The Zoe series by Smurf


A young girl with extraordinary powers brings Mulder and Scully together.
Zoe 2

Zoe returns but she brings with her a truth that may change Mulder and Scully's lives forever.
Hold On

A certain person may threaten the ever-strengthening relationship between Mulder and Scully. What will it take to save them?
Hold On II

A little grief always comes when contemplating dead relatives on your wedding day.
Hold On III
Scully gets what she's always wanted, but Mulder fears for the past.
Hold On IV

What is a pregnant Scully to do when her happy world crashes to her feet?
Hold On V

New arrivals answer some questions and raise even more, leading Mulder and Scully one step closer to the truth.
More Devine

Beginning with the death of a Chicago visitor, Mulder and Scully are re-introduced to the facts of a conspiracy working with aliens to plot the demise of all humans. As colonization draws nearer, they battle a deadly virus, a group of beings bent on destroying the human race, and each other. What will win out in the end: a powerful love or a vicious hate?

Book Two

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