Title: Christmas with the Mulders
Author: Xenith
Disclaimer: The X-Files belong to Chris Carter and 1013 Productions, not me. I'm only borrowing the characters for now. I'll put them back when I'm done.
Rating: PG
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Spoilers: Thru 7th season
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Summary: A married Mulder and Scully have a first Christmas with little William.

December 24, 2000
Mulder Residence
8 p.m.

"Mulder, will you get that?" The phone shrilled and Dana Scully shouted over the baby's crying. The past four weeks since all three of them had been released from the hospital had been incredibly hectic. Living with a suddenly healthy newborn required all the energy his parents could spare.

All in all, little William was a happy baby but tonight he just wouldn't settle down. Dana sighed, aching with tiredness. William liked to sleep by day and was most active at night. Consequently, neither parent had gotten much sleep in recent weeks.

"You're just like your father, you little night owl..." she chuckled at the baby and rocked him in the rocker. She held him on her lap facing her and admired his features for the hundredth time. He had his daddy's face, although it was too soon to tell if he'd gotten the nose. Bright green eyes and, if she did say so herself, an intelligent expression. And he had bright copper red hair. "But there's no question who your mama is, is there William? Huh?" she crooned, momentarily grateful that there really was no question who this baby belonged to.

William's DNA had been matched to both his parents in the hospital. Although born prematurely, and not expected to live the consortium's treatments had given him the accelerated development he needed to survive. Scully grimaced. Treatments courtesy of his 'grandfather'.

Mulder poked his head in the door. "That was Maggie. She wants us there at six p.m. tomorrow and says to bring a salad."

Dana nodded. "Okay, a salad it is." She smiled and both her men. "This is William's first Christmas," she said dreamily. "With our own Christmas morning."

Mulder came over and gently picked William off his mother's shoulder. "Yep. That means that Santa will be stopping by our house tonight. I don't know about you, but I've been good this year." Mulder leered a bit and Scully flushed.

"Oh, you've been very very good this year Mulder. And I'll have a very special New Year's gift for you," Scully leered right back. The weeks of 'pelvic rest' prescribed by the doctor after William's birth were almost over. Mulder hadn't pushed anything, both of them were exhausted caring for the baby. But Scully had to admit that she missed sex with her man. A lot.

Mulder had started talking, what? Oh.

"...said that Bill and his family will be there for Christmas dinner this year. I hope he doesn't try to take a punch at me or anything." Mulder began walking with the baby, while Scully remained curled in the rocker. What a good father he'd turned out to be. When it was his night to feed the baby, he was up and out of bed at the first cry. She felt guilty on the nights when her reactions were slower.

"Bill won't try anything. He's still cowed after almost getting you killed at our wedding reception. He has to admit that you have your uses."

Mulder gently put William on his stomach in the bassinet and turned to his wife with a grin."Oh, I suppose I do have my uses. Don't you think?" He gently began stroking his wife's cheek, then placed a tender kiss on her mouth.

"Oh yeah...I'd say you're pretty handy around the house. Although I won't let you near plumbing after what you did to the toilet." She stood and kissed him back, with interest.

"Mrmph...Scully, that was an accident and you know it." He stopped at her raised eyebrow."Don't worry," he said hastily. "I'll call the repairman before I try anything again." He grinned. "So, little mother, d'you want your present now or Christmas morning?"

She smiled back. "Now, although I feel guilty not waiting till Christmas morning. I feel as though I've been given all the presents I want this year. I don't think I could ask for anything more to complete it. I'm just grateful we're spending the night here at home, not on stakeout or in a haunted house somewhere."

Mulder shuddered. "Perish the thought. Here. I hope you like it." He gave her tiny box.

She grinned and pulled a square package from under the tree. "Here, this is for you."

"You first," Mulder pointed to the box she held. Dana pulled the paper off and opened it up. A golden ring with three stones was nestled in the center of a velvet box. A topaz was flanked by an amethyst and a tourmaline.

"They called it a 'mother's ring' at the jewelry store. See, there's my birthstone, tourmaline for October, and an amethyst for February..."

Dana slipped it on her finger and admired it."And a topaz for William. Oh Mulder, it's beautiful. Thank you," The kisses they exchanged were long and left both of them breathless.

Scully readjusted her shirt and bra. "Now you," and handed the package to Mulder. He quickly disposed of the paper and laughed. He held a stack of books: The Ghosthunter's Guide, Haunted Places in the United States and a subscription card for "Fate" Magazine.

"What, Scully? You getting tired of the stack of back issues of the Lone Gunman in the bathroom?"

"Well, I thought I'd add some variety to your magazine stash, especially since you let your Playpen subscription lapse, " Scully said drily, still admiring her ring.

"By the way, a package arrived today addressed to William. I took the paper off, and it's a wrapped box. From your Mom? It doesn't look like my Mom's handwriting. Mulder? What's wrong?"

Mulder had put the books down. "Where is the box? My mother already sent me a check for William. Is this it?" He held up a large box, about two feet square, wrapped in red and green paper.

"Yes, that's it. Oh Mulder, he wouldn't..." She exchanged an anxious look with Mulder, then he began to carefully unwrap it. Finally he pulled the last shred of paper from it and opened the lid.

Inside was a brown plush teddy bear wearing a red ribbon.

Mulder pulled the bear from the box and handed it to Scully, then searched the packing material. "Nothing else here...wait, there's a note. 'Son, this is a gift for my first grandson. I assure you that it is nothing more than a bear, filled with the wishes of a grandfather for long life, health and prosperity for a grandson.'"

Mulder sniffed at the note and wrinkled his nose. "Smells of cigarettes. Well?"

Scully finished her examination of the bear. "It looks ordinary. It has a tag, but I'd like to x-ray it before I give it to William."

Mulder took the bear back. "If we give it to William." Scully slowly nodded.

"Maybe it would be best if William never saw this bear. We don't know what may be in it, or on it." Mulder stuffed the bear back into its box and moved it away and into the kitchen.

He returned to find Scully looking dully at the Christmas tree. "Mulder, won't they ever let us alone?"

He sat next to her and hugged her close. "I don't know, Scully. I just don't know. But I do know this." He gently moved a tendril of hair from her eyes. "If it wasn't for the consortium, I would never have met you. If it weren't for their interest in debunking my work, you wouldn't have become my partner and now my wife. Things have a way of working out for the best. Sometimes all I can do is trust in that, and be grateful for the things I have."

"Amen to that."

An Undisclosed Location

The older man put the headset down and picked up his cigarette.

"It's a pity that they feel the need to reject something as insignificant as a child's toy."

The man in the leather jacket grinned. "Yeah, well, that paranoia has saved their lives before. Can't blame 'em. Even though the transmitter wouldn't have shown up on x-ray."

The smoker shook his head. "Well, I have other ways to watch over my grandson."

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