March 2016 Monster Month Challenges

Challenge #1: Missing Monster Scene

Rewatch your favorite MOTW episode from season 1-10 and write a missing scene fic for it that feature's the week's monster.

* You may write a post-ep *if* you include that episode's monster as a character (a live character, please, unless the character is one of the undead. In other words, no corpse-only cameos)

* please include the episode title in either spoilers or an end-note

Fics should be sent to

Challenge #2: Monster from Another Week

Your challenge is to write a MOTW casefile-style fic about a monster we never saw on the screen.

* Your story can be set at any time pre-series, mid-series, post-series

* Your investigating agent can be a real fed with a sanctioned case, or it could be an unofficial investigation by an agent, or a non-agent like the gunmen, Gibson, William, Maggie or Missy Scully

* You can draw your inspiration from a classic monster trope, browse a site like for inspiration, or revisit an old MOTW episode and write about a monster's offspring or others of the same species (the Jersey Devil and Terms of Endearment kiddos are big now, eh? What's the surviving creature from Detour been up to?)

* Crossovers are welcome, but please identify the other fandom in either spoilers or an end-note

Fics should be sent to

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