Title: Mulder's Creek: 12. Bigfoot Birthday
Author: Neoxphile
Author Email: neoxphile@aol.com
Rated: PG
Category: C
Keywords: XF/Dawson's Creek crossover. Alternate universe.
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership to the characters, except those I've created, as they belong to Chris Carter and Kevin Williamson

Summary: What's the perfect birthday present for an afirmed skeptic like Doggett? His very own backyard paranormal incident. At least Mulder and Reyes think so.

Opening scene-

Mulder and Scully are perched on his bed watching the romantic comedy Playing by Heart, when Mrs. Leary comes in the room. They look up at her, and exchange a slightly guilty look. She smiles and cheerfully demands that Mulder go help his father bring in firewood. As soon as he leaves the room she sits on the bed next to Scully.

"You seem to be feeling better," Mrs. Leary says, smiling.

"Yup. Pretty much as good as new again," Scully says.

"I'm glad you're better. You gave Bessie, and Mulder, quite a scare. There's nothing like almost losing someone to make you think." Mrs. Leary pauses as she watches a blush slowly creep across Scully's face. "Maybe it made Mulder think hard about a few things?" She suggests.

"Maybe," Scully mumbles.

"He told me that he confessed how much he cared about you while you were sleeping, but I wonder...you were awake, weren't you?"

Scully smiles and nods. "But don't tell him, ok?"

"Oh, I wouldn't think of doing that. But I'm glad that something finally got him to take action. Promise me you won't break his heart, though, now that you're dating."

"I promise," Scully says solemnly.

"Good," Mrs. Leary says, patting Scully's knee before getting up.

Mulder bounds into the room a moment later. "We're all done with the wood, Mom."

"Glad to hear it," she says as she walks out of the room.

"What did you talk about?" Mulder asks Scully.

"You know, girl stuff."

"I don't want to know then. So...should we tell Doggett that we're dating, or let him figure it out on his own?"

"Let's let him figure it out. It'd be more fun that way."

"You're a wicked girl," Mulder says, grinning.

Theme song -"Stranded" by Plumb

Saturday morning, Leary home-

Mulder is sleeping when he dreams that he is hiding from someone who is insistently pounding on the door. Eventually he realizes that his door is actually being knocked on. He groans and rolls over so he see the clock, which has a much lower number on it than he'd like to see upon waking on a weekend morning. Maybe if I pretend to be sleeping, they're go away, he thinks, closing his eyes as the door opens. Someone walks into the room, then small hands shake his shoulder and rip away the covers. When he at last opens his eyes, he's surprised to see Reyes standing over him.

"Your mom said I ought to wake you."

"It's not even seven yet! Why are you here?" Mulder asks her, grabbing his blankets back.

"Next Saturday is Doggett's birthday."

"You woke me up to tell me that?? I know that already!"

"I woke you up because we need to plan something special for him, Silly."

"Whatever you do, don't plan to involve his family. Every party he's ever had that they're been a part of has ended in disaster."

"Yeah, I know. He's told me, lots of tines. Actually, he once said that if I ever threw a party and invited anyone he's related to, he'd leave me for a stewardess."

"Now, was this a hypothetical stewardess, or did he have one in mind?" Mulder asks, not being able to resist teasing her.

"It had better be hypothetical. Now, if you were Doggett, and turning seventeen, what would you want for your birthday?"

"To be a junior," Mulder says promptly. "I still don't know why our parents consented to us not starting first grade until we were seven. The education department in this state has always been known for its bizarre experiments-"

"That's nice, but...something more realistic than that."

"Well...the only other thing I can think of that he'd want certainly wouldn't involve me," he says, giving her a suggestive look.


He holds up his hands as if to ward off a blow. "Ok, ok, I'll try to think of something."


"But now I'm going back to bed. Let yourself out please," Mulder says, burrowing into his covers. Reyes shakes her head and shuts the door behind her.

Monday afternoon, LGM headquarters-

In the basement of Langely's home there is a partially finished room that is full of bean bag chairs and hung with love beads. Mulder is sitting in one of the chairs with his legs stretched out. Reyes sits across from him, looking skeptical.

Frohike nods. "Sure, we can arrange that."

"Good. We want to surprise him, and make him think that this is real." Mulder says.

"I know he said to 'surprise' him, but do you think he'll really like this?" Reyes asks, sounding worried.

"If we can actually surprise him, I think he'll be thrilled...but maybe only in retrospect. Of everyone I've ever met, he's always been the least likely to believe in anything remotely paranormal. Hell, he makes Scully look like a believer by comparison. I think the act of believing in something, finally, might be refreshing," Mulder tells her.

"But won't he be mad he's been duped?" she asks.

"Only if he finds out that it's not real. If he does, I'll say it was all my doing," Mulder says, shrugging.

"But that's not entirely true," Reyes objects.

"Close enough to it to keep you out of trouble."

Langely interrupts. "We can do this in a way that is sure to convince him that it's 100% authentic. He'll have fun, and so will we. What do you say, Reyes?"

"Ok," she answers reluctantly.

"Great!" Byers exclaims. "It will be fun to branch out from ghosts." Reyes raises an eyebrow and hopes she won't live to regret agreeing to this.

That night, The Ice House-

Feeling slightly bad about the whole mess with Gretchen's stalker and his escape from the restaurant, as well as happy her sister has fully recovered, Bessie suggests that Doggett, Reyes, Mulder and Scully have dinner there.

"What did we do to deserve the invite?" Reyes asks Mulder.

"It's important to know the right people," Mulder tells her, nodding sagely.

"It's not as though you could have done anything more than you did Bessie. And things worked out ok. You shouldn't feel bad." Doggett tells Bessie as she wanders by the table for the fourth time since they sat down.

"I know, but it makes me feel better. And I'm going to invite your sister when she's on spring break, so warn her."

"Well, if it makes you feel better..." Doggett trails off, giving her a winning smile.

Skinner watches his sister and his friends with a little bit of envy. He doesn't really like eating out, but he wishes that he is with more lively company. He glances over at the taciturn Reed and wonders what his problem is. He has barely said another word to Skinner since asking about his romantic attachments or lack thereof. Skinner decides that it's not worth the effort of trying to figure out if Reed is interested because he's such poor company that it's not as if he cares much one way or the other. He does care, though, that Bessie mentioned that she was going to decide soon whether or not to keep Reed on at the restaurant. Skinner hopes not, but at least Scully will be coming back so he'll have someone to talk to either way.

"This is strange." Scully remarks from her seat.

"What is?" Reyes asks.

"Being on this side of the table. I'm more used to being on the serving end."

"Come over here for a second, Maybe I can make it feel less strange." Mulder says. Scully does and he pulls her on to his lap. "There now you're up higher. Does that seem more normal?" he asks.

Catching Doggett's shocked look she whispers "subtle" in his ear before sliding off his lap and insisting that she needs to talk with Bessie for a moment.

"What was that?" Doggett asks when she's out of earshot.

"What was what?" Mulder asks innocently.

Doggett waves his hand. "That!"

"I don't understand what you're asking," Mulder says, sounding puzzled.

Doggett puts his hands over his face and Reyes rubs his shoulder. But she smiles at Mulder when Doggett isn't looking.

Tuesday morning, Witter home-

Doggett looks out the window again while he waits for Mulder to come over. They'd planned to spend a day of their February vacation together, but Doggett found himself suddenly more anxious for Mulder to show up because he couldn't trust his eyes. Glancing out the window, though, they were still there.

When Mulder arrives he notices immediately that Doggett seems a little edgy. " Doggett is something up?" he asks.

"Um...There's something I want to show you."

"Ok, sure, but remember I'm not a trained medical professional." Mulder quips.

"Something outside, you goof," Doggett says, leading the way to his back yard. He walks to the middle of the yard and stops, looking down.

At their feet are several footprints. Very large footprints. Doggett scratches his head and says "well?"

"I know your brother has big feet, but why was he walking around barefoot in the middle of the winter?" Mulder asks.

"Funny. You know that those aren't Kersh's footprints."

"Then what do you think they are?"

Doggett shrugs helplessly for a moment, and sighs when he realizes that Mulder is going to make him say it. "If it wasn't wholly impossible, I'd have to guess they belonged to Bigfoot."

"It's not that far fetched-" Mulder begins, while Doggett roles his eyes. " Hear me out. There have been over 300 sightings of creatures that match the description of Bigfoot in New England since the 1700's. Since Bigfoot doesn't really look that much like a bear and there aren't any primates but humans indigenous to this country it has to be something strange people are seeing."

"Even if there was such a thing, don't you think that development would have forced these things into extinction long ago?" Doggett asks.

"Not necessarily. Some animals have defied expectation and have flourished in developed areas. Coyotes for example used to live just in the Midwest, but now they've been spotted in all 48 contiguous states. Raccoons too, which are forest animals, thrive in cities now a days."

"But Bigfoot are much larger, at least in theory, so where could they hide?"

"I don't know. The woods, I guess. They're supposed to be shy, and maybe their range isn't very big." Mulder shrugs.

Doggett gives him a doubtful look. "There are woods about half a mile from here..."

Mulder shivers and looks up at the leaden skies. "Maybe we can take a look some time. When it's not so unpleasant out," he adds.

"Yeah, maybe," Doggett says. "How about a game of pool?"

Wednesday afternoon, Capeside mall-

Scully and Skinner are in Sam Goodies looking for presents for Doggett when Skinner suddenly changes the subject to something that's been on his mind for days.

"I can't believe Bessie decided to hire Reed on permanently," he complains.

"Why? What's he like?" Scully asks curiously. "I haven't even met him yet."

"Oh, he has all the social skills of a turnip."

"I don't know, Skinner, I'm sure there are some very affable turnips out there, you just might not have met one with good things to say yet..." she says, breaking into giggles. "He's that bad, huh?"

"Yes. He barely says anything to anyone, and practically alienates the customers. He's quick though, so I guess that's why he unduly impresses your sister. Me, I'm not the least impressed. He was so cold to work with that it made me wish with all my heart that you were better so I'd have someone pleasant to work with."

"Thanks. I'm thrilled to hear that your concern for my health revolved around your desire for friendlier company," Scully says dryly, ignoring Skinner's embarrassed look. "I have a feeling, though, that there's more to this story than you're telling me."

Skinner shuffles his feet. "Ok, the thing is...he's gay too. You know I love my sister with all my heart, but she's a little too concerned with my 'happiness' for my comfort. I let it slip that he asked me at the dance if I had a boyfriend, and now she's convinced that I should be interested in him. But I'm not. I know she means well, but I don't like the implications of her thoughts. It's like, well, what if I was straight but Asian? Wouldn't it be wrong in that case to assume that just because there was one Asian girl in the school I'd have to be interested in her? I suppose my comparison is a little far afield, but it bothers me that she thinks I ought to like him just because he's gay, you know?"

"I know. I think you're going to have to grin and bear it until you gently change her mind, though, because like you said, she does mean well."

"I'll try. What do you think, should I get Doggett the latest Backstreet Boys cd?"

"Um...I think Staind is more his speed."

"Oh, I know, but I thought it'd be good to broaden his horizons."

Scully shrugs. "I wouldn't..."

Skinner laughs at her and she grins in spite of herself when she realizes that she's been had.

Thursday morning, McPhee home-

While most people look at vacations as a time to sleep in, Reyes saw the mornings of vacation as an opportunity to enjoy peace and quiet in the house while her brother slept. She got up at the usual time, showered, then firmly grasp the remote control and enjoyed having sole possession of it. She indulged in a guilty pleasure and watched cartoons until Skinner finally rolled out of bed at ten.

When it seemed that Skinner was planning to camp out in the living room too, she went back to her room to toy with her computer. As she expects, there's a waiting message from Fowley. Her correspondence with the other girl is beginning to frustrate her, because as much as Fowley reveals, so much more is still left in the dark. Feeling more than a little trepidation, Reyes opens the message.


As I promised, I have finally pieced enough together of what's going on to give you a coherent picture. The experiments that they are doing involve gene recombination. The strange thing, though, is that they are using sperm as the cell to contain the introduced genes, instead of eggs like they usually do. I suppose it's easier on everyone this way, since it's an involved and painful process to harvest eggs, at least from what I've read about fertility treatments. It's also fortunate for me that they're doing things this way, all things considered...Amazing things have already been done by introducing DNA to things. They treat that disease, prophoria, that makes little kids age rapidly with it; I think the kids are missing something and they put it in them this way. And they've created a rabbit that glows in the dark by giving it genes from a special type of jellyfish. The maddening thing is, though, that no one will say what it is that they're doing to these babies, and what genetic material they've introduced for what purpose. Someone has thrown around the term " superior human" when talking about these children yet unborn, and it makes me afraid for them...who knows what they'll be like? If they'll even be entirely human? This is all the more distressing because...well, I never told you this, and you have to promise to keep it to yourself, but...I think that Mulder's mother is involved in this somehow, and I worry for his sake that things will turn out badly. Don't tell him, but keep an eye on him after his brother or sister is born, would you? Hopefully by then I'll be able to tell him what's going on in person; hopefully I'll know everything when I come home. They promise me that I'll be able to keep my baby, that this is just a temporary measure to ensure I won't disappear before the birth, before the tests, but oh, I am so afraid...


Reyes turns off the computer and tries not to cry. She can't help but empathize with Fowley's feelings of fearful helplessness; she feels that way whenever she thinks of her mother. Telling herself to cheer up, she turns her thoughts towards Doggett's birthday and the plans she and Mulder have in store for him.

Thursday afternoon, Baby's World-

Mulder is not sure why he and Scully have been dragged along by Mrs. Leary and Bessie, but they find themselves trailing by the women and being quizzed on cuteness of various pieces of merchandise. Mulder figures that his best defense is to agree that everything they like is lovely, that way he's not required to defend any dissenting opinions. He feels that Scully is far braver, because she dares to have actual opinions on the items in question. When he thinks about it the realization that she's having a much better time than he is makes his head hurt, so he tries to force it out of his mind.

He purposely dalies in an isle, hoping that only Scully will notice. Finally he asks her what he's been wondering since they got in the store. "Why aren't there any aliens?"

"What?" Scully asks, blinking.

"Why aren't there any alien themed things here?" he clarifies. "There are ducks, bears, every infant friendly cartoon character, and even sports, but no aliens."

"I suppose that people don't think of aliens when they consider things for a newborn," Scully says.

"Well they should," Mulder says, pouting. "I want to have something with aliens on it for the baby."

: " Mulder, have I ever told you that you're weird?" He nods. "Well, I'm telling you again. But if it's that important to you, I can help you out."


"Bessie has been teaching me how to quilt, so if we go to a fabric store we could find something to your liking to make something nice for the baby."

"A fabric store would have stuff like that?"

"They sure would. There's lots of weirdos like you, so they tailor to a broad range of tastes."

"Would I have to sew? I'm not very good at it. You do remember my home ec. projects, don't you?" Mulder asks her, giving her sad puppy eyes.

Her brief shudder makes it clear that she does remember. "I'll help you with the sewing," she says, sighing. "I don't know why I let myself get talked into these things..."

"Because you're a wonderfully soft-hearted person," Mulder explains. "And if my mother and Bessie weren't staring at us right now, I'd show my gratitude with a kiss."

"Just remember you owe me," Scully says archly. "Let's catch up to them."

In the end Mrs. Leary settled on a walnut nursery set that even Mulder thought was quite lovely, and arranged for it to be delivered later. "Why do I see furniture construction in my future?" Mulder asks her.

"I think, dear son, that perhaps you are clairvoyant."

"Oh sure, you say that like it's a good thing now, Mom, but when I decide not to go to college and open a psychic hot-line you're going to be all disapproving."

"It's a mother's privilege," she says, making him grimace.

Thursday night, McPhee home-

Doggett looks again at the swatch of dark fur in his hand as he dials Mulder's phone number. He'd almost put the Bigfoot nonsense out of his head, until he discovered this bit of oddness not long before dark. It was caught on a bush at the border of the yard, and looked to him as though it was lost when its owner suddenly fled the yard, perhaps evading notice. Doggett shakes his head at his foolishness, but still is compelled to call Mulder.

"Hey Doggett, what's up?" Mulder asks.

"Hi. I tried to call you earlier, but you must have been out."

"I'm not sure still how it happened, but Scully and I were drafted to help decide on furniture for the baby's room."

"Sounds exciting," Doggett says cheerfully.

"Oh it was. It's scares me that Scully actually seemed to be having an ok time."

"Girls are weird like that. They are wired to think things involving babies are interesting, even when they aren't."

"Better them than us," Mulder says. "Was there something in particular you were calling about though? I seem to be monopolizing the conversation."

"Um, yeah. You know how we said we might go into the woods and take a look around? I feel an overwhelming urge to prove you wrong."

"Sure. How about Saturday morning? Then I can give you your birthday present. Are you surprised I remembered the date this year? I wrote it on the calendar and everything," Mulder says, sounding proud of himself.

"No, I'm not surprised. You're the only one who remembers consistently."

"Someone has to," Mulder says wryly. "See you Saturday morning.

As soon as he hung up the phone, Mulder picked it up again.

"Hey Forhike, it's Mulder. Doggett has taken the bait. He even called me and asked if we could go into the woods so he could 'prove me wrong.' Saturday morning around 10, ok?"

"Sure, Mulder. We'll go and set things up at 8:30 or so."

"Ok, great. Thanks."

"No problem. You don't mind if we tape it, do you?"

"Go ahead. Just make sure that Doggett never sees the tape."

"He won't. I just want it for a seminar about faking sightings that we're going to in a few months. I'm sure he won't be there so the secret will be safe. See ya."

Mulder then calls Reyes and tells her that he'll be out of the way for sure after ten so she can set up for the party. "Everything is all arranged, all you have to do is to come up with a reason for him and I to need to go to your house."

"Don't worry. I'll think of something," she assures him.

"Good. I think this is going to be a birthday he's never going to forget."

"I'll make sure of that one way or the other."

"Reyes, you make me worry," Mulder says, laughing.

Friday noon, The Ice House-

Scully is surprised when she works with Reed for the first time; despite Skinner's repeated complaints that Reed is nearly non-communicative, he's been talking to her almost non-stop. Finally, when there's a lull in conversation she asks him what his deal is.

"What gives? Skinner says that you're almost silent, but you've been talking my ear off since you got here."

Reed shuffles his feet and looks at the floor. "Well...you know how it is. Some times it's hard to talk to a cute guy."

"So you think he's cute?" Scully asks.

"Sure. Those big brown eyes, that smile...don't you think he's cute?"

Scully shrugs. "To tell you the truth, I never really thought about it."

Reed looks surprised. "Why? Because you know he's gay?"

"Nope. Because I've only had eyes for one person since I've been old enough to think boys aren't as icky as I first was lead to believe. All the other guys I know...they're just friends whose looks I've never really noticed."

"That sounds like that's one guy who should consider himself lucky." Reed tells her.

: " I hope he does."

Reed gives Scully a searching look before deciding to ask her a question. " So, um...he said that I don't talk. If he brought it up, I guess it was a complaint..."

"Well, yeah. He doesn't like working with someone who doesn't say 'boo' during their entire shift," Scully tells him, opting for honesty rather than tact.

"I guess I'll have to work on being friendlier," Reed says, making Scully wonder to what end he has in mind.

Saturday morning, in the woods-

Doggett leads Mulder to the entrance of the woods, but feels incredibly lame doing so. In order to appear less of a sucker to Mulder he blusters about proving Mulder wrong.

"So, you're ready to be proven wrong?" Doggett asks.

"How do you plan to prove that there isn't a Bigfoot in these woods?" Mulder asks curiously.

"I'll do it when we spend time out here and don't find anything."

"That isn't a fair way to go about it. We could be out here all day and not see a squirrel, but that wouldn't prove there weren't any in these woods. "

"Fair or not, unless we see a Bigfoot, I'm entitled to believing I'm right...and you're wrong."

"Your sense of justice is skewered, Doggett Witter. But since it is your birthday, I'll agree to your terms."

"Good." Doggett tells him, glad that he's very unlikely to be taken for a fool now. "There's a footpath over there, we should probably stick to it so we don't get lost."

"Sure. You're the leader out here," Mulder says, trailing behind him.

McPhee home-

Scully tosses Reyes the package of streamers she requests. Reyes catches them deftly and calls her thanks from across the room.

"Good catch," Scully says approvingly.

"These skills come to you out of necessity if you grow up with two brothers," Reyes says, smiling.

Scully wishes for a moment that she'd been able to know Reyes' brother Tim, too. "I guess having sisters is different."

"I guess. Since I never had one, I don't know, either."

"Ah. That means you need to marry a guy with sisters, and I need to marry one with brothers." Scully quips.

"Well...Doggett has three sisters, but Mulder doesn't have any brothers."

"No...but who knows? Maybe his new sibling will be a boy," Scully says, smiling a little.

"Wow, not a word of protest to indicate I was barking up the wrong tree..."

"Ok, you got me. He and I are dating. But don't tell Doggett."

"That's great! But why? Why not tell Doggett, that is, not why are you dating Mulder."

"We decided it'd be fun to watch Doggett put two and two together on his own."

"Why should I be party to you being mean to my boyfriend?" Reyes asks.

"We're not being mean. We're repaying the hard time he's been giving us since November."

"Oh. In that case, my lips are sealed," Reyes says, putting the finishing touch on the streamers. "Hey, let me show you the cake."

In the woods-

Mulder trudges dutifully behind Doggett, who seems to be having fun playing tour guide. He nods solemnly when Doggett points out various things that aren't Bigfoots, trying desperately to keep a gleeful look off of his face. Finally he asks Doggett to stop for a minute so he can load his camera.

"Why? You want to photograph some trees?" Doggett sarcastically asks, but does stop.

"Well, yeah. My mom loves nature photography, and since we were going to be out in the woods, I thought I'd snap some pictures. Maybe I can have my dad blow one up and frame it."

"That's nice. I sort of wish I got along better with my parents."

"Don't let me fool you, our relationship can be as much of a roller-coaster rides as anyone's. We're just on an upward arc at the moment, which is good given how bad things were in November..." Mulder trails off when they hear a stick snap in the distance. "What was that?"

"Um...Probably a deer," Doggett says.

"Cool, maybe I can get a picture of one," Mulder says excitedly, aiming his camera in the direction the noise is coming from. The snap of sticks becomes louder and more frequent. "I think it's headed right for us!"

Doggett spins towards the sound while Mulder snaps a series of pictures. It comes towards them all the while- large, hairy, huge feet, and looking slightly angry. The thing veers off to the right about five feet before it would collide with Doggett and keeps on going. Mulder snaps a couple of pictures right as it runs by Doggett and lowers the camera; he's sure at least one of them shows Doggett and the Bigfoot in the same frame.

He and Doggett watch as it continues to crash through the undergrowth and out of sight.

Mulder glances over at a white face and shaky Doggett. "So..."

"That was a...that was a..." Doggett mumbles.

"A Bigfoot." Mulder supplies. "Aren't we supposed to go to Reyes for a study session in about a half hour?"

Doggett stares at Mulder, waiting for him to gloat about what they saw. When he doesn't Doggett tries to pull himself together enough to drive the short distance to Reyes' house.

McPhee house-

The party goes as one might expect, and Doggett is thrilled to be remembered by his friends. He glances occasionally at Mulder, still slightly disarmed that he hasn't brought up the Bigfoot encounter to anyone. He laughs hard when he gets his gift from Mulder, though- A copy of Harry and the Hendersons. Neither of them explain the significance of the gift to anyone.

Right before Reyes brings out the cake, Mulder and Scully disappear. Doggett decides to go look for them, and the two "let" themselves be caught kissing in the laundry room.

"I knew there was something going on!" Doggett accuses, interrupting them.

"What are you talking about?" Mulder asks.

"You two...kissing!"

"We weren't kissing," Scully tells him, trying to sound shocked at idea.

"You mean just now? Scully suddenly stopped breathing and I had to do CPR. You know how recoveries from serious illness are-" Mulder says.

Doggett is about to tell them he's not stupid when he notices they're both smiling at him. "Why wouldn't you just tell me you're dating?"

"Because it's more fun this way," Scully says seriously, patting his arm. Doggett gives her a disgusted look and leaves them.

Mulder and Scully are returning to the living room when Frohike pulls Mulder aside. "I'm sorry, Mulder."

"About what?" Mulder asks him.

"About the whole Bigfoot thing. We really tried to set it up, but we weren't able to get the Bigfoot suit that the costume shop promised us. Maybe we can try again some other time, ok?" Forhike says.

"Um. Ok," Mulder says, shaking his head. If it wasn't the Lone Gun Men, he thinks, what the hell did he and Doggett see?

At the end of the party Frohike gives Reyes the thumbs up sign, and she grins wickedly.

Saturday night, Leary home-

After he gets home from the party, Mulder eats dinner and goes up to his room . He's surprised to see that there's a letter waiting for him on the bed. The handwriting is unfamiliar, but he realizes immediately that the return address matches the address that Scully gave him for the reporter. Mulder's hands tremble in anticipation as he tears open his letter. He flops onto the bed and begins to read:

Dear Mulder,

I remember your sister's kidnapping case quite well. In fact it is what prompted the end of my career in journalism. You see, I learned too much for the comfort of some apparently involved. While I don't feel comfortable giving you too many details (in case this letter is by some chance intercepted) I would rather discuss the issue with you in person, for safety's sake. However, I do feel comfortable telling you that I discovered that your sister is not the lone victim; five children (all under the age of six years) whose parents are employees of a company with locations all over the country disappeared at roughly the same time. Of those children, all but your sister and one other child were "found" unharmed within three years of their disappearances. I will discuss my theory on why this is when we meet. I think we should meet at 3pm on Saturday in the Museum of Science in Boston where there would be too many people around for us to attract much attention, if anyone is indeed watching. I'll let you know where in the museum to meet, so pay attention in the next few days. Be careful Mr. Leary, your search is leading you into the path of dangerous people.


Mulder stares at the phone, almost expecting it to ring.


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