The Family G-Man timeline

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Well, you can't say I didn't warn you.

December 17th, 2003
John Doggett is killed by a truck driver who nodded off.

December 23rd, 2003
Scully allegedly commits suicide after failing to regain custody of William.

December 24th, 2003:
A woman named Elsbeth gives Mulder a second chance, giving him the task of saving both Scully and Doggett from their untimely deaths.

March 7th, 1992
Mulder is startled to discover himself back in the basement office, meeting Scully for the first time, again.

June 1992
When Mulder eavesdrops on Scully's conversation, he hears someone telling Scully that other women consider him a lost cause because he doesn't give them a second look.

Halloween 1992
Ethan and Mulder have a stained conversation, which leaves Mulder optimistic about Ethan's chances of sabotaging his own relationship with Scully.

November 2nd, 1992
A playful conversation about siblings turns dour.

December 1992
Scully breaks up with her boyfriend, Ethan, shortly after introducing him to her family. Mulder is overjoyed.

February 14th, 1993
Mulder and Scully are embarassed to be mistaken for a couple while on a case in Vermont.

May 1993
Scully's friends Kathy and Ellen badger her about being single, and ask her opinion of Mulder, which is that he's married to his work.

July 1993
Things get steamy in the X-Files least in Mulder's overheated imagination.

August 1993
Mulder takes a vacation, and breaks young Luke Doggett's leg. Luke is unable to ride his bike past his would-be kidnapper a few days later and thus escapes death.

October 1993
To Mulder's surprise, Luke Doggett contacts him, and unwittingly establishes an acquaintance-ship between Mulder and his father.

December 1993
Hopeful that his attempts to seduce Scully will be fruitful, Mulder sabotages condoms in preparation.

December 31st, 1993
New Years does not go as planned due to Mulder's stitches.

January 3rd, 1994
...and then they had sex.

Late January 1994
After several failed attempts, and being kidnapped by Jack Willis, Scully tells Mulder that she's pregnant with his baby. He immediately proposes.

February 14th, 1994
Mulder and Scully quietly marry. Then their honeymoon is invaded by Elivis(es.)

April 1994
John and Luke Doggett come to DC and visit with Mulder.

May 1994
Deep Throat is killed, and the X-Files is closed for the first time.

July 1994
Once again partnered with Alex Krycek, Mulder finds no more reason to like the younger man than the first time he met him.

August 1994
Duane Barry is horrified by Scully's pregnancy, and leaves without taking her. Days later Mulder and Scully learn that he's kidnapped Krycek in her stead. This comes as a surprise only to Scully.

September 21st, 1994
Page Mulder is born. When they're trapped in a locked up museum, Mulder delivers their firstborn.

November 2nd, 1994
Krycek is dropped off at a hospital, comatose. He's immediately removed from the hospital by the smoking man

November 13, 1994
Page gets over colic, and her folks resume relations. Baby's first case immediately follows.

December 1994
While investigating a pregnant murderer, Mulder and Scully realize that breast-feeding isn't a foolproof contraceptive method. Mulder angsts over this, because another baby so soon isn't part of the plan.

December 25th, 1994
Bill Jr and Mulder get through a holiday without fighting.

January 1995
Although he's fairly certain that she'll turn out to be a clone Mulder once again finds himself responsible for "Samantha's" death.

February 1995
An animal in a case surprises Scully - by teaching Page her first word, in sign language.

April 1995
Bill Mulder is shot, but survives his injury.

April 1995
Mulder is assured by a recently deceased uncle (Saul) he doesn't remember that his sister isn't with him, not dead like him. Melissa Scully doesn't make it to Scully's apartment and isn't shot.

Early May 1995
Melissa and Krycek have a chance encounter at lunch.

Mid May 1995
Word arrives that Uncle Saul has left Mulder a large house in DC.

Late July 1995
Mulder, Scully and Page move into their new home. Then Mulder sets about to prove that the house is haunted. Scully is not pleased.

August 14th, 1995
Samuel "Sammy" Mulder is born, in a proper hospital. Mulder cares for Page solo overnight for the first time.

September 21st, 1995
Mulder is the only one who realizes how fantastic that Page's grandfather and aunt are able to attend her first birthday party.

November 1995
They get a birth announcement from Doggett - he and his wife have had a baby girl, Hannah.

Late November 1995
Mrs. K, the kids' babysitter, wins the lottery and moves to Hawaii, forcing Mulder to ask his mother to babysit when they leave for a case. Scully is heartbroken that she can't take Kevin Kryder home with them.

December 28th, 1995
Amy, the Mulders' first nanny, begins working for them.

February 1996
Jose Chung interviews the reluctant agents for his book.

March 1996
Queequeg isn't eaten.

April 27th, 1996
Krycek figures out who his lover is related to.

May 1st, 1996
Driven mad by a TV broadcast, Scully is convinced that Mulder will give their children away.

Mid June 1996
While vacationing in New Orleans, Mulder and Scully work a voodoo case with agent Monica Reyes.

July 4th, 1996
They plan a picnic in NY with Scully's brother Charlie, his wife Elaine, and their son Brandon... and run into Doggett and his kids.

Mid July 1996
Just after they discuss having a large family and discovering that they're expecting baby #3, their nanny tells them she's leaving for law school.

August 1996
Amy's replacement, Rachel, accidentally allows a car to run over Queequeg.

Late November 1996
Mulder discovers the identity of Roche's last heart.

January 1997
A certain leather jacket clad man fights off Leonard Betts.

February 1997
While Scully comforts Missy who is worried about a dying friend, Krycek and a guilty Mulder turn to the Kurts to look for a cure to Krycek's cancer. Missy is devastated when Krycek won't let her come with him, and doubts his promise to return if he gets better.

February 23rd, 1997
Max is still beyond saving, but Rachel and Scully keep agent Pendrell from joining him in the after-life.

March 1997
Eddie Van Blundht is not put off by what he thinks of as Scully's "weight problem" and attempts to seduce her anyway.

April 1st-3rd, 1997
April Mulder is born, and Rachel meets the household's ghosts. And lets it slip that she and Pendrell are in a serious relationship.

July 1997
When Scully still sees the ghosts in and around the bowling alley, Mulder fears that his mission to extend her life isn't going to go well. Later, Maggie informs her daughter that her heart had stopped when she was in a car accident as a toddler.

August 1997
Page and Sammy listen to their "uncles'" (Frohike, Langly & Byers) story about their first meeting with Mulder.

October 1997
It rains sleeping bags.

December 1997
The Great Mutato finds himself with a two-foot-tall defender.

Christmas week, 1997
Mulder is stunned to learn that Emily Sims still exists. In short order they discover that Missy is her biological mother, and that she wants to keep the girl, agreeing to the treatment that Scully wouldn't. Everyone but Missy is horrified when the identity of Emily's biological father comes to light - Alex Krycek.

New Years, 1998
Missy and Emily move to Washington DC to be near Maggie and Scully.

Late January 1998
Three kids with chicken pox keep Mulder busy while Scully takes their paid-for vacation alone.

February 1998
Mulder loses Sammy while shopping. Scully's pregnancy test is positive.

March 1998
Missy finds Krycek and introduces him to their daughter. They don't share the rekindling of their relationship with her family.

April 1998
An OB appointment points to double diaper duty in the near future.

Easter 1998
Scully sees visions of a dead childhood friend, a girl named Patience, as she tries to save disabled teenagers from evil. She tells Mulder about seeing Patience when it overwhelms her.

Mid-April 1998
Mulder and Scully catch the nanny and Pendrell in a compromising situation. Rachel reveals that she's quitting so they can marry. Fortunately, another young woman, Michelle, joins the household as their first live-in nanny.

May 1998
Fowley takes an immediate (and mutual) dislike to Mulder's wife. To keep Gibson Praise from being experimented on, Mulder brings to the boy Monica Reyes, who helps him hide him. As a result, the X-Files are shut down for the second time.

Late August 1998
Removed from the X-Files, Mulder and Scully soon discover that a bomb that went off is part of a massive cover up, and Mulder insists on investigating the matter. Maggie yells at her daughter for not telling her that they're okay as soon as the explosion happens in Dallas, scaring both her and the two older kids. Scully admits that April isn't speaking yet. Mulder damages their car and they head back to Texas.

August 27th, 1998
Mulder is shot, Scully is kidnapped, and Fowley induces Scully's labor. Twins David and Jared Mulder are born a month early, and left at the hospital where Mulder is recovering. Scully and Fowley are both brought to Antarctica and Fowley is infected. Krycek is an unlikely guard for the twins while Mulder rescues both his wife and ex. The X-Files are reopened once Scully points out to the board that there is no longer a division fit to handle cases such as the one in Dallas.

September-October 1998
The household adjusts to the addition of fussy twins. Wayne Federman decides to make a movie about Mulder and Scully, calling it Kolchek the Night Stalker meets Cheaper by the Dozen. Mulder decides to take up celibacy so there aren't any more additions to the family before William.

November 1998
This time Morris Fletcher gets lucky. Mulder tries to play nice with Morris' family. A hypnotist tells Mulder never to come back after seeing him to recover his still missing memories of the case; once Mulder listens to the tape of the session, he isn't surprised.

November 25th, 1998
Doggett's wife leaves him and their two children, and he considers Mulder's long-ago suggestion of becoming an FBI agent.

November 29th, 1998
Mulder offers Doggett and his kids a place to stay while he's at Quantico. They're both surprised when he says yes.

Mid December 1998
Mulder nearly flips when he learns that Morris used his body to get Scully pregnant again. He's then distracted by babysitting an infant demon until a foster home can be found for it. Ugly little Louie grows on him, and he finds reason to be approving of the infant's new foster parents.

December 24th, 1998
When they're tricked by the ghosts, Mulder realizes that Scully has sensed his mild mixed feelings about her latest pregnancy, though of course he can't explain it was just his body, not his mind to get her pregnant. They are rescued by the child ghosts from their own home.

December 25th, 1998
Shots are narrowly avoided when Missy brings Krycek to Christmas dinner. Charlie and Bill immediately hate the one-armed double agent too. In the middle of the adult siblings' squabbling, April finally speaks.

January, 1999
Jeffery Spender's shooting is undeniably fatal.

February 2nd, 1999
John Doggett and his two children arrive at the Mulder-Scully home, where they'll live while Doggett attends Quantico.

February 20th, 1999
Mulder, Scully, April and the twins go under cover in Arcadia, while Doggett and Michelle hold down the fort with everyone else. Big Mike locks a furious Scully and the twins in a closet when the ubermenscher arrives, and somehow manages to avoid being killed by it.

March 1999
A writer named Padgett moves next door, and begins to stalk Scully, undeterred by the fact that she's a devoted wife and mother. Mulder nearly loses his heart in a battle with Padgett for Scully's.

April 1999
The Gunmen trick Mulder into helping them find Byer's lost love in Vegas. Frohike has to stop him from attacking Morris when the two men meet up in their hotel.

Three Days before Easter, 1999
Reyes and Gibson arrive unexpectedly because Gibson fears that his cover has been blown. Reyes and Doggett seem immediately taken with each other. Favors are called in to find a safe place of Gibson.

April 1999
After the Dale case, everyone plays ball.

June 1999
Doggett graduates from Quantico, and everyone is sad to see his family go.

August 13th, 1999
Christopher Reeve Mulder is born

August 30th, 1999
Diana Fowley shows up with a baby she claims is Mulder's. The baby isn't. Both Fowley and the child disappear.

September, 1999
When Mulder is institutionalized, Scully brings Christopher with her to search for answers in Africa.

Late September, 1999
Skinner angers Maggie when bringing Sammy and Page to see Mulder ends up traumatizing Sammy. Later on, April informs her grandmother that Mulder can hear people talking in his head. Meanwhile, Scully, with Christopher in tow, continues to look for answers in Africa.

October 1999
When Mulder is taken from the hospital by CSM, he ends up in a nightmare world. Deep Throat, Emily and Luke accuse him of being responsible for their deaths. Worse, he discovers that it's 2003, and not only are Scully and Doggett dead, most of his children never existed. Eventually Scully rescues him from his grim dreams.

Late October 1999
Scully eventually realizes that Albert Hosteen was let into her house by one of the resident ghosts. Mulder develops a severe infection that lands him in the hospital, then on weeks' worth of antibiotics. They agree to begin using birth control because they don't know how serious his illness might be.

December 1999
Mulder seems like he's on the mend by the end of the month, but he's shocked to discover that his oldest daughter doesn't think all little boys are icky.

New Years Eve, 1999
When Scully's magician uncle does tricks for the kids, he begins to get an inkling of how Scully was able to put things off during the amazing Maleeni that immediately follows.

March 2000
Just after they face down the devil in Blessing, Tennessee, Scully learns that the birth control she's been taking has been recalled. Mulder, horrified that this unplanned pregnancy will prevent him from keeping his promise to William, falls apart.

March 21st, 2000
The rift between Mulder and Scully grows, and even the nanny notices when she compares their behavior to the video the kids play of their appearance on COPS.

Spring 2000
Mulder wakes up when Scully asks him if he wants a divorce - he realizes that he's on the verge of losing a lot more than William. The couple begins to mend their relationship.

April 2000
The X-Files movie comes out in the theater, and they bring their kids to the celebratory showing. In true Mulder fashion, Page manages to get them ejected from the theater.

May 2000
While trying to save the Sin Eater, Mulder is accidentally rescued by the entity. His doctor is amazed when there is no trace of the infection that has been plaguing him on and off since October.

June 1st, 2000
Mulder and Scully's daughter, Angel, is stillborn after Scully is in a car accident; Mulder feels guilt and grief in equal measures over the child he'd finally come to want. An already demoralized Scully is made to feel worse after a series of unpleasant run ins with her ex, Daniel Waterston. At the funeral, Teena Mulder unexpectedly opens up to the grieving couple.

Summer 2000
Melissa, lured by the promise of a cure for Emily, goes on a journey with CSM.

August 13th, 2000
After Christopher's first birthday party, Mulder asks Scully if they can try for another baby. Thus, his promise to William is finally kept.

Late August 2000
Krycek discovers that someone has been keeping his and Mulder's families under surveillance for years. He's determined to find out why, and informs Mulder too. Meanwhile, Mulder tries to change fate by inviting Billy Miles and Theresa Hoese to DC.

Early September 2000
Unfortunately, the aliens still come for Billy and Theresa.
And for Mulder.

September 2000
Already stressed by Mulder's abduction, Scully is horrified when Krycek insists that Mulder made him promise to help her look after the kids if anything happened to him. He and Emily move into Scully's house temporarily. Doggett is called to DC to head a task force to look for Mulder, and Scully reluctantly admits to herself that he's too skeptical for her and Skinner to trust with the truth. Meanwhile, Missy happily announces her pregnancy, and Scully tells no one about her own.

September 2000
Reyes informs Scully that she'd gotten a terrified call from Gibson to tell her that "something" that looked like Mulder was after him, so she meets Scully and Skinner in the desert - all of them walking into Doggett's investigation. Gibson's leg is broken before they can resue him from the alien bounty hunter. Doggett continues not to believe his own eyes, and insists on taking Gibson into protective custody - in his own home.

October 2000
The Billy Underwood case follows Doggett home in an unexpected way.

November 2000
A sick toddler and the desire to look for Mulder on her own prompts Scully to cut back her hours. Skinner calls Reyes in to help Doggett on a cult case.

December 24th, 2000
Melissa Scully becomes Melissa Scully-Krycek. Her resigned siblings accept it, mostly because Missy is pregnant. At her insistence, Krycek brings his new bride to "meet" his parents while on their honeymoon.

The First Week of January, 2001
A worried Scully discovers that there are issues with her sister's OB, and trying to help Missy finally reveals the pregnancy Scully has kept from the family. Later on, after Ms. Hendershot is given a perfectly normal infant and Doggett makes light of it, Scully accuses him of being too closed-minded to be of any help finding Mulder.

January 12th, 2001
Mulder is found, seemingly beyond all help. Doggett helps Scully break the news to her children. Everyone grieves.

January 13th, 2001
To Missy's delight, Scully sends Krycek home after declaring that the threat to her children must have ended with Mulder's death.

January 15th, 2001
Mulder is buried, and Scully worries about April's insistence that he's "sleeping." Then she goes home and has a huge fight with her mother.

January 17th, 2001
When it becomes uncertain when, or even if, Scully will return to The X-Files, Skinner offers Reyes a permanent job. She accepts.

Early February 2001
With Maggie's help, Missy takes Emily and her nieces and nephews to see Charlie and their cousin. While the house is empty, Scully is dragged back through time, meets Mulder's great-uncle, and discovers why there are ghosts of children in their home. After her adventure, she and Bill Mulder talk about his late uncle.

April 1st, 2001
When Billy Miles is discovered to be alive, Doggett is reluctant to follow Skinner's plan to see if Mulder might be alive too, despite knowing that April has been telling people that her father will return for her birthday. The child is soon proven right.

April 3rd, 2001
Krycek's joke about space herpes leads Scully to demand that Mulder and Billy be given antivirals, saving both men from being transformed into something other than men. Mulder finally wakes up and is surprised by some of the changes that have taken place since his disappearance.

April 7, 2001
When Mulder is finally allowed to go home, things don't go smoothly: Page doesn't take things very well, and April cries over being the only on to believe he'd come back. Absalom kidnaps Reyes from her new apartment, and Mulder immediately helps Scully and Doggett figure out what happened. When she's recovered, Doggett drafts Luke and Gibson into helping her unpack, and the boys turn out to be more perceptive than he is.

May 5th, 2001
Scully's new nephew, Ryan Scully-Krycek makes his appearance.

May 15th, 2001
Amidst very little drama, and without an alien audience, William Mulder is born. Mulder is thrilled to finally be reunited with his youngest son.

The third week of May 2001
Mulder becomes nervous when things seem to go smoothly after William's birth. David and Jared express their disappointment that their baby brother wasn't twins like they'd hoped.

May 22nd, 2001
Mulder and Gibson are ambushed by Kersh, who tries to get the boy to implicate Mulder in his August kidnapping/injury. Kersh refuses to reinstate Mulder, but he doesn't tell Mulder to leave, so Mulder isn't as angry as he could be. Later that day Doggett is informed by social services that it might be possible to keep Gibson permanently now that Kersh has informed him that the boy no longer needs to be in protective custody.

May 2001
Bill Mulder visits and acts strangely when he realizes that both William and Missy's new baby, Ryan, are redheads.

June 2001
Doggett and Reyes find themselves victim of an X-Files when a couple of very strange children approach them and later follow them home. Mulder helps them out on their case, Bill Mulder proposes a family vacation, and Doggett's children react well to the news that he and Reyes have begun to date.

Last week of July 2001
Mulder, Scully, their children and Bill Mulder enjoy an eventful vacation in Hawaii with their old friends and neighbors, The Ks.

August 2001
When Scully returns to the office, Doggett announces that he's started adoption proceedings, and anticipates being able to adopt Gibson without a problem. April suffers a terrible nightmare about an abused child, and can't be comforted.

September 11th, 2001
Mulder experiences 9/11 in a way that he hadn't the last time around: as a parent of frightened children.

October 5th, 2001
On the day Mulder is scheduled to meet with Kersh to be reinstated, he gets a call from his father's landlord. Bill is missing, and there's blood in his apartment. He soon discovers that Bill was kidnapped, and signs to point to protecting his grandchildren (and Missy's children) as being the motive. Krycek forces Kersh to tell him where Bill is being held.

October 6th, 2001
Mulder and Krycek find Bill just after the man has poisoned himself with an overdose of blood thinners. Before he dies, he tells them about that the consortium has believed a prophecy about Missy and Scully's children since the girls were very young themselves. William or Ryan are believed to be very important to the consortium's future, so they tried to make Bill bring the babies to him.

October 10th, 2001
Mulder buries his father, and studies his mother, wondering if Bill would have also gone back in time to save Samantha.

October 15th, 2001
Mulder and Krycek set out to look for the children Bill Mulder said that were being experimented on by the consortium. Before they leave, they tell the older kids what is going on, and convince Marita to keep an eye on the situation at home.

November 2001
Reyes is confused when Doggett disappears out of her apartment and is found shot. Barbra Doggett complicates things by insisting that if Doggett is paralyzed, she's going to take Luke and Hannah away from him. Luke is outraged by this and the fact that she plans to leave Gibson out of her plans. Eventually Doggett convinces her that he's not from the same dimension, and reality snaps back into place as if nothing ever happened to him.

December 25th, 2001
The holidays find Mulder and Krycek snowed in, making them miss their families.

January 10th, 2002
Doggett's adoption of Gibson is finalized.

January 11th, 2002
Doggett asks Reyes to marry him, and she refuses, saying she never intends to marry.

January 17th, 2002
A woman Scully met at the pediatrician's the week before arrives at her home and begs for help. When she talks to the woman and her husband, she realizes that they have information that will help Mulder and Krycek on their quest - for a price.

January 20th, 2002
Scully and Mulder help the couple with papers to disappear themselves and their baby supersoldier in exchange information about where the consortium is keeping themselves. And then they had sex, again. She goes home alone.

Late February 2002
Doggett complains to Scully about the fact that Reyes won't marry him, and she's annoyed that she's only learning it weeks after the fact. Scully is distracted from this by what she at first thinks is the flu. Meanwhile, Mulder and Krycek plot their way into the consortium's secret facility. Getting in is easy - dealing with a few dozen telekinetic toddlers is not.

March 2002
Krycek returns home as soon as the bad guys are locked up, but as much as Mulder misses his own family, he can't abandon the children they've rescued. He sticks it out until life-sustaining drugs, like the ones Emily takes, are created for each child, and each one finds a loving adoptive family.

Mid-March 2002
Mulder finally finally goes home. His kids are thrilled. Scully is less than thrilled when they discover that her flu is a second set of twins - she'd assumed it would just be one baby until then. Meanwhile, Leyla Harrison ensnares Doggett, Reyes and Doggett's daughter in a case about a boy seeing monsters. Scully rants at Harrison's would-be suitor when they are forced to be involved too. Hannah Doggett is the cool head of reason when faced with Tommy, the child from hell, and ends up resolving the situation...then bursts into tears because she hurt the other child.

Late March 2002
The gunmen save the day, and escape with their skins intact!

April 2002
April's nightmares continue. Doggett and Reyes work a case about home built by Habitat For Humanity being the sites of miracles. They soon meet Kevin Kryder and his father, who are on the work crew of the homes in question.

Early May 2002
Scully learns to her delight that the twins are going to be girls, not boys as she feared. Marita comes to Krycek with the grim news that the consortium hopes to one day groom his daughter to rebuild. Krycek demands to know where the older kids (the ones created with Emily) are, and uses information gathered from the teenagers to finally put Kersh, Follmer and Roare in prison.

Late May 2002
When Marita can't find Krycek to tell him where the smoking man is, she turns to Mulder and Scully instead. They go to the Texas/Mexico border and confront the old man. While there they discover that the daughter of Krycek that the consortium planned to raise in their image isn't Emily - it's the baby that Fowley insisted was Mulder's. Mulder and Scully rescue the toddler, Addy, and after the smoking man is killed, eventually bring her to Missy and Krycek. Missy doesn't take it well.

Early June 2002
Wayne Federman offers Mulder and Scully roles on a new TV show: Jose Chung's The Truth is Out There.

Early June 2002
Missy and Krycek begin to learn the extent of Addy's abuse, and slowly try to introduce their daughter to the basic concepts of safety and affection.

June 10th-14th, 2002
A horribly sad case is the final straw for Scully, and when she gets home she tells Mulder that she wants them to do Wayne's show. He agrees, and they decide to leave the X-Files in Doggett and Reyes' hands.

July 1st, 2002
Taping begins for Jose Chung's The Truth is Out There.

Mid-July 2002
Teena solves a mystery for Mulder when she tells him that he knew Saul as a very small boy.

August 2002
Doggett and Reyes turn to Scully for help when they investigate a crime involving a conspiracy theorist.

August 17th, 2002
A still skitish Addy begins to come out of her shell, thanks to her cousin Christopher.

October 31st, 2002
Nearly two weeks after their duedate, Zoe and Brianna Mulder enter the world in a hurry. Christopher witnesses the on-the-road delivery of one of his sisters, marking him as the only Mulder child ever to see a baby born.

November 1st, 2002
Mulder runs into Louie and his foster parents, answering the question he had about whether or not the young half-demon would be able to do glamours too.

Mid-November 2002
Mulder is approached by a man named Scott Hill, who claims to be Samantha's husband, and the father of their sick son. Mulder has his doubts.

November 21st, 2002
As promised, Mulder and Scully go through with taking steps to assure that they'll have no more children. This time, it's Mulder who takes one for the team.

Late November, 2002
After a DNA test conclusively proves that Scott's sick child is Mulder's blood relative, he sees Brad Folmer to find out what had really happened with the girl he'd thought was his sister since seeing her ghost. Mulder is reunited with his sister the next day.

December 2002
Mulder donates bone marrow to his nephew Drew.

December 25, 2002
Teena Mulder has a emotional reunion with her daughter, and meets her son-in-law and the four grandchildren she never knew she had.

December 31, 2002
New Years at the Gunmen's. A good time is had by all.

January 2003
Doggett and Reyes take the case of a talk show personality who is unable to leave the radio station. While they're gone, Luke and Gibson have a costly accident while joy-riding. Fortunately no one is hurt.

March 2003
Mulder, Scully, and April travel to New Mexico when the adults are asked to host a scifi awards show. At first the theater seems to be haunted, but the truth turns out to be even stranger than ghosts.

June 2003
Doggett and Reyes are borrowed to protect a pair of married romance novelists. Inspired by their storylines, Reyes conspires with Scully to borrow Zoe and Brianna before bringing up the possibility of a baby to Doggett.

July 2003
It doesn't take Reyes and Doggett long to conceive.

August 2003
Mulder's and Samantha's families (along with Missy, Emily, and Charlie and Bill jr's sons Brandon and Mattie) head to New Hampshire for a well-deserved vacation. At the same time Doggett and Reyes investigate a vampire in the midwest.

October 31st, 2003
JCTTIOT has a live episode: following The X-Files agents while they track Houdini's ghost in two locations.

November 2003
While Reyes house-hunts with Scully's help, Doggett calls in Leyla Harrison to help him as trial run for her covering Reyes' upcoming maternity leave. Things go as well as they usually do when agent Harrison is on the case...her boyfriend is kidnapped by the perp.

December 2003
Doggett's family moves, Scully reconnects with old friends, Mulder has a heart-to-heart with his mother about Samantha and her health, and Luke and Gibson get college acceptance letters.

December 24th, 2003
Elsbeth crashes the Christmas Eve party, and tells Mulder that Scully and Doggett need to know the they can decide if the life they're living now is the one they'd like to continue.

December 25th, 2003
Christmas morning

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Kid's ages as of August 2004

The Mulders Page: 10 Sammy: 9 April: 7 David: 6 Jared: 6
Christopher: 5 William: 3 Zoe: 21mo Brianna: 21mo
The Doggetts Luke: 18 Gibson: 18 Hannah: 8.5 Rebecca: 6mo
The Kryceks Emily: 9.5 Addy: 5 Ryan: 3
The Scullys Brandon: 15 Mattie: 6.5 Bill's babies: 5mo
The Hills Adrianna: 15.5 Ariel: 12 Alyissa: 10 Drew: 6

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The Family G-Man: Confessions and Connections

Kid's ages as of March 2006

The Mulders Page: 11.5 Sammy: 10.5 April: 9 David: 7.5 Jared: 7.5
Christopher: 6.5 William: 5 Zoe: 3.5 Brianna: 3.5
The Doggetts Luke: 20 Gibson: 19 Hannah: 10 Rebecca: 2
The Kryceks Emily: 11 Addy: 6.5 Ryan: 5
The Hills Adrianna: 17 Alyissa: 12

ages not given for children who do not make an appearance/are not mentioned in this story

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The Family G-Man: I Want To Believe

Kid's ages as of February 2008

The Mulders Page: 13 Sammy: 12 April: 11 David: 9.5 Jared: 9.5
Christopher: 8 William: 6.5 Zoe: 5 Brianna: 5
The Doggetts Luke: 22 Gibson: 21 Hannah: 12 Rebecca: 4 Jon-Jon: 5mo
The Kryceks Emily: 13 Addy: 8 Ryan: 6.5
The Scullys Brandon: 19 Mattie: 10 the quads: 4
The Hills Adrianna: 18 Ariel: 16 Alyissa: 14 Drew: 9.5

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The Family G-Man: From Here to Paternity

Kid's ages as of summer-autumn 2008

The Mulders Page: 14 Sammy: 13 April: 11 David: 10 Jared: 10
Christopher: 9 William: 7 Zoe: 6 Brianna: 6 baby Mulder: 0
The Doggetts Luke: 22 Gibson: 21 Hannah: 12 Rebecca: 4 Jon-Jon: 1
baby Doggett-Hill: 0
The Kryceks Emily: 14 Addy: 9 Ryan: 7
The Scullys Brandon: 19 Mattie: 10 the quads: 4
The Hills Adrianna: 18.5 Ariel: 17 Alyissa: 14 Drew: 10
The Frohikes Cordelia: 12 Oliver: 10

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