Title: Transference
Author: Mystic
Written:  completed on 2/9/95.A little over a year ago.
Disclaimer: The X-Files and its characters belong to CC, DD, GA, 1013 & FOX. Except Micheal Williams, that's mine, which needs a little explanation. I wrote another story a which I posted a while before this called "Secrets in the Forest" I brought Samantha back and she's now a married woman working for the FBI. If you want to read the story (to understand better or whatever) it's in the archives. Hope you enjoy. :)

Note: Ok, this one is kind of, um, well, whatever. I wrote it because The X-Files hadn't done one on any kind of bigfoot, unless you count the half-naked woman running in a forest in "The Jersey Devil". So...

Angelo Muave stood ready with his hunting rifle in the middle of a forest. He and three friends were hunting for the legend. Angelo knew if they looked long and hard enough they would find it. A snowball hit him in the back. He turned to see Elijah Barrios laughing at him. Suddenly another snowball hit Elijah. Mitchel Fivers came out from behind a tree. The three boys dropped their hunting guns in the snow and ran to tackle each other.

"Lij' I got you good!" Mitchel screamed. He balled another bunch of snow and threw it at Angelo.
"H you jerk, I'll get you!" Angelo and Elijah chased after Mitchel. They ran, screaming, through the snow filled forest of Mountain View, Alberta, Canada. The three branched off to find places to hide. For the next thirty minutes they sat breathing in silence behind the trees. Elijah grabbed a chunk of snow. As he balled it in his hands he could see his two friends about ten feet away resting. He decided to hit Angelo, but a movement behind him made him turn around.

Elijah froze with fear. There, before him, it stood. White, furry and at least seven feet tall. It growled. A low gurgling growl. Elijah dropped his snowball and let out three heavy breaths. The thing, the legend puffed smoke through his nose. Two teeth protruded slightly from his lower lip. His two brown eyes stared into Elijah's'. The thing moved its hand up toward Elijah. Elijah screamed and ran to his friends.

"It's there, the monster, the thing, it's behind the tree!" He yelled. Both other boys looked at him, shocked.

"Stop it. It's not funny Lij," Angelo told him.

"Yeah. Cry wolf one to many times and people stop listening." Mitchel added. Elijah was going to respond when a loud roar broke the silence. All three boys turned the roar and then to each other and ran. Ran away from the roars of the monster.

Fox Mulder sat in Dana Scullys' apartment. He had the keys, he had important news, and it was eight o'clock. She had already left the office this Friday night but she wasn't home. Mulder went through her messages and some notes on her desk, to get a clue as to where she might be. He found nothing. The desk drawer in her room; he thought. He didn't know whether or not to go through it. When he was going to open it he heard a rustle of keys at the front door.

He walked over to it and as the door opened he stepped into the living room. She dropped everything and had her gun pointed at him faster then he could say hello. She put both hands up in the air in frustration.

"One of these days, Mulder," she said pointing her gun at him.

"Well hello to you too Dana. Get that gun off me." She put the gun on the table and began to pick up her groceries.

"To what do I owe this honor?" she asked. He bent down and helped her pick her stuff up.

"You eat pickles?" he asked giving her a sour face. She looked at him blankly. "Ok, ok, we're going to Alberta."

"Canada!" she shrieked, almost dropping her bags again. "Why?"

"I think we'd better put these away before you drop anything else." For the next fifteen minutes the two of them put away the groceries. Afterwards Scully sat in her chair and Mulder sat on her couch. She repeated,

"Why are we going to Alberta?" He took the X-File he had left on her coffee table and gave it to her. She looked through it and got to a blurry photo of a white, hairy man walking between two brown snow covered trees. "Bigfoot?" she asked.

"Abominable snowman to be specific. There are eye witness reports in the file for every winter since 1945. At Waterton National Park in Alberta. Sometimes, but not too often, it is spotted in Glacier National Park in Montana."

"It's only seen in the winter?"

"Yes. Some say it hibernates in the summer and spring."

"Mulder, animals hibernate in the winter. Not in the summer."

"Koalas and Bats sleep in the day." He paused waiting for her refutation, but she looked back to the file. "For some reason it has never eaten a human. Hunters and civilians have found the carcasses of animals in the forest of Mountain View, 'berta."

"Where does it hibernate?"

"If we knew we would have caught it and studied it by now." She looked at him, annoyed.

"Why do you want to investigate?"

"I tried four years ago and the FBI told me they wouldn't accept my 143."

"Why not?"

"If I knew, I would tell you. Anyway, the sightings for this winter have already started. Three boys, all thirteen. Angelo Muave, Elijah Barrios and Mitchel Fivers were out playing in the woods as boys that age will do. A week ago the three of them were running through the woods of Mountain View looking for the snowman. From the report, I gather they began to play in the snow. Little Elijah was going to bombard his two playmates when a noise attracted his attention. He turned to see what it was and came face to face with the monster."

"Did it kill him?" She was so blunt; he thought.

"No. The boy says it raised a hand and he screamed, wetting his pants, and ran to warn his friends. They in turn ran home."

"Beautiful story Mulder, really. But these are three thirteen year old boys. You were thirteen once, didn't you make up stories to get attention?"

He glanced at her sharply and she remembered. He had been twelve when he told of his sisters abduction. Open mouth; insert foot.

"Sorry. But you do understand my point?"

"Yeah. See the thing is, these three boys aren't the only ones that have seen it so far this year."


"Marcus Rir, twenty two years old. Coming home from work he spotted movement in the wood on the other side of the street. When he crossed, a large white haired man stepped out. Marcus, being the grown man he is, ran away screaming. Sonja Silver saw it two weeks ago. Livia Jargis saw it the same day as Marcus, three hours later, a mile away. Poor old Robert Livly had a heart attack, survived, because when he opened his bedroom window, there it stood."

"It parades around town?"

"No. Roberts' house is in front of the forest, as was Livia Jargis'."

"I guess you're here to leave as soon as possible?" He nodded. "But without an accepted formal request."

"It would be denied from me."

"You want me to put it in?" Scully asked, a bit shocked.

"No. Micheal and Samantha have already asked. They got it and they asked their supervisor if they could bring along the pair of agent whom originally opened the file. Their supervisor said yes before Micheal could tell him the other agents were us."

"Skinner agreed to this?"

"I got the notice this morning. We leave on a plane tonight to Mountain View, Alberta. We meet Samantha and Micheal at the airport in the morning, when the flight lands. They'll have been there for a few hours. "They'll get a hotel?"

"Nope. I'll be doing that when we get there." Scully sighed and got up to pack her bags.

The plane landed with a small bit of turbulence. Mulder and Scully got off and went to get their bags. They met Samantha and Micheal at one of the lobbies in the airport. The four hugged and exchanged their hello's.

"You two are half an hour late." Micheal told them.

"Yeah well, Scully decided to bring along her house so we had to..." Scully whacked Mulder in the arm, shutting him up.

"Our stuff's already in the car. Have you two had breakfast?" Micheal asked. They both shook their heads. "Let's go."

The four of them went to the car and started putting bags in the trunk, which was pretty large, considering Micheal picked out a van. Mulder and Scully got in the backseat of the van. Micheal in the passenger seat and Samantha took the eel. Scully and Mulder had never been in a car with Samantha driving. Samantha sped through yellows and almost parked inside the 'Denny's' they found. Micheal, Mulder and Scully hopped out of the van as soon as it was in park.

"Nice driving," Mulder said sarcastically. Samantha smiled. They all entered the restaurant. A minute after being seated a waitress came and asked if they were ready to order. Scully had coffee and a bran muffin. Mulder chose pancakes. Micheal and Samantha had already eaten on their flight in. When Mulder and Scully finished eating Samantha asked, "Where are we going to sleep?"

Micheal looked at her, "I thought you were supposed to make reservations somewhere."

"No, Mulder told me he would."

"And I will."

"You mean you haven't made arrangements?" Micheal shot.

"He likes doing everything at the last moment," Scully told them. An elderly man stood at their table. The four of them looked up at him. He smiled,

"You all looking for a place to stay?"

"Why yes, we are," Mulder said cheerfully.

"I got a cabin, in the woods. It's got two bedrooms, one king sized bed in one room, and two smaller beds in the other. It's got a kitchen and a lot of space. I can rent it to you real che."

"You got yourself a deal." Micheal, Samantha and Scully all looked from the man to Mulder.

They all arrived at the cabin at around eleven. The man showed them around. There wasn't much furniture, but there was enough. The man told them the price for one week. It was the same amount one might pay for two hotel rooms for three days and two nights. The man wrote them a kind of receipt and left. The house was miles from nowhere, but the Alberta woods were right in the back yard. Snowy landscape surrounded them on all four sides.

"So Mulder, Micheal, sleeping arrangements?" Samantha asked.

"Well either Micheal and you take the king sized bed and me and Scully take the two smaller beds, or you and Scully take the king sized bed and Micheal and I take the smaller ones."

Mulder looked from Scully to Samantha, whom seemed to be thinking about it. Samantha gave Scully a look and Scully gave Samantha a sardonic smile. Mulder thought; telepathic communication?

"Mulder, you and I take the smaller beds." He blinked his eyes in surprise. She would opt for staying in the same room with me; he thought.

"Scully are you sure?"

"Yes, Mulder."

"Ok, let the unpacking begin."

For the next hour and a half the four of them settled into their rooms. Mulder felt a bit uncomfortable when Scully put her clothing away. He made a mental note not to look in drawer number three. She left the room to get a drink. He looked at the clock, two eleven, they would have to go out and investigate now before darkness falls. He suddenly remembered the last time they had been in a forest after dark. Those damn bugs.

'Come on Scully, it'll be a nice trip to the forest.' he had told her. If anything happened to her this time, he would have to kill himself.

They all stood out in the snow, cold but refreshed to be away from the cities. They walked away from the cabin and saw nothing for half an hour. Then they came upon a gun shell casing.

"Mulder, that's from an M-16," Scully said.

"I don't think we're the only ones looking for the bigfoot." He answered. He looked up at the sky. The clouds were shining pink in the sunset.

As if reading his mind, Samanthaaid, "I think we should go back now, it'll be dark soon." The four exchanged glances and then turned back to the cabin.

After dinner they all sat together in the living room. Mulder, Samantha, and Scully on the couch and Micheal on a chair. All watching a video that Samantha and Micheal had brought along. A man's voice had begun to tell a story, but in some Asian language. Samantha began,

"I was talking with the Lone Gunmen last month and they asked if I'd be interested in a genuine tape of the abominable snowman. Me, being who I am, agreed. This is what they sent."

She pointed to the screen. The man's voice still going amongst a filmstrip of sightings.

"I translated the tape two weeks ago," Samantha continued, "and what Bruce Lee is saying basically is that the bigfoot has been seen since a long time ago. Apparently we're not looking for bigfoot here, we're watching for an abominable snowman. Now the abominable snowman is said to inhabit the high Himalayas. We all know the Himalayas are a long way from here so it poses a question."

"How did it get here?" Micheal offered.

"Exactly." Samantha stopped the tape and took it out of the VCR. She turned the TV off and grabbed her briefcase. The others watched in confusion, as she pulled a folder out.

"What's that?" Mulder asked.

"In 1943 the government's military sent a platoon of soldiers to the high Himalayas to capture one of these creatures." She handed Mulder a photo of an old airplane and fifteen men beside it. "The men went in and claimed to have retrieved nothing. Then when they came back they went to a base near Mountain View. After two weeks of secrecy in Mountain View, sudden panic arose among the elite and a radius of ten miles was quarantined. A week later," she took out a copy of a newspaper report. "Dr. Mervin Wyser was proclaimed dead, by a hunting accident. With a little help, and a bit of hacking, a few of my friends uncovered what appeared to be an autopsy report." She pulled out a copy of that.

"But this is a Kevin Myser," Scully said looking at the paper.

"Clever pseudonym, did you happen to catch the cause of death?"

"Oh my God!" Mulder looked at Scully's shocked face. "His jugular was torn out."

"That's right," Samantha continued. "Now what if they caught an abominable snowman and brought him back alive. They took him to the base at Mountain View. He killed Dr. Wyser and escaped. That poses two more questions."

"Did it survive all this time?" Micheal said.

"Or was there another?" Mulder said slowly.

"Now we're getting somewhere." Samantha said grinning. "Well, in 1967 a man walking through this forest stumbled upon some bones. When reconstructed, it stood seven feet tall and had abnormalities in bone structure. In 1972 the carcass of another was found only two miles away from the first. An autopsy was preformed on the animal before the military could confiscate it. They took the autopsy report but not before the coroner made a copy." She began to pull out another sheet from her briefcase.

"Your amazing," Mulder said.

"She's almost better than you, Mulder," Scully told him. He gave her a sarcastic laugh and looked at the paper Samantha handed to Scully.

"Died of old age. It was a woman. Same abrmalities in bone structure, but what caught my eye was that." She pointed to a line. Scully looked at it.

"The female may have given birth!" Scully exclaimed.

"Other interesting facts." Samantha said standing up. She paced the room. "In 1989 at seven thirty on December 21 a man barbecuing dinner in his patio. He claimed to have seen a large, male, white furry man. His statement was thought to be false."

"Where was this?" Micheal asked.

"Browning, Montana. Now he was known to drink a little, but on this night he was sober." She pulled out a copy of the police report and handed it to Scully.

Scully whispered to Mulder, "She is better than you." She then looked to the report. "This describes what you told us, why give it to me?"

"Toxicological. Your a doctor, your opinion would be?"

"He was under level. I'd say very sober."

"Ok, so his statement is probably ninety percent believable, correct?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"On December 21 in Mountain View at seven thirty five another man was reading in his living room and he says a white hairy man looked in his window then ran off. His statement is also ninety percent true." She pulled out a copy of his police statement.

"Where did you get these?" Mulder asked about the copies of the police statements.

"My best friend's husband is the chief of police in Browning, Montana. He's also a believer who wants the truth to be known."

"But this is impossible!" Scully said. "Same day, five minutes apart, these places are at least as hundred miles apart. There's no way these two men could have seen it."

"You mean there's no way they could have seen the same one. Twins, Dana."

"Cloning?" Mulder asked. "The government is doing experiments."

"No, not cloning--twins. The reports are plenty and I have a witness who'll vouch for a woman who says that when she was a little girl, in 1962, she played with two small hairy boys."

"She ran around with two beastie boys?" Micheal asked.

"Rock and Roll." Mulder added.

"She was thirteen, at that age and point in time there wasn't much fear. She says they didn't speak, but grunted. One day they just disappeared into the forest and she never saw them again." Samantha said.

"Thirteen years old, is she reliable now?" Scully asked.

"She's a principal in Utah."

"When did they disappear?" Mulder asked.

"Funny you should ask. In 1963 the government ordered another quarantine of the area when this girl told her story. Can you imagine, the government thought that if the two grown ups could escape they would probably die. Then the sightings kept on for twenty years after capture. The girl claiming to see two small boys that resembled the two grown ups. They must've gone nuts." She paused and sat down. "They wanted the whole family. They were ready to take them by force, but the family was too smart. They hid for three months."

"Are you saying the snowman family is smarter than the government?" Scully asked.

"Scully, at this point, I'm beginning to think everyone is smarter than the government," Mulder told her. Samantha and Micheal laughed in agreement.

"Well, since the government recovered the bodies of the two grown ups, and heard nothing else of the small children, they assumed the girl had been lying or that the children had died somewhere underground, so they didn't worry. Case closed, but since these three boys and a few others came forward I guess they're re-opening and they're investigating, they're here to kill."

"It would account for the bullet casing," Mulder said.

"Whoa! Wait a second!" Scully said suddenly. She stood up. "If they're here and they're aiming to kill, if they spot one movement from us, they'll kill us."

"They won't shoot that fast." Micheal said. "They'll make sure it's the creature. If they accidentally shoot a kid, they don't want it in the public eye."

"Then why didn't they just quarantine the place?" Mulder asked.

"And arouse tremendous country scare. Back then everything was so, blah. Government says, 'We need to quarantine for a toxic spill.' everyone says ok. Now the government says the same thing and everyone doubts it and questions it." Micheal said.

"Ok tomorrow I want to go out and spend the day in the forest, so we should all get some sleep," Mulder told them anding up. He and Scully went to their room. Micheal and Samantha went to theirs.

It was ten forty two, Mulder laid in bed staring at the ceiling. Scully presence was making it possible for him to sleep. He didn't even know why he had a problem with it. He spent a while looking at the ceiling. At eleven thirteen he heard her moan. He looked over and she had a tense look on her face. Her eyebrows relaxed. He stared at the clock. At eleven twenty one she moaned again. He quickly turned to her.

"Dana." He whispered. The clock clicked to eleven twenty two. She jumped out of bed and sucked in a frightened breath. She looked at the clock and then to Mulder. "You ok?" he asked.

"Nightmare." She replied.

"What about?"

"I can never remember," she said slowly

With that she sighed and plopped back down on the pillow. He watched her until she fell asleep and then he closed his eyes.

But not to dream.

The next morning they awoke to extremely cold temperature. Samantha checked the thermostat and almost jumped out of her pants when she saw it was on eighty. She and Micheal went out to check the heater. It had been severely dismembered. They decided to push on with the investigation anyway. They put on layers of clothing for the trip that lay ahead. As they walked out in the front Mulder noticed the car was low. He walked around it and helin a curse as he saw three of the four tires had been slashed.

"Someone really doesn't want us to find what's out there." Micheal said examining the tires.

"I'm not going to give up." Samantha said. Mulder stood behind her and they looked at Micheal and Scully.

"You think I'm going let you go out by yourself," Scully told Mulder.

The three lookeat Micheal and he walked up to them. "I'm not staying by myself."

The four of them went off into the forest not knowing what to look for. Not knowing what they'd find. About half an hour after they left the house they came across a clearing. They crossed it with no problem, except that it seemed a bit slippery. They got to the other side and kept walking. Ten minutes past the clearing they stopped. Scully and Micheal sat on a rock while Samantha and Mulder wanted to look around. Samantha went to their right, Mulder went to their left.

"Don't go too far!" Scully cautioned. She looked at Micheal. He was rubbing his left hand. "What's wrong?"

"I can't feel it." He answered.


"I don't know."

"Does it hurt?"

"No, I just can't feel it." She was about to take a look at it when a scream stopped her. In a flash they saw Mulder coming from behind the trees on their left to the trees on their right. They both got up and followed him. Samantha had fallen in a hole. Eleven feet deep, six feet wide, square.

"Samantha!" Mulder screamed. He laid down and stretched his hand into the hole. Samantha made two jumps for it. She couldn't reach him. Scully put a hand on Mulders' shoulder.

"Mulder, lower me into the hole, then you and Micheal can pull us both out." She told him.

He got up and she laid down on her stomach. Micheal and Mulder each grabbed one of her legs. They lowered her in. She grabbed Samantha's hands and the three of them were able to get her out. They all lay heaving smoke on the air. Mulder wiped a spot of dirt from Scullys' cheek with his sleeve.

"Why would there be a hole?" Micheal asked.

"They want to catch it," Mulder told him.

"But wouldn't this endanger the lives of anyone who goes in the forest?"

"Yeah, but no one can say for sure the government put it there."

"So no one is to blame." Samantha said calmly. Mulder nodded his head in the direction of the house,

"Let's go. It'll be dark in a few hours and I don't want to be out past dark."

"Afraid of the dark Mulder?" Scully joked.

"No. If you think it's cold now, wait until it's dark."

They all began to get up. As they stood up stretching they heard a howl. It wasn't that of a dog, but no man could have imitated it. They all looked at each other. Scully took one step and fell against a tree, her face winced in pain.

"Scully?" Mulder questioned. He quickly walked over to her side. She let go of the tree and looked at her right leg. She had a hole in her jeans and a circle of red formed around it.

"I must have cut myself coming back up." She told him.

"Why didn't you feel it?"

"Mulder, we can't feel half our bodies, it's too cold."

"Let me help you."

"I'm fine." She snapped. She took a step. Mulder caught her before she fell. She looked up at him. He put an arm around her waist and helped her walk back. They approached the clearing. Samantha fell over as they got to the edge.

"Shoe lace, I'll tie it and catch up," she said. They were half way across the clearing when she began to cross it. As they got to the edge Mulder sat Scully down on a rock. Micheal turned back to Samantha who was two thirds of the way across. Mulder heard a noise.

"Samantha, freeze." He commanded. She stopped five feet ay from the edge. They all listened in silence. Then they heard it. A small popping noise beneath thier feet.

"Mulder, that's not a clearing. It's a lake," Scully said. Samantha's eyes widened with fear. She was about to make a jump for it when the snow covered ice cracked and she fell into the freezing water.

"Samantha!" Mulder screamed making a run for the edge. He was stopped short by Scully, who tackled im three feet before reaching the lake.

"Mulder you run out there like that and you'll end up in the lake too." She told him. Scully crawled up to where Mulder was. Both men on either side of her they began to wiggle their way to the ice. Samantha struggled for air. Her clothing completely soaked and her body beginning to freeze, she was loosing strength. They simultaniously reached the edge. Mulder and Micheal each reached their arms out. Samantha came up for air and saw them, but she was unable to reach them. Scully inched her way closer to the edge.

Samantha closed her eyes.

She opened them and looked at Mulder, h eyes filling with tears. Micheal screaming her name. She couldn't feel her body. She swallowed water. Coughing and sputtering she felt something hit her arm.

Samantha closed her eyes and swallowed water. So cold, like death.

She swallowed more water and reached out her arm once more before everything went black. Scully had made her way past Micheal and Mulder annow had a firm grasp on Samantha's arm. She pulled her up a bit and Micheal and Mulder got her. The three of them pulled her to safety.

"Samantha." Micheal said cradling her in his arms. "She's not breathing." Scully pulled Samantha's limp body from Micheal and began to preform CPR. After three tries Samantha began to cough up water.

"She's unconcious," Scully told them. Micheal picked her up. "We have to get her dry, now."

The three of them began to make their way to the house. When they got there they were shocked to see that the door was open.

"Micheal, take her and get behind the car," Mulder said. Micheal nodded and began to move. "Scully, your leg ok?" He took his arm of her waist and she hopped in it.


The two of them went to the front door of the house and Mulder cautiously peered in. He saw no one. He gave Scully the signal to go in. Th both jumped in the doorway with their guns pointed. Nothing moved. There were strips of clothing on the floor. Mulder immediatly recognized the clothing as thier own.

"Son of a bitch," he said slowly. She turned and glanced at him. They slowly went through the room and arched for anything. No one was there. Their clothing, all of it, had been torn, as were the blankets and comforters in the two small beds. The only thing they had left were the sets and comforter on the king sized bed. "Tell them they can come in." Scully went outside and told Micheal to bring Samantha in. Micheal looked around, flabbergasted. He laid Samantha on the couch.

"Mulder, we have to get her out of these clothes," Scully told him.

"What will we put her in?" Micheal asked. Scully ran to her bed and lifted the matress. Underneath were a pair of jeans. Mulder and Micheal gave her confused faces.

"I wanted to keep them warm." She brought them over to the couch were she was laying. Scully felt her head, it was freezing. Mulder took his jacket off and then pulled his sweater over his head. He gave the sweater to Scully. She looked at him with his turtle neck and then she looked at the jacket.

"Mulder, what about you?" she asked.

"I'll be fine, the jacket is thick." Mulder and Micheal went into another room while Scully changed Samantha. The guys then came back into the room.

"Scully, we need help." Micheal told her.

"I know, I just don't see a way to get it. None of us brought our phones and there's no way we are all going out into the cold."

"Why not?" Mulder asked.

"Mulder, Samantha is sick. If we take her out into the cold she'll die of hypothermia. Do you know what that is Mulder? It's a condition in which body tempurature falls drastically as a result of exposure to cold. People die from this and I already see signs of it in her." He nodded. "We cannot leave her alone so I suggest you two start getting ready to leave."

"I'm not leaving her." Micheal said.

"I'm not leaving you," Mulder told her.

"Mulder, I am beginning to regain feeling in my leg and it hurts. I won't last half an hour with you two."

He came closer to her. "Scully what will happen if we leave to find help and when we get back your both dead from hypothermia."

"The bed." Scully went over to Samantha. "Help me get her to the bed, we'll just wrap ourselves up in it and we'll be fine until you get back." The three of them took her to the bed. When they pulled the covers up to her neck she blinked her eyes open.

"Samantha." Micheal said kneeling next to the bed.

"Wha' 'appen'?" She murmered.

"You fell in the lake."

"I'm not an idiot," she said, her lips barely moving. "Wha' you fightin' abou'?" They could all hear her teeth chatter slightly.

"We have to go sweety, to get you help, but we'll be back as soon as possible."


"Me and Mulder. Scully will be right here beside you. She'll take care of you and then we'll take you to a really warm place, ok?" Samantha nodded. Micheal kissed her pale blue lips. "I love you Samantha."

"Love you Mikey." Samantha smiled dimly. Micheal gave a worried laugh. He turned to Scully.

"There is a small chance none of us will survive?"

She frowned. "Yes." Micheal, again, kissed Samantha. He got up and hugged Scully. She hugged him back and then he backed away. He walked over to the door and looked back to them.

"Mulder, whenever you're ready." He told him. Mulder walked over to Samantha.

"Fox..." She started.

"Don't speak. You'll be ok with Scully. Just don't piss her off." He felt Scully kick him in the leg. He winked at Samantha and kissed her on the head. Scully walked with Mulder to the door.

"So," she said looking athe floor.

"Scully, there's this one thing that bugs me about all this." Sheooked up at him.


"Well there is that chance that we'll never see each other again, right?"

"Yeah, why," she said sadly.

"It's just... I don't..." He paused between the words thinking of what to say next. "I don't want to die without knowing."

"Without knowing what?" He turned away for a moment. She looked at his face turning red. "Mulder, what is it?" He turned back to her. He could see the confusion on her face. He took her hands. She looked down at them and back up to him. He suddenly bent down and kissed her. Scully was shocked, yet returned the kiss. They stood, locked in each other's embrace, for a minute. Then he stopped, as suddenly as he started. He let go of her hands and shyly retreated towards the door. Micheal opened it and walked out. Mulder turned slightly to look at Scully once more, if not, one last time.

Then he left.

Mulder and Micheal knew their walk would be at least four hours. They also knew there were two girls behind them who desprately needed them to get help, and get it fast. As they walked the sun set and after half an hour they were surrounded by the sence of darkness. Mulder turned to Micheal,

"She'll be ok." Micheal lifted his head and looked at Mulder. He felt bad for the guy, he was so close to loosing his wife. Mulder didn't know what he would do if he were to loose Scully. He remembered what happened the last time he thought he had lost her. Mulder suddenly looked at Micheal wondering if he would attempt to choke him the way Mulder had done to Duane Barry.

"How can you be so sure?"

"She's with Scully. Scully is a doctor. They'll both be ok."

"But what if Scully gets sick?"

"They'll be ok." Micheal was beginning to worry Mulder.

"Only if we get help."

"We will," Mulder told him sternly.

"You know, there are two small problems. One, there is an army of men, with guns, who will not hesitate to kill us if they please. Two, there are twin abominable snowmen out there. We don't know how they'll react to our presence."

"We'll just have to find out, but until then, don'torry so much."

Scully spent a minute standing in the same spot it utter shock. Mulder had kissed her. She had kissed him. She then remembered where she was. Scully went to the other room and crawled in the giant bed with Samantha. Scully sat up in bed. Samantha was still awake. Scully felt her head, it was still cold, but at least she was conscious. Samantha got up and leaned her head on Scully's shoulder. Scully hugged her and pulled the covers to their necks. After a while Samantha said,

"I'm cold."

"I know. Don't worry though, it'll be alright."

"How long has it been since they left?"

"About fourty five minutes."

"How long will it be 'till they get back?"

"A few hours." They heard a howl. Scully felt Samantha stiffen. "Relax, it was probably a dog."

"Scully, why would a dog want to be out at night, especially in this cold?"

"Dogs are stupid." They heard the howl again.

"Doesn't sound like a dog to me." He voice cracked and Scully laughed. Scully removed her jacket and gave it to Samantha. "What about you?"

"I have three shirts and a sweater, trust me, I'll be fine."

Two hours later they sat talking about some old movie Samantha had caught on TV the week before. Samantha's breathing had become weezy at times and Scully was beginning to worry. She herself was beginning to grow a bit faint. After the movie discussion finished Samantha looked up at Scully.

"Hey Dana, your lips are blue."

"What!" Scully said looking down at her.

"I said your lips are blue. Are you feeling ok?"

"I feel fine, must be the cold." They both froze as they heard a grunt coming from outside the cabin. There was a bang on the wall and then silence.

"Dana, I'm getting tired. Can't I go to sleep for a few minutes." Samantha pleaded.

Scully wanted to cry. She felt so damned. She couldn't help Samantha and she was getting nervous about Mulder and Micheal. They had already been gone for three hours. Scully heard another bang, but this time on the front door. She didn't feel any response from Samantha. She heard another sound. Metallic screeching. Scully looked down at Samantha. She had fallen asleep.

"Samantha." Scully nudged her, attempting to wake her up.

Scully heard the front door crash. She felt Samantha's neck for a pulse. A weak one beat against her two fingers. Scully was going to make a run for her gun when she suddenly felt light headed. She got up out of bed and heard heavy footsteps outside the bedroom door. She stood and grabbed a table for balance. Something hit the door.

"Where's my gun?" She whispered to herself.

It suddenly occured to her that she had left it on the kitchen table. The door fell inward. There, before Scully, it stood. Towering over her by at least a foot and a half. She felt herself growing fainter as she looked at it. It reached out it's arms and she fell, unconsciously, into them.

Mulder and Micheal stopped to take a breather. One more hour and they would be back in town. They heard a rustle of leaves. Mulder and Micheal were about to pull guns when ten men wearing white camaflouged uniforms, came out of the forest from all directio.

"Drop your weapons!" One man screamed. Mulder and Micheal dropped their guns into the snow and raised their hands in the air.

They were hastily shoved into a military truck parked on the road they had been following. All the soldiers jumped in behind them. The truck began to move. Micheal looked at the men surrounding him.

"We need help. Our partners are alone in a cabin, a half an hour drive from here. My wife, she fell in....." He was cut short by a man sitting next to Mulder.

"We are aware of the situation Mr. Williams."

The radio transmitter in the front seat suddenly started to static. Then a man's voice relaid the message,

"Sir, the eagle has landed. Over." The driver picked up.

"Jesus, Miller, what happened now? Over."

"The snowman went into the cabin, sir. He's now holding the two girls hostage in his cave. Over."

"The girls, are they dead. Over."

"Unknown, sir. They were carried out of the cabin. Over." The driver slammed the small phone back in the cradle.

The rest of the trip was spent in silence. After twenty minutes they arrived at a cave. Surrounding the cave were several other military personnel. Mulder and Micheal were forced out of the truck and made to stand twenty feet from the cave.

"How long have they been in there?" One man asked.

"About half an hour." Another answered.

"Nothing else?"

"No sir."

"Well what are we waiting for. Platoon one, move in." He screamed. Several men ran into the cave. Mulder and Micheal stood, in shock, as shots were fired inside the cave. A man screamed and then there was a howl.


No one moved.

Suddenly the men came running out. Four of them carrying Scully and Samantha to an ambulance near by.

"We got it sir, but not before it got Maning." One soldier told the man in charge. He nodded slowly.

Mulder and Micheal were allowed to go to the ambulance. Scully and Samantha were wrapped in blankets sitting on the edge of the ambulance. They were both leaning on the doors for support. Micheal embraced Samantha. She looked at him with a puppy-dog face.

"Home," she said.

"Soon," he answered.

Mulder stood in front of Scully. Pale face with blueish lips. He brushed a hand across her forehead, to remove the hair that was there, and placed it behind her ear.

"Dana," he said. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at him. He felt as though he were going to melt. "Are you ok?" She nodded. Then she began to cry. She wrapped her arms around him. He, happily, returned the hug. He didn't care about anything that had happened. He didn't care about anything that would happen. She was ok, that's was all that mattered. A man came up to them.

"The four of you must leave." Mulder began to protest, but Scully squeezed his shoulder.

"Mulder, I want to go home." He looked at her a moment and then nodded. "They have it now and you know they're going to deny it's existence. It's better we go home."

"What about the other?"

"Mulder," she said firmly.

"Ok, ok." He hugged her again.

From behind a tree he watched. He would have to find a new home now that they knew where he lived. He could smell the blood of his dead brother. As he ran off deeper into the forest he howled. A promise for the vengeance of his brother...

The End

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