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Challenge Fics

Did you know that challenges here at The Nursery Files have generated a lot of fics over the past few years? Look below to see which fics sprouted from our challenges.

Challenge # 1: Mulder Babyfic Alternative Universe Challenge

Doom Child by Neoxphile
Lies Within Truth by Gothic Spook
Multiplicity by ElleThom
When The Wind Blows by LOUISE3100 (unfinished)

Challenge # 3: Kid Resurrection Challenge

The Resurrection series by Neoxphile
Return to Me by MollyRocket (unfinished)
Trick or... by Donna

Challenge # 4: Choose Your Own Christmas and/or Hanukkah fic Challenge

The Case of The Jolly Fatmen by Neoxphile
Holiday Party or "Isn’t we supposed to be having a fiesta?!" by Sita
Lost Spirits by Pattie

Challenge # 5: Green Goo Fetus Challenge

Injustice series (aka Green Goo Fetus stories) by Pattie
Misbegotten Sons by Neoxphile

Challenge # 6: He's My Mommy Challenge

Mr Mom by GothicSpook (unfinished)
Multiplicity by ElleThom
Womb for Revenge by NeoX

Challenge # 7: Lazy Hazy Days of Summer Challenge

Creations Untouched by Gillian Leigh
The Last Pose of Summer by Pattie
Memories in the Twilight by Pattie

Challenge # 8: It's Another Boy Challenge

Coming Home by YappiChick
Miracle by Jennis524
This Time, It's A Boy! by Pattie

Challenge # 9: First Day Of School Challenge

Hey, Mr. Delmar, It's Me! by Pattie

Challenge # 10: Thanksgiving 2005 Challenge

And For All Of You To Share It With by Pattie
Beyond The Truth: Thanksgiving Confessions by Neoxphile

Challenge # 11: X29's Birth Scene Challenge

FBI Deliveryman by Pattie
Our Existence by Devin

Challenge # 12: Merry Multiples Challenge

Miracle Season by Neoxphile
Special Delivery by Scifinerdgrl (unfinished)
We'll Be Okay by MFLuder (unfinished)

Challenge # 13: The Foundling's Tale Challenge

It by Pattie
Staged Duplicity by Neoxphile
Them by Pattie

Challenge # 15: A Home For Gibson

At The Beginning by Devin
Makeshift Grandson by Neoxphile

Challenge # 17: The Nursery Files & Erin Blair's Emily is Alive Challenge

Who Knew? by ElleThom
I Should Have Known by ElleThom

Challenge # 18: Amor Fati Sons Challenge

Long Day's Journey Into Night by ElleThom

Challenge # 19: Stolen Ova: Another Child Challenge

Mandy by Pattie
After Mandy: Bobby by Pattie

Challenge # 20: William's Fifth Birthday Challenge

Compromice by Neoxphile
Fate's Will by ElleThom
Five by Christine Leigh
The Freedom Squad Birthday by Kel and msk
Snow Globes and Seaships by Pattie
William's Fifth Birthday by Erin Blair

Challenge # 21: 2012 Challenges

Ear2hevn and Puppygrrl Sav teh World (unfinished) by Scifinerdgrl
Only Because He Needed Us by Neoxphile
Silent Night by FelineFemme

Challenge # 23: Crossover Challenges

Coventry Carol by Neoxphile

Challenge # 24: William's Twin Challenge

Recovering Gemini by Neoxphile
The Truth is Out There by Lolabeegood

Challenge # 25: Christmas 2006 Challenges

After The Run Part 7.5: Meg, I Believe by Pattie

Challenge # 26: Fairytale Challenge

There Are Giants In The Sky by Mully Sculder

Challenge # 29: Halloween 2007 Challenge

The Barest Bones by Neoxphile

Challenge # 30: Christmas 2007 Challenges

Goodwill Towards Men by Neoxphile

Challenge # 31: William's seventh Birthday Challenge

Super Soakers and Seventh Birthdays by Mully Sculder

Challenge # 32: A Hybrid's Tale

Alison by Pattie

Challenge # 33: Season Eight Missing Scenes Challenge Pack

Empathy by Kyouryoku Senshi
Don’t Give Up On Me by Kyouryoku Senshi
Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda by Kyouryoku Senshi
Our Baby by Kyouryoku Senshi
A New Beginning by Kyouryoku Senshi
Tomorrow’s Promise by Kyouryoku Senshi

Challenge # 34: Halloween 2008 Challenge

Halloween Surprise by NotHappening
The Woods, Dark and Deep by Neoxphile

Challenge # 35: Christmas 2008 Challenges

Presents Under The Tree by Jacquie LaVa
Snow and Mistletoe by Neoxphile
Tell 'em William Called by Pattie

Challenge # 38: Moving Day Challenge

Can't He Help Me Unpack? by Pattie
We Gotta Get Outta This Place by Pattie
A Sleepy Little Town: Memory House by Neoxphile

Challenge # 40: Halloween 2009 Challenge

The Dare by Neoxphile
Payback by NotHappening
I Ain't Afraid Of No Zombies by Pattie

Challenge # 42: Christmas List Challenge

It Wasn't His Child by Neoxphile
The Miracle Before Christmas by Teliko. x3 Peace by andreakayy
'Tis The Season by Donna (part of the Goodbye/Hellos universe)

Challenge # 43:

Long Gone Challenge

Destination: Truth by Billie Reid & Kyouryoku Senshi

Challenge # 44: Tell Me A Story Challenge

Tell Me A Story! by kenikigenikai

Challenge # 45: Picture It Challenge

Poor Little Fox by Pattie (photo D)
The Truth, Then and Now by Fatcat (photo A)

Challenge # 46: Mixed Feelings Challenge

Another Chance by Kyouryoku Senshi
Nine Months, One Day by devout2David
Second Chances by Gillyfan
Iunctus Liberi by Kation

Challenge # 47: A Tale Of Two Halloweens Challenge

Ghost Lights by Neoxphile

Challenge # 48: Thanksgiving 2010 Thankful/Angstful Challenge

We Gather Together by devout2David
It's Hard To Be Thankful by Neoxphile

Challenge # 49: I'll Be Cloned For Christmas Challenge

Consolation by Neoxphile

Challenge # 55 Picture It Challenge, Christmas Edition

Christmas Spirit by Neoxphile

Challenge # 58 This Christmas Challenge

Him by Neoxphile
Things Bright and Green by DBKate

Challenge # 67 Bump in the Night and The Nursery Files' Halloween Crossover Challenge

Room 209 by Neoxphile (X-Files/Insidious)
X-File DF1013209: The Walking Dead by theexit (X-Files/The Walking Dead)

Challenge # 71 First Christmas With You Challenge

Nativitatis by 6hoursgirl
Choices at Christmas Time by trycee
Another Man's Child - A Christmas Tale by AmorFati32
Home For the Holidays by Neoxphile

Challenge # 76 The Christmas Child Challenge

A Birthday at Christmas by Duane Barry
Them by Neoxphile

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