Submission Guidelines

In the interest of time, we need to have fairly rigid guidelines, so all fics submitted can be added as soon as possible.


- before you submit a story, please be sure that you have skipped lines between paragraphs and every change of speaker in dialogue.

- you header information must include: A Title, Your Author Name, and A Summary. You are welcome to add any additional header information that you'd like, but you must include at least those three things for each fic.


stories should be sent to

When possible, please submit your story as a text doc or MS word doc. If you cannot, you may include the fic in the body of your e-mail (but only one fic per e-mail if you need to do this). All fics will be archived, so please submit documents, not links to other places on the web.

If you are submitting a single fic:
in the subject line of your e-mail include the title and story category of your fic. *You must know which of the categories your fic belongs under*

subject: Hairy Queen Mary by Anon - Haunted Places

If you are submitting multiple fics:
the subject of your e-mail should say something like "story submissions"

the body of your e-mail should note the title and category of each fic you've attached.

subject: Story Submissions by Anon

Please archive the following fics:
Hairy Queen Mary by Anon - Haunted Places
The Ghost Who Slimed Me by Anon - Ghosts
My Little Imp by Anon - Demons
Love of Fur by Anon - Werewolves

If you're submitting a challenge fic, you only need note that it is one, and don't need to worry about which catergory it fits.

Thanks for bearing with me. I don't want to run out of time before adding your work, and following the guidelines helps speed up the transition from my inbox to the appropriate page for your story.
- NeoX