Christmas Challenge 2010

Given that The X-Files gave us a spooky Christmas Tale with "The Ghosts Who Stole Christmas," it seems fitting that this archive also asks for scary tales of a Christmas nature.


- set your story on December 24th and/or December 25th, any years but 1997 or 1998 (due to "Emily/Christmas Carol" and "HTGSC" taking place those years), before/during/after the series.

- send your favorite agents* to investigate something that goes bump in the night, officially or otherwise, and have them have a less-than-friendly encounter with the sort of supernatural beings featured here in this archive (zombies, werewolves, monsters etc. see story categories index here for further suggestions).

- remember this is a scary Christmas challenge...make your agents and your readers tense.

That's it. No word limits/goals or rating requirements.

send completed fics to

* needs not be Mulder and Scully if you prefer to use other characters

Challenge fics:

Christmas in (Haven) Maine by Neoxphile & Faerax

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