I Should Have Told You...

Someone should have told the other about a child that came from their relationship with the other, sooner than they do.
(this list does not include AU post-requiem fics)

After All These Years by Leyla Harrison
All These Changes by JEn
Anthony: book one by Clare Skinner (Skinner)
Anthony: book two by Clare Skinner (Skinner)
Anthony: book three by Clare Skinner (Skinner)
Anthony: book four by Clare Skinner (Skinner)
Anthony: book five by Clare Skinner (Skinner)
A Baby Changes Everything piper maru duchovny
Coast of Marseilles by Marsha Taylor-Bare --> gossamer
Crossroads in Time by Avalon
A Different Path by PamalaSt
The Discovery Series by Erin Blair
Elysian Fields by Amy Schatz
Here And Now by Billie Reid
Just Before by Kyselyea
Mistaken by Jessica Taylor
Past Pretending by Joey R.
Protection by SunReyes (Doggett and Reyes)
The Reba Saga by Jeri
Silent Running by Ms. AM
Through The Years by Tanja and Joey
A Simple Twist of Fate? by x-girl1
An Unexpected Delivery by Colleen (Doggett and Reyes)
The Way it All Would End by Zero
The Way Things Should Be by Jen Marie
WITSEC by XFBandit

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