Baby and the Bad Man Challenge

A pair of challenges that involve beautiful babies and very bad men. You can pick one, or write a story for each, or artfully combine the two challenges. Totally up to you.

Challenge A - Little Brother

Your challenge is to write a story about Mulder's discovery of a younger half-brother, who is also the son of the Smoking Man. This child should have been born between the pilot when Mulder opened the X-Files with Fowley's help in 1991 and up to nine months after The Truth, but you can have Mulder become aware of his younger sibling any time up until today. Tell us what happens when Mulder finds out

Choose one of the following characters to be the mother of this boy:

  • Diana Fowley
  • Marita Covarrubias
  • Dana Scully
  • Monica Reyes
  • Melissa Scully
  • Kimberly Cook

Challenge B - Beauty and The Beastly

Your challenge is to write a fic in which Scully must cope with discovering that Alex Krycek was also part of the same genetics program that created Emily: he provided the male human DNA for at least one of Scully's hybrid children.

Choose one of the following scenarios:

  • Scully learns that Krycek was Emily's father (Emily can be alive or dead in your story as you wish)
  • or

  • Scully learns that Krycek is the father of another hybrid child of hers, one who is still living

Please send your complete story to:

Do you have questions about writing a challengefic before you can begin your story? Look here to see if you can find your answer.

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