Gramma Maggie's Photo Album

In time for Christmas of 2003 I've done some scrapbooking to give to the parents of the children dear to my heart. Here are my grandchildren and the children of a good family friend.

Dana and Mulder's Kids

Fox should be happy that I remembered to call him Mulder when I did the lettering!
Mulder and Scully's Kids
Mulder and Scully's Kids

Missy and Alex's Kids

Missy's Kids

Charlie and Elaine's son, Brandon


Bill and Tara's son, Mattie


Samantha and Scott's Kids

Though they're not my grandkids by blood, they are my grandkids' cousins...
Samantha's Kids

John's Kids

John and his significant other Monica have been good friends to the family for years. I'll have to update when their little one is born
John's Kids