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Status: on-going
The Hard Edges of Things
Rating: R(ish)
Catogory: MT; Angst
Timeframe/Spoilers: Season 8
Principal Character(s): Mulder, Scully, Skinner
Summary: When Mulder returns from his abduction, he's got the worst possible secret that he is desperate to keep to himself.
You can also read the completed prequel Ashes Bitter On Her Tongue now

We Who Remain Carry On
Rating: R?
Spoilers: Seasons 8-9, but becomes AU 37 minutes and 42 seconds into Existence
Category: Angst! MRR (with some MSR/DRR thrown in for good measure); Character Death; babyfic, sort of
Summary:After Scully dies giving birth to William, Mulder and Reyes are thrown together for all the wrong reasons.
Status: approximately 3/4ths complete
Cotton Wool
Rating: R
Catogory: post-col
Timeframe/Spoilers: post-series
Principal Character(s): William, Mulder, Scully, Jake
Summary: Takes place both before and after Ghost Lights. After the invasion began in 2012 disease and destruction led to a massive die off amongst humans. For the people who survived both life was upended, but for the young most of all.
Status: on-going

The Family G-Man: From Here to Paternity
summary: In Mulder and Scully's family a new baby brings joy, but for Luke and Adrianna a baby means stress, anxiety, and the sense that everything is falling apart. Meanwhile, Gibson's suspicions about young Alice finally come to a head.

Not Yet Posted

  • Room 209
    summary: During the last week of October Scully is asked to take over the case of a comatose little boy. Strange things begin to happen in Our Lady of Sorrows soon after.
  • A Litany of Ghosts
    summary: Set before Trustno1. Scully begins to see things that make her worry about Mulder's safety.

Somewhere Along The Way
Rating: R
Timeframe/Spoilers: post-series
Series: A Sleepy Little Town
Principal Character(s): Doggett, Reyes, cameos by Mulder and Scully
Summary: Set a few months after A Sleepy Little Town: Free Fall, When a childhood friend of Monica's dies and her will asks that she be guardian of the woman's two children, Monica and John are at odds because she welcomes the idea of adopting but not having a child of their own.

Recently Completed

Home For the Holidays
Spoilers: Duane Barry, Ascension, One Breath, The End, Christmas Carol/Emily, William, X-Files: I Want To Believe
Rating: PG-13
Principal Character(s): Mulder, Scully etc
Summary: Christmastime in 2009 collides with news that a seventeen-year-old girl has allegedly murdered a couple and kidnapped two small children...and has ominous news about a little boy named William Van De Kamp.
Status: posting beginning December 2014


Okay, you've been warned, these fics are unfinished due to lack of inspiration. They might be finished someday, but no time soon. Got ideas/suggestions of where you'd like to see these stories go? I'd take them into consideration.

This Fragile Universe
Rating: R
Timeframe/Spoilers: spoilers up through season seven and parts of eight. Set very late season seven, but episodes other than the flashback parts of season 8 after Je Souhaite don't exist in this fic
Catogory: Alternate universe (literally), MSR
Summary: Summary: in 1972 frightened boy splits reality, creating a world with an alternate destiny. Twenty-eight years later, this trouble in paradise. Special Agent Fox Mulder may be their only hope

Misbegotten Sons Rating: R
Spoilers: seasons 5,8,9 and IWTB
Catogory: invasion/post-col
Summary: "They contacted us not long after the colonization began. And when they did, I realized that though they were my flesh and blood, they were not my sons. They were no one's sons." - Scully
Status: prologue posted


The Drowning Stars

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