tell you. It was very strange. Peter - that's Dr. Benton - was stitching up Mr. Knight's wound. He asked for suction, and then the wound suddenly began to close itself up. Then Mr. Knight sat up, pulled out his intubation tube, and grabbed Peter."

"And?" Mulder questioned.

"He bit his neck." Hicks appeared puzzled. "And now..." She gestured towards Benton's room. "Peter's unconscious."

"How is he?"

"Not good. He lost a lot of blood. But there are only two tiny holes in his neck."

"Holes?" Mulder looked up. "Can I see them?"

"Of course." Hicks led him back into the room, snapping on the light as she did so. She walked to Benton's bed and gently pushed his head to one side. Revealed were two puncture wounds on his neck.

"The blood seems to have drained from here," Hicks said, fingering the holes.

"Why aren't they covered?"

"Because they're so small, they've almost closed up," Hicks explained.

"Hmm..." Mulder thought. "Curiouser and curiouser."

Shadows. Lots of them. Good. Even though he had just eaten, if you could call it that, he was weak. His best friend had stabbed him. <La Croix> he thought <if I could get my hands on you I'd kill you.> He was hungry. An open door. Dark room. Open door. Old man. Good.

"Scully!" Mulder burst into the lounge. Scully looked up from her notes and turned.


"It's happened again."


"The vampire."

"Mulder - "

"Scully, I saw the holes in his neck. Two puncture wounds."

"Where has it happened again?"

"Same floor as Benton. Old man. Let's go." Scully ran out of the room after Mulder.

He could smell them. She was just here. She was who he wanted. Young female blood. Mmmmm.... He could taste it now. He slid into the lounge and into a corner. The lights were bad. That was in his favor. If only.... Nick Knight slid out of his hiding spot and out of the room. Power Room, the sign on the door said. Good. Two little cuts. Darkness. Inky and complete. Good.

"Jesus!" Mulder breathed, reaching into his pocket for his handy-dandy super powered flashlight. "You okay, Scully?"

"Maybe the stairs weren't such a hot idea." Scully winced and rubbed her ankle. Mulder bent down and helped her up. "Thanks." She let go of him and limped up the stairs.

"Well, if we were in an elevator we'd be stuck now..."

"Good point. Nice choice, Agent Mulder."

"Thank you, Agent Scully." As Mulder opened the door to the Intensive Care Unit, the agents heard a door open and shut faintly. Then someone running up the stairs.

"Hello?" Scully called. The person stopped.

She talked to him. More than just the one word she had just uttered. <Hello> he said back to her in his mind, rehearsing his conversation starter. <Nice to meet you, Dana Katherine Scully.> He needed blood.

"Is anyone there?" Her again.

"Help me," he called in a thin voice. "I think I'm hurt."

"Someone's hurt, Mulder." Scully looked at Mulder, concerned. She started down the stairs.

"Scully, I don't think you should." He grabbed her arm. She pulled away.


"Scully." Mulder grabbed her again and yanked her back up to the top step.

"Ow, Mulder, you hurt me."

"Sorry." He loosened his grip a bit but didn't let go. "Scully," he continued in a whisper. "I don't think that person is hurt because he just came in. We didn't hear him fall or anything. How could he be hurt?"

"Please! Are you coming down?" The voice again. Scully pulled away from Mulder.

"Don't." Scully started down the steps, regardless of Mulder's warning.

"I'm going, Mulder. Are you coming or not?" She continued moving down the steps, her flashlight beam proceeding her. Mulder bounded after her, pulling his gun out and removing the safety on the way.

Nick Knight heard the pair start down the steps. As Mulder and Scully got closer, he heard another door open, from the first floor.

"I think someone cut the circuit breaker," a man's voice said. Knight cursed to himself and jumped to his feet. He silently walked up the steps and passed the two men coming down to fix the circuit.

"Sir?" Scully shone her flashlight beam around. "He's not here. See, Mulder? No cause for alarm." Mulder shone his beam around.

"Let's go see if they're all okay in the ER." He let Scully go ahead of him and guided her with a gentle hand on the small of her back.

Knight let them pass without bothering them. When they were almost to the door, he started silently after them.

"Did you hear something?" Mulder stopped.


"You sure? I thought I heard something." Mulder stopped and grabbed her arm. "There."

"No, Mulder. Nothing." Scully started back up the steps.

"Is everything okay here?" Mulder shone his flashlight around the hallway and it landed on the admit desk. "You okay?"

"Everything's fine, Agent Mulder," Mark said, shielding his eyes from the sudden light.

"Let's go check the lounge." Mulder followed Scully into the lounge. Scully went over to the window and looked out.

"Look, Mulder." Mulder went over and stood behind her.

"What?" Scully cracked the blinds and they looked out.

"It's not a power failure. Other lights are still on." Mulder nodded. The door behind them opened and shut quickly.

"Who's there?" Mulder whirled quickly and shone his light around. He glanced back at Scully and saw her beam was dimming. His light died. Mulder cursed and shook it a few times before putting it in his pocket.

"Who's there?" Mulder repeated, squinting in the dark.

"No one." He turned toward the voice.

"Over here." He turned again. Scully's flashlight beam went out suddenly.


"Over here."

"Then who's this?" She touched an arm and launched herself away from it. Nick Knight went after her and tackled her legs, sending her crashing to the floor. She cried out.

 "Mulder!" she yelled, flailing in the darkness.

"Scully! Where are you?" Mulder stumbled around in the dark. "Ow!" He hit his shins on the coffee table.

"Agent Scully, so nice to finally make your acquaintance," Knight whispered in her ear. He grabbed her hair and jerked her head back. Using his free hand he gently traced the delicate curve of her neck.

"No," she whimpered. "Mulder..." Mulder shuffled towards her voice and tripped over her legs. As he fell his head made contact with the pointed edge of a table.

"Good," Knight said, holding Scully still and twisting to see Mulder's body. "I didn't have to touch him. Now it's just you and me, babe." Scully squirmed beneath him. He lowered his head and kissed her neck, testing with his mouth, waiting until he was ready. Scully moaned and looked at him, using the light from the streetlights outside. What she saw scared her. His eyes were lighter than they should ever been, and his teeth were pointy. He tested his teeth with his tongue and looked at her.

"Don't be frightened. I won't take you over. I'll just kill you."

Scully screamed and thrashed as he lowered his head. Knight bit into her neck and drank. Scully relaxed as he took more and more of her blood. Her eyes closed slowly and her lips parted and she drew in a shuddering breath. Her last.

The End

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