Title: We Who Remain Carry On
Author: Neoxphile

Rating: R mostly, a little NC-17 thrown in

Spoilers: Seasons 8-9, but becomes AU 37 minutes and 42 seconds into Existence

Category: Alternate Universe; Angst! babyfic; Mulder/Reyes friendship & s-l-o-w building MRR (plus Doggett/Reyes UST & remembered MSR); Character Death(Scully)

Summary: A birth. A death. A rejection. Two people left to pick up the pieces.

Last Update: 1/2012, chapter 34.

2004 Spookys Winner:
1st place - Outstanding Scully/Other Or Reyes/Other Het Stories
2nd place - Outstanding Characterization Of Monica Reyes

Act One: Scrabble
When Scully dies unexpectedly, Mulder is shattered. Being a single father to a newborn isn't easy, but he gets by with help from friends.

Act Two: The Game of Life
Mulder and Reyes deal with the unintended consequences of events on the evening of William's first birthday.

Act Three: Etch-A-Sketch Shake
A new family's happiness is threatened.

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