Take Your Child To Work Day (XF Style) Challenge
* due April 20th of this year

Take Your Child To Work Day was established in the early 90s to show children what their parents do all day. Let's show the children of X-Files characters what their mommies and daddies do at work.

Challenge Requirements:

- Send your favorite agent/s on an investigation (official FBI business or otherwise) on the 4th Thursday of April of any year after 1993. FTR, it's April 28th in 2011.

- Their child/ren, aged 5-15, accompanies them - either as part of TYCTD or because other circumstances require it - which leads to complications...what are they?

- Optional: feel free to set your fic in an alternate reality and give kids to characters who are childless in canon. Daddy Krycek, Kersh, Frohike, or Skinner? Momma Reyes, Marita, Kim, or Diana? Whatever makes your muse happy =)

Challenge fics:
Birthday Week by Neoxphile

Please send your complete story to: nurseryfiles@mulderscreek.com

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